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TP LINK M7350 Review
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This is a review of the TP Link M7350 mobile 4G Router offering upto 150 Mbps.
The device is small and the battery life is very good.

You can connected up to 10 devices at one time.

There is a LED screen with status information, you can also change the settings. The free app makes it easier to manage.

I have used it around the world to connect multiple phones, iPad, PS4 and Amazon Fire TV cube.

I am currently using it for some SEO services as a mobile proxy.


4G LTE supported with up to 150 Mbps download and 50 Mbps upload speeds
Supports up to 10 devices simultaneously
All useful information at a glance with screen display
2000mAh battery for up to 8 hours of working
Equipped with a micro SD card slot for up to 32GB of optional storage

In this video i’m going to be reviewing This little devices this is a tp-link M7 350 4g Uh wi-fi hotspot Now this i’ve had it for a couple of Years but i thought i should review Because i just started using it again Recently and i’ve been using it for Um just for using uh Creating a mobile hotspot with my Ee sim card in the uk Just to get some computers online And it’s been pretty good at very good Speeds it’s very nice small little Device got good battery life And let me just tell you some of the Features give me one second Okay so i’ve got a bit of a weird setup Here i’ve got my iphone and tripod and I’ve got a mic Plugged on or on an arm running into my Computer so it’s a bit awkward trying to Figure out the best way to do this Okay so this is a Like a tp-link m7 350 4g mobile wi-fi hotspot Is a dual band so you can do 2.4 and 5 Gigahertz wi-fi It’s got full admin system so you can Log into the device and change the Password you can change the broadcast Codes you can change the broadcast Power so you can make it conserve Battery you can

Keep it just in that near range not you Know blasting full power So that’s good for like in the car and Hotel rooms and so on Uh let me see so it’s a completely Unlocked device And it will work with um With any sim card in the world pretty Much You can click on the link below and read Some more details about it but I’ve tried it with the sims in spain Saudi arabia and uk and it’s not a Problem Let me see what else can i tell you About it from the screen Okay what i like it’s got a led display You can actually see the data in and out You can see the battery status i believe You can see the device is connected if i Don’t check that Um you can connect to edge gprs gsm hspa Hsba plus lte and umts And the wireless type is 802.11n8211b and h211g Okay it’s 40 grams So 40 grams oh that’s the battery where The total weighs 200 grams Okay i’ll get to the rest of the screen In a moment let me show you the device So this is hopefully a focus this is Actually the device itself it’s got a Power button on the front this is the Led screen got a menu button on the top

And a battery cover on the back With a small micro usb Slot Let me open it up Now when you get it on the back covers You’ll have a sticker with the Uh username password for the admin i’ll Hide obviously Do not decide here So you get a battery up it’s probably Replaceable it’s got a mod number on it But it’s 3.8 volt Um 3.8 volt 2550 milliamp hour i believe That’s the oops that’s the battery there And i need to hide some of the details Here i think And this is the uh The inside of it so you put your sim Card in And it can pretty much connect to To any sim card type really And the other slot is for micro sd card Sharing i’ve never used it Um i don’t see The user i don’t know but if you want to Share videos as well as i don’t know And um I was planning to Do a quick speed test but i suppose There’s no point because i’m inside i Mean i’m in a bad conference and um That’s not going to be the best signal Here but let me just turn it on and put

The battery back in so just swap that Back in like this I’ll leave the cover off because you Hold the power button Okay it comes with a tp link Try and get that in Here i look at the same time through the Camera Okay and then it’s just booting up now Okay so initializing that i’m not got a Uh sim card in there fortunately see at The top it’s got a little sms logo It looks like an envelope You can also access text messages so if You access the device wirelessly You can use you can actually read the Text messages sent to the number on this Which is useful there’s no sim card in There so i can’t show you too much Let me just quickly access the menu Okay let me try and get a close-up of This Okay so device info Wi-fi 2.4 g5g data roaming network mode Uh you press menu to go down so let me Press this Um let me see what it shows it actually Might give me my password Okay give it a password and i’ll get That way Let me go back Okay whoops let me scroll back in sorry Okay Let me go down to this so 2.4 g 5g

Choose 2.4 you choose 5 go back Data roaming On off Um Back Network mode 4g preferred 4g only 3g only So um I i use i live on 4g only Oops Back So I have qr code i think if you want to Download the uh there is an app for this For iphone I can’t show you that because i’m on my Phone recording I mean that’s the basic menu let’s go Back again Okay let me tell you what you see today You can see in the bottom bottom right Corner today i’ve used 489 megabytes I was using it as a mobile proxy To uh Do some seo stuff And i used it to uh Mobile products are the best so i use it As a mobile proxy server And i was just doing some stuff on there Um don’t go into too much detail about That but anyway let me see who else I think the next bit i’ll just get on The screen i’ll go through the features I’ll end this uh demo of the video here

Okay i’m back Okay so this is the product page whoops So um i’ll put a link to this down below Let me see so i’ve gone over these Details Let me go through some of the other Stuff here so It’s like i was saying you get all the Information at glance so you can see Everything very quickly A lot of these uh wi-fi devices they Don’t have a led screen but it’s got a Nice really low power led screen which Is handy So you quickly see what’s going on Uh very fast download speed like i said I’ve tested up to six devices and it Works really well Um on business trips on the road and so On 10 hours of 4g sharing Um With this device Okay some more details here Okay no more detail okay let’s look some Of the reviews because it works when Homing I really like it small stylish unit I think there’s not much more for me to Go through actually Okay so maximum download speed oops That’s wrong one this one here 150 The battery is the second base of this Lot Up to 10 hours of connection

Up to either 15 devices or 10 I think it’s 10. Um they did say somewhere else 10. When the title says 10 To 2 unlocked Um i don’t like when people change the Titles and stuff they’re misleading But anyway that’s plenty of devices and You don’t want to put too many on higgs And they won’t then you’ll be using up Too much power But anyway yes let me just want Something about sim card So you can use any adapter but it comes With an adapter and i use my nano sim in Here Um or you can use the micro sim just up Size the adapter to the full size sim So if you put anything in there it’s Fine no problem it works around the World And yeah so it’s a really good device And i highly recommend if you look for a Relatively cheap mobile wi-fi hotspot It’s better than paying network fees and Even Airport fees and so on so yeah it’s Worth it so click on the link below and Let me know thanks

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