Kwestify Review and Test Campaigns

Kwestify Review and Test Campaigns
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Kwestify is a keyword research tool with additional bells and whistles.

You can research anything from standard keywords, top 1000 keywords, trends, local places, local research, keyword domains, niches and so much more.

The base plan starts from just $12,

You can use Kwestify to scope out new or emerging niches and topics, local research for local sites, domains for a new blog or company.

The opportunities are endless with Kwestify.
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In this video I'll be reviewing a tool Called Quesy This is a all around keyword Research domain Research uh n uh Niche research and Several other tools all built into One um these are some of the main Features so you've got Niche research Product Research competition keyword competition Top 1,000 keywords people also ask People so search related Searches uh keyword Discovery you can Generate titles and so on domain Generator which is a tool I use a little Bit I show you an example this is Another good tool if you do anything Local so local market research and other Local tools kgr so keyword gold golden Ratio keyword calculator and also Keyword clustering which is a new Feature let me quickly show you the uh Pricing and I'll show you a demo in a Second So the pricing is uh straightforward so The base plan the cheapest plan is $12 And for that you get 500 credits per Month the next plan is $19 you get th000 Credits and so on you get $29 2,000 Credits all the way up to $79 for that 10,000 Credits let me show you inside the Dashboard so this is the main dashboard Here this inside my

Account so the first place you want to Go is to campaigns Then from here it just shows you your Current list of campaigns and also you Can start a new campaign these are some Of the old campaigns that I've been Using and these are some of the new ones I did today so for example one of the Tools I use is domain Finder so um I just give it your own Campaign name you put in the uh the main Niche um topic you set your limit and Then it goes out and finds Mains for you So what I notice is that you can get a Lot of pretty much 90% of the domains Are available but I'd say half of those Are premium so you're paying a premium Price for for example I picked a couple Of random some were $100 some were $500 Some were just wholesale price like this One so it's $10 Eight well 8 I think about1 $12 um let's pick another one around Them uh fruit sub Serenity so again that's another Wholesale price £8 10 it's about $12 so again you can go through the list Search for as many as you want and I Know finding a domain especially if it's Not your main site just like a a niche Site or an affiliate site it's hard to Get a good uh a good Name that's that let me go back to Campaigns um this one for Plumbing

Service okay plumbing services I did a Uh a service resarch this was a new a New uh tool I like to try So for example say I had a local Niche Website about plumbing Services and I've set it to English UK What what I want to know is um which Services should I mention on the page as Services which sub pages should I make And what are the keywords so for example Leak Detection drain cleaning pipe Repair and so on B Installation it gives you all of these Niches all these ideas all these Keywords that you can use in your local Site uh let me click on new campaign so This is where you start so new campaign What is adding tools to This one Second so you got a niche Digger which Gives you Prof profitable Market niches Keyword competition keyword competition With custom keywords top 1,000 Keywords um kgr Calculator local research search local Places things to do this is good when You're building out Local Pages uh keyword extraction so you can Look at people also ask related search And so on you've got title Generators YouTube title generators and These are extra tools here that you can Also Use so that in essence is

Cresy and this is a very cost- effective Tool and I've had it for a couple of Months now just haven't got around to Doing a review and it's it's very useful For finding domains especially for local Research is very useful it gives you a Quick uh quick indicator of local topics And local niches you can look at Local Pages you should create the nich is Useful the keyword competition useful Also these keyword extraction tools are Very Useful yeah so overall it's a very good Tool if you click on the link below Affiliate links thank you if you do Click on the link you pick it up for Bargain price of 12 for the base plan on 9 for the next plan up which are both Very good options I hope you find it Useful and I'll see you in the next one

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