Racknerd EU France VPS Offers | Launch Offers

Racknerd EU France VPS Offers | Launch Offers

Get the special offer hosting here: https://my.racknerd.com/aff.php?aff=102

Racknerd have just launched in a new location in the EU, Strasbourg France.

This is great news for EU users as they have launched with some amazing special offers.

These offers are for a limited time.
You can add CPU and RAM from the order page if you need a bit more of a bump in power, the prices are very reasonable.

Racknerd have a good track record for reliability and customer service, I have been a customer for about 3 years now.

I like the fixed price hosting and the heavy discount for paying upfront.

Give Racknerd a try.
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In this video I'm going to tell you About a special offer arachnid offering For their new location which is Strasbourg in France If you click on the link below you'll go To this page here and just click on view Deals And you see they've got all these these Three special packages for the KVM VPS In Strasbourg France Now remember these aren't pay monthly These are paid annually and they're very Heavily discounted So the first deal is a one gig KVM it's One CPU Court Excuse me one CPU core 20 gig SSD one Gig ram Uh three thousand or three terabyte Bandwidth and so on Get one ipv4 address that control panel Is very good it's very usable you can Reboot reinstall and all that they've Got multiple OS install options And this is uh 17.98 for the year The second package of the two gig Offering so you get a little bit more SSD 30 gig SSD one CPU Core 2 gig of RAM And four terabyte bandwidth for 24.98 Sorry 24.89 US dollars And the third package is a four gig KVM That one has two CPUs 50 gig SSD 34 gig of RAM and you get six Terabytes of bandwidth now when you Actually click on one of these to order

Them you can actually change a few Things in there So for example you can change the ram to Uh 2 gig or three gig by adding 11 or 22 Dollars You could add cores for six dollars each So two core Three core 4K goes up And the operating system I normally Um use uh Ubuntu or Ubuntu 22 .04 You can store any of these it depending On what your application is And get going on Francis the location So here's click on continue and then You'll have this service pretty much Instant setup you get emails in minutes With the login details and you can go And you can do what you want you can Install the control panel or you can Install WordPress whoever you want And yeah That's the offerings for now and it's The same with any of the packages let me See Pricing on this one ISS same 11 per extra gig of RAM and six Dollars per extra CPU core Which is quite reasonable So let me see since we are sells a two Gig version so two gig of RAM is okay You could maybe add another CPU course Will be 30 gigs 30 gig thirty dollars 31 Per year And change this one to Ubuntu 2204

And I said yeah it's a very good package Competitive very competitively priced Because I'm paying A little bit more bumping per month to Um Hexner So um I I didn't really go with my Rational servers because they were in Europe but now they've got one in They've got education in Germany I Believe now Amsterdam and also now we're in France So I will try one of these uh France Packages sticks on WordPress sites and Then see how they go So again click on the link below and You'll get to the sales page and you can Pick up one of these offers but thanks For watching

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