How to Fix Image Upload Issues in WordPress

Are you seeing errors when you’re trying to upload images to your WordPress website? Or for some reason, all the images on your website are greyed out? Don’t worry, there is a solution, and in this video, I discuss the root cause of the problem and the solution.

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Do you also get these kind of issues When uploading images on your WordPress Website I'm talking about specific Issues like this you start uploading any Image on your site and you see the image Is uploading nicely but then you see This kind of Errors unable to create Directory is Parent Directory writeable By the server or a variation of this Error the essential idea is that you are Not able to upload images on your site And if you previously uploaded images on Your site either you can't select them Or they're completely appearing blank on Your site the root cause of this problem Is exactly the same so in this video I'm Going to show you how to fix this issue On your WordPress website but before That let me just try and explain the Root cost to you so that you understand What we actually doing so similar to how We have files and folders on a computer Your website is actually a collection of Files and folder on a server and when Your hosting provider uh performs some Maintenance on the server sometimes a Software update or a bug or some I say Errors cause configuration issues or Misconfigurations of certain folders on Your site which cause this issue So we'll fix those configuration issues By using something called FTP so similar To how you can access files and folders On your computer directly if you want to

Access files and folders on a remote Server or your website server we'll need To use FTP which is short for file Transfer protocol so don't worry if it Sounds complicated it's actually very Simple to use just go to and Search for fil Zilla it's an FTP client That you can use to connect with FTP or Connect VI FTP to the remote server and Be using file Zilla and your FTP Credentials to connect to your site and Then we'll fix the all the issues that Your website is having all right so just Go to file Zilla like this and I'll just Open this uh in a new tab how the Website looks like it's completely free To use and this is for Windows for Mac I'll paste uh something on the screen uh A popular software so you can go to that Website and download this solution for Mac as well so once you're on the site Make sure to click download files OFA Client and just download the Clank it's A small exe file that will be downloaded To your computer just install it like Regular software there's no adware There's no spyware it's completely free To use so once that's done we are uh Done with file Zilla next thing we need To do is find our FTP credentials now What are FTP credentials they're similar To username and password how you access Your website you have certain set of Credentials that are required for FTP

And every hosting provider has uh FTP Obviously already is but the credentials Are also usually available inside the Hosting account directly you not have to Go and find them in some someplace or uh Always chat with support just to give an Example this website that I'm using is Uh hosted on hostinger and this is the Admin area back in on the on the website And if you see I'm inside the website Section inside the file section and Inside the FTP account section where you See I am seeing all the FTP related Credentials that I'll be using to access My website right so once all of this is Done once you ready with this just find This information from either your Hosting backend and if you unable to Find this it's all right to just contact Support and they'll let you know where The credentials are or they share the Credentials directly with you once you Have these credentials everything then We can start using file Zilla to connect Your site so I'll just open up filezilla Here and this is what filezilla looks Like when you start it up it will just Show you files from your computer so you Might be confused what's going on where Where is the connection so let me show You how we'll connect to our website so You'll go into the file section and Inside the file section you'll go to the Site manager because let's say for

Example you have 10 different websites You can just save the credentials you Can connect to different websites Quickly now I already have finished the Process here you can see this here but I'll show you how to do this yourself so What I'll do is I'll just put this a Little to the side off screen and I'll Just open the site manager once again so I can just show it to you so if you see All these credentials are exactly the Same but I'll start new for from scratch Just to show you how the process is done So once you're here you won't see the New site option you can click the new Site button here and also rename this so You can say hey it's my site so once You've done this rest all you have to do Is just fill in the information here so I'll just give an example here FTP the Protocols remains FTP the host is where You enter the IP address so I'll just First so it works so I'll copy the IP Address I'll paste it here encryption is Fine port number is 21 you can just do It sometimes it all auto detect the port Number as well that come also works then The username is the username here we'll Copy this here and the password is Obviously not visible ible on the screen So you have to have the FTP password Sometimes the hosting provider will Display the password on your admin area But sometimes they'll not do it for

Example if you see here if I make once Again I didn't have the option of Looking at my password I can reset my Password so I just what I did I change My password to something that I have Offs screen and I've already saved those Credentials in the FTP client file Zilla So once you've done all of this just Click okay to save your changes right so They'll be saved so if I click okay Right now it'll be saved and once again And if I go back to my site manager You'll see the new site option is Visible here which was what I created Previously and the my site is the new One which doesn't have the password so Since I already have the password in the New site I can use directly that not the My site option and once you're happy Once everything works or everything is Set up for you just click the Appropriate site for example I have the New site selected which has all the Credentials in you can just click the Connect button right so if you click the Connect button this FTP client will Connect to my website files and folders Or server and then I'll see the files And folders on my server and then we'll Fix the permission issues so once I Click connect I have this set to a green Color so that I can signify that hey I'm Connected to my server and you'll see These are the actual files and folders

Of your WordPress website you have all These folders all these files we don't Have to mess with everything we just Need to go into the wp content folder First so click double click WP content And I'm inside here and inside here you See the uploads folder you can double Click on that to enter that as well but Sometimes you have issues like this and This is what we're trying to fix so Inside the upload folders just to give An example if accidentally you go inside A folder for example I am inside the wp Content folder just double click on the Double dot folder which just means that You can go to the parent folder so you Just go one folder up so that's Completely fine so once again WP content Uploads folder is what we are interested In because whenever you upload images The uploads folder is where the images Actually go so I'll right click the Uploads folder and you see this file Permissions option this is what we need To configure so I'll click the file Permissions and you see a kind of a Dialogue box will open up with different Where variety of permissions don't worry You not need to memorize it just follow The steps I'm going to show you on the Screen so instead of messing around with These just look at the numeric value Right now set to 444 which is what is Causing the issue I change this to

744 and instantly you see some of these Changes will be applied and that's Completely fine that's the intended Thing and once you have 744 make sure to Able this option which is recurse into Subdirectories and also just changes to Apply to directories only the last part Is also important so I'll repeat what we Did we looked at the upload uh folders Properties or the file permissions then We change this to 744 recursion into Subd directories is on and apply to Directories only is set once this is Done I'll click okay and we'll start Making those changes to my websites Folders and depending on how many images I have depending on how big the website Is this might take some time but once It's done you'll see hey content listing Successful and nothing is happening here While the processing is being done You'll see these lights light up Constantly so now they are um done so I'm not seeing any changes here now we Need to repeat the process once again For files right now we changed Permission for directories so I'll right Click once again go to file permissions And here instead of 744 I'll make it 644 once it's 644 I'll once again Include or enable the recurse into Subdirectories option and this time I'll Select the second option which is apply To files only so 744 was for directories

And 644 is for files once this is done Click okay once again it might take some Time depending on how many images you Already have because it will apply these Permissions to every single image on Your website or that you uploaded so if You have 100 images it might take some Time once the processing is done well Technically we have finished the process It should work now as intended as Regular so let me just minimize this This and go back to our WordPress Website and I'll just refresh the page a Couple of times just to make sure Everything else is working fine and now I'll just drag and drop an image Directly on here and let's see if it Works and it should work fine now the Image is uploaded but sometimes there Might be some caching issues because I'm Testing this out a few different times Or you might see this now in this case I'll recommend you try and make one more Change on your FTP Service or FTP Account I'll just go back to FTP here And go back to uploads here right click And change file permissions once again And instead of 7444 directories we'll Try and just make this 755 because Sometimes you have some issues with 744 So if if you if if only you have issues Just like this where even after making It to 744 you can't see the images then Make it 755 make sure to change the

Recursion to directories only this is Important 755 recurse apply to Directories only let's click okay and Then just wait for it to finish this Might take some time and I'll just Refresh it once Again and now it's working so I'll just Add a couple of or upload a bunch of Images to the site just to give you a Demonstration that this is intended so I Uploading I think four or five images at Once and all of these images should work Absolutely fine right so beautiful all These images are now being uploaded they Are being shown here you can see those Images directly and if you add them to Post Pages or all the existing content In the site if you use any of these Images they should just start working Normally on your website as well so That's the process that's how you fix File permissions inside WordPress or how That's how you fix image upload issues In WordPress by fixing the file Permissions on your server using FTP if The solution works for you let me know In the comments that it worked for you Or just press the like button that works Too in case you have any other problems With the WordPress let me know in the Comments so I can help you solve those By pointing to the right videos or just Creating new videos about this you're Watching yaj from the WB beginner

Channel and I I hope to see you in the Next video very soon take care

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