Popcorn Theme Review + Discount Coupon & Pricing Update 🔥

Popcorn Theme Review + Discount Coupon and Pricing Update

Get Popcorn Theme Unlimited here: https://popcorntheme.com/?ref=38

Discount code for 10% off: deadline
Not sure how long it is valid for, probably ends when the price increases at midnight 18th August.

The price is for unlimited sites and is a one time payment. They are switching to a recurring payment but may have a much higher lifetime pricing available – probably 2-3x the current price.

Popcorn Theme is a fantastic WordPress theme built by affiliates for affiliates.

It is lightweight, fast and looks great out of the box.

What I like is that it adds a lot of eye catching patters (block styles) that make the content on the page really stand out without the need for additional bloated, expensive plugins.

You can run the theme after upload and get working adding content or you can spend an hour or so watching the tutorials and reading the docs to customise your site and learn the ins and outs.

Version 2 has been a mega upgrade, to be fair to them, they could have increase the price on the Version 2 release as they added so much.

00:01 Introduction
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Get popcorn theme here: https://popcorntheme.com/?ref=38

In this video I'm going to do a review Of popcorn theme this is a theme for WordPress and is suited for affiliate Bloggers affiliate marketers It's made for Affiliates by some Affiliates And what I like is that it's got Everything you need to create attractive Pages and the theme is very fast very Light I actually did a speed test the other Day when I updated the theme on this on My one of my test sites Um I just did a straight upgrade to no Optimizations nothing And it got GT Middle School ape and so On That's the website there So theme is very fast and I'm very very Lightweight I'll go through their their Details because that'll probably explain It better than I will It's uh it's super fast speed It's got a lot of stunning pattern now What I won't lie to you I've not been Keeping up with the WordPress Developments Um I like Gutenberg I prefer it over Elementor at any other Builder that even Though I'm paying for Elemental still I've got the old license Um I just don't use it I've not used it For a long time just keep paying it just Wait for some better Improvement

But Gutenberg is bad because it's built In it's faster it's less resource Intensive And with this theme I like is that Everything's built in you've really Don't need many other plugins I mean you can add more if you want I Used to have uh well I still got aawp And Some other Amazon affiliate plugins but With this Because the whole theme is geared around Affiliate marketing they and they know Um what works I'll show you in a demo in a second that Um all the elements are built in to this Theme that you can use to uh create Really nice Pages fast learning pages And pages that convert to affiliate Sales Now this pattern is something new to me But it's just basically block templates So the pattern is just the Gutenberg way Of putting the Block on the page then you can customize As you want but it's to a set pattern You can customize but just makes it a Lot easier to make really unique looking Pages with all the information you want But presented well And good for the uh the reader Um either to publish a standard WordPress made for Affiliates which is True

It will increase CTR on your links no English for plugins you of course you Need the basic plugins but you don't Need the additional plugins as I said And it's made by cytonas which is what Made me Uh purchase initially was because this Guy wpe going to be following it for a Long time And uh I'm also called Broadbent And I know that they they're really Doing well from the affiliate marketing If they if they know what works how they Put into a theme It has a lot of upside Let me show you inside their demo this Is their demo site so I'm uh you can see Already it's nicely laid out it's got Popping colors it's got a nice little Grid layout here And they've got a little section here at The bottom where you can put more links About us and affiliate this disclaimer And so on Uh let me just click on something So this is nothing yet A lot of people Do lack this affiliate disclaimer Sometimes you can get into trouble so It's best to be open and I promise People and say look you are an affiliate And you are promoting a product I think by default they put on every Page but you can't alter it you can't Adjust it you can't change your position

But you've got your affiliate disclaimer Then you've got a little bit of intro Then you guys want nice little Notification box here And this is what I like before you have To have a plugin like awp which is like 100 and 50 I think 150 or 200 annually Which I'm still paying for actually let Me see how much it is I think I'm on the old plan Let's drag this window across It's awp Right now is 399.25 sites 49 for one site and 129 for three Luckily I'm on the old plans I've got Unlimited for about 150 200 or euros And your awp is a really nice plugin Really professional plugin but You have to have the Amazon API you have To have another plugin you have to Update it and you have to make sure Certain things are installed on your Server to make it work effectively But with this this is a pattern this uh This block here excuse me And this is a what do they call it a Comparison or something pattern Where the the theme will put this block Here and you just put the image in you Put your text and you add your button Text and links This is another pattern here so it's not

Similar to this one here but you see the Icons on the end they're unique to the Block type You can't change everything you want in Here but this is nice for splitting up The text the images just highlighting Points And I'm sure readers really appreciate It because it's also it's it's quite Bright and it focuses the eyes Eye-catching and this is another nice Little section here pros and cons in the Product box so you've got I think this Is a whole pattern here It's got the image Um you can pull the images from Amazon Using the side stripe Um Feature That's from within your Amazon uh Toolbar for associates you can use any Affiliate platform I'm using Amazon Because that's the most popular and it's Easiest to explain So you can put in your title you can put A little bit of blurb here and then Added it's got a nice little pros and Cons table here And then you've got you can I think one Two maybe three above I'm not sure how Many you can add I should add whatever you want but I Think by default they give you two you Have one price for Amazon one price for

EBay or Walmart or whatever Um okay I think this is the whole thing Is a block the whole thing of the Pattern I think I'll get that in a second that's another One another one And then just another nice heading and Then another nice info box with a little Check mark This is a nice uh In my lip box and then it's about the Author It's a nice clean looking page A lot of detail let me see the theme Patterns okay this will get into the Patterns Now it's a version two of Pokemon theme Has been out for a while but I only Recently updated my uh my site Um so I'm still going to grips with it But what I've tried is is so far these Patterns are really good They look really nice this is a product Box An info box you have it with or without The icon a nice table of contents Okay pretty straightforward you can't Have a plug-in for this but this this Comes out the box and it's Fast and easy These are all the different alert boxes So you've got all of the different icons And the different colors you can change These whatever you want

Because this video sounds a really nice Bits the product boxes So I mean all the big sides let me think Of one chord Cuts I think They all have these uh These Pop out boxes that highlight like a main Product or a recommended product or you Know consider this product And they have it throughout the page so People always know that you know This is a suggestion this is where you Want where we want you to click So it's got a few features here it's got The title headline an image there and Some buttons this is the colored Background to make so this could be like A A white could be second place and a Green or red could be first place Whatever and then you can just Differentiate the boxes This with a gray background This is a comparison side by side for Two products This is a three product side by side To be honest you don't really want to go More than three because it just gives Too much information Um I normally keep it to one or two on The page Um because I'm noticing ranking that Does really well So you can have the single product box

With image on the left Single product box with the colored Background you've got more General Pattern like this You may also like and as well you have Your own icons You can just get any old emoji and just Copy and paste it into the Into the field here A nice conclusion box step-by-step box So if you want to break down Instructions or something That's really nice really easy really Well laid out And that's that okay let me see what the Demo is difficult Is this a blog post Okay featured image you can't show or You can hide I was just I think it's a general blog Post I recommended The step-by-step box Or text Conclusions And so on Also they've got nice photos where you Can intellect everything or give more Suggestions And let me see contact with a sidebar This is very nice you've got search box You've got about us You've got latest posts And you've got featured image and so on It's very nice

Thing that's it Look at different image sizes Let me show you on my okay this is my my Test site So this is a Some product box I added let me just add A new one Let me delete this Delete The whole block Give me a second while we're adding so Much stuff Completely the whole thing okay Uh so just do good brows Patterns so these patterns are just the Uh the templates So all of these popcorn ones on the Popcorn I don't know why am I not Showing it fully but just click on the Bottom explore patterns These are the different pre-built table And content patterns These are all the different alerts These are the product boxes so um Red Uh border yellow border you can of Course change the colors to red green Blue whatever Different backgrounds 3D box two box Image to the right with pros and cons These are very popular these these Convert really well Colored backgrounds uh this is nice as Well what we like what we don't like

This is good for tech specs so I've Actually got a website on cameras So I would use this for those product Pages And you've got some more different Background below now of course these you Can change the colors whatever you want This is good for people like me who Aren't designers I don't have the time to sit there and Work on the design I try to get the Detail out there And then take the commissions I don't Like sitting there designing everything So the conclusion final thoughts you've Got a nice little boxes here Um this is nice call to actions I've not Used these before this is a nice call to Action style or pattern Some more do's and don'ts Um Stacks do's and don'ts Pricing little uh Pressing table you may also like this is Good for putting in the text It's recommended And step by step What's utility okay posts pages okay This you can sign map okay fine Article templates I've only got one here that's done That's fine Theme Parts author bio the testimonials Last WordPress Let's try the article template see what

It looks like All right the whole template the whole Thing That's a Time Saver So what you do for something like this You would replace it and then you would Um use custom HTML and you'd go to site Stripe and just copy HTM of Amazon That's encoded with your affiliate URL And put in here Or if you're in another affiliate Program just With permission use their image or just Do any image you want But it's just a nice basic list And then conclusion of course you put Your links in there wherever you want It's like something else let me just Another one I'm going to show you a product box Because I like the box set patterns Explore Products Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I like this one So this again you've got a nice small Engine in the corner you've got the Product title or some sort of title A bit of information and a nice little Pros and cons You can just duplicate these to add more Or delete the ones you don't want And then you've got your buttons here so You can just change the uh

The button links here we go sorry Just click click on the link and you can Change the text and the button between The colors and everything So one more quickly last one in the Video And there's some important stuff I Forgot to mention that at the beginning Is um You can animate It lifetime license It means that you can on your site sites That you flip or sell and also client Sites So you can easily churn out some sites And um Get some traffic and sell them as assets Which which is uh which is really good And because you don't need any really Any more additional plugins And they've given you a lifetime like Unlimited license You can yeah quickly uh generate their Income by selling your sites I already do tech specs Oh you have label as well Putting photos In the Styles 10 okay fine My life is nice Anyway let me send it I'm playing with It too much But yes so uh the deal right now is 99 but there is a coupon code down below Um the coupon code is Well I'll put it down below I think the

Coupon code is deadline Let me test it with the checkout So right now it's 99 one-time payment Updates for life and it's actively in Development and their Facebook group is Very good for quick questions and Support and also just requesting stuff Because they are very active Uh woocomm's compatible no CSS framework It's very light minimal JavaScript CSS Anyway so I'm going to buy now a limited Sites what I like Pawn Dead I guess that's a little 10 discount Coupon for you It's of course I'm the UKF but vot on Top But anyway so if you click on the link Down below you'll get this uh go get This deal for now but I believe on the 18th of August which at the time Recording is tomorrow at midnight it's Going to be going to an annual plan Which is good long term because it Ensures that this is Um it's developed and updated in the Long run because you can't have lifetime Deals forever I know that from Experience a lot of stuff that I paid For after a year two years it goes Because there's no sustained income and If you don't have income you can't carry On developing

Everything is switching to uh to to Payments I'm glad I've had it for a little while And I had to and now you've got the Chance to buy it at this price And then from the 18th onwards it will Be uh recurring I believe the annual occurring actually From Woody I saw And then it will still have a lifetime But it will probably double or triple in Price I'm not sure but I think that's What they're indicating So now is the best time to get it for About 90 dollars Plus tax I hope you found it useful hope you do Pick it up there's a link down below is An affiliate link thank you and I'll see You next one

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