How to send freebies in new MailerLite – Watch me mess it up and learn 🤦🏼‍♂️

In this video I attempted to figure out how to send freebies or bonuses to subscribers.

The new MailerLite does not have the same method of double opt-in and sending an email to confirm.

The new system will only send an email to opt-in if they are no on any lists.

I fumbled my way through and figured it out in the end but it was too late to start again.

You can watch and learn from my mistakes.

I will make a new video with the correct method and highlight my mistakes.

MailerLite is still my choice for emailing as it is cheap and has very reliable email delivery –

I messed up the recording resolution, I switched my monitor for a 4k monitor, recorded in 4k but my project was edited in 1080p, I only noticed after exporting. The text is a little small 🤔

00:01 Introduction
00:30 Migration from previous version
01:15 Old Mailer Lite bonus delivery
02:50 New mailerlite bonus delivery attempt 1
07:30 Demo
10:30 Limitation of new mailerlite automation
14:10 Watch me mess up automation
15:30 End of part 1
16:06 Solution almost
19:18 Move subs to groups
22:30 Demo 2

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In this video I'm going to show you how To deliver freebies or bonuses with the New version of mailerlite Now I recently switched over I think Recently it's about a month ago to the New version of real life from the Classic classic version You can see on my site I did a video About a year ago About the new features but I was waiting For them to release a migration tool They did that a little while ago by just Holding off for a while to see how it Goes So I do the migration everything was Pretty smooth I noticed a few things That just caused me some issues But one of the issues I've actually been Um talking to support about it and Time and can be an ideal solution and They're a bit slow Which is a bit annoying because that's Supposed to be one of the features that We're paying for But anyway one issue I've noticed is That With the old version of Miller Lite I Could just copy a form I just quickly Um just make a few modifications and Send out bonuses And um what I would do I just use the Double opt-in method let me show you Actually let me grab a window across

This is one of my forms one of my uh old Promotions so I just duplicate the form Change the title And copy the share URL and use that in My bonus delivery in Warrior Plus or jvz Or whatever And then I'll simply go to double opt-in And load up a bit slow And go to confirmation thank you page Click on edit And the old one is quite a bit slower Than a new one actually maybe it's Purpose anyway Purposely done Now just click on this button here edit And then enter the URL over here So I'll put the uh I normally use Google Docs to share bonuses So I'll stick in the Google Doc URL here And I'll say it done The new version I didn't know I couldn't Do that Because now and even support I mean with My email gone I've been under them for about a week Now Here we've got 10 messages 13 messages Being going back and forth with them And they couldn't give me a straight Answer say look you can't do it in the New version The kid we get back from the forward Just saying oh no your title is this and There's some blah blah blah it's

Annoying If they told me from their first email Stop wasting your time you can't do it Use automations I would have done it Fine But anyway that's another thing really Annoyed me with them But anyway now what I need to do is So it's pretty similar so you get your Forms So this is just a new product I'm going To be promoting And then you duplicate it like I did the Other one Click on edit Um this is pretty ugly I don't know why I can't make any changes there I can't Add a picture or anything but anyway And then for Success message normally I Say please check your email and double Click on the email to opt in because I Insist on having double opt-in emails Only that way I can make sure it's Really email address getting the Bonuses and it's the real email on my List But now the new system has made it Redundant to me if the person is not on The list but even if three if plus is on Your list already But even if they're not on the list this Double opt-in is redundant Because I've got it selected here But I just tested it

On another browser And if the email's not in the list There's no double opt-in Feature that you need to do I'll demonstrate in a second So now what you need to do you need to Go to create automation Then click on create workflow let's Pretend I've done that already Just click edit because you're copying It it will copy workflow as well So now when a subscribe subscribes to This product When sorry when they complete this form Sorry they'll go onto a list that's Associated with that form so I've got One Municipal Warrior Plus So the same person could buy 10 products The problem is the main Crux of the Issue is that if the email is already in The The overall group They won't get another email that's the Whole point of this this video It's a long-winded way of saying it That's the problem And support couldn't tell me straight Look you can't do it we won't send out Another email Um they want you to go through this Automation which I suppose isn't too bad But it's just an annoyance and I don't Know it's just annoys me anyway So now what you need to do is Click

Automation once when someone subscribes To this group I'm sorry when they click on this form So I fill in this form You can automatically send an email so You click on your email You set the email name the subject And so on And we click on edit email content Give it a second So now instead of an actual page I'm going to send them an email so It works out similar because they have To have a real email address to receive The email But the double opt-in is bypassed Because there's no use for it now Because they've got the email So where does double opt-in come into it So I don't understand the point of Developing it's just annoying and silly So anyway so now I just done thank you For purchasing blah blah blah this is Just a test anyway and then click again Bonuses here I put a URL there And done You have to make sure you turn it on Because that's not on by default You've got back here back to forms Embedded form Might Blossom of this Okay and then you get the URL Then you get this URL here and you put It into your bonus delivery bit

So it's it's quick it does it does a Similar job but double opt-in for me is Completely bypassed now because there's No point So I mean unless there's another way and Annoying thing is in their Facebook Group They screen the questions I've put it in There twice and they've blocked it twice From being posted so what's the point of Having a Facebook group where you can't Ask questions in there you can't get Experience with other users What's the point I'm in a group where You can't get input And their support Um I've been getting 13 messages strong With them and I even with more than half Nine and now it's nine pm And I can't get a reply I've apparently Got premium support But anyway I'm just having a grumble But yeah I don't know if this video made It clear but that's that so let me show You a quick demo I just copy this one doesn't matter Let me put up a Trouser Is this Apache among growing business Blah blah blah one thing I like is that You do get a limited uh Landing pages and websites The previous version I was paying the

Same money but you only get I think Three and three This is nice that's one reason why I Upgraded because I want to use the uh Freelanding pages and the free websites Let me just paste this URL in I'll Probably delete this formulator So now let's show my private email one Minute Let me just put it in there Okay access bonuses and I said please Check your inbox blah blah Um this I might need to blur one second Okay let me just Block this bit here Okay so there you see I've got the email Now You get it pretty quick so after a Minute it's quick not slow Click on that And there you go Um okay I didn't know they would do that Oh it's playing just from okay fine I've not known as that before So anyways so get your bonus I don't Know why it does actually it's with the Old system I didn't do that You can do that To play images And then you click on there you get Bonuses and job done Um now the issue here let me show you Now Um where's the URL for the form

And that what else testing before Sorry about interrupted that when I was Testing it with the uh Before with the double option method I Normally use from the old system I put in the email And the name and email And And it wouldn't send me the the Confirmation email and therefore I Couldn't get to the bonus page which was Annoying And they wouldn't give me a free answer But now You quickly put on my email again They might not even send it to me Because oh I know why Okay I made a mistake here I'll show you what I did Pretty crafts across And there was a function it was Basically gone turn it off I don't know it's on another subscribed To repeat Once every 20 oh once every 25 hours Okay That's a bit annoying oops I need to Blow this Huh That's another introduction I need to Overcome now Um Yeah nothing again That is off

Subscribers to repeat the work let me Try one more time I've got a feeling it's not gonna work Because I've done that within 24 hours Already won't let me do it again So if I've got a buyer who buys two Things or sign up for two Products and is expecting enjoying that Same Height of a group just say the buyer's Group Then they will get send their their Bonus Or freebie email Which is a bit annoying because it Defeats purpose again It's just pointless I don't understand The point of this what is the reason for This Okay it's a rare case but It still means there's more headache for Me to go through Manually what is the point of automation I'm gonna be doing stuff manually I Don't understand I was even thinking about getting back To the classic version We quickly do one more time Okay let me check my email on the other Screen Thank you Yeah That's annoying I just had to pause the recording there

For a second just to make sure I'm not Going crazy Sure I worked earlier But it's not sending it again I'm just Double check maybe she's not going to Spam by mistake no no chance One thing I'll give in my life that Deliverability is very good But it's because they are quite strict About what you can send And even when I was going through Support they first tried to get me to Chain my My subject lines So for them to like uh click baiting I Don't know But this is really annoying anyway but That is how you do the bonus delivery Now if someone's ready in your list But now It's made it a bit annoying I suppose my list is Tiny anyway it's Not really What I have to do Um I might make a follow-up video for Tomorrow I'll give it 24 hours And I'll see if I can go through this process again And it allows me to send me a URL Thank you Paige This is a bit annoying now I was happier Though I solved it But nothing else no other Trigger or

Anything Being through condition that doesn't Help me Nope Let me see Um Well this is something to consider Actually this makes it a bit better than The double opt-in Where if they haven't clicked on Anything bonuses you can send them a Quick reminder And it was not opened or was not clicked Maybe it was not opened and I'd say Don't forget your bonuses here blah blah Just to get a bit of a Interactivity But anyway This video is far longer than it should Have been Turning on and see what happens Actually no let me just delete it That's what I'll do I'm gonna contact my Facebook account And send them an email again and see What happens And I'll wait 25 hours and see how it Goes I might update the video if if I do then You'll see it next if I don't then I'll Just put it in the description below Thank you we got this far and I'll see You in the next one I've got quite a few New videos coming out

Um so yeah I'll see you next one bye Okay I was midway through Writing a lemon email and Facebook post Then I thought of these Solutions I'm Not really big on the automation moving People from groups and so on But I just say I remember when I was Missing that before There is an action option so if you have An action So after they've sent the email I'm straight after the system is an Email to bonuses to the person You can then move to groups And then put the person in the group That you want to put them in so it is Going to be messy still so instead of Um Okay well actually now the only way to Do it now Is let me go to Let me just do save a close Delete this one That might blow some stuff go to Subscribers Groups Yep I'll definitely to blow all this Okay what you have to do is create group And what was that product called Something High ticket I don't know it's A bit High Kit test group So I would have to make a new group for Each promo free real bonus

Makes that the main group that they come In by the form Then go back to forms We play this edit form I take it Heist okay go to edit Come on Uh go to done editing Should I go to overview Okay I'll edit group see I've got a w Pass buyers group We edit this one And Don't like the way they I mean to blow All this what I call it high ticket Okay High ticket test group And deselect that one I had before continue So now what I will do it will send Everyone to this new group Now when I go to automation Edit automation Um so let me go to turn if turn it off So when I subscribe to complete this Form Don't be added to that group then They'll see the email It's fine then the action is Action Um Okay let me do I'm sorry let me do uh Condition So Define condition Actually no no let me take that story I was trying to do is they say I haven't

Open Clips on the link or Open email send it again I'll do that Next time but for now The video is dragging on too much Just to Define action and then move to Group Then move from group I'll blur this but it's called high Ticket And a move to group the main Warrior plus buyers And then save And then turn on So that should in theory work I don't see why not So look at the email Should I test it Okay I'll do a live So to speak test I need my URL again Sorry about that Okay blow this delicious stuff Forms Go to overview Of the URL Go here paste Same details Bonuses done Across Ah okay put that money in the list Actually I'm not in that group Uh very okay now I can't test it now Because It's too late to be doing this and also

I'm already I've already done this process And the stupid system on a music and so Anyway I'll leave it there for now I might record this whole video and do That process properly but this is just More like a Theory testing session Vehicle sending it I can't be bothered to give out the Email address so anyway let me just end It there Um I could grab a burning email Quickly Give me one second which browser Um Just grabbing your bird email Come on This could be this one Okay grab my form again Testing 2023 let's email Bonus done Technically I should be in this Trading subscribers I'm gonna blow this Groups So one subscriber in the groups who's in There That's me So has it already moved my Picture Ah okay okay so double opt-in does Work but not in the old way So where's my email oh I've closed it But

You log in here It's just a burner email account but Email address It's done that goes to my main personal Gmail I delete you all the time anyway so one Second Come on load up please You're taking so long Ah now I see Now I see it's not redundant I was Talking Without testing let me just hide this Stuff here So what is that it sent me the double Opt-in So let's see what happens now so if I Click on confirm your email So yeah because it had double loss and Selected so it does make it check this Real Now it makes sense Click here so now what happens Foreign Setup Because I got on my developed I copied It on the previous one Okay okay okay Anyway if you've got this far Congratulations but I'm gonna re-record The whole video just do the process Properly But this was just a learner learned from My mistakes video

Okay now I've got the Let me hide my thing again sorry Okay so then it automatically sent me This one I clicked on there it's not let me Refresh and see which group I'm in now Group Okay yes it's nice move me to wfast Papayas Okay The system works it's just not like it Was before and I wasn't used to it And it says his automation blah blah Removed from this put in there okay So the system works and I think I'm just Too tired to go through it properly so What I'll do Tomorrow uh we record the whole video The whole process properly I'll just put this video up so you can Learn my mistakes I didn't say the United States it's Because I'm using Gmail I assume Definitely not in the United States Okay Anyway thanks for watching

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