How to Make Money on Youtube 2024 – the Best Way to Earn Passive Income

How you can make money on YouTube – the basic guide for anyone interested to make money online with YouTube. This can be the perfect side-hustle that can earn you a passive income online.

If you want to see what is my number 1 method to make money with affiliate marketing, where you can learn how to build a list and earn per click, no need to sell anything, recruit anybody or show your face on video… the best part is that you can get set up in 30 minutes and see your first dollars in 48 hours or less.

Check it out here:

YouTube is great free traffic source for any affiliate offer and the monetization with Adsense is good supplement of your online income just in case you don’t make many sales with affiliate marketing.

But if you follow the number one super affiliate system below, you will have all the skills you need to become superaffiliate and earn passive income online.

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How to Make Money on Youtube 2024 – the Best Way to Earn Passive Income will show you some basics of why I think YouTube should be one of the platforms that gives you free traffic and when you will be monetized, even money without you selling anything.

Do you want to really find out how to Make money on YouTube there is one way Which is monetization on YouTube you Need to have 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 Subscribers you can make anywhere from $4 to $15 on average for every th000 Views and that is why I like affl Marketing with YouTube Just because you Can start right away you can use it as a Free trophic source to build a list Because remember YouTube is not your Platform so let me share with you the YouTube strategy that I would use if I Would start from scratch first I would Definitely start creating content with Affiliate marketing in my mind because I Will build a list through YouTube and Then I will apply for monetization when Ready this is not important so you can Start creating content in Niche that has Good affl commissions and multiple Commissions is good then build a list of Potential buyers and use email Automation to make sales bigger the list Biger commissions use YouTube Monetization as a bonus money only

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