How to Make a WordPress Website in 2024 (Step-by-Step)

In this video, you’ll learn how to make a WordPress website.

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Whether you’re a complete beginner or looking to refresh your skills, this tutorial is your go-to resource for building a stunning, fully functional WordPress website from scratch.

We cover everything from choosing a domain name, selecting the perfect hosting, to customizing your site with themes and plugins that make your WordPress site EVEN BETTER!

βœ… Here’s what you’ll learn:
– How to effortlessly navigate the WordPress platform.
– Tips for selecting cost-effective, high-performance hosting solutions.
– Installing and customizing themes to create great looking websites.
– Enhancing your site’s functionality with must-have plugins.
– Boosting your site’s speed and performance for a better user experience.
– Simple steps to build trust and engage your audience effectively.

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πŸ’‘ If you’re aiming to create a professional, visually appealing website without the headache, this video is packed with easy-to-follow steps, best practices, and insider tips to get you there. We demystify the process, making it accessible for everyone – no technical skills required!

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0:00 – Intro
1:10 – Domain and Hosting for WordPress 2024
6:14 – WordPress Installation and Setup Guide
9:42 – Bluehost WordPress Setup
12:45 – Understanding WordPress Backend vs Frontend
14:00 – Accessing Your WordPress Website Backend
16:28 – WordPress Login and Logout Tutorial
18:18 – Website Customization in WordPress
20:50 – Astra Theme for WordPress: Why Choose It
21:48 – Importing Pre-Built Websites with Astra
25:35 – Advanced Website Customization Techniques
27:35 – Typography Customization in WordPress
30:55 – Color Schemes in WordPress Customization
33:52 – Button Styles and Customization in WordPress
37:00 – WordPress Header Builder Tutorial
38:54 – Adding Elements to Your WordPress Header
40:14 – Customizing WordPress Elements for Beginners
42:00 – WordPress Menus Explained
42:54 – Adding a Logo to Your WordPress Site
47:35 – Customizing the WordPress Footer
51:19 – Changing Your WordPress Site Title
52:47 – Understanding WordPress Pages vs Posts
54:45 – Homepage Customization with Block Builder
1:01:05 – Creating New Pages in WordPress
1:04:55 – Customizing WordPress Menus
1:09:34 – Adding Blog Posts in WordPress
1:13:59 – WordPress Site Structure Overview
1:15:20 – Introduction to WordPress Plugins
1:15:54 – Guide to Installing WordPress Plugins
1:17:34 – Using WP Forms Plugin in WordPress
1:22:58 – Activating WordPress Plugins
1:24:15 – Recap
1:25:07 – Final Words

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In today's video I'm going to show you How to create a fully functional WordPress website from scratch right From purchasing the domain name to Getting the hosting to installing WordPress and installing themes I'm Going to show you how to customize your Website how to add elements on your page And how to get everything done to build A fully functional website and all of This is going to be beginner friendly so If you've never built a website you have No idea what you're doing don't worry You can just follow along this tutorial And have a fully functional website and Don't worry if you get stuck somewhere If you have any questions you can leave A comment and we answer every single Comment answering your questions about Building websites of course if you're Ready let's get started so we'll divide This process of building a website in a Few different steps the first step is Getting domain and hosting for your Website then we'll install and set up WordPress which will create a templated Website and you can start using website Then then we'll install a customized Theme on the site and then we'll Customize Pages customize the appearance Upload our logos change the appearance Of the website completely to how we want It and then we'll install a few plugins On the site to add some much needed

Functionality and everything is a Step-by-step process I'll go through the Process step by steps you can pause the Video follow along if you like to and Everything is simple even if you're a Beginner it's absolutely easy to follow So first let's switch to my screen and Let's start the first process the uh Purchasing the domain name now what's The difference between a domain name and Hosting well domain name is the name of Your website how people actually find Your website and you can compare that to Your address and your hosting is like Your house so you need both of uh them Them connected together together so that People can actually visit your website So hosting is where you store all the Contents of your website the images the Database uh the content of the site and The address is the hosting or not the Address is the domain name which is Where how people actually find your Website now the easiest way to actually Find an appropriate domain name which is Also available is to just do this which I have already done on the screen search For WB beginners business name generator And this will bring up the free business Name generator by W beginner and what This does you do is just enter a key Keyword and I'll suggest you tons of Different uh domain names related to Your keywords which are available to

Purchase now one thing to remember is Let's say for example I type in Roofing And let's imagine we are building a Roofing website so I'll just do this I'll click generate and you'll see tons Of ideas here and what all of those Options uh the the important part to Understand is that you'll see the domain Names that are available to purchase as Well now you don't have to make a Purchase here you just have to find out The domain name which is available so That you can actually proceed to The Next Step because in the next step we'll Purchase hosting and if you go to the Link in the description and I also place That link on the screen to our partner Blue host they offer a fantastic price For new website owners who want to start Their websites and they'll give you a Domain name for free absolutely for an Entire year so you don't have to Purchase a domain name right now you Just have to find the domain name which Is available which you think is Appropriate for your business or your Website and then just go to the link go Go there to the site and just connect it To your Hosting account and I'm going to Uh just show you the process so the link On the screen uh which is here here I'll Just place it and I'll just enter it in My website browser the link is Slre SL blue host so once you go to this

Page this is the page that will open up And you'll see all the details about the Pricing for all WordPress users the Pricing starts at just 275 a month it's Absolutely amazing and you get a free Domain name for the first year you get a Free SSL certificate and you also get Oneclick WordPress install and I'm going To take you through the process Absolutely so you can also go here and Choose some of the other plant which Have a little more features for example You want more than one website you can Go to the choice plus online store and Pro plans as well but the easiest or the I said cheapest plan is to start with or You can start with is the basic plan now Let's say for example you are happy with This plan just click the select button And it take you to the page and all you Have to do is fill in the details uh or Complete the purchase now important step Here is that if you find the right Domain name from the previous step just Enter the domain name here right just Enter a domain name here and it'll be Added to your account so let's say for Example Roofing this is just An example because I'm pretty sure this Domain name won't be available but let's Say this was available and I use this Domain name I'll just have to click the Next button and take this to the next Step now since I'm not purchasing a

Domain I'm just showing you how to do it I'm not going to actually do this I'm Going to go here create my domain later But you should be absolutely entering The domain name that you have in mind Here and clicking the next button and if You already have a domain name purchase Which is also the case sometimes just Enter the domain them you P you already Have some place with other regist just Enter it here and do this and in the Next few steps I I'll show you how to Actually connect your existing domain Name to the website as well I'm going to Do this you should be doing probably This so let me click This and the next step it's it's all Basic information you have to just make A purchase so you find out all the Information or fill in the information Your first name and all the personal Details that are required to actually Make a purchase you'll just double check The uh package information here it's a 12-month uh plan you can go for 36 Months 1 month and uh the pricing is Displayed on the screen here and and you Also have some additional I say optional Purchases you can add to your account Some of these are required some of these Are completely up to you if you want to Purchase it for example I wouldn't go With with code guard I wouldn't go with Site lock but you can go for

Professional email a 3-month trial and Use this as well I've shown in a Previous video how to set up a uh email With your Blu host account so that's Something that if you want personal or Professional email then you can keep it Here I'm just going to uncheck it just For simplification but if you want it You can just do this as well then all You have to do is after filling in the Information just fill in the your card Details how you want to make the Purchase and you can just click the Submit button and the purchase will be Done now a few things will happen after The purchase is done you'll get an email Or confirmation of the purchase but You'll also get access to the Blu host Admin area through a link that will be Sent to your email once you click on That you'll access the blue host backend Which is where we'll continue the Process apart from that all other emails You get for hey purchase confirmation Your card being charged that's Completely obviously uh the obvious that Look that that emails but you should Watch out for the email coming from Blu Host that these are your login details Or this is how you access the back end So click on that and open up in a new Window on your computer and that's where You'll see the back end of blue host so I'm going to just directly jump into

That part where I am inside the Blu host Admin area so once you're inside the Admin area of your Blu host account this Is somewhat what it will look like you Might be on the homepage but I'd Recommend that you go to the website Section and inside the website section It's not going to look EX exactly like This because I have uh many many Websites created on my Bluehost account But you won't have any websites if You're starting out so all you have to Do is click this button call add site Which will create or start the process Of actually creating our website so I'll Click it here and let's the process Begin and now you have these options do You want to install WordPress or you Want to transfer an existing WordPress Site or you want to create an empty Website WordPress is the easiest way how We can build websit so I'll click the or Select the default option and just click Continue And now we can give it a site title now If you don't have a title in mind you Can obviously change it later but I'm Just going to give it hey Roofing expert Because that's what we are going With and I'm going to show you how to Change the site title later as well so Don't worry if you don't have the Perfect answer just type anything you Want and we'll just go or if you don't

Want to do anything just click Skip and You can go do this later as well once You're happy with it click continue or Skip and then here is where you connect Your domain name so when you make the Purchase if you have entered the domain Name already on the count it will show Up here or you should just add it here And this will directly be connected uh To your website this is an important Step to uh to do because it saves you All the hassle of manually connecting Your domain name with your website later Just enter your domain name here and Click next and everything will be set up For you as I mentioned that I have Actually not made the purchase because I Already have a Blu host account I'm Going to be going with user temporary Domain but you should be entering your Domain name right here add and the Entire thing and then clicking the next Button or the continue button I'm going To go with this option use a temporary Domain I'm going to click continue which Will take us to the next step now this Is where the magic happens you don't Have to do anything to install WordPress Blue host makes it absolutely easy the One click install literally is a Oneclick install and as you see uh right Now you're following on the screen Everything is being installed for you Automatically once this is done the page

Will refresh and I'll show you how to Access your website so we'll pause the Video here and resume when this is done So in just a minute the process was Completed and you'll be returned back to The website section right here now You'll see just the one website now Since I have more than one website Approximately 118 websites in my bluos Account I just had to search for it with The title of the website you won't see This you will just see the website and All you have to do is just click on the Website name here or you can go to the Settings or edit site I'll go to Settings first so I can just show you How uh the settings for the website work And then we'll go and edit the site and I'll show you the process of setting it Up now why I'm showing you this part is Because you need to understand where you Want to make changes if you want to make Changes through the back end of the Website you have the security features You have the backups features you have The pre-installed plugins here you have The different users here the speed the Advance and settings now this is not the Scope of this video I just wanted to Tell you that once you have a website Created and let's say you want to make Changes from the back end this is where Everything happens now most of the time If you are setting up your website you

Might not need to go here but it's good To know now let's click the edit WordPress site button this will start The setup process for WordPress and It'll open open up WordPress or sorry Bluehost WordPress uh setup process so Let's click the button and this will Open up the uh or open up a new tab Where we'll uh start the process of Setting up the website so let's wait for It to load so this is the first screen That you'll see in the Blu host Onboarding or setup process this is Where you'll be able to set up the WordPress website using Blu host setup Now most of the time I will not Recommend you go through this process Because the process I'm going to be Teaching you is more flexible and more Robust and that uses most of the time Back in of WordPress so I'll start the Process and show you what recommended Choices I'd like you to make to set up Your website so I'll click the start Setup process and it'll go to the next Step now this will ask you hey have you Used WordPress this is uh again doesn't Matter that much so let's say you have Used it before a little bit so I'll just Say hey use this sum click continue Experts uh and then we'll go to the next Step and now you can describe what kind Of website it is so I can just type in Roofing and you all you what you can do

Is also select the appropriate option From these uh I say pre-mined filters so Let's uh go with the Business website Here and we'll click continue setup and Again we'll have uh more options to uh Like tell the website or tell uh Bluehost about what our website is about So we have agency arts and craft autos And repairs and plenty of different Options now this doesn't matter usually That much but you can actually do this So that it uh gives you the appropriate Options so in this case since it's a Roofing business I'll stick with trade And repair services and let go continue Setup to go to the next step and now This is where the design options are Presented by Bluehost now I would not Recommend you do or customize your Website here because as I said I'll be Telling you how to customize your Website uh to a more i' say Advanced Degree and with more flexible options in The once we've set up the website so in These uh in this particular steps I'm Just going to click the next step and Just keep going and keep going uh Forward without actually changing Anything and this is what I would Recommend you do too so that you can Actually finish the website up and then Once once this is done we'll go into the Back end of the website I'm going to Tell you everything how WordPress Works

How to actually install themes and Customize it so let's wait for this to Load and we'll proceed once it's done so On the next step you again get to Customize the design and some other Color options you have Team styles and Colors and we'll customize all of this From WordPress itself so I'll just keep Clicking the next button to proceed with The default options once again in the Design options I'll just click the next Button to proceed to the next step in The header design option I'll again Click the next button proceed to the Next step In the homepage layout options again I'll click the next button to proceed to The Next Step once again in the page Layout options I'll just click the next Button and then Blu host will recommend You a few different plugins you should Install on your site to start using them You can keep them installed but I'll Tell you the process anyways on which Plugins to install how to install them So it's up to you I'll just uncheck them For now so that I can actually Demonstrate the process of creating and Installing plugins on your site so it Makes your life easier when you have to Install plugins on your own let's click The next part All right the setup is now complete and Technically your website is now live so

Once I click the complete setup button It'll take you to the next step which is The back end of the website then you'll Be able to start seeing our website uh Actually finished so let's this let this Complete and I'll show you how to access The front end and the back end of your Website so once the setup is complete You are logged into the back end as I Mentioned and this is what you will see In the back end now this is the blue Host dashboard but you also have have a WordPress dashboard which is here now You might be wondering what is this Website what does it look like this does Not look like the website I was trying To create but let me explain the concept Of a back end and a front end to you so What I'll do is first click this button Called view site and it'll open up a new Tab your actual website which is what Users will see so let's wait for it to Finish uploading or completely loading So this is your website this is the Front end of your website that means Users when they come to your website This is what they will see this is the Back end of the website where you C can Customize your website you can customize The pages you can customize uh the Content of the pages create new pages And do all of that and we'll be going Into some of these features some of These things inside WordPress by going

To post you're going to add new media Pages and moderate comments install Plugins and themes and all of those Things so this is where you will Actually control your website this is Called the admin area or the backend and This is the front end now once you log Out once you close this how do you get Access to the back end of your website So there are two ways to do this this is Very important to understand so please Pay attention so inside your blue host Account you can actually just log into The blue host account and once you're Here you can just click edit WordPress Site it'll take you to the website Automatically but that's a cumbersome Step right okay you have to go into blue Host all the time so the easier method Is to just use in or use the login Logout process inside WordPress for but For that to work you'll have to reset Your or change your password first so Let's change your uh password and then We'll go and actually uh I'm going to Show you how to log into the website and Also log out once you're done uh making Any kind of changes so we'll go inside The user section here and inside we'll Go to all users now this is where you Can add more users to your site uh add More contributors and WordPress is a Robust system for doing this now since Uh you already are a user you are the

Administrator of the website you already Have this uh username created now Important to remember that the username Cannot be changed it it there's a Complicated process to it so what you Should be noting down is what your Username is and you'll be resetting or Creating a new password because this is What will be required for you to Actually log into your account so I'll Click the edit link here and this will Open up the entire profile page for this Username so what I'm going to do is open Notepad up and I'm going to just copy The URL of the website and place it in My notepad here and also just make Sure once we go here I'm going to also Uh take the nickname which is your Username and I'm going to just place it Here and this is where the password can Be changed if I go here I can actually Set a new password so click this button And this will open up this option now WordPress creates or gives you a Recommendation for a default password Which is very very strong so you can use It if you can remember it if you want to Save it somewhere but you can also Change this and just add your own Password just for this demonstration I'm Going to just keep this password so I'm Going to copy it and paste it in a Notepad file on this uh outside the Screen here and I'm just going to uh

Click the update profile button so once This is done the profile password for This uh particular user will be updated And this is how you'll be able to log in And log out of the site so let's wait For the page to uh finish uploading and Finish updating and I'm going to show You how to exactly do that all right the Profile is now updated so how do you log Out of your website and how do you log Into your website so for logging out of Your website all you have to do is go to The top right corner of the website Which is here and once you hover over This you'll see the same options that You saw in the user section username Edit profile and log out so once I click Log out this is what you will see on the Screen let the page load so this is what You will see after you've logged out and This is also the login screen for your Website so let's say accidentally you Close this now how do you get back to This area of your website as I said the The default option is there you can go Into Blu host and just click this but if You want to go directly to this area all You have to do is just take your Website's URL right the domain name just Paste it here in the address bar and Just append the keywords that I'm going To show on the screen WP which stands For WordPress hyphen admin a m Min n and Press enter and this is going to bring

You to the exact same screen that you Saw after I lo worked out and you'll Have the option of adding your username Or your nickname as we saw and then your Password to log to the site so let the Page load and I'll show you exactly how To do that so the page is now loaded let Me just copy and paste the Username let's also copy and paste the Password and let's log in all right so This is how you log into your site and As I said this is the backend area or The back end of the site where you'll be Making changes to the website and this Is the front end of the website which is What users will see and a clear sign to Understand if you're logged into your Account or logged into the admin area is That you'll see this bar that you see on The top of the screen this is only Visible to you when you logged in for Your users this won't be visible so Don't worry about them seeing the uh any Of these options heading back to the Admin area now as I said once the setup Process is complete now technically this Is where building the website process is Complete your website is live anybody Can just enter the domain name and find Your website it's that easy now you want To customize this website right you want To have the appearance to something that You like you want to add a new theme Have some different colors for your

Brand all that good stuff so I'm going To show you in the next now process on How to actually add new themes and Customize themes according to you so What we'll be doing to customize the Appearance of a website is adding a new Theme to website you can think of theme As a new chassis for a car or a fresh C Of paint or something in the Middle Where you can change some of the Interiors as well so so to add new Themes you'll have to go into the Appearance section here and you see There's a option for themes so I'll Click the themes button here and I'll Open up the themes option or themes page Inside WordPress so here you see all the Themes already on your site this is what Is installed by Bluehost themselves These are some default WordPress themes That are provided with uh the uh WordPress themselves so if you want to Install a new theme all you have to do Is just click the add new theme button And this will open up the word press Repository of themes and every theme That you see here is actually free to Install some features might be limited To free users or premium users but most Of these themes are actually free to use Now here you'll find tons of different Options to actually install themes and Have them set up on the site now there's So many themes available it's very

Complicated choice on which of these Themes to choose so I'm going to give You the easiest option we've been using Themes on our sites for a very very long Time and the most recommended theme that We can also recommend you is as as ra Theme it's called a a Astra so we'll Search for the Astra theme and once it Loads I'm going to install the Astra Theme view so this is the Astra theme Which I'm talking about and don't worry What you see here as the preview it can Be completely customized this is one of The best things about the Astra theme And this is why we recommend it and it's Also one of the most popular themes Inside WordPress so let's click the Install button and let's wait for it to Install so theme is now installed let's Also activate it all right the Astra Theme is now active on the site now if I Just go to the front end of the site and I refresh this you'll see some changes Happening but not too much and that's Completely all right you see there some Things uh have changed things have moved Around and it doesn't make a huge Difference site but we're getting to the Good stuff so once this is done we'll Install a companion plugin for Astra Which will give us tons of options to Customize the site now this is where uh The recommendation for Astra comes into Play because Astra is very flexible in

Terms of how you can change the Appearance without have actually Actually having any design skills Yourself so what I'll do is go into the Plugin section and I'll click on add new Plugin which will again bring us to the WordPress repository of plugins and We're going to search for a specific Plugin and install it on our site so in The search option you can just type in Starter templates so I'll type it In and let's wait wait for the search to Finish and this is the starter templates Plugin which I'm talking about again This is a companion plugin to only the Astra theme I'll click install now and This will install this plugin on our Side let's also activate the plugin so As soon as you activate the plugin You'll be presented with these choice Just stick with the classic starter Templates and in the block Builder just Choose the uh block Builder as your Preferred uh builder of choice this will Make your life a lot easier now what is The starter templat plugin it provides Pre-built websites that you can quickly Import on your website so you see I'm Scrolling down I'll see so many Different options for uh templates that I can install on the site which will Just make our life easier now there's so Many plugins to check out so many themes Or templates to check out so I'll just

Search for an appropriate business so uh Let's go to local business and see if Roofing is a category here oh Roofing Services is a category so let's click on It and we'll be uh presented with Roofing options and other themes and Plugins or other themes that we can Customize according to our needs so this Is a roofing uh related uh theme I'm Tempted to use this but let's also Figure out some other templates and just As I said uh all of these what you see Here everything is customizable so let's Say if you like this theme but you Obviously you're not uh locksmith or Lock you're not providing Lock Services Don't worry you can change this image Change the text everything is Customizable so it doesn't matter what The present content on the template is You can actually change everything off About the site now I'm seeing all these Templates but I think the first uh Template I saw the roofing services this Is the best choice so I'll click here And this will give us a preview of of How the themes look likees now there's a Some other options that are presented With the starter templates as well what You can do is upload a logo directly to Uh this page here and it will be Presented as a preview and I'm just Going to say hey but just uh skip all These steps because we I'm going to show

You how to add your logo to the site Anyways so just for this you can check Out how it it's going to look like it Looks beautiful so I'm going to Recommend to you is just click the Skip And continue button to proceed to the Next step and again this is another Feature inside the starter templates uh Templates you get some color and Typography choices so if I just scroll Down here and let's say if I click this Button you'll see instantly the website Actually reacts to different color Templates and I can get a preview an Idea of how the theme will look like if I choose this color theme now you can Choose any color theme you like that's Completely up to you I'll just stick With the default colors here because I Think they look pretty good same thing Goes for typography you have a working Combination here but you have you can go Here and see other combinations of fonts And see how they look like and choose The one that you think is the most Appropriate now just going through the Options some are good some are okay in My opinion but I think this one uh the Poppins and lto looks the best in my Opinion again you have complete control And we can change this later as well so Don't worry if you chose any specific Color here you can go and make changes To it anyways so once this is done I'll

Click the continue button to proceed to The next step and just uh look at these Settings just keep all of these enabled Uh sharing data is completely up to you So if you don't want to share any Non-sensitive data that's completely up To you this is completely optional if You want to fill this in this is Completely up to you and we'll just Click submit and build my website and This will start the website building Process takes less than a minute so Let's wait for it to finish and then We'll proceed with the video all right So as you see in just 1 minute 40 Seconds uh the starter templates Actually finish creating a website let's Click the view our website button which Will open up the website in a new tab Where we'll able to actually preview how The website actually looks like so Here's how your website looks like after The import is complete and you can Scroll around and see it looks exactly Like how we saw it looked like in the Preview and this is one of the Advantages of using Astra theme and the Star templates you don't have to design Things from scratch because the default Themes inside WordPress are not modern In the sense of uh a Business website They are mostly uh to get towards Publishers so this helps you actually Create beautiful looking websites that

Are like for specific businesses and uh Just gives you exactly how you expect Your website or what you see in the Previous is what you get so it makes Your life a lot easier if you don't have Any design skills you can just import The website and be happy with it now Even though this website looks great you Would still want to customize some of The things right you want want might Want to change the menu around you might Add your own logos or change some stuff Around so there are two ways to change Things which I'm going to talk about First is uh uh the way I'm going to talk About is customizing the entire websites I say the look of the website and the How we're going to do that is through The customizer and the second thing I'm Going to talk about is how to customize Elements on the specific page so let's Say for example you want to change the Headline you want to change the text on The button here you want to change Something else I'm going to talk about How to change them separately so what We'll do is first we need to make or Understand how to make changes to our Website overall right we need to make Changes to the menus maybe you want to Uh have a new different header logo and All that good stuff so let me tell you How we go about doing that so as I said We will be doing that inside the

Customizer so what is customizer Customiz is a built-in feature inside WordPress which helps you customize a Website well the name suggest that there Are two ways to go into the customizer So let me talk about them as well so if You go to uh the option here if you're Logged into your website I'm assuming You are if you're following along the Tutorial you'll see that the customize Button is here you can use the Customizer you can click this button to Directly open the customizer but let's Say if you are inside the admin area let Me just go back by the way if you want To go back to your admin dashboard just Click the cross icon it will take you Back to the dashboard board now if you Want to go to the customizer through the WordPress navigation menu just go into Appearance settings and inside the Appearance settings you'll see Customizer can you see the customizer It's called customize here but it takes You to the customizer so click the Button and will take you to the Customizer and I'll explain the Interface what it's like and how you can Use it to customize your site you'll see A left-handed menu come up on the screen First let let the page load I'll tell I'll talk about it more when when it's Done so this is what the customizer Looks like as I said that you'll have a

Left-handed menu and it has lots of Options to customize a website now I Can't possibly go through every single One so I'm going to just go through the Essentials on what you should know about How to customize things so the first Thing I'll go do is go into the global Settings and the global settings Contains typography colors containers Buttons and all this mostly we concerned About typography colors and some button Settings this is what you should be Aware about rest is completely optional And not every website needs to customize Every single thing so I'll go to the Typography option first because this is The first option and it bring you to the Same option that you saw when we were Importing the template you have some Presets for uh the the text here so Let's say if I want to have Rubik and Carla as my font combination of choice I'll just click and in a couple of Seconds the page will reload and I'll See that font combination appear here Now I chose some other fonts I chose Probably monster art and Source on or Something else but here is where I can Actually make the choice once again if I Want to change something let's say if I Like this font I'll just click this and Instantly my font will change so this is Where you can actually customize the Typography of your entire website so

This affects your entire website and the Font combination you're choosing is for The heading and the text so this is how It's working by the way if you're Noticing that the text actually changed From white to black don't worry I know Why it happens and I'm going to explain That as well and I'm going to also tell You how to actually go back and change It and this will also give you an Understanding of how to use the WordPress block editor so don't worry About text changing as you'll see some Other changes happening on the page as Well this is what I'm going to be Talking about once we're done with the Customizer so so you have the preset Combinations here then if you want to Customize the or choose a specific font Yourself this is how you do it so inside The body font let's say go here click The pencil icon here this will open up The menu now here you can choose the Font so let's say if you don't want lto You can just go here and let's say leaks Spoton right so you choose leaks Buton Then you also have the option of Choosing the font weight you also have The option of choosing the font size uh Different kind of text decoration and All that and you can also uh set these On a a device level so right now the That the style is for desktops so it Supports responsive design I'm going not

Going to get into details because it Might be overwhelming as a beginner but Just know that um the Astro theme Supports customization options for Mobile devices so let's say if you want To customize hey on mobile the text is Not readable I want to make this font Size a little bigger it is completely Possible maybe I'll cover that in a uh Future tutorial by the way this is the Body font and you can do the same thing For the heading fonts you can click the Pencil icon it give you the option of Changing the font all that good stuff And now changing the line height word Height difference the cases and all can Be customized now this affects all the Headings on your side H1 H2 H3 H4 if you Don't know the main heading is the H1 And then this the the hierarchical order Is H2 H3 H4 if you want to change the Heading style for different fonts or Different or if you want to change the Font style of font for different Headings you can actually instead of This menu heading font you can go into Heading fonts here just go and change The H1 H2 H3 H4 H5 H6 and then you have Different fonts or typography with Different headings on your site this is How you do it you can also enable Underlining of content usually I would Not recommend it because it confuses the Users sometimes but this is how you can

Do it again this is where you can Customize the typography and do remember That this affects your entire website so Whatever fonts you use everything on Your website will use that but you will Have the option of overriding it and That I'll talk about when I talk about How to customize the colors on specific Sections so going back from typography To colors In colors as I mentioned or as you Probably saw or probably saw coming you Can customize the colors right you have This palette you have this palette you Have this palette three palettes already Chosen for you and whatever palette you Choose the colors inside the palette are Actually visible here so let's say for Example I just click this palette you'll Instantly see the colors actually Changing on the screen now obviously You'll notice this because this website Has a blue background the blue palette Doesn't look as good as the orange Palette there's very little contrast so I'll stick with the orange palette and Of course you can click the pencil icon And have all more presets coming your Way to actually select so if I just Let's say choose this one this pallette Will have this option so what you can Have is three different presets for Palletes as well so if I click this one And then click the pencil icon if I go

Here and I choose this so you can have Lots of variety in terms of what kind of Colors do you want to uh present on the Screen so if I go back to this uh color And let's say if I stick with this Pinkish red color scheme because it has Enough contrast for us to differentiate Uh now whatever the colors of the Palette are you see them here now you Can customize the these colors but I Would recommend it if you're not a Designer because uh you might mess up The look of the website but you do have The option to do this so let's say how Many colors it's nine colors so you can Customize the nine colors that you can Include or you want to include in your Palette and whatever colors you see here Especially with this icon inside this You might see I'll try and blow up on The screen if you see an i a color with A globe icon inside that is actually a Color that's connected to this color so Let's say if you want to change the Accent and you you select one of these Colors everything on a website will Automatically change so uh you can think Of it this way that uh everything that Has a globe icon is connected to a Global color scheme so if you change the Color here it'll just affect everything On your site so this is how it may your The Astro theme makes it easy for you to Actually design your website so this is

The accent color this is the links color This is the headings color for example Let's say uh the headings are right now Black you want make them white so what You can do is just go click here and Make them white now you might think that This is what uh you would want because The headings are now white but think About this most of your backgrounds on Your website are white it's not black so We'll keep it or stick with black and Then we'll customize just this this Section to be white this is how it Should be done again for the body you Want to stick with gray and you can add The borders and you want to add the site Background and the content background All these colors can be completely Completely customized on your site again This is your playground right you can Test it out and if you don't like it you Can always reset the colors choose a Different palette everything is Completely reversible so don't think About messing up your site and if even If you just break anything you can go Back and reimport the template will Which will reset everything from scratch So the idea being that choose palettes You can switch between the pettes choose The colors everything will work Perfectly fine and it makes it Absolutely easy for you to customize Your site anytime you like right going

Back from colors to container this is Where you can set the container I don't Want I want to go into details but just Think about this this is how you set the Layout of your site you can experiment With this if you like it just sets how The content is actually displayed then You have the buttons option and this Customizes the buttons on your site so You have some button presets if you want The rounded edges you can actually Choose any of these options for example If I click this this buttons will have a Rounded Edge and you see these rounded Edges appear on every button now you Have the text color inside the button You have the background color inside the Button you have the Border color inside The button you can customize everything Right here for example let's say if I Want to have a border when I hover over A button I can just click here and make It white and I can go here nothing Happens because there's no border width So if I change the width to let's say One pixels across the board now if I Hover out the button you'll see a white Outline so this is how easy it is to Actually customize the button so if you Want to say let's say I'm not happy with The height of the button earlier it was A little I say taller right so what I Can do is go here inside the padding and I can just change this to 20 now you see

It's taller button but it looks awkward Because I haven't added it on the bottom Section as well so I'll just set it to 20 again and now the button is a little Too tall so I'll just stick with 15 on Both and 15 on both once again it Affects every single button on your site Except couple of buttons which we can Override so you should think about this Uh whatever settings you change here Affect your entire website but you still Have the option of overriding some Things that you can customize them for Example this button is not using the Same settings at this button because we Can customize and override this so again You can change the text color inside the Button so let's say you want to change It uh this basic color from something White to something else you can change It this is the H Color so if you want uh The color of the text to change on the Hover you can change this background Color again I have shown you examples This is the normal this is the hover Color and the Border color is also Changed so this is how you change Anything and you can also go into border Width and let's say radius border radius Which determines how rounded the edges Are for example if I want to have the Right Edge I want to make it a stylist Button I can just do this and also on From the right and also on the bottom

Left so just try this Out right so by just changing the Border Radius on this I have given the button Or more stylistic appeal again this is Something you can experiment with and Something you want to try but I just I'm Giving examples on how you can customize Your site you can stick with the basic Options I think this is a cool looking Button style so I'll stick with it you Can just use the presets as well and not Customize any of this and of course you Can change the typography options here As well so click the button here and You'll have the option of changing the Font color as well so not not the font Color but the entire font so you can Change what the font is like the font And the font weight so anything the font Inside the buttons you can actually Customize here so once you're happy with The colors we can go back and see we Have scroll to top button accessibility Block edor and miscellaneous which are Not important to customize uh but you Can look at them on your free time not Something something that you need for Every website but these are valuable Options to understand next we have the Global options done so now you have Customized the basic typography or you You have the ability to customize colors On your website fonts on your site Buttons on your site sizes of fonts on

Your site so completely uh everything on Your site the look of your site can be Completely customized but we still Haven't uh done the most important Things which is changing the header Changing the font or CH not changing the Font but actually adding our own logo Here so I'm going to talk about that Here now one of the biggest benefits of Using the Astra theme is that it Includes a cool feature inside the theme Which is called the header and footo Builder usually editing the header or Changing the style of the header is not An easy task inside WordPress and it's Not straightforward as well so if I go Here in the header Builder you'll see a New interface pop up on the screen which Is a more of a drag and drop interface Which will make your life easier so if I Click the header Builder you'll see now This is what is being loaded on the Screen now what is this just think of This as an actual representation of the Header here technically technically There are three rows to a header you see This is the first row which is invisible Here because there's no here nothing Here or technically here then there's a Second row and then there's a third row Now you have the option to customize and Just move things around and the header Will actually follow everything right Here let me give an example uh just

Let's say I'll move this site title and Logo here I'll move the primary menu Here and I'll move the or keep the Button here couple of seconds and I have A completely new header done how easy is That and I can do the same thing again I Can just take it here and move it to the Left and move the button to the Center that kind of doesn't make a lot Of sense I can move the primary menu Here I can move the button Here and now again we have a brand new Header so this is how amazing the header Builder is it allows you to customize Everything on your site very very easily By just dragg and dropping this would be Usually a very difficult process inside WordPress so let's stick with the uh Original layout here and I'll just talk To you about how to customize things on Individual levels so I've just shown you How to move things around but what about Customization right you want to change The logo you want to change the menu Items you want to change the buttons how Do you do that first let me explain the Process of adding new things for example Let's say you want to have have a search Option here or anything else you can Just click on the any of the empty areas And you'll see a plus icon appear so Let's say for example I would want to Add something in the middle of the third Row I'll just click here and you'll see

These options up here you'll have the Account HTML secondary menu search Social and widgets now this gives you Tons of flexibility of what you want to Add here so let's say if I want to have An account menu which is like if you're Logged in check your account or Something like that I can click the Account option and this will appear here I can just drag it uh to here and now This will be added here so this is where You can customize things add new things And I can just delete this if I don't Like and I can just click here and I can Add the search option and now the search Option option is here now it might also Make sense to add the search option Between the primary menu and the button So I'll just drag it here and then just Move it around like this and now have a Beautiful search action right here so This is how you can add things and if I Just click this you can remove things And now let me tell you about how to Customize these individual items so of Course if you click any of these let's Say I click the button it will open up The settings for that individual element So right now I click the button and now See I have the options for the button Itself so the text says get a free Estimate which is exactly what it says Here I can change it to get a quote Right let's say if I just do this get a

Quote Q Te and instantly you see the button has Actually changed now when you create Pages and post on your site which I'm Going to talk about after we're done With this you can actually link this Button to a particular page on your site Which can be a form that can people can Fill out and uh a contact form or Anything else so you can add the link Here and you can also click it and this This link will open up in a new tab that Means users will not uh like forget Where they were so this is how you can Actually do this and again as I said uh You did customize or we did customize The individual buttons or I say the Global settings of the buttons but when You go here inside the menu option here You can customize the individual Elements that are here in the header so Just for this button you have the Different text color and the hover color You have the different background color And hover color and a different border Color and Border hover color so this is If uh you this is where you can Customize this particular button if you Want to right right so even though you Have complete control over customizing The entire website in just a couple of Settings you still retain control over Individual elements this is one of the Benefits of using WordPress right it

Gives you a lot of control so if you did Want to actually make changes to this so Let's say for example if you didn't want The Border or something else or you Didn't want the Border radius to be Particularly something like that you Wanted the spacing to be different the Margin to be different you can customize Everything and of course you can change The font the Border colors and Everything else now coming back to the Menus buttons I I have explained Everything how to customize this button You can remove it add new buttons and Add a lot of things here what about Menus now the menu itself the content of The menu actually cannot be set in this Interface they have to be set from Inside the WordPress interface so if you Click the menu you can actually change Things about the menu but not the menu Itself right you can change the width You can add item dividers and if you go To the design options you can have the Hover Styles and some other animations About let's say if you hover over them You see the the individual elements Action be highlighted you also have some Colors and Border radius things to be Changed so all the Cosmetic things or The visual elements about how the menu Looks like can be customized here and You have tons of control but what about The entries in the menu they have to be

Changed from the back end of the website Or back end of WordPress which I'm going To talk about once we are done with the Customizer so uh everything you want to Change about the menu you want to have Let's say a specific how style you want Underline things you want to have a fade You have have separators everything can Be done here so moving on from the menu The last item or the most important Thing on the menu here or the header is Actually the logo so you can go to the Logo by clicking the site title and logo And you can also just hover over the Individual elements and you'll see a Pencil icon appear over them and if you Click on them this will actually take You to the individual elements that let You customize the things so right now in The menu option for the logo or the Customizer options for the logo you see All the options here you see the logo You have uh different logo for wrer Devices logo width site title and all That now how do we upload our own logo That's what I'm going to talk about so I Want to change the logo right so I'll Just click change logo and this will Bring up the WordPress media manager so This will opt give you the option of Uploading your own logo right here now I Already have it on my computer here so I'll just drag and drop it from my Computer and once the logo is uploaded

It will automatically be selected here And make sure to follow these guidelines Which will automatically be displayed Here suggested image guidelines are 180 By 60 pixels otherwise you have to Awkwardly crop your logo and it would Look nice and as you see here that this Is the uploaded image and my logo is Exactly the same size as is the Recommendation pixels so there's not not Going to problem and this is what I Would recommend you do as well resize a Logo based on this so I'll click the Select button I'll give option to crop My logo I don't want to crop it and you Don't see anything because it's a white Logo and a white background but the logo Does exist there so I'll click the skip Cropping button and just go to the next Step and now my beautiful Roofing logo Is available here now you can also have A different logo for retina devices Which means High resolution devices so Let's say 8K televisions and let's say IPads or Macs which have much higher Resolution than full HD you can enable This and then just uh upload another Logo which is usually twice the size of Your original logo so I already have That so I'll just add it here and it's Just the double resolution here as you See 360x 120 pixels so I'll just choose That as my retina logo so anytime Somebody sees uh I say my website on a

High resolution device uh it'll look Like that now for some reason it's not Working so I'm going to disable it for Now so that you can actually see the Logo uh on the screen here and I'm going To just go here and talk about some of The other options here now this is where You can change the site title as well if You remember when we were setting up the Website we have the option to name the Site as a title I showed you how when I Did it this is one another place you can Actually change the site title now since It's already roofing experts so I'm Going to not touch it here but when we Are finished with the customizer I'm Going to talk to you about another place Where where you can actually change the Title of your website and it's very very Important for example if I go here and Hover over my Chrome tab you'll see the Specific name of the website actually Coming under the title the title is let Think of this as the title of a book is The most important thing that U Google Will look at to understand what your Website is about so it should be Appropriate um to your actual business If you have a Business website or Whatever you're trying to achieve with Your website now you also have the Option of uh adding inline logo and site Title if you want to add a site title Usually if you have a logo with already

Some title here then it's not required You can disable this if you want to Display a tagline with like a text thing You can actually add a tagline here and You can also add a site icon now what is A site icon it's a customizer or I say a Fave icon it's the term you was used was Fave icon so if you just notice I'll Just hover or bring you the actual tab That looks on the screen it actually has A WordPress logo still and this is where Or this is how it looks like for let's Say somebody's using a website in Chrome Or even in their phones this logo kind Of represents What the website is about so you should Customize your own website with your own Ficon so I don't have a fon ready so I'll just pause the video for a second Prepare a fa ion and then just I'll tell You how to upload the fa ion and the Faon should be usually a square aspect Ratio so it works best if you have a Square aspect ratio so I'll pause the Video for a second and be back in a Second so I have myON ready let's click The site icon button and go to the Select site icon button here and I've Already uploaded my site icon here so I'll click here and this as you see the Recommend dimensions are 512 by 512 Pixels which is what exactly my what my Site icon is so I'll click the select Button and this will select the site

Icon and it'll give you a preview of how The site icon will look like now it Might take a little bit of time to Actually display on the header of your Website so don't worry about that but This is just giving you preview on how Your site icon will look like we'll go Back here and now we've done almost Everything that what you needed to do on The site we changed a new logo we've Uploaded our own logo I've told you how To customize the Cosmetics I've told you How to move things around in the header All That Remains is how to change the Actual menu entries I'm going to talk About that but you can do the same Things which I just talked about in the Footer of the website as well you see The footer here you can change Absolutely everything about the footer As well in a very very similar fashion How do you do that so instead of the Header Builder you just go to the footer Builder and if you go to the footer Builder you get the exact same options Of completely able to customize Everything about your site so you see This is the HTML option this is social Everything that you see here is just Arranged here in different ways which You can customize now uh you already Understand the concept how you can do it For example if I want to change Something here let's say I go to widget

4 and instead of our service I want to Make it our services I'll just click Here and this will give me an option of Changing the title and I'll just click Our services and now it's done that's How easy it is to customize things here Now if I want to change the contact info Obviously you would want to do that I Can just hover over it I can just click Here and this will give me an option of Customizing everything here so now you Have the contact information so let's Say if I want to change this from Contact info to contact us now instantly You see that and of course you can Change the address here so let's say for Example I am not based here and instead I'll just change it to uh San Antonio TX Right and now instantly you see the Actual uh items being changed on the Screen so this is how easy it is to Change anything I can again go here and This is where you can upload your logo Once again so this is actually not uh Referencing the logo we upload it so you Just need to upload your logo once again So how do I do it I'll just delete it Here I'll press enter I'll add media and In the media I'll have the option of Selecting my logo so let me just find The logo that I had already already Let's see choose a smalest logo and it Might be too big for this section so we

Might need to resize and add a different Logo for here but just giv you an idea On how you can actually do things so if I just reduce the size of logo and Reupload it you can actually do this Here as well so this is giving an idea Of how you can change this so uh we Provide so let's change the description Also as well we Provide the best roofing Solutions in the sand Antonio Texas Area and done so within a couple of Minutes you were able to customize the Contact address the link section Services section and I'm going to talk About how to add these things here as Well don't worry about that so basically Now you you still have the option of Moving things around so you have the Social icons here if you don't want to Have social icons here you can move them Move them around if you don't want the The copyright notice to be here you want It to be in the center you can just drag It here if you don't want the powered by Roofing experts to be here you can just Click and delete this let's say hey I Don't want to be powered by I'll just Delete this and now you'll see roofing Experts come up here so this is how easy Everything is uh to customize uh using The customizer so most of the global

Elements on the website because the Header footer is global it'll be on Almost every single page on your site We've changed the colors the typography Every single thing about the website That you want to customize is customized Let's save everything and then go back To WordPress I'm going to talk about few Different things that you need to start Working with so that you can actually Customize a few things so let's click The publish button and this will commit The changes live on your site so Everything you've made changes to is now Actually live on your site users can Visitors who visit your site will be Actually able to see this once you're Done you can just click the cross icon Once it's published and go back to the Admin area of your site and the first Thing I'm going to talk about is the Site title which is which I was talking About in the uh previous examples well I'll go to settings here and inside Settings inside WordPress you have the General settings this is most important Part of the section or most important Part to know know where to change the Title of your site so if you come here You have the site title here now it's The same title that I showed you in the Customizer but let's say you want to Have the title more suited to the Location based business that you are in

So I'll say roofing experts in San Antonio right and instantly see the T Title also being updated here I'll just Scroll down to the bottom of the page Click save change changes and the pages Will be saved or the changes will be Saved now if I go back to my website and I click and reload the page here if you Go back to the header of your section Header of your website you'll see that The same title is now visible here and Another thing you you might notice I'll Just blow it up on the screen here the Title of the website is now reflected And the FB icon that I uploaded the site Site icon is also now being visible here So as I said it might take a couple of Changes or maybe publishing a changes For it to reflect life but now you're Seeing everything that we made Completely be appear live here now once This is done we need to understand a Couple of things how to make changes to Individual elements here because this Was white we want to make this white This was different colors sometimes the Colors are messed up that's completely All right we'll fix it so how do we do That first let's go and explain uh or Let me explain how to do that now before We go and do that I need to explain to You the concept of pages and posts and How they play different roles in WordPress now what are Pages Pages think

Of them as static elements or static Pages on your site so a homepage is a Page uh a terms and conditions page is a Page right a contact us might be a page And let's say um user agreement might be A page but blog post are post so Anything let's say you if you have a Running Blog on your site that might Qualify as post but th something that's Static on the site is Pages there are Not much technical differences between Them so when whenever you're setting up Something you need to be aware of what You are creating and then choose the Appropriate option because from the Screen here you can see there's a post Section and there's a Pages section Inside WordPress so the homepage what we Actually added on site is part of the Pages section so if I hover over the Pages section you'll see I can add new Pages to the site which I'm going to Demonstrate how to do that but I can Also check out all the pages on my site One of this one of these is the homepage So if I click on the Homepage this is where uh the all the Pages on your site will be visible so as I said privacy policy a page homepage a Page so uh you might have multiple pages On your site which are named home but The actual page which is the homepage is What this page is which says front page Just next to it this is how you know

That this is the actual homepage of your Website so if I click on it and we start Editing this page this will open up the Entire page in the WordPress block Builder now you might be thinking this Is it might look a little intimidating At first because it doesn't reflect Perfectly on how the website looks like Because it's it has limited real estate And some things cannot be loaded in the Back and the site but don't worry Everything will start making sense once We just navigate through it and we just Make a little changes to it so stay with Me and I'll tell you everything how to Customize this site step by step so the Homepage is now loaded and this is the Block Builder inside WordPress it's Actually very very easy to use it might Look a little intimidating with all These options and you might be wondering What's going on don't worry within just A few minutes of time I'll teach you how To customize everything how to uh Understand how to use the block Builder And you'll be a pro in no time so one of The first things we'll fix is the color Of the specific text that we were Looking at now why does this happen Sometimes that hey the template showed White colors but when I customized it Became black because again uh to make Things simpler we using a global font Color right we want everything on our

Side to be black except a few things so When we just uh when the theme sets hey Uh let's make everything black sometimes The text is actually configured black so We can configure these or we can Override these global settings by using The block Builder here which I'm going To demonstrate right now so if you Remember this is the section which was Completely or different color in white Color and this was also in white color And this had some other uh say I'd say Uh things you need to change so this Will give you a great idea on how to Actually start customizing uh or using The block Builder as well so uh any Anything you want to customize anything You want to customize in the block Builder you have to just start clicking On it and then relevant options will be Start presenting on the right so I click Here let's say this option here you see The block options have all these options Available so if I now click and select The entire text and go into the style Tab which is where you'll make changes To the style now you have a color option If I change the color and let's go to Select the white Color voila now the text is white we're Just linking it to the right color same Thing I'll do for this uh text here I'll Just select the text I'll go to the Style Tab and inside the style tab let's

Open it up let's change the color chose The white color and it's done again I'll Select the text or you can you don't Have to select the text you can just Have to go to the appropriate uh section So inside the uh block I'm going to the Description I'm going just set it to White and it's done so within a couple Of seconds now I've set it completely How it's going to look like or how it Actually look like in the template Without actually disturbing the rest of The site let's also change our address Uh the same way this was also something That was white so I'll just do this Color and I just make it white and I'll Also change the text so let's find the Text options text settings let's do that And so let's go to title and inside that Title we have the color for the Typography and it's done once again We'll go to social icons go to style Options let's find the color and we'll Just set it to White and now everything Is set to White so in a minute we were Able to set the text to White now this Form is also not looking as it looked Like in the demonstration because the Background color was actually white and It's actually transparent so that's why It's looking messed up so I'll click the Outline here and this will select the Specific block and I'll see again in the Style options I have the background

Color property all I have to do is just Go here and select the white color and Now it is perfectly fine so so this is How you customize all the things now if I go here if you remember this Particular piece of text was actually Orangish or the the theme color so if I Go here and if I choose the color here And I go to this color now this entire Color is actually changed to what it Look like in the theme so this is how You actually change things just change The color of the specific elements and It is done now if you don't want to Change the color of the uh the headline You can just go back to the description Here and the title here and change it to The more appropriate color which is Black and this is how you customize Things so as I said anything you want to Customize just click on it relevant Settings will open up and it'll be very Very straightforward to follow you have General settings where you can change Some uh appearance or I say the Visibility of the page and then the Style and the advanced tab you'll have Everything now if I scroll down here You'll notice something uh again the Same thing the font is actually not in The right colors so I'll quickly just go Into the style tabs and quickly start Fixing this again clicking the white Color here let's click on it and click

On it here and I'll go to the title I'll Change the Color and also in the description I'll Go and change this to the white color And let me just quickly speed this Process up for you so I've quickly Changed the entire fonts for all these Elements here but you still might Remember that this does not look exactly Like how it look the demo because if in The demo these images had some kind of a Dark overlay on on top which caused them To actually have more contrast with the White font so if I click on the images Themselves you'll see that the image Container or this style specifically has A specific option called overlay and This overlay is actually not in the Right color we want it to be more darker Color so what I'll do is just click in This and I'll connect it to the black Color which will make it dark pretty Easy right so again all you have to do Is uh look at the settings specifically And then change some of the settings to Make sure that you are just configuring Them to the right settings and Everything will completely work out and You'll have the perfect website in no Time so let me just do this for all the Themes here or all the images here and In just a few minutes we have a website That looks completely like how it looked Like in the demo now this is one of the

Easiest things you can do inside WordPress just changing things around Now of course I've just shown you how to Change the colors and the Cosmetic paths But you can change the text around as Well for example uh the examples I've Given in the previous example or Previous uh demonstrations hey leading Roofing services not in New York but I've said said San Antonio right so Let's change this all you have to do is Select the text in uh like this and just Type it in right Antonio and you can just say Texas so This is how easy it is to change Everything on the page you can click the Button here and the button will give you Presets then you can change the button Content as well so you can click here And now you can change the uh what the Link uh button links to and where Everything goes so everything that you See on the page is completely completely Customizable so just click and you can Change the text and change the colors And change everything about the page as Well and this is how easy it is to just Customize pages on your site now this is Something you need to do only once Because the hom page of website is quite Static but what about adding new pages To the site so let's go and do that but First whatever we've done we need to Save those changes to our site first so

I click the update button which will Save or commit those changes to our Website and once this is done I'll exit Back to the admin area and I'll create a New page on the site so the page is Updated you'll see this button you see The notice here let's click this icon Here which will take us back to the Admin area and I'll show you how to Create a new page so we're back again Inside the all pages section and I'll Click the add new page to start creating A new page now when you're creating a Page it's usually a blank slate but Sometimes you just want to have a great Looking page without having a lot of Design skills now this is where the Astro themes features come into play Where you can import a template or you Can import a singular page to your site And start building or just use that as a Template to build on top of it so let The page load and I'll explain what that Means and how you can utilize this Feature to speed up the website building Process all right the page is loaded so This is where again the block Builder Comes into play where you can actually Add more elements on the page just do More of things and just create a page That you like but to speed of the Process what we can use is called Template kits and template kits is just A collection of templates that you can

Use on a site Let me refresh the library And I'll show you how to utilize this as Uh to build your pages instantly quickly And I say more easily so the library has Now refreshed and you can see all these Different pages that you can directly Import to your site now these are Generic Pages which provides kind of a Wireframe to start your website with now You might not want to use this because You might might need to customize this But it's still a great starting point Compared to doing something yourself for Example a great contact page you can Just import it change a couple of things And now you have a great looking contact Page this is one way to go let me Demonstrate an alternate way if you go To the kit section you'll find all the Templates that I showed you in the Beginning of the video where we imported This template now if I go here and Search for roofing you'll find all the Different Roofing templates that are we Are using this template but this Template is also a roofing template what If I want to use couple of these Pages For example if I go to Services page This looks like a pretty good service Page what if I want to import this Template and still use the rest of the Pages that I've imported it's completely Possible all I have to do is click the Insert template button and in a couple

Of seconds or i' say less than a minute It'll be uploaded to my site so let's Wait for that to finish and I'll resume The video so as you can see once the Template was completely loaded it Instantly switched back to the page Section here and inside the page the Exact page that you saw there is Completely imported to site and this is How easy it is so you can just have a Beautiful looking page import it Directly to your site without having to Worry to design the page and once again Everything is completely customizable so Instead of saying scheduling an Appointment you can say hey schedule an Appointment so I can just change this to This schedule an appointment and I can Just say this or I can just say should a Free Consult and instantly just save the page I just click publish publish and now This page is live now you might also Want to add a title here and you can Just add our services this is the title Of your page let's update the post again Or page again and let's also click and Open it up in a new tab just to see how It looks like on the real website and This is how it looks like on the real Website as uh you saw there in the Interface or as you saw in the preview So this is how easy it makes or the as Theme makes it to actually import pages

On your site now uh we have done seen How to customize a homepage add new Pages on site one thing that I talked About that I'll teach you is the menus So if I click here and go back to our Site and I'll also open the homepage in A new tab this is the homepage right so What about the menus I want to customize This menu here and add new pages here New entries here right you want to add Something else here how do we actually Do this so all of this is done inside The menu section inside WordPress and Where is the menu sections it sends out The appearance section so if I go into The appearance section you see the theme Section which we went to in in the Beginning of the video where I installed The Astro theme you also have the Starter templates which you can go back And you also have the menus option so if I click the menus option this will bring Up the menus interface now this might be A little uh let's say not easiest to in Understand in the beginning but let me Explain how it works here is where you Select which menu you're editing or if You want to create a new menu here's how You edit the menu and here's how you add Page to the menu so what are the menus First you might be wondering why do have More than one menu well uh a theme can Support multiple locations where the Menu is shown up so if I go manage

Locations you'll see that your theme can Actually support five different Locations or this Astro theme or this Specific template supports five Different menu locations so you have a Primary secondary off canvas logged in And footer menu so you have the primary Menu already created on the site which Is this where is it go it's there here So this is the primary menu that's Already created on the site so if you Want to let's say change or update this All you have to do is just change this By going into this section so first I'll Select the menu I want to edit so I'll Just choose the primary menu and select It and this will load the menu here now If you have the homeage usually it Doesn't make sense to have the home here Because people usually click the icon Here or the logo here to go to the home Page page so let's say I want to delete This so I'll just open this up by Clicking the tab here and just click the Remove and it'll go away now again if You go to the about us Services projects And contact us technically you already Have this get a quote button which is Technically how to get or get a quote so Let's say you want to remove this so you Can again go here and remove this and it Will go away now we already created a New Services page right so if I want to Remove this Services page which is just

A basic I say placeholder this is the Page we created our services I'll go to The pages section I'll click our reviews Or our services and you can find Everything and even search for it if you Like and click our services and add to Menu and now it's here now if I want to Add it to the top I can just drag and Drop if I want make it in the middle I Can also do that and I can just keep it Like this once you're happy with this Once it looks fine you can just click The save menu and this menu will be Saved on the site so let's let's go back To the homepage and let's refresh the Page and see how it Works and now instantly it's done you See the beautiful looking themes or the Template is now completely changed or uh The new menu appearance or menu is now Showing up here now one more option I Want to highlight is that you also can Create a hierarchical menu here so let's Say if you want to have the about us Under the projects or the projects under About us just drag it and push it to the Side like this and you'll see the round Border actually switching areas so once It's actually to the right just let go And just save the menu once again and Once it's saved let's go back here and I'll refresh the page once Again and now you see there's a drop Down here and you'll see this is a the

Color is not as exactly white we can Change it to make sure that its appear Appearance is completely fine but just Giving an idea that you do have the Options of creating all these or I say Hierarchical menus or changing menus Right here in the WordPress interface Let's fix that let's save it again just To to make sure that it is perfectly Fine let's go and refresh the page and Now it should be fine so this is how you Can customize the menu now if you go Into the footer section the footer Section has actually a different menu so If I open the footer section I'll click Select and open up the footer for us or The footer menu for us so this is the Footer menu and if you go to the bottom Of the page this is the footer menu Right this is exactly what you see here And this is exactly what you see here as Well so again you can use the same Principles I demonstrated to you and Change any footer menu or change Anything add new pages here and just it Will be updated to the footer so this is How you customize the menus inside WordPress and how easy it is right so We've talked about everything we've Imported a brand new template we've Customized the colors we've customized Uh menus we've customized or added new Page I told you how to use the block Editor now let me show you how to add a

Block couple of block posts on a site Because this something that you might Need to do if you want to attract more Audience to your website so to add post On the site because blog posts are post Post we'll go to the Post section and We'll create or click add new post and This willing bring up the familiar Interface of WordPress which is the Block Builder because it looks exactly The same uh when it comes to what I say The pages and post it looks exactly the Same now I'll already have a blog post Written here so I'll just copy and paste Uh the title here first so if I go here This is a common block post I just Written down I'll just copy and paste it Here and I'll copy the entire content And paste it on the page as well then I'll show you how to use the block Builders interface to make some changes On the site so I click and paste it like This let's wait for it to paste now this Blog post doesn't look that good because There are no headings there's no images There's no let say structure to the page So let me show you how to do that while Also demonstrating how to use the block Editor so once the text is on the page Of course you see there are no headings Here and you see here this line which You see and this line you see they're Supposed to be headings but they're not Headings right now so how do we do this

We'll click and first of all we'll Separate it from the paragraph I'll Click enter and now it's separated I'll Click enter I'll just separate them Individually on different headings and I'll show you how to convert the regular Text into paragraphs so I'll click this I'll click this I'll press enter and We'll just press enter now if you go Here to this section this section or This is a piece of text for WordPress This is a paragraph So how do we change This into a heading block so you can Hover over this icon and click and it'll Say hey transform to and you can Transform this individual block to a Heading block a list block or any other Block now of course we want heading Right now so I'll just click the heading And this is now converted to heading now This is a pretty big heading we W don't Want it to be this large we want it to Be minor say smaller heading something Like a H3 so I'll click the H2 button Here and I'll click the H3 to make sure It's the heading 3 I'll repeat this Process for the rest of the headings Quickly so that you can see how easy it Is so I've made all the changes and now You see it looks like a fantastic blog Post now it still looks okay because There's no images to actually highlight Some of the text on the screen so how do We add images and especially how do we

Add a featured image to the post that You can utilize so similar to how you See these are called blocks you can add New blocks on the Page by clicking the Plus icon that appears or you can click This plus icon and add elements on the Page so if I go here and I say hey I Want to add an image so I can just let's Say click somewhere on the page I'll Click uh or hover over this section Click and this will give me all the Blocks that I can add to the screen or Add to the page particularly now you see The image block is already here but you Can also search for it so you'll find The image block if I click on the image Block this will open up these options so If I click the upload option this will Again I can go to my computer or I can Just go to the media library where I can Upload things from my computer directly So if I click the upload files here I Can just drag and drop images from my Computer so I have this image of a Roofing thing I already uploaded to my Site or already in my computer I'll Upload it here and once it's uploaded I'll add it to the blog post so the Image is now uploaded and you see it is Selected already let's click the select Button and this will add the image here Now this is a Prett uh big image and we Want to change some things about it so I Can just drag and make make it smaller

And I can also change the orientation so I'll click here and I'll say hey maybe Align it to the center of the page and One of the best things about WordPress Is everything that you see on the page Can be moved around so I want this just To come after after the first paragraph So I can use this the six dotted menu Here and this will change my mouse Pointer and I'll just drag this here and Leave it here and instantly you see now I have this image perfectly aligned with Here and of course I can crop images and I can add links to it and I can add Filters and captions all that it's Completely detailed tutorial and we'll Have a video coming out very soon on how To use the block Builder inside WordPress where we go into deep dive of All these individual features so if you First build a website and you want to Understand more about how to use the Block Builder make sure to watch that Video And subscribe for that so once This is done now once again there's Another feature in WordPress I want to Show you about so if you want to see how Your page is actually structured from a Say 10,000 ft perspective you can just Click this menu here which is the Navigator also called document overview And gives you an idea of how your page Is structured and you can also drag and Drop things for example let's say if I

Added the image here by chance I wanted To just bring the image up here first I Can click quickly drag it here and just Leave it or place it anywhere on the Screen which makes your job a lot easier And it works with the pages that we Imported on the site as well and it Works with uh the other pag as well so This is how easy it is to publish a blog Post let's publish it and I'll show you How it looks like on the actual website Let's also view the post in a new tab And let's check out the blog post and Looks pretty good right there's the font Here there's the text here I could have Just removed this just to make make it Simple but this is how it looks like Right a pretty decent blog post already Done on the site so this is how you Create blog post on the site and once Again we've done almost all everything The basics have been covered we've Imported or we've purchased hosting we Have created uh I said purchase a domain Name and hosting together we've imported A template on the site by installing WordPress and I've showed you how to Import Pages customize the pages uh Write new blog post on the side Everything is almost done the only thing Remains right now is to actually inst Install some plugins on the site now What are plugins plugins are like apps For WordPress since WordPress cannot

Fulfill every single I say customers Demands plug-in infrastructure or Plugins were introduced where other Third party developers can actually Develop solutions for WordPress similar To how you have apps on your phone you Can install apps and get functionality On the site now WordPress has thousands Of plugins technically almost 60,000 Plugins so I just recommend you have the Top five to seven plugins for the most Basic users so to install the plugins I'll go into the plugin section and I'll Go to add new plugin and this will bring Up the plugin section or plugins menu Now whatever plugin you see here or you Can find from here is free because this Is the WordPress repository so we'll Start by installing one of the most Important plugins that you'll have on Your site called WP forms and WP forms Is a forms plugin which you can install On your site and add new forms it's Actually pretty awesome I'll just delete This I'll click install now and this Form or this plugin will be installed What I'll do is I'll install the first Key plugins here and then we'll activate Them all at once so this is WP forms Let's also install another plugin called AO SEO this is a fantastic SEO plugin That you should have on your site if you Want to rank higher in the search Results this plugin gives you all the

Features and also uh can connect your Website with um I say search console and Give you a lot of details AI o SEO I Missed type I'll search again and we'll Find aiio SEO instantly so I'll click Install now and this will also be be Done in a couple of minutes and install Now the next plugin I would recommend You install is called duplicator it's a Backup plugin so I'll search for It and we'll install duplicator as Well and done now there are hundreds of Plugins right you might have uh 20 Different plugins at one point of time When you actually find out that you want Functionality just to give an example on W beginner we have 70 plus plugins Installed on a site so there's no limit To how many plugins you can install if The plugins are high quality you won't Have any trouble on your site so you can Actually I can recommend 10 more plugins But this not the point of the video if I Go to the plugins install plugin section Now the plugins will be installed so I Just want to take a couple of seconds to Actually demonstrate how these plugins Will work and how you would actually Start using them so instead of actually Demonstrating all the different plugins I just take the one plugin which is WP Forms and activate the plugin and I'll Show you how to create a form and create A new page on this site so you can add

That contact form there so let's Activate the plugin and this plugin will Be activated let's for wait for a couple Seconds for it to load all right so as Soon as you activate WP forms it will Bring you here which is the kind of the Onboarding screen here so if you just Want to start the process and follow Along the tutorial just click the create Your first form or you can just go into WP forms menu here and you'll see add New here which will you or which will Take to the same screen where you'll be To create new forms now WP forms is a Fantastic plugin it has tons of Different templates or pre-created forms For you so you can instantly install Them on your site and add them to your Site it makes the job entirely easy but Let's say for example I want to add a Simple contact form on your site which Is the basic requirement for any Business right you're a roofing business You want contact forms right so if I Click let's go and I'll just make sure It's done I'll just pause this for later So you see you have the simple contact Form you have the newsletter signup form Automotive Information Form party Invitation rsvb form New Year's party Form so you can customize or create any Of these for example let's say instead Of contact form you are trying to create Hey get a quote and then you're trying

To get what's the square fet of footage Of the area how much roofing you want to Install you add few questions so you can Qualify your audience so this is the way You can do it so if I say let's say Inquery Form and I'll select the automotive Information form and we'll customize This form to roofing business so I'll Click the use template button I've named The form here I'll click the use Template and we'll just wait for the Page to load So the form is now loaded and similar to How we saw WordPress working in terms of Blocks the form Builder or WB forms also Works in a similar way whatever you have Or whatever you have the screen can be Customized edited and you can add more Fields on top so you have the standard Field you can add paragraphs drop- Downs Multiple choices checkboxes numbers Everything so for example I want to say Hey first thing I want to capture from The user is their contact information so That's their name name and email address Right so I can just take this section Here and drag it and bring it to the top Of the page and leave it here now let's Say the phone number is absolutely Important so instead of the email I can Just delete the email section and I'll Delete this field and I'll just find the Email or the phone number option here

Which is numbers I'll just n it Here and let's say hey I'll just rename This to phone Number and done and then you can Customize any of these fields that you You want to so year of registration Probably not relevant but when was the House built right that might be a Question because that might determine The quality of the roofing when was House Built and something more important uh Might be the square footage area of a House so I can just click square Footage and then rest of the fields Let's say you want to create a drop- Down menu of what kind of roofing do They want so I'll click I'll delete the Rest of the fields which are not Relevant to this particular form and I'll delete this and I'll delete this And I'll delete This and I'll go to a drop down option I'll drag and drop it Here and once it loads I'll click here And I'll just add the choices so the Drop down first I'll rename to what kind Of Roofing do you Want now I'm not a roofing expert so I'll just name the choices as First and Second and third and done so now we have Completely customized everything now of

Course you would want some of these Fields to be required so I'll click here And we'll just toggle the required Things when was the how Bill everything Is required square footage is required Otherwise the lead is not useful right So I've made everything required and Automatically the red asteris has been Added next to the individual fields I'll Just click save and this form is now Saved on the site now I want to add it To a particular page so what I'll do is I'll just go and click the embed button And this will allow me to create a new Page or select a page since I don't have Create uh page created for inquiries Right now so I'll just uh click create New page and I'll just say inquery Form and I'll click let's Go and what this will do is create a new Page on my site and automatically add That form there it's pretty easy right So let's wait for it to load and I'll Just tell you how it works so Automatically once the page loaded you Saw that this inquiry form has page has Been created it's already here let's Click publish I'll click publish once Again once it's published I'll open it Up in a new tab and let's view the page Here and beautiful the inquiry form has Been created on the site right so I'll Copy the URL just in case I'll go back And now since we have just I've

Demonstrated how to use this plugin I'll Just activate the rest of the plugin so That you know how to activate plugins as Well going back to the plugin section I'll go to install plugins and the Plugins that you see that are grayed out Or not in the blue Highlight are Installed but not activated so I'll just Click activate and this will activate The duplicator plugin as I said Duplicator is a plugin that you need to Have backups on your site it's very Important so this is the activation Screen I'm not going to go into details I'll go back to plugins install plugins And we'll activate the all-in-one SEO Plugin as well so let's also activate That and done and before we finish the Video before we conclude the video I'm Going to demonstrate one final thing That you might want to do to have the Perfect looking website right so let's Go back I'll go back to the dashboard Yes so as I mentioned that you can make Changes to your menus right let's go Back to menus and I'll I'll uh talk to You about what I was doing so in the Menu entries if I go here and change to The primary menu once again as I'm I Mentioned you can add services or Inquiries that you want to add to site So let's say if you want to add a new Page now that you have created a new Page the inquiry page form I can just

Click the inquiry page form I can add it Here so just wanted to give you an idea That once you've created new pages They'll show up here you can add them to Your menus and save and you can also go And change links to the buttons that Have you have in the menus and then keep Them updated over time right so just to Recap I to I showed you in this video How to purchase hosting and get a free Domain name in the process I showed you Exactly how to install WordPress in one Click using the BLU host interface once That was done we went through the setup Process and we kind of created a basic Website for ourselves then we installed The Astra theme on top I installed Starter templates I showed you how to Import templates then we customized the Template we customized the homepage Using the customizer and then went to The block Builder customize the entire Homepage created a new page using the Starter templates template options then Created a new block post I showed you How to install plugins on your site and How to use some of the functionality of The plugins to create a fully function Website I hope this was enjoyable if you Still have any questions the comment Box Is open otherwise your functional fully Functional website is absolutely Absolutely complete so hope you enjoyed This hope you learned something and hope

You were able to follow along and get All your questions answered when it Comes to building your website if you Have any questions leave them in the Comments make sure to like share Subscribe all that good stuff you're Watching yaj from W beginner I'll catch You in next video take care

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