How to get a Professional Email for FREE!

You might think that getting a professional email address is difficult, expensive or both. You’d be incorrect, because getting a professional email address is easy, quick, and FREE, and in this video, I show you exactly how you can get yours.

00:00 – How you can get an professional email for Free
03:00 – How to configure your free email
08:08 – Configure your new email with an email client

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In this video I'm going to show you how To get a professional email address for Absolutely free or for a very affordable Price depending on what you want now the First interesting when it comes to Getting a professional email address is Hey let's go to Google workspace or Microsoft 365 just sign up let's connect Our domain names and get email addresses And they're both great Services we use Google workspace in our company but we Are a pretty large company with 300 Employees so Google workspace makes Sense for a team of your size or if You're just starting out you're just Maybe one or two people you might not Need so many email addresses and Professional tools so why pay even like $10 a month or whatever the price is for Google workspace if you don't need it Now one key thing that I mentioned here Is that you'll already need to connect a Domain name to Google workspace and Microsoft 365 right you'll already own The domain name so you might have Already have a website you might already Have some hosting so why not just use That to get a professional email address For absolutely free here's what I'm Talking about for example let's say You're starting out and you're thinking Hey I'll build a website and I'll also Have an email I'll need purchase hosting What you can do is go to if

You haven't already purchased hosting And a domain name what you can do is go Here just claim the deal and once you Scroll down to the bottom at the pricing Page what you'll find is that for a very Very affordable price not only can you Build a website you get a domain name For absolutely free so that's a saving On top and you get professional email For a free trial of three months with Blue host you get a three month re trial Then you need to upgrade but if you go To hosting they also offer amazing price On hosting if you claim the deal you Scroll down to the pricing page you'll See a similar price there's not a huge Difference in pricing but you can build 100 websites you will have weekly Backups and all that you'll get a domain Name for absolutely free similar to how Blu host offers it and you'll also get Free email but in this case you get Multiple email addresses so you have Free email and you can create multiple Email addresses with hostinger so if you Already hosting your hosting will likely Give you at least one email address for Absolutely free so that's where you can Just set up your email and start using It without paying anything except for What what you're already paying to your Hosting provider so that's where it Becomes free so let me show you how to Do this or how to set this up now if

You're just starting out and you haven't Purchased hosting haven't purchased the Domain name then what you can do is just Go to the link in the description I'll Place them on the screen as well select A pricing plan now this is a hosting You're purchasing because obviously if You are buying a domain name you also Need to build a website eventually so It's good to start now make the purchase And also you'll be prompted to connect Your domain name there as well so you Hav haven't decided on a domain name Time is to decide and also connect that To your account so once you do and make The purchase and choose all the plans And everything you'll be given or sent An email to your personal email address With the credentials to log to the admin Area similar things happens in otinger You can make make a purchase depending On what you want to do and once you Connect your domain name which is Absolutely free you'll be given Credentials to log into the back end Make sure to do that and I'll show you How you can connect or create new email Addresses and also how you can set it up On your phone and or your computer as Well so let's switch to that part IM Immediately so here I am inside my blue Host account now this is the admin area Of my blue host once you log in you Might go here and you might see

Something else that's different right Once you're logged in all you have to do Is start here now make sure that your Domain name is already connected Otherwise most of the things won't work So once it's connected you will go to Cpanel email where we can connect and Manage email accounts now we have a Couple of emails set up here already or A couple of websites connected so Whatever email you have connected here Or whatever domain name you have Connected here you will see the hosting Package inside the account what you have To do is just go here inside the C panel Email now we have two choices you might Have just the one so click the C panel Email for the corresponding one or just The one that you see inside your account And this will open up uh the C panel Email options which will give you an Option to hey create and manage accounts Set up forwarders filters blah blah blah First account or the first thing is what We are interested in email accounts Create and manage email accounts so I'll Click create and this will bring you to C panel this is where you can create Accounts manage accounts delete account Accounts as you see we already have a Couple of email addresses created Already you will see completely blank Because obviously you're just starting Out all you have to do is go to the

Create option click here and then you'll Have similar options to how you just Usually create an email obviously you Can't change the domain name what I'll Do is just name this uh test account and I'll also enter a password which is a Password we are creating so I already Have it in my clipboard make sure to Have a secure password once this is done Just click Create and once the page refreshes You'll see this email address corre Created Now the default configuration is That's it's 500 megab so it's limited to 500 megabytes but you can go and manage And change this completely inside the Account I didn't bother with the Settings because 500 megabytes is great To start with now to check your emails And configure them you have a few Options you can click here to open the Web mail which works but it's usually Very clunky nobody likes to use it and You probably want uh email on your phone And also on your computer so what you Can do is go to the connect devic Options this will give you the Configuration settings to connect this Email account with uh let's say a email Client or even set it up on your phone So I'll click connect devices and this Will bring us to the automatic or I say Configuration options now these are the Settings that you need to configure and

Keep in mind and make sure to use the SSL TLS settings because these are Secure and they're encrypted so you'll Have the username that you created You'll have the password that you Already created the incoming server That's where you have to set up how the Emails are received is this an outgoing Server is the SMTP with port numbers Make sure to use IMAP IM is a more Modern Way of managing don't use pop 3 It's outdated so IMAP is the one that You should be configuring and what I'll Do is at the end of this video also do This for you live in my computer uh Using an email client and then you can Just replicate the process first I'll Pause the video here we'll go to uh Hostinger and I'll show you the process There so let's switch to hostinger so Here I am inside my hostinger admin area Now I already have a few websites I have Couple of emails created so your Dashboard might look different but that Doesn't change what you do need to do to Actually proceed to create the email Address all you have to do is go to the Email section here let's click on Emails and this will open open up a few Different options now uh this will show You the actual domain names connected to Your uh inside your account this is not Actual emails you have created so even Though you haven't created an email

Address you'll still see your domain Name that is uh connected to your Account so uh let's say for example I'm Choosing this domain name and I want Want to create a couple of email Addresses with this domain name I'll Just click manage and this will open up The uh management options now inside This email or inside this sorry domain Name you already see as I mentioned you Have multiple email accounts to create Inside hostinger you see I am just using One of these accounts so how do I create New email well there's a giant button on The screen here create email account so Let's create a new email account and Once again I'll just name this test two Just give you an example I'll create the Password again and the password should Fulfill some requirements so once you've Done this let's click create and once It's created you'll see the options of Configurations so how you need to Connect this now if you want to connect Your newly created email with any client The process is usually similar the Interface of all these tools and as say Clients is a little bit different so for Example if I go to Thunderbird again I Can go to the manual option which is Recommended and you'll see the same Settings as I showed you inside the uh Blue host account you have an IMAP Server and you have the SMTP server and

These are the only settings you need to Have in order to configure this email And once it's done you can also switch To Gmail and U let's say Apple Mail Outlook the settings will remain the Same the interface might change now just To give you some context when I created My website and I wanted email I followed The same process I followed the exact Same process I set up thunderboard on my Computer it's already installed on my uh Computer and also use the same process To connect uh the same email address on My Gmail client on my mobile phone so Apart from fetching my Gmail actual Gmail addresses the Gmail client also Can connect with uh additional servers So you can fetch email there so it's Absolutely very very easy to use I'll Show you how to do this with Thunderbird And I'll also give you a quick preview On how you can do this on your phone so Let's switch to Thunderbird and I'll Give you a quick preview on how you can Connect your email address with Thunderbird in let's say 5 minutes all Right let's begin so here I am inside my Desktop client and this is my email Inside Thunderbird as I mentioned I'm Using Thunderbird as my desktop client And the same process I showed you when I Created the email for you is the same Process I follow to create my email and The process I'm going to show you right

Now is connecting my email is the exact Same process I followed and I'm going to Show you how exactly to do that so Inside Thunderbird of course my email is Connected so you see a bunch of emails But you'll have nothing here if you're Just starting out so what you can do is The process is the same just go tools And find the account settings inside the Account settings because I have a email Conncted already you won't see this so Just go to account actions and add mail Account we're adding another email Account to my Thunderbird but if you Have no email accounts added this is the First one you created so enter the name Of the person that's my name you just Enter your name and the email address so I'm going to use the email address I Created with Blu host and I'll just Enter this here and I'll just have the Password this is the exact same password We entered in the admin area and what I'm going to do is configure this Manually so I can show you the process Sometimes the automatic process will Work but the manual process is much more Reliable in my opinion so again you have To just configure two things the IMAP Server which is for the incoming email And outgoing server is SMTP so just uh Copy the information from the Bluehost Account let me just show you where it is This is the email inside I show you

Showed you this is the exact same Information I'm going to add to my Thunderboard as well so inside the host Name uh for IMAP which is for incoming Email this is the information and the Port number is 993 and connection security what you Should do is just set it up to Autoconnect it's the easiest way because You set it up manually it might fail and The same thing I'll do for the outgoing Server I'll just connect or copy this Portion and inside the host name or the Port I'll say 465 and connection Security I'll again make sure it is Autod detect now you might not see done Being uh highlighted here what you need To do is click the retest button because The credentials will be tested first and Then you will be able to connect or Added to your account so let's retest it And this will just take a few seconds I'd say so the test has completed and You see the green uh success message Here the following settings were found And you might notice some things have Changed sometimes the port actually Given by the server is different so we Entered 993 here the port being detected By Thunderbird is 143 so that's Completely fine you should you can just Connect it with this so what I'll do is Just click the done button and it take a Few seconds it'll check my password now

If the password is correct and once it's Done the account is actually created and What we can do is click the Finish Button and this will show this email Right here it's already connected and if You go to the inbox wow it's already Have an email incoming so this is how You set it up so now you can do anything With this email you can send email Receive email and it is a professional Email address and if you want to set This up to on your phone that's the Process or the process is exactly the Same you can use a third party email Client you can also use Gmail which is What I use I just said this or follow The same process added a new account on Gmail and enter the same information I Just showed you inside Blu account to my Gmail app and then just the email Address was connected and that's how Easy is to not only create a Professional email for absolutely free Because you already have the hosting and Domain name but also how how to set this Up on email client so you can start Sending and receiving emails with your Account so that's it for this video if You have any questions and it doesn't Work for you let me know in the comments So I can tell you how to fix it Otherwise just subscribe follow do all That good stuff you're watching Yash From wner and I'll catch you in the next

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