Free Affiliate Keyword Research with | Demo

Free Affiliate Keyword Research with | Demo
In this video, I show you how I quickly do research on an affiliate product on Google, YouTube and Amazon all via the free version of

I use this method to find niches and affiliate products to create websites and content for affiliate commissions.

I am currently using a tool called Ai Wise Mind available at: which auto creates and posts well written reviews and comparison posts with affiliate links using GPT 3.5 and GPT 4.

This is currently the easiest method I have to create posts fast and on autopilot.

00:01 Introduction
00:42 Free Google Affiliate Research
02:22 Free YouTube Affiliate Research
03:12 Free Amazon Affiliate Research

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In this video I'm going to show you how I use keyword to do some quick And free Keyword research on a particular Niche Or affiliate product or something that I'm not really too familiar with I just Want an idea on if it's worth exploring This is the free version of keyword tool The paid version is pretty expensive But the free version gives you a good Idea and it gives you some good topic Ideas and So on There's loads of tools you can do this With you can do Google AdWords planner Keyword Planner whatever it's called and There's so many tools But it's just one that I picked up There's one that is is pretty quick and Easy to use So for this example I just put use Google I put in earphones in the uh in The Box here Global English and then We've got 676 keywords Now with the pro version we get all the Other data but the free version we get An updated to get started So it's normally sorted by search volume So one of the most popular ones is Apple Earphones We've got wireless earphones Beats Headphones Bluetooth Samsung Um and this is a informational first

Idea earphones hearing loss earphones Around neck Argos is a UK store I don't know what pep is as this UK Store as well Uh let me see Apple wide earphones So all these are different popular Keywords here baby headphones Best wireless earphones best noise Canceling headphones Go further down we get more Earphones for computer Earphones don't fit my and my ears Because that's a good educational post This guy's earplugs okay anyway you get The gist of it so with all these you can Select them all Let me go back to the top And you can on the bottom right corner You can click on copy You can put them in a clipboard and then Server later I think you could download CS3 for free as well maybe But anyway that's that there's also from Here you can look at YouTube Okay so this is popular Keywords in YouTube So I always recommend having a YouTube Channel and linking it to your blog So your phone repair your phone not Working Um headphone audio test Earphones better than airpods Pro

So on Best earphones on a 500. Best day for the 2000 And so on so that that's the YouTube Searches all you can always search in One place which is why I like this tool Amazon Because Amazon we've got 218 keywords So this is useful for a tool that I'm Reviewing right now Which I'll link to below you can just Search on my on my YouTube channel Called AI wise mind That's why I've got the idea of this Video because I thought I'd do some Quick uh videos around how to find Niches and products So in Amazon you can see what's properly In Amazon And then you can put that into a Software like AI wise mind that get ai's Sorry try And yeah headband Bluetooth earphone Bluetooth and so on yeah so you can uh You can you can you can search for Products in these with these titles And just start plugging out using chat Gp2 using ai's mind or any other writing Tool you just write some content around These And you can rank it and obviously it's Better to have all the competition and The volume and everything else And from that you just normally use a

Paid tool But to get an idea on all the way to Start if you do a plug around one whole Run a niche Uh you're more likely to get a lot more Content ranking and You'll more likely get some affiliate Commissions from there Stick on the informational post with a Link on the end or it could be reviews Or comparison and so on All thank you or two we've got eBay App Store Play Store Instagram Twitter Pinterest and Google Trends Uh Google Trend that don't know let me See what Google Trends shows you I think It shows you it shows you all the Breakout ones I don't know what time Period This is Sony mobile phones good earphones Normally the Google trying to go Straight to Google Trends site DirectX But um Sometimes that can be a bit awkward to Use you don't can only show you limited Information and You have to go um through many pages Uh you can change the top so this is Some more Google Trends Beats bows so on Okay yeah just testing this video just a Quick overview on how how to get some Quick uh keyword research for free And what I like with keyword is you can

Quickly copy the keywords put into a Clipboard or download it and use another Tool So I'll be using this in uh in ai's mind So if you go to try You can use these keywords And then you can just direct some Content about them and you'll be Auto Posting it to your site by click on the Link below for the AI mind review And yeah I'll see you the next one

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