[FIRST LOOK] 2 New AI Website Builders For WordPress

Here is your first look at two new AI website builder for making WordPress websites.

Both are made by ZipWP which has made hundreds of thousands of WordPress websites assisted with AI.

More info: https://www.wpcrafter.com/zipwp

Table Of Contents
00:00 – Two New AI Website Builders
02:38 – First AI Website Builder
09:40 – Custom AI Website Builder
20:11 – How To Get It

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There are two brand new AI website Builders that can build WordPress sites For you the first one's going to feel Very familiar and the second one you Haven't seen before if you're a web Creator for profession it's going to Knock your socks off here's the first One right here I'll click where it says Try new AI Builder this is going to feel Familiar but it's greatly enhanced with Languages custom options for images it's Really really special but let me show You the second option and that's going To be right here the way it starts is You pop in the business name and a Description for the business and this is Going to follow the traditional web Creator workflow where you build a site Map and then you create wireframes and Then you build the WordPress site but You're going to be able to do all this In minutes so I've already popped in um A business name and a description I'll Click on generate sit map and so now the A is going to get to work to determine What are the pages that should be on This website but you're not limited to That so here are the pages and it Actually Nails it every time but you can Edit these Pages remove them and add new Pages now what you saw though is it also Will generate use AI to generate an Outline of the content that should be on Each of these pages and by default it

Popped out the content to think should Be on the homepage and here is where the First bit of magic happens you can click Right here where it says wireframes and It is going to build a wireframe with Real text for this business based upon The description you gave it and it's Right here and this as well is Completely editable you can click on any Of these and change the design if you Want it's very powerful and then the Grand fin Al is you can click one button And the website will actually be created These are amazing tools designed to help You accomplish your task faster not Replace you especially with the second Option I showed you there it's still Going to need to be having a design Touches the colors the topography adding The images all all that is still very Much needed but it's designed to speed Up your process of building and Delivering website projects so now let's Take a look at both of these in a bit More detail so for the first uh AI Website builder if you want to follow Along in this video visit try. New and When you visit that URL a brand new WordPress website is going to be created For you and here it is here's the one That was created for me this will expire In 30 minutes so it's great for testing Things and you can test anything this Way all right so I'm going to go to

Plugins and I'm going to add a new Plug-in I'm going to search for a Plug-in called starter templates this Right here is the one you are looking For and I will click on install now and Then we'll go ahead and activate this Then head over to appearance there's Going to be this option here that says Starter templates and it's going to take You straight on into the Builder so I'm Going to click right here where it says Try the new AI Builder and it's going to Take you to this screen now this there's No cost you can make these websites but It does require connecting into the AI Provider which is zip WP they're the Ones making this and the other AI Website builder so you're going to have To click right here where it says let's Get started for free it's very quick and Easy to make a quick account no cost I'm Already logged into my account so I can Click on continue and it's just going to Link it for me great and now I just have To go through these six steps and it all Starts with a name for the website and Then what you want to do is go here Where it says uh this website is for and Choose kind of the category of what the Business is so I'm making a website for Jane's yoga studio and I'm going to Choose right here where it says yoga and You also can choose the language that You want the website to be built in so

It's not just limited to English I'll Click on continue here you want to enter A brief description you really want to Follow the www framework you want to uh Basically add who you are what you offer And where you offer it www it's super Easy to remember and then we're going to Click on this option here to improve it And it doesn't need to be complicated I Just wrote where Yoga Studio in Santa Monica founded 10 years ago we offer any Yoga classes including Hot Yoga in our Studio is in Santa Monica I'll click Improve with AI it's just going to take This and improve it and you'll want to Uh verify read through that make any Edits that you want I'll click on Continue and this is the step where you Enter the business information as well As the social media profiles this makes It so convenient to add your Google my Business your Yelp uh these different Social media uh networks that you might Be a part of as well as your email Number and address and this is going to Go to fill out the contact form and the About us page and all that kind of stuff I'm just going to skip this step for This video and here's a step where You're going to want to select some Images but if you click right here where It says selected images there's an Option to upload your own images so if You're building this for a client and

They haven't provided any images and you Don't want to select some images you can Just put some placeholder images right Here and it will use those for the Generated website but I'm going to go Ahead and choose some images now keep in Mind there's also a search area here at The top where you can search for Different types of images that you want So I'll go ahead and select about 15 Images that's typically what you'd want To choose okay here's the images that I Selected there's such a great variety of Them I'll click on continue now this is A really cool step cuz we're going to Get to see a preview of the websites That I can just choose from and there Are targeted ones for the niche in this Case a yoga studio and there's some Multi-purpose designs but you can tell Uh these look pretty good and you can See they're already showing some of the Generated text um that has been written For this business based upon the Description that I gave it so uh you can Also right here search for different Terms uh and have designs uh that are Targeting different niches but I'm Really happy with this one right here Now when you click on it it's going to Show it like how it's actually going to Be built and so you can scroll through And decide if you like it or not and you Can read uh some of the text but over

Here on the top left you can add your Yogo your logo not your yog your Yogo Your logo uh change the colors you can Uh change the fonts and kind of play Around with it a little bit to get what You want and then when you're done you Can click on you oh one more thing down Here you can also see responsive Previews so here's what it's going to Look like on a mobile device looks great So I'm just going to go ahead and click On continue and this last step you can Add capabilities to the site so if you Want to add a video player or some Automations for maybe the contact form Or some payment forms live chat you can Add all of those and then click on start Building this process takes about 30 to 60 seconds or so and your going to have Yourself a complete website we'll take a Look at it in a sec all right it says Woohooo website is ready let's click Here to see the website and see how it Came out and this is great now you can Easily change the images easily change Any of the text add to the text whatever Your preference is but you got to admit This is quite a nice website I'd Probably maybe change this image right Here uh but everything else is looking Pretty good to me and it's listing out The different types of Yoga exactly what I would have wanted it to do um if I Would have entered the phone number this

Would have had the phone number I Entered uh so there's very little work To do uh when you're done but uh I think The design is fantastic and this is just WordPress you can easily point and click Edit anything that you want to Demonstrate this on any page you can Click where it says edit page and it's Going to take you right on into the page Editing experience first time I've Logged in so it's showing me this and Everything is point and click you can Point click start typing something Different also with the images if I want To replace this I can literally just Click on it click on replace open media Library let's see the media library Options we have there's also all these Free images right here you can just Search yoga or whatever I'll just choose One of these different images uh like That how about that and click on select And I've already got that other image in There click on update and you have a Full customized website you'll just want To go through everything read all the Different bits of text and uh edit Anything and you would be all set now That's going to create a four or Five-page website that has everything Kind of that you need uh you can always Add different pages but what if you're a Professional web Creator and the Projects that you're taking on you need

To build more pages it's bigger projects Bigger sites that might have 10 15 20 Pages and you need to have more custom Granular control that is where the new Website builder built on a site map and Then wireframe and then website comes Into play now this is not released yet It will be out in April and it might Just be a few days it might be one week Or so and uh this is available unlike What I just showed you which is free and There's no charge this actually does Have a charge to it because so it's Going to require a paid plan uh and That's because this costs about 10 times More than the other AI website builder Because it's a lot more involved there's A lot of custom models involved and it's A lot more expensive let's pick up where We left off so we had built this site Map and what happened was we have these Pages that were built as well now let me Show you how this Canvas Works How to get the best results so over here On the top left you can zoom in like This and if you have a trackpad you can Pinch to zoom as well and then you can Go like this click and hold to move Things around and if you want to see Everything you can just click on this Option right here on the top left there And it will show you everything that's Inside of the canvas so you have these Kind of controls to um control how

You're viewing it so what happened was Uh this sitemap was built and the Homepage had this outline of content That was generated and this is the Different content sections that the AI Felt should be on the homepage and then A brief description for each of them and This will be used to actually generate The content for these particular Sections and uh when I go to wireframes It will build out the wireframe for as Many pages that actually have the Outline created for it it so since I Only have the outline so far for the Homepage it's only showing me the wire Frame for the homepage and there's a Reason why you want to do it the first Couple of pages uh by itself first and That's because the wireframe Builder is Going to learn from prior design Selections I'll give you an example of That so when I scroll down here uh There's this section here for Testimonials and I might not like that Design and I might prefer a different One and here's the design for the call To action and I I might not like that And other pages that will have Testimonials and it called to action We're going to want a consistent design So if I set a design here the next page That gets generated will use a similar Design or the same design so I'm going To click on the testimonial design here

And it's going to pull out the layout Selector and I can hover over any of These to just kind of get an idea of What it looks like inside of the layout And I actually personally I personally Like this one with the review stars and Everything like that so I'm going to Click on this and when you make a change In the design all the content will be Written for it as soon as you click on It so that's why it's going to just take A sec to to generate that out and then For the call to action I don't know if I Like that either so I'm going to click On that and it's going to pull up our Call to action designs over here in this Panel and I can choose whichever one I Think is a better fit uh for this Business so I am going to go with one Let's see I think I like this right here Um let's see let's see all the options Okay I will actually choose this one so Now the call to action has been has been Chosen as well as the customer Testimonials so on my next page you're Going to see it's going to use the same Okay and you can add edit whatever you Want in these content sections if I want To choose the different design if I want To insert some additional content you Can do that easily as well and I'll show You that in a moment all right let's go Back to the sitemap so right here you Can I I suggest you you you generate a

Single page and then go verify the Design and set some of your preferred uh Page title areas and stuff like that but There is this button here that says Generate empty pages I do not recommend Uh that you click on that just yet so I'm going to click on the services page And I'll click on generate and you can See now the AI is getting to work trying To figure out what bits of content Should be on the services page based Upon the business description that was Entered and uh so if I am looking at This here let's go ahead and zoom in I'm Looking at this if I think something's Out of order or if it's missing Something I can just literally click on This plus and I have a list here of Different section types I can add a Section in and guide the AI on what that Section needs to be about and it's going To build it into the wireframe okay so Now let's go and take a look at the Design for the services page so this is Where it's important to generate a page First and make some choices based upon It so if I am to now create a second Page it's going to use the same page Header just like when I scroll down You'll see it used the same testimonial Design that I chose and it used the same Call to action design that I previously Chose so each of your child pages will Now use this as the header design but I

Can click on it and I can choose a Different page title uh area all right Now for each of these sections as well You can see the background is white uh Now when I make this into website it's Going to be white and I can change it There or if I actually want it I can Change it here so I can click on any of These sections and then there's a color Chooser here so if I wanted to uh make It be a different color I can just Change the color right here you saw I Chose a darker color and it changed it To that and this will correspond with The color palette once you've created The website let me go back to the white Color palette all right and now I'm Going to go back to the site map and Let's just go ahead And build out all of these Pages I'm Going to click right here where it says Uh generate empty pages and you see it's Going to put the outlines for all these Pages now I kind of skipped over it but You could remove a page that doesn't Make sense for the business and you can Add as many pages that you know need to Be inside of this website project also What's really need is underneath Services here you can see it added to um More SEO targeted page one towards Residential landscape design and one Towards commercial landscape design so If you don't want this you can literally

Go right here and just delete out the Page it's entirely up to you so now what You' want to do is is just go over the Content outline for each of these pages And make sure it's what you want in the Actual website and that's where the Professionalism and experience come in To get this all set up right so now I'll Go ahead and just build out the Wireframe for this entire website I'm Going to click on wireframe and I'll Click this button it kind of zooms out And you can see it's instantly building The entire wireframe for the entire Website now ask yourself this is what One 2 3 4 five 6 7 this is an eight-page Website how long would this take to put The design together put the content Together for an eight-page website I'm Sure it would take quite quite a bit of Time but you can see it's all happening Right now before your eyes so you can Zoom in here and what you'd want to do Is zoom in and verify everything in here You like the design of the section you Like the content it's not missing any Content sections that you wanted to add To this design so now is where the magic Happens again and that's by clicking This button that says create website and Then I'm going to click this button that Says start building and this entire Eight page website is going to be built For you and what your job is to do then

Is to add your design touches to it to Choose your topography to choose a color Palette to add your images and to truly Make this a unique website so I'm going To click this button and it's going to Pop me right on into this right here Where I can Start changing some things really Quickly so if I already uh have a color Palette or I want to try one of these Color palettes here I can just click Around and choose what I want so I might Go with this uh green right here uh and You can add your logo you can start Playing around with the topography and This changes of course sitewide you're Probably already familiar with this and Let's see let's choose something I like That and you can see it applies Everywhere and uh there it it is and so I'll click on Save and this is literally Just WordPress you can hop into the Customizer start Customizing the color palette and it Changes everywhere the topography the Button style everything and it happens Everywhere and everything's been built Uh actually I probably would maybe Change the order of these menus here um But even our service pages are there It's the the submenu is there everything Is there and uh ready to go uh and it All just looks great I mean look at this The testimonials look great we have

Contact forms we have our call to action Down here it really at this point just Needs the special designer touches that You can bring to this project now both Of these uh AI website Builders are Powered by zip WP zwp domcom uh the First one I showed you is free you Already made a free account if you Followed along and uh you can make a Free account and start making those Those websites for free and if you want To make these custom websites like this That are going to be more involved and They're going to uh require more pages And more custom Pages then the new Sitemap Builder a custom AI website Builder is probably for you but like I Said that is on a paid plan so you'll Want to come here and take a look at the Pricing jump on a plan that includes That and it should probably be out in a Week or so now when when it does get Released it's going to be having an Alpha status because there's probably Some bugs you might run into and uh it Hasn't had heavy load on using it and There's probably some additional work That needs to be done such as expanding The section designs that are available Uh the writing is really solid the Designs there are good it just needs to Grow for more advanced designs such as Overlapping Images different designs involving CSS

Grid all those things will be coming to It and I think this has the power to Really save web creators a ton of time And deliver projects so much faster with Less effort because everything I showed You was not technical it is just a Matter of choosing a section category And putting in some natural English Words or natural language words to say What the purpose is for that section it Doesn't require expertise at that point Obviously the next point it does right Designing it you need to know topography Colors uh all that kind of stuff the Finishing touches that only you can do Uh but it's very powerful it's going to End up being a huge timesaver for Professional web agencies it's pretty Exciting stuff so uh what do you think About these AI website building tools I'd love to hear your comments in the Comment section down below and hey take A moment to click on that subscribe Button you probably just saw it Glow We'd love to have you be a part of this Channel and the community that we're Building here thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next video

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