ThemeForrest Envato Sold For $245m In CASH! New owner is ….

You heard the news right. Envato, owner of Theme Forrest, Code Canyon, and many others, has a new owner.

Details PDF File

🟡 ZipWP (AI Website Builder) —
🟡 SureCart (Ecommerce) —
🟡 SureMembers (Membership) —
🟡 SureTriggers (Automation) —
🟡 Presto Player (Video & Courses) —
🟡 LatePoint (Booking) —
🟡 CartFlows (Sales Funnels) —

🟡 Astra (Theme) — (SAVE 10% Coupon WPCRAFTER)
🟡 Spectra (Page Builder) —
🟡 Hostinger (Good Hosting) — (SAVE 75%)
🟡 Cloudways (Premium Hosting) — (SAVE 20% Coupon WPCRAFTER)

☑ Website —
☑ Facebook Group —
☑ Twitter —
☑ Twitter —

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Remember that website you would go to Back in the day to buy your WordPress Theme it was called theme forest and Your plugins over at code Canyon and They also had multiple other brands Audio jungle graphic River they had a Whole bunch of them it was all owned by A company called invado and they used to Sell something called invado elements Well obviously third party developers Don't really sell there anymore because There's great tools like shart that make It so easy to sell your themes and Plugins and license it and all that kind Of stuff that company in Vado just sold For $245 million in cash and here's a PDF File that I found on the internet Listing out all the juicy details and This was an PDF given to shutter stock Investors so they can know about this Brand new acquisition I'll link to this PDF in the description

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