Descript Review | Create AI Voice using your Own Voice | Clone Your Voice

Descript Review | Create AI Voice using your Own Voice
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Descript is a unique app that allows you to do incredible editing of video and audio content.

My main use case was to transcribe videos and Overdub.

Overdub is a unique feature in Descript that allows you to use your own voice to train Descript and create voiceovers from a written script with your own voice as the audio.

With enough data, you can create a great voiceover.

The other main feature I use is transcription of my videos or other downloaded videos.
I can then use this for subtitles or to create written content.

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More about Descript:
The Descript software helps you to create and manage video courses, including paid courses, as well as product explanation videos. You can also record interviews and have transcriptions available to all parties involved. The software also offers many collaboration features, such as commenting, sharing, and cloud backup. The software also has offline capabilities so that you can work offline if needed. You can also create a video slideshow with Descript to present to your audience.

The software features multi-track recording, a library of instructional videos, and it allows you to import video and audio files to record podcasts. It also includes tools to add music and sound effects. There’s even a video tutorial to help you learn how to import music and sound effects into your podcasts. Overall, I found Descript to be a great option for producing podcasts. However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind when using Descript.

For beginners, there is a free version of Descript. It offers an intro to all of its features and a trial version of overdub. Moreover, you’ll have access to unlimited screen recording and audio editing features. Those looking for more advanced features can upgrade to the paid version. There is no shortage of competitors in the market, and a Descript review is not complete without one. It’s definitely worth giving it a shot.

There are many benefits to using Descript, and it’s worth considering if you’re looking for a professional text-to-speech solution. Not only will you save time and money, but you’ll be able to produce high-quality videos with ease. This software has great potential to help you create compelling content and improve your business. And with its powerful editing features, it’s the perfect solution for video content creation.

In addition to being an excellent transcription tool, Descript also has a simple interface and can help you create quality content. You can edit and produce your content on the fly, while it’s a useful service for podcasters. You can even collaborate with other writers and make comments on their work. With its powerful features and user-friendly interface, Descript is a great podcast transcription tool. Just make sure you have a stable internet connection.
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In this video i’m going to be reviewing This script This script is an all-around editing app But my main use case has been for Transcribing And for using a feature they call Overdub I’ll go into that more later on but um The overview of this script Is as good for podcasting for podcasters Video editing screen recording and Transcription which is what i use it for Now if you click on the link below You’ll get to this website And you can read through the feature That you have a look at the little Videos in the little demos I’m just briefly going to go to the Features and highlight and then i’ll Show you a demo myself of How i use the script And so they go through what i’ve noticed That ain’t a lot of podcasters And audio creators um even though they Have a video section well that’s my Opinion anyway I know a lot of podcasters really really Like the scripts i might as well start There Okay so i hope you all did okay Communion the mic at a different level Um you can watch this video let me see So They’ve got some really nice features in

There where you can actually Transcribe your video audio file And you can clone your voice And you can actually edit the script of Your Transcription of your file And take out filler words or adwords That should have been in there all that Weren’t in there and so on I’ll get into that as well but that’s a Really nice feature in here Um there’s a lot of features a lot of Stuff going on here i don’t know why They put so much information here but There’s a lot of features in this and I’m not really into audio level stuff And all this fancy stuff I just want to use do a job and that’s It But um yeah i look all these podcasters Using The Script Okay this is what i was talking about so You can fix mistakes by actually just Typing what you what you wanted or what You should have said In this little Gif demo So they put it last weekend of chase one Uh chicken it should be in biscuits you Just click on that biscuit and now the Actual audio file gets changed say Business even though you didn’t say that

That is one of the most amazing features Of this that’s what i like And um that’s why i say a lot so you can Use this to take out the filler words The um words and so on I’m not going to play that um And literally just set it up again okay You could sound like a pro with noise Removal so i probably should use this More for my Editing because i like to just quickly Record the video Put it into camtasia I just i just leveled a little bit to Get it out but if i was doing a podcast Something was a really professional Video i’d go in and tinker with it And you know use all these features i’m Paying for Okay so everything for your full Workflow record transcribe collaborate Promote share publish They’ve got a fully featured video which I’ll be honest i’m not used it i just Contain the campaign for that and I know how to use that And i haven’t got the uh extra time to Learn something else But for what i need this three does a Good job let’s have a quick look at Video editing Okay um edit video by editing text That’s pretty cool you can take a whole Scene

That’s really nice Multi-tracking and destructive Title captions actually i should try This really It looks pretty cool Um Okay and this is this is why one feature I use it for overdub So you can create uh text-to-speech Uh voices with your own voice So my voice isn’t the greatest sometimes I get sore throats i can’t i get coughed I can’t do it So i’ve actually i’ve got another Youtube channel where i actually tried This I wrote a whole script i can’t remember How long it was video was good maybe Four or five minutes And i just wrote a script in Um the script in the in the software the Download software And i use my pre-recorded overdub voice Where i only had about three files and They recommend more But the way it works is you upload your Your video audio files you let the Script process it and then you go Through word by word and you correct it Or you just make sure it’s all correct And then the script understands your Voice it’s got your voice clone And then with that you can create pretty Much

Unlimited content i think this um sorry Overdub is unlimited You can create as many files as you want To And you don’t need to worry about using Robot voice i’m not being penalized so Far with using any of these descript Overlap voices because it is my voice it Does sound a bit clunky sometimes That’s why the more information the more Video the more data you give it the Better it will work And yeah that You can just literally you can actually Use them uh You can use other speakers but you have To have their permission so they have to Read the links about a Three-line script where they confirm That they give permission for you to use Their voice so you can’t just grab like Some famous person and use their voice And Try and rip them off pretend that you Know They’re doing your video you have to Have to read a certain script Let me see um let me get to that So you’re commenting live collaboration So on um over top here you go this is The feature I’ll get to pricing in a second but over Jobs only available in the Professional plan

So here’s some examples so Um Okay stay they have got stock voices as Well Which i tried and they’re pretty good But you can you just create your own ai Clone of your voice It works amazingly well ultra realistic It’s free on all script pro account I think in the In the free plan you get to say a Thousand words i think You get to test it I have to check that in a second you can Blend it you can do all sorts of stuff And this is the thing you have multiple Voices If you’ve got someone else you work with You can get them to also You can actually run a whole podcast Just from overdub Which is unique And you can you can edit edit your just Your script and it will actually Fix your audio for you Um Okay i’m not going to do that Where’s the transcription Let me go back to the beginning So i’m gonna go to product Oops product transcription now you get Um Actually i forgot i think it’s six Let me just make sure i think 600 hours

With it The transcription is very good it’s true Full price professional transcription You can’t pay a lot of money for it But you get a certain number of hours in The premium package i think you can Always upgrade for more Uh let me get to the pricing we’ll be in The pricing Because this is the plan i’m on i’m Paying monthly and i’m on this plan here Which is the pro plan Annually it’s 24 dollars a month we have To pay upfront so monthly 30 dollars It’s not much more it’s worth trying it I wouldn’t recommend the creator plans That’s not worth it for the features But you can sign up for free and get uh How much do you get Uh 1 000 words Okay so you get 30 hours of Transcription a month Um unlimited overtime let’s check Something one second I was looking at my account do i get the Same Go to my subscription um Okay i’ll get 30 hours there because I’ve been on it for about six seven Months now I’ve not really looked at my uh my plan Okay same plan So in this plan you get um

Everything in free so you get all this Stuff free audio and video editing Unlimited screen recording Studio sound effects this Okay to Get a watermark free video and we get uh So 30 hours of transcription a month Unlimited overdub so you get all the Ultra realistic text-to-speech Um you get filler words pro so it takes Words like Like you know and all that repeated Words then Oh is it gone Another semantic you can check Contextual filler words Audiograms pro i’ve never used that so I’m not sure what that is Publish pro i’m not sure what that is But you can publish up to three hours Longer okay That’s right expo now yeah What i noticed i have an overdub is that It can be pretty slow sometimes Sometimes it’s super quick like today i Just tried it in now for a demo i’m Going to show you in a second It was super quick to transcribe it was Really i was surprised how quick it was Because i’m trying to kind of can’t drag On for a while it’s really quick And you get custom drive and page Branding so um you can do collaboration And stuff

And you feel for custom Okay so in this demo what is download is A one minute video from youtube Just use this website to quickly grab The video And this is the actual application for The script This is the download portion of the Software you must have So you are not your own pc so i just Downloaded the The uh The video And uploads that And i just put it into the script and Now you can see it’s grabbed everything From the um From the video so i can just put this Into a blog post or share this content Put on social media For example obviously not rip off some Of the video But for example it’s what you can do And if if i had this voice trained um Into the script i can go in there and Edit this script And just get get this this say whatever I wanted to say So this is like a very unique feature That i need to emphasize how good this Feature is And the overdub feature especially which Is basically dante this is where you can Write a whole script and get it to see

Everything in there So you can do voiceover you can do Pretty much unlimited voiceover videos As long as you feed it a lot of content And you correct it and you spend the Time preparing it you can actually do Quite well with it Now i do have some videos in there but I can’t really show them because there’s Some other Channels i don’t want Um anyone to Copy so let me just quickly see if i can Show you an overdub example without Giving away too much Because even even if i blur it will be Too much information on the screen Um Let me just see quickly One second my phone’s going Um I can’t really show you i’m sorry i was Playing to a full demo over there But let me show you this let me see if i Can do just this demo Hello and welcome to one minute Wednesdays so for example you see how it How it stops at the right place and Highlights the words So um if i wanted to insert a word here That’s the exact position that i said i Can just put another word there And then it will just add the word and The audio into there if it overtops it

Out properly With the actor’s voice with my voice or Whatever So you can actually edit this script as You go along and then you can you see on The left it says speaker so i can have Multiple speakers so if i’ve got another Actor’s voice a voice actor Or voiceover person and i’ve got Permission to use their voice I can actually um use their voice to Make them another speaker and just edit This script as i go along And export this as a video as an audio File or just Obviously just pull the text into a blog Post wherever you want Um what’s this you can pay back speed And so on but Let me just try one more time let me see If i can just quickly show you something Let me just pause the video for a second Okay i can’t show you too much i’m going To blur some of these details And but this is the actual overdub voice So i’ve got my overdub voice in my name So i have to read a script first and Then upload that script to Sorry upload that audio file to the Script they verify make sure that i’m The person so they i read the script it Has to be the exact script that they’ve Given Sorry i got interrupted there so

This is the over to our voices so just Because it’s just me here of course There’s my name here You can have voice styles so let me see It’s probably Okay let’s see what the stock how can You And then Whoops Okay that’s just my standard default Style i can have maybe excited or Something or I don’t know where the styles there are See and it says here verify so they Verify that i read the script and i’ve Accepted that It’s my voice or Whatever one of my employees or whatever I can do I can use it Now open training um Okay let me see if i can Okay i think why is it using this file Let me just using this Okay this is one of my okay it’s one of My videos um Have i not done this voice already That’s why i get a little bit confused With the script i think i’ve already Done training this video that’s why it’s Purple But here you see i’ve got all these so This is basically Uh one of my videos from this channel i

Believe Um is it i think it is yeah And then you what you do is you go Through it and you correct the word so Let me see if i can put the volume down A little bit Um give me a second Put it all the way down Okay press play let’s play I hereby verify that i Oh yep Where is that from this is weird because It’s confusing me where it’s from but That was part of the verification i Don’t know if you heard that But you have to read that script but let Me see me start from here okay here we Go Yeah this is a review from this channel That must be a different verification Video so let me press play here one Second In this video i’m going to be reviewing One of them so you see how how what i’m Saying is highlighting them or mainly WordPress hosting And it’s called five i’m not sure how Loud it is let me There’s a few reasons why i like them I’ll be with them um i’m not sure if i Don’t really use i don’t really play all In the background my videos normally Um Okay i’ll let it go and i’m trying to

Edit it in person see what happens i Don’t want to be too loud it’s very good What you can do now Just follow the script it’s pretty good Even with my mumbly voice It is very accurate i think probably i’d Say probably 90 accurate pick So if you speak a lot more clearly than Me then you’ll you’ll love this So i went in there and i corrected some Of the words that um I mumble too much to understand So all you do you go in and you Highlight the word And you can do oops You can do correct or overdub so go Ahead and do correct And it will um It will just correct that word and it Will understand that when i use this Word like for example hosting next time This is this is how i say it with my own Voice Or i can overdub it which means it will It will it will change the the video File the audio file to the overdub voice Um yeah and so on so this is quite a Long count of this video I can’t see the timer so fast a minute But i think it’s like a 10 minute Don’t know there is here my screen is Very color messed up About 12 minute video So i think this was the long video i

Gave it and i gave it i think maybe oh i Messed it up Oh i shouldn’t have done that okay i Messed up somehow But this is a long video that i gave it To train it So i put one 12 minute video i think This the script the The script video to Authorize my voice And one other short video i put in there The only three videos i put in there For it to create an overdub i actually Managed to get a couple of videos Um short videos i didn’t want to do a Long one i want to try it see if they Get banned by youtube And how many months it’s been it’s been A couple of months now and they’re still Online they’re still getting some Viewers And uh they’ve I used i used um what’s it called not Google voice Amazon poly To uh create some uh to try Text-to-speech and some other apps and There’s so many apps out there And that didn’t go so well because i Used to get them spam reports on their Videos and i’ve got a couple of channels Burned Um and some of them i just had the audio File like a static image to see

And yesterday still got banned because Of the robo voice but with your own Voice and overdub I mean it’s a win-win you can you can Create unlimited content So yeah I suppose because it’s doing the work on Your own system i don’t know how it Works between i should email and ask how Does it work Um is it doing the process when you’re On a system or maybe i should check Myself see what resources use anyway I’m gonna be on the point anyway that Was a very small demo But the main thing is to make it work For you you have to You have to give it you have to give it The help it needs to create your voice For it to uh work well for you Let me see um i’ll get rid of this one Now Let me go into that one Okay so you’ve got something below you Get to uh description get obviously do The free trial But really i mean for 30 dollars you can Try it for a month use it extensively Please spend Two or three days uploading your videos And just going through the overdrive Feature and putting your getting your Voice right in there to see how it works For you

And i’d be very interested to see if if You leave a comment below and see if it Works for you Because for me my voice is a bit too Uh difficult to for it to work with That’s why i wasn’t really i’m getting The best results also i didn’t give it Enough information So really i need to give it more More content for it to understand my Voice i need to speak a bit slower But um yeah if you if using it for Podcasting especially you’d really love This I can’t have to be honest i can’t be i Can’t tell you about video things i’ve Not used it Uh so beginner podcasters yeah Professional podcasters vlogging let’s See what they say about vlogging Um But yeah that’s the main thing is Transcript also you can use it for Creating subtitles I’m pretty sure you can export As a Vst or srt file or something I read it Somewhere yes it’s an audio editor that Works like a dog document which is true Okay i’ve gotta go in a second my Phone’s going again But um i hope you find this useful Um it’s my first video for a while i’m

Hoping to get several more up i’ve got a Few ready to go but now the time to edit Them So again click on the link below leave Me a comment if you actually sign up and Use it or you’re interested and i’ll see You next one thanks

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