Best AI Chatbots Software For Your Website (Compared)

It is super important that as a website or business owner you are able to engage with your customers or visitors quickly, effectively and frequently 24/7.

One of the absolute best ways to do this is with AI chatbots, you might not be available all the time but they are. AI chatbots can also help lighten the load on you or your support team by directing people to the correct place before they even need to speak to you or at least gathering information that will speed up the process once customers are in contact with your support team.

AI chatbots can also help boost conversion and generate leads if used in the correct way, and overall if you’re a growing business, they really could be invaluable. Today we are going to share with you our top picks for the best AI Chatbots software for your website.

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5:28 FreshChat
6:12 Drift
7:10 SearchWP
9:05 ChatFuel
10:02 Mobile Monkey/
10:41 Zendesk
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If you're running a website or Especially a business it is super Important that you are able to engage With your customers your visitors or Your clients in a really seamless way And frequently 24/7 people just do not Want to wait these days you've got to be Able to get onto these people quickly Got to provide them the information that They want or at least let them know that You're going to get back to them ASAP That is where AI chat Bots come into Play if it sounds like something from The future that you don't necessarily Need well you might be wrong this could Be something absolutely perfect for you Or your business today in this video I Going to show you some of our absolute Favorites some of the ones that are Going to work the best with your website Our first pick is chatbot tocom and Realistically you can see why it's Called chatbot Doomy to use super super beginner Friendly and they have a drag and drop Chatbot Builder system no coding Required at all which is super nice but Then on top of that there's also Pre-built templates that you can use That are tailored to specific businesses Or specific things that you might want To do for example you can get one for Product sales customer service it's Loads and loads of options Available to

You chatbots Integrations really do help It stand out as well it'll integrate Seamlessly with your WordPress website It'll also integrate with other popular Live chat software for example the Software live chat and it'll also Integrate with Facebook so you're not Limited to just using it on your website You can use it on your website over here And your Facebook messenger over here so Not only is this going to allow you to Engage with your customers and give them A more seamless experience with your Company or with your business or with Just your personal self but it's also Going to allow you to collect really Valuable data That you can then use essentially any Way you please in order to help you grow Your business including getting Information from those Facebook chats to Help Drive the direction of your Facebook ads if you want to give it a go You can get a free 14-day trial without Even having to put any kind of card Details or anything in and if you do Like it and you want to commit the plans Start from $50 a month which is usually Going to be plenty for most people next Up we've got HubSpot who you might know As an all-in-one marketing software but Within that marketing software they do Have live chat and AI chat Bots but of Course because it is an all-in-one tool

You're also going to get access to a lot Of other features that could be Beneficial to you focusing on the live Chat and the AI chat Bots HubSpot does Allow you to customize both of these Elements so you can be able to match Them with your website's branding and Your website's colors so you look more Professional again no coding required Here and you're going to be a able to Generate automated chatbot responses and Workflows that are going to be able to Help you get the best possible outcome From every single person that interacts With it the real beauty of HubSpot Though is that it will seamlessly Integrate with hubspot's customer Management features so that lead that You've generated the followup is going To be really easy you can actually get Started with hubspot's chat Bots for Free but if you want some of the more Powerful features that come in that HubSpot software where you are going to Need to upgrade to a paid plan next up Is tidio Tio is a live chat platform Powered by chatbots offers multiple Channels for communication including web And mobile friendly chat Bots and a Facebook Messenger chatbot there's a User friendly dashboard and mobile app To let you answer user inquiries from Anywhere at any time and then the Automation from the chat Bots allows you

To answer customer queries and design Funnels to boost conversions you can Either use one of the chatbot templates Or you can create your own templates Your own scenarios based on keywords and User behavior that you observe on your Website then it's easy to integrate it With your e-commerce platform your email Marketing tools your help desk software And kind of create an allinone customer Engagement solution Tio does have a free Plan which includes 50 live chat Conversations 100 chatbot triggers and Unlimited tickets but if you want some Of the more advanced features you will Need to choose one of the paid plans if You're looking to use or really kind of Enhance your use of Facebook Messenger Then many chat could be the one to look At over 1.3 billion people who use Facebook Messenger so it might not be a Bad way to go Min chat is nice and easy To use good for beginners as it has a Drag and drop Builder system it's going To allow you to start creating that AI Chat bot that you want that's going to Give you the results that you're looking For by automatically maybe welcoming new Users guiding users to products schedule Messages and you can even respond to Specific keywords so it's a pretty Versatile tool within Facebook Messenger For a variety of businesses Min chat Does have a free plan to get you started

With a few kind of quick click templates Uh but if you want the more advanced Features of course you're going to need To check out one of the paid plans if You're looking to build chat Bots for a Variety of platforms then fresh chat Could definitely be the choice for you You can build chat Bots for WhatsApp Messenger Apple business chat for mobile For web you've got options for anything That you can think of fresh chat has its Own artificial intelligence algorithm Which is designed to detect customer Intent and that's going to allow it to Engage with your customers more Effectively fresh chat is a really Powerful tool with that AI algorithm but That does mean that the pricing is going To start from $69 if you do want to get hold of those Chatbots there are other plans but the Chatbot is not available below that Price point next up we've got drift Which is a combination of live chat and Automated chatbot what makes drift Different is the fact that it can Proactively start conversations with Customers who are already engaged with The products or services on your website Kind of anticipating what's required It's designed to use those conversations To create conversions and therefore Drive more sales drift will also Integrate with popular crms and email

Marketing Services as well as various Third party tools like zenes and help Scout and among others now it's Definitely worth mentioning that this Tool really is for large scale Businesses and that is 100% reflected in The price so if you are maybe starting Out or you're just looking to pick up Your first kind of chat Bots You might want to check out some of the Other items on this list because the Pricing for drift starts at $400 a month Build annually there is a free plan Available but again no chat bots so what We're actually talking about with these Chat Bots is providing your customers With the best possible service and being Able to direct them quickly and easily To the place they need to be well one of The only flaws of WordPress is that WordPress native search doesn't actually Use all the data that you have on your Website all the custom fields are Completely ignored so a really quick and Easy way of your customers being able to Get and find something without even Needing to get in touch with you or use The chat Bots is gone because the search Isn't good enough well I want to Highlight a product search WP that's Going to be able to fix that for you It's going to allow WordPress search to Be far more effective and direct people To the correct Pages because it's just

Able to take on more keywords display More search results all based on the Keywords that your customers are Searching and the information that is Already present on your website you can Also use the search tool metrics Extension to analyze your search traffic Now what that's going to do is it's Going to allow you to see what people Are searching for and of course that's Hugely valuable data because you're Going to be able to use that to maybe Guide or mold what you show on your Website and it also is going to be able To help you you push more of that or More of that type of product onto your WordPress page so search WP which is Going to integrate with your existing Search it's just going to make the whole Experience so much better it's going to Help your customers a lot more and it's Going to mean that they're going to get A lot of the information they need a lot More easily it's a really fantastic way Of doing pretty much what we're talking About here without starting with the Chat Bots search WP can be got for just 9 $99 for the year if you want to head Down into the description and click our WP beginner Link if social media is your thing then Chat fuel might work for you it's a Powerful AI chatbot tool that is Designed for use with messenger Facebook

And Instagram as with the other AI chat Bots there's no coding required here but Chat fuel does take it a little bit Further they're going to offer you Really great documentation on their Website to guide you through building Your chatbot and that's going to help You adere to certain rules particularly Facebooks that you have to have for Using a bot chat fuel is also used by Some really big companies if you wanted Kind of to feel confident about using it Adidas Lego T-Mobile they all use Chatfuel there is a free plan available With chat fuel that will give you access To a singular chatbot which might really Work for some smaller businesses and the PID plans only start from $15 so it Could be an option well worth checking Out if those kind of platforms are what You're looking for next up we've got Mobile monkey which has a really Interesting and very handy timesaving Omni chat technology what it's going to Allow you to do is to generate one bot And use it over multiple platforms You're going to be able to use it over Web chat messenger and even through SMS Text messages as with many of the other Chatbots there's great integration with Thirdparty softwares like CRM software Email marketing services and other web Products again there is a free version Here so if you want to check it out this

Is a really good way to do it but the Paid plans do only start at 1425 a month If you Bill it annually so again not too Bad you might know zenes already as part Of a large customer support platform but What we're focusing on here is zenes Chat because we're interested in chat Obviously so zenes is a few features That're going to let you handle tickets And requests it's also going to let you Engage in live chat with your customers There's automated messages you can use The trigger responses based on customers Actions and zenes chat's also going to Provide you the ability to optimize your Messages through testing which can Really help you get your customers the Information they need faster which is Then going to help you generate more Leads generate more sales faster for Pricing there's a few options and none Of them are particularly pricey there's A 14-day free trial there's then a free Version there's a light version and then The plans that are paid start from $14 a Month there are loads of really great AI Chatbots out there and those are our Absolute favorites chatbot tocom is our Ultimate favorite however what you Really need to do is work out what Chatbot is going to be right for your Business what requirements do you have Go through check it out and work out Exactly what features you need if you

Want some more in-depth detailed Information on any of those then then Please do click the link down in the Description is going to take you through To our article that this video was based On you can also click down there to get Any WP beginner discount codes that are Going to make those AI chat Bots as Cheap as possible for you everybody Likes to save a little bit of money and Please do leave me a comment with any Questions at all but while you're in That area do hit the like button get Subscribed to WP beginner I will Appreciate both of those things but That's all for me here today have a good One And I'll see you soon

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