AI Affiliate Suite Review | Custom Bonuses 🔥🔥

AI Affiliate Suite Review | Custom Bonuses
Get AI Affiliate Suite here: and get my custom bonuses.

In my AI Affiliate Suite review, I show you inside the training area and cover all of the topics covered in the training.

This training course is all about using ChatGPT for content, affiliate reviews and even website pages, Midjourney for AI images and WordPress for hosting.

The training shows how to set up the site, create the content, rank the content and even create the images.

I have several custom bonuses not available anywhere else:
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Generate Game-Changing WordPress Affiliate Review Websites and Boost Your Earnings

00:01 Introduction

Discover the Amazing Benefits of AI Affiliate Suite Today!

Gone are the days of:

– Spending hours every day researching and crafting content and product reviews.
– Stressing over setting up a well-organized WordPress site.
– Waiting for days to receive content from outsourcers and platforms like Fiverr.
– Dealing with frustrating content writers who just don’t get it.
– Spending a fortune on content for your website.

With AI Affiliate Suite, you can:

– Generate Google-friendly content and product reviews in no time, with minimal effort!
– Let ChatGPT help you design a well-structured website outline in just minutes.
– Create content for any topic, article, or niche, whenever you need it.
– Enjoy SEO-optimized content created by ChatGPT that Google adores and ranks.
– Save money by spending only a few cents per piece of content on your website.
– Easily learn the ropes with our step-by-step training, perfect for beginners!
Discover how to gather content and the exact ChatGPT prompts I use to produce long-form pieces that adhere to Google’s product review guidelines and rank well!

Experience AI Content Ranking in Just One Week:

In only one week, my BRAND NEW website on a BRAND NEW domain is ranking Amazon product reviews on Google’s first page – without any additional work!

As the site builds authority, these rankings will soar!

Imagine having hundreds of product reviews ranking on Google…

Get Adsense Approval for AI Websites:

Despite the common belief that “Google hates AI content” and “won’t rank it,” perhaps it’s just a matter of using AI tools correctly to deliver what Google wants…

One of my 100% AI-built websites just got approved for Google Adsense! (Please note: I can’t guarantee that every AI website will get approved.)

ChatGPT Makes Content Creation Fast and Easy:

There’s never been a better time to dive into affiliate marketing!

ChatGPT creates SEO-optimized articles with proper header tags, subtitles, bullet points, FAQs, conclusions, and even first-person perspectives!
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In this video I'll be reviewing a new Training product called AI affiliate Suite this is being created by Chris Sterenberger you probably know him from Many other successful products and I've Reviewed probably all of his products They're all really good sellers because They're very high quality and they're Very actionable So you can go through the screen and Actually use the content and really Create something And this training is no different I've Just been through all of the training Today actually And it's taught me a few things because Um I don't really have that many AI Affiliate websites And this gives me some ideas on what I Could do with this training And I think you'll agree with you stand Up and buy it you'll agree that it's Really really good good training it's Really good and clear And there's a lot of possibilities here To make some good money and create some Real profitable digital assets So I've got some bonuses for you if you Buy via my link these are all custom Bonuses and I don't think anyone else Offering anything similar It's a bit of variety so the first one I'm gonna offer you is We'll offer you a package of domains

That you can That you can buy that all or down Here whatever you want they're all Available to buy And all I need from you is give me a Keyword or two and I'll find you A list of 20 50 100 domains That you can go and buy straight away no Auctions no premium price standard 10 15 Price And that's available for the first five Buyers who fill in the form and reply Back to me The second bonus I've got for you is a 50 discount of a new service I'm Offering Which is a cloud sites and Cloud Pages It's a special keyword rich backlink And I'll be giving you 50 coupon off That now these are special backlinks Because it's from Dr 90 plus websites And they can give you a real boost and Give you a nice bit of Authority for Your Social media Pages your content your E-commerce pages But in this case for this training for Example if you're buying a brand new Domain name for the affiliate website You can get an initial boost or put some Backlinks from this service you The other bonus I'm offering I'll give You my cpanel training course So if you are getting web hosting your

Cpanel this training course to give you An idea on how to use it if you're new And also give you access to my domain Flipping course Which you can use if you buy some of the Domains from the first bonus you can use Two flick some of those domains make Some money And the other bonuses are all about WordPress so the initial setup guide I Do I've got a whole training on there I've got a training on some performance Tips and also a basic security guide so All of this training all these bonuses The coupon and the to manufacture all Available from your access bonuses area Once you purchase from the end of the Link down below one on the review page Okay so let me get back to the products AI affiliate Suite Is launching a bargain price of just Under 13. And I've like I said I've been through The training and it is uh it's very Useful I've learned a few things On his sales page you go through um like The before and after process so before And I know this from experience you can Spend a lot of time researching writing Editing content But with this training and the prompts The main thing is the prompts so you Learn how to chat GPT and you learn the Prompts

In this training and this will give you Like the the Boost that you need to Create some winning content really Quickly where you don't spend much time Researching editing You just get in there straight away and Create the content and post it and be Done And you can create multiple posts per Day and just keep churning out content And Google does a lot of fresh content And don't believe all the stuff about AI Content because even Chris goes through In a training that Google doesn't like Air contact it does and I know it from Experience it doesn't matter as long as Good content you'll rank So with AI video Suite you create Google Friendly content you chat GPT to help Create your website pages and so on A quick point on any topic article or Niche which is true you can create SEO Optimized content and you spend pennies Instead of spending dollars and hundred Dollars on your content or within charge Up TM with their prompts are included in This training Okay so the training covers all of the Uh the basics of AI The different AI tools About the hosting WordPress how to chat GPT to even find your domains Excel WordPress how to use chat GPT Categories and the structure of your

Website structure your pages Create the terms page disclosure privacy And so on because they're very important If you want to rank on Google you must Have this page excuse me Sorry Let me have a quick sip Okay um how to create uh how to use chat You proceed to create informational blog Posts Now you shouldn't just churn Out review Content you should have some Informational posts because they will Also rank specially for long tail Keywords and then within that content You can link to your review posts or Your bias guides and so on Go through the Google review product Review guidelines And how to actually use chat GPT to Create the product reviews This is a big Time Saver because the Prompts will break down how to structure Chat GPT to write the review And it gives you examples of the Rankings he's received for some of the Reviews And he's ranking on the first page Um Very often form the product reviews It also goes through how to use Mid-journey to create images for your Blog And so on

So he Reveals His product rankings Website and the training I've seen it is very impressive Air contact ranks within two days to a Week some of them And so when he talks about how people Sell aircon it doesn't Rank and so on It AdSense approved which I also know From experience And so on okay let me show you inside The training So this is the training area And I've been through all of this Training I can't click on all of them Because it will reveal some of the Prompts used Because it is literally just copy and Paste so I don't want to click on them And reveal them But these are all the videos there's About 15 in total So it goes on it goes on about the the Future affiliate marketing so AI the AI Tools the hosting domain name WordPress Um how he uses chat jupiteria to even Set the categories and website pages How to create informational posts the Guidelines these are the main ones how To create product reviews The images the informational posts and Even the pages so all the prompts are Laid out it's a very easy to follow and There's no reason not to be able to make Ranking pages

And the beauty of this system is you can Rank the pages And then maybe I'll reveal a way to uh To uh do something special with the Ranking Pages or maybe I'll make it add It to a bonus page But you can uh you can you can Rank and Rent you can flip the site You can just do affiliate Um Affiliate links with it and so on but There's plenty of ways to make money Once you cite ranks and with with this System with this training you can make Real ranking websites And here just make some passive income That way Uh let me see there's a couple of otos So there's an upsell for his new plugin Which is redirect card Um I actually purchased this I think It's gonna pay full price economy I Think I paid half price actually but It's now often even cheaper so normally You redirect guard in 97 but he's Offering it as an upsell discount to 37 Dollars It also got an expired domains training For 47 dollars And also there's a done view themes Bundle for 197. So um yeah the up sales uh are well Worth it if you want to really Um expand your your income and your the

Potential of earning much more money And yet especially the expired demand Training although I've also got a Training that I made bundle in on the Other side once once I saw my bonus page Um We'll see what we'll see what I'll see What I can do But anyway yes if you um buy from the Link down below Or on the review page that I'm gonna Write Um you'll get all of my bonuses so again It was the a a a a custom list that I Will create for you Of between 50 to 100 maybe 200 domains From keywords that you provide so for Example if you want to make a A website about Um What's this example um survival survival Tips so you can give me the keyword Survival and I will give you a list of However many I can find of With the keyword that you give me And I like this whatever you Want but just fill in the form and it's Limited with the first five people that Reply So click on the link below and buy it Quick and get on get on that one this Completely free as well The other bonus I'm offering is 50 of a

Cloud site power boost link from a Dr 90 Plus A keyword Rich page so this is a cloud Site I will I will create using my own My own tools And it will be it will have your keyword In there it'll link to your your web Page or website your social profile Whatever you want And I'll even create some content on That page for you and this would be just Another another rank or property for you And it will remain online forever so And I'll be completely completely Covered by me and I'll pay for the host And everything because This is a new service I'm going to be Offering so for you now I'll be offering You 50 off With a special coupon code again that's That's in the on the bonuses page I'll go to my custom created training Courses one is about cpanel one is about Domain flipping I think two links to those and three WordPress training guides initial setup Performance tips and basic security that All be included all video training So all of this is available on the by The link below or on the review page And this was my review of AI affiliate Suite just a quick conclusion I think It's well worth it I mean you're paying Literally peanuts two cups of coffee

To get a training guide that will teach You how to make money and how to use not Only chat GPC but also mid Journey for Images And there is endless potential as long As you want to put some work in As long as you go the training once or Twice just get it into your head you'll Really be able to make some money with This and create some digital assets Because that's what you want you want Something that you can hold something You can sell on or flip whatever So thank you for watching and I'll see You in the next one

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