11 Tips to Optimize Your Blog Posts for SEO Like a Pro (Checklist)

If you want more traffic, you best bet is to aim for SEO as it brings consistent, long-term traffic without the massive costs associated with paid ads. In this video I cover 11 of the easiest tips you can implement on your blog posts to optimize them for more search traffic. Plus, all the tips are free to implement!

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As a website owner if you want more traffic on 
your web pages on your website the best thing   And easiest thing you can do is to optimize your 
content and your blog post for SEO and in this   Video I'm going to give you 11 easy to apply 
tips that you can do right now today on your   Website and your blog post to optimize them for 
SEO and get more traffic let's begin the first   Tip I have for you today is to conduct proper 
keyword research most beginners start writing   Content because they think they know what the user 
is looking for but season marketers and seos and   Content experts conduct keyword research because 
they understand that that is like conducting   Market research for SEO when you find out what 
keywords users are looking for you can get an   Insight into what they're actually looking for 
and understand exactly how to deliver it to them   Now instead of just going to random tools and 
get using guesswork to write content and figure   Out keywords you can use actual tools that are 
designed for this job one of the best tools you   Can use is sem Rush it'll give you tons of data 
on the keywords that your users are searching   For give you insights about your website and 
also help you write better content and if you   Don't want to pay any money then WB beginners 
free keyword research tool is here for you as   Well just go to the link in the description or the 
link that you see on the screen and you'll have a   Completely free keyword research tool designed 
for you just enter a couple of keywords click   Search and then you'll have all the sorts of 
suggestions uh searches made with prepositions   Questions and all the different keywords that 
users are asking for available to you right here   On your screen for absolutely free use that data 
and then figure out what users are looking for   And only then start writing and optimizing your 
content around this topic the second tip I have   For you is to use semantic keywords to optimize 
your content what is semantic keywords let me   Give you a quick example if I make a search for 
best wireless ears I'm getting a tons of results   Here but the most important thing as an SEO you 
should be paying attention to is scrolling down   And figuring out this part related searches 
because this is where Google is telling us   That whatever you search for best wireless earbuds 
in this case is also closely related to this that   Means users who search for this information also 
search for this information now this gives you   Insights into how to write better content and 
if you want to create separate content for any   Of these blog post that is also very very useful 
if you're using WordPress and you don't want to   Conduct This research manually every time you're 
writing blog post just use all-in-one SEO it has   A fantastic Focus keyword tool built in where you 
write your keywords connect your website with semm   Rush and allinone SEO does the job for you it 
finds all the related keywords the LSI keywords   The semantic keywords for you and suggest you 
right here on the screen so that you don't have   To go to Google Search and figure out these 
keywords yourself it's a fantastic tool check   Out SCM Rush check out all ofo and of course 
if you do want to do the manual research this  

Process is available to you on to the next tip the 
next tip I can offer you is absolutely very simple   But very very effective write better headlines 
now season marketing professionals understand   The importance of headlines your users or most of 
your users will read the headline and then decide   If the rest of the piece that you written makes 
sense similar thing happens on Google if I take   My example of best wireless a the the title of the 
blog post is the most important for me to make a   Call if I want to read this blog post otherwise I 
can't make any decision so when you're writing any   Piece of content make sure the title is absolutely 
optimized now thankfully you don't have to take   Any guesses on what makes an effective title you 
can get a fantastic tool like all in an SEO to   Help you and guide you through the process it 
has a fantastic tool built in which is called   The headline analyzer all you have to do is 
write the blog post as you usually would and   Then just enable the headline analyzer and the 
headline analyzer will go into action and give   You an overall score on how good your headline is 
it'll give you details about how effective it is   In terms of the word choice how long it is is it 
the right format is it evoking the right emotions   All that good stuff all that recommendations 
personalized to your content and headlines will   Be available for you the best part it's completely 
free to use with the free version of allino so   Install allio make sure to go through all your 
previous blog post and use the headline analyzer   To optimize your headlines because that enough 
can make or break the traffic that is coming to   Your website On To The Next Step the next tip 
I can offer you to write better and optimized   Content is to make internal linking a habit why 
is internal linking important let me tell you   Internal linking first of all is a very underrated 
thing that most beginners or say even seasoned   Professionals when they're making the websites 
forget about now it benefits the users and seos   That means search engines alike why because 
users can find the right piece of information   Right from the article so it keeps them longer on 
your website help them consume more content and   It's more likely that they'll become customers or 
take whatever action you're trying to get them to   Do on your website that's the first benefit the 
second benefit is from the SEO perspective when   Search engines come to your website they discover 
content through the links you have on your website   So if you have internal links pointing to the 
right Pages search engines will discover those   Pages and more importantly contextually connect 
those pages together so if they know what pages   Are connected together they'll show up in search 
or related searches and they'll direct users to   The right place automatically in search so 
it's absolutely important that that you have   Right internal linking on your site and also make 
internal linking and habit now if you have a very   Large website it can be very difficult to create 
internal Links at scale manage them and optimize   Them that's where all in seo's link assistant 
come into play it's a fantastic add-on to Allin   SEO once installed it takes over the entire 
process of internal linking it'll give you  

Detailed reports about what you're linking to what 
domains you're linking to Broken links suggested   Links and fantastic just reports it's a fantastic 
fantastic add-on and it saves so much time which   You would have spent to find out internal links 
and that's one of the benefits of using all SEO so   Check out all SEO and the link assistant tool and 
you'll never go back to manually creating internal   Links especially if you have a large website on 
to the next step The Next Step I can give you to   Optimize your blog post for more traffic is quite 
simple to implement just use images and videos and   You already know the importance of using images 
and videos heck you're watching a video right   Now because you are trying to get educated about 
a topic many people prefer blog post but a lot   Of people prefer videos and if you're using 
using videos and add them to your blog post   You're giving them best of both words they can 
read the piece of content that you've written   They can watch a video or they can do both at the 
same time if they like it and if you add images   To your blog post it logically divides your blog 
post it keeps it engaging and also some images or   I' say an image is worth a thousand words so 
sometimes a single image can communicate the   Message that you're trying to communicate with an 
entire blog post and the variety of tools that we   Have now available with WordPress the block editor 
seat prod and other tools they'll help you easily   Create not only templates about your website but 
if you just want to add a couple of images and   Videos to your website we've created multiple 
tutorials on the topic on how to add images in   WordPress and how to add videos in WordPress and 
what mistakes to not do when you're adding videos   To your weest website we'll link some of those in 
the description of this video and as end cards as   Well so after you finish watching this video make 
sure to watch those videos as well it'll help you   Understand and optimize your blog posts the next 
tip to optimize your blog post for traffic and SEO   Is to write meta descriptions and add open graph 
tags to your blog post let me explain what these   Are in my previous example when I was making 
the search best wireless Abus I talked about   The importance of the title but what's next to 
the title it's this section and this is the meta   Description of the page which helps me decide if 
they are covering all the important headphones or   Head wireless earbuds that I want to search for 
and this is what the meta description does it's a   Accessory to the title and after the title that's 
the most important thing on the page that you can   Add to make sure that your users actually figure 
out if they want to click through it so it's   Absolutely important to optimize it for SEO the 
second thing I was talking about was open graph   Tags now you might have noticed that whenever 
you share links on social media they just don't   Get shared as simple links The Social Network 
automatically detects information about the   Specific page you're sharing and that displays it 
on the page like a rich card or something how does   That happen that happens with the help of open 
graph tax now you'd understand the importance of   Meta descriptions and open graph tax how do you 
add it to your WordPress website well completely  

Easy to do with allinone seo allinone seo has 
Fantastic Tools built in to create new metat tags   Edit it modify it and optimize them to your heart 
desire it gives you a live preview of how your   Meta descriptions are going to look like gives 
you suggestions how to optimize it and also what's   The ideal length for The Meta description and you 
can also see a live preview of how your page will   Look like when you optimize your page with the 
right meta description inside allo you can also   Optimize and create open graph tags that means 
whenever you or users share your content on social   Media Facebook Instagram Reddit even WhatsApp Rich 
cards will be displayed for your pages which means   That other users will be able to see detailed 
information a your blog post and it's generally   A best practice to have because it also helps the 
social networks understand what your page is about   So they can point the right users to that content 
so optimize your meta descriptions write them in   The first place if you don't do it and also add 
open graph tags to your pages the next tip I can   Offer you to help you optimize your content for 
SEO and more traffic is to make them simpler to   Read when given a choice most people will pick the 
simpler route rather than the difficult route and   That happens with articles as well if you have 
an article on the topic which is simpler to read   And one is which is harder to read most people 
will pick the simpler article to read it doesn't   Matter what your target audience is they can be 
phds highly intellectual people but you should   Still optimize and simplify your blog post if you 
want to get more traffic now there are a couple of   Ways you can do that first of all practicing how 
to talk in simple language is the easiest way so   When you write the content it'll come out simple 
but if you have a habit of let say complicating   It making it more difficult to read or if you 
don't understand if your content is difficult or   Simple to read there are a couple of tools I can 
recommend to help you identify and also optimize   And simplify your blog post the first one I can 
recommend is the Hemingway app I'll leave a link   On the screen and what you have to do is just 
copy and paste your article right here and once   You paste your content here this app will give 
you a lot of details about what's your paragraph   Length how complicated this is how simple it 
is if you're using passive or active voice and   Overall how simple is this copies of content to 
consume for the audience now if you don't want to   Copy and paste your articles back and forth from 
your website to Hemingway all of n SE has a great   Readability indicator which will give you details 
about how long your paragraphs are how readable   Your text is are you using any complicated words 
are you using active or passive voice and right   There you can get recommendations about how to 
optimize your content for SEO as well so not   Only will you be able to simplify your content but 
also optimize adding the right keywords optimizing   It for SEO whichever app you pick Hemingway or 
build all Ino that's completely up to you but   Make sure to simplify your blog post and add the 
right keywords and you'll have more traffic in no   Time the next step to optimize your blog post 
for SEO is to use tags and categories and tax  

Enemies to organize your content now everybody 
prefers organized things if they want to search   For something they would rather have something 
that's organized rather than disorganized let   Me give you an example this is WPBeginner one of 
the biggest websites in the world when it comes   To WordPress now think of this if I go here I can 
find exactly the kind of information I'm looking   For and it's very well organized if you're a new 
user start here what are the best deals you can   Score for hosting where's the video section what 
are the product section and what can I find on   The blog and each of these are actually categories 
that you can find on our website we will give you   Detail information about that specific category so 
if I go to the theme section you will find all the   Content about themes same with tutorials plugins 
beginner guides news and opinion pieces and if   You go here this will give detail instructions 
on how beginners can get started with what press   So this content being organized makes it very 
easy for any user to find the information they   Are looking for and if you organize your content 
the same way on your website your users will thank   You because if they're looking for a particular 
piece of information on your website and you have   Covered it they probably look for more information 
from your website in the future so if they get to   Know that this information is present on your 
website next time they might not make a search   If your content is good enough they might just 
come back to your website book Market or even   Share with others that means more traffic for you 
and happy and satisfied users and who doesn't want   That so make sure to use taxonomies that means 
categories and tags to optimize and organize your   Content for more traffic and happy users The Next 
Step I have for you to optimize your content for   More traffic is to aim to rank in these featured 
Snippets now what does this mean now Google is   The only company in the world or only website 
in the world which does not want its users to   Stay on the website longer they want to give 
the users the answers they're looking for as   Fast as possible and in this Quest they introduce 
new features in search all the time one of those   Things that they've added recently or I say a few 
years ago is featured Snippets now what does that   This do or how does it affect you as a website 
what Google aims to do especially for how to   Related questions is answer the question right 
in Google search rather than people going to the   Website let me give you a practical example if I 
go to how to or if I search for how to register a   Domain name you see the information right here 
available on the screen you can just use the   Steps and actually register your domain name so 
for most howto queries if Google can understand   The page they'll use this kind of a snippet 
and display it in the the search results and   Users can just F the information and instantly 
just take the steps and get the job done so if   You're writing pieces of content and you want to 
rank higher in the search results and get featured   Snippets then you need to write in a way so that 
you can answer question in few different steps   So whenever you're writing a blog post around how 
to do something make sure to think about the user  

And think about the experience that Google gives 
them in the search results and write at least one   Paragraph or a couple of paragraphs answering 
those questions in a format that Google just   Can look at and then instantly put in the search 
dolls now doing this will won't guarantee that you   Will get the feature snippers but it'll increase 
the probability by a lot that your website will   Be per picked for featured Snippets in Google and 
other search engines so make sure to do that and   Enjoy more traffic and happy and satisfied users 
the next tip I can offer you to help you write   Better content which is optimized for SEO which 
gains more traffic is to write in a comprehensive   Manner now some people might think that this is 
conflicting advice because I said hey make it   Simple now I'm saying make it comprehensive well 
simple and comprehensive are mutually exclusive   They can both exist at the same time something 
that's comprehensive doesn't mean have to be   Difficult and something that's comprehensive can 
be simple as well so let me give you a practical   Example we recently wrote a blog post on how 
to register a domain name and get it for free   In 2024 now you might think that we we can just 
cover this kind of information in five steps as   I showed you in the snippet previous example but 
what we did was we made it extremely comprehensive   Not only we going to details about what is domain 
name when do you need to register a domain name   How to choose the best domain name how to get a 
register or how to register domain name for free   We go into a lot of detail that most people or at 
least people searching for this information will   Find benefit from so if I scroll down you'll 
see not only is this just information on the   Screen we are using illustrations images videos 
we giving important statistics for the users   To understand and also help decide how they can 
choose the right domain name for the business or   The website we even include a video which explains 
all these steps in a more visual Manner and once   You go through all this information then you come 
to the steps on how to actually registered domain   Name and it just doesn't end there we give you 
complete details here we show you the step by step   With illustrations arrows no stone unturn when it 
comes to this information so even if you're a newb   You just know how to use a computer and you're 
trying to get a domain register you can find this   Information and you will have no questions about 
how to get this job done and that is the meaning   Of comprehensive and if you're paying attention 
even though this is very very comprehensive it's   Actually very simple to understand and follow and 
that is what I mean make it comprehensive you you   Can still keep it simple so make sure your blog 
posts are simple but they're comprehensive that   Means it answer all the questions that your users 
will and might have about your topic the last and   The most important tip I can give you to optimize 
your blog post for SEO and more traffic is to keep   Them updated most beginners focus on writing 
more content but if your content is getting   Outdated and it's factually incorrect and it's 
not optimized for the latest trends latest things   That happened then your content will not rack 
in the search results and even if it ranks then  

Then users will come to it figure out that's 
an outdoored piece of content and then never   Will return to your website so don't just focus on 
writing new content also focus on how you can keep   Your existing content updated just as an example 
at WB beginner we spend considerable resources   Spending time and effort and human manp power to 
make sure that every piece of content that we have   On our website is up to date with the latest 
changes and updates that have happened that is   Why millions of people trust us to find Reliable 
trustworthy and accurate source of information on   The web when it comes to WordPress so if you want 
become that kind of an authority in your space   Make sure that you write new content but also keep 
your existing content up to date and optimize it   For SEO with all the tips that I've given you all 
right which of these tips was your favorite if you   Have any questions leave them in the comments 
otherwise like share subscribe do all that good   Stuff you're watching yaj from W beginner 
I'll catch you in the next video take care

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