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Collaboration and editing built for students. When you write something or make a diagram, your group can see it immediately.

Sometimes a physical meet-up can be inconvenient or even impossible! With StudyOnBoard, collaboration is always possible and easy.  We've made sharing so fast that when you write an equation, type, or make a diagram, your group can see it instantly. 

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With StudyOnBoard, you can...

Work it!

Math equations, beautiful diagrams, and pretty much everything else can be made with StudyOnBoard. You can even bring your assignments right onto a board to work out! Edit a paper or brainstorm a group project all within the same board. And when your done, just download it as a PDF to turn in. It's simply the best way to finish assignments and work online.

Share it!

Everything is better when shared. You can share everything you create with your friends, and you can work together over it, in real-time. See your group's thoughts come to life, right before your eyes! Review a friend’s work, or work together on the latest homework. Chat and audio is built right in, so you can have live discussions right then and there. Sharing has never felt this good.

Love it!

StudyOnBoard is built by students, for students. We know the types of rigorous courses you have to take and the struggles that come along with them (we're looking at you Physics 208)! It's custom-built with you in mind, and we know you'll love it!

Try it!

Get on the board and try it for yourself! You don't have to register to try it out. Just click the start button.

Work from Home...

Can't make that study session with your friends? Bad weather keeping you indoors? Don't feel like walking? No worries, whatever the reason, with StudyOnboard we made sure you can work both conveniently and efficiently from the comfort of your very home.

Work on the Go...

Whether it be Android devices, iPads, and even your handy-dandy laptop, you name it, we support it! Our generation is always on the move, so whenever you need to get your grind on, jump onto StudyOnBoard!

Anytime, Anywhere!

As students, we understand how difficult it can be to manage time or find a good place to study. We strive to make studying more accessible for everyone, regardless of location or time. That's why our study rooms are available 24/7 no matter where you are!

Everyone LOVES StudyOnBoard!

I think this is a great academic tool and something with great potential.

- Taylor Hood, Biomedical Sciences Major at Texas A&M University

StudyOnBoard is exactly what we needed... Do you know how hard it is to explain Geometry just using words?!

- Stephen Hudson, Math Teacher at Roosevelt High School

I think this product offers useful and powerful tools for mathematicians, students, and teachers alike.

- Connor McBroom, Biochemistry Major at Texas A&M University

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