Your Secret Weapons To MAXIMISE WordPress SEO

SEO is more important than ever, you can no longer rely on people just stumbling across your website and enjoying it. You need to ensure that you are as far up search rankings as possible and you’re doing everything you can to maximise your SEO and make that happen.

Today we are going to look at the best tools available to help you achieve that. Maximise your SEO and get more eyes on your page which in turn can lead to greater conversions, more sales or maybe just more readers for your blog. Whatever you need to achieve, you need good SEO.

0:00 Intro: SEO?
0:44 Which tool to use?
0:57 All in One SEO (AIOSEO)
2:09 Semrush
3:03 WPBeginner Keyword Generator
3:36 Google Search Console
4:10 Yoast SEO
4:56 SEO Press
5:34 Ahrefs

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It's one thing to have a great website It's another thing to have a great Website with great seo seo search engine Optimization how are you going to get Your website further up the Google Rankings so that people can actually Find you because why have a great Website if nobody can actually find you And there's some really great tools Specifically for WordPress that are Going to help you boost your SEO get Further up have more people find you Have more people read your blog buy your Products the benefits of SEO are pretty Endless and it's something you should Probably be doing yesterday now it's Important to note that with the majority Of the tools that I'm going to go Through today you only want to be using One of them you want one main SEO tool Because if you install or use multiple They can interfere with each other and It can just make things really Complicated so on the whole pick one go With that and make sure it's good our First pick is our top pick and the one That we recommend the most and that is All-in-one SEO all-in-one SEO is a Really comprehensive toolkit and it's Got over 3 million users so if you need A vote of confidence there's 3 million People who have decided that this is the Way to go there are loads of features For all in one SEO so for this

Particular plugin and for all the Plugins we're going to go through we're Going to go through some highlights some Of the key features that we really like All-in-one SEO has the easiest Setup Wizard for a really quick configuration In our opinion as there's also a dynamic Meta tag generator with the ability to Use Dynamic values and a rich snippet Schema markup for enhanced search engine Visibility there's also buil-in social Media integration and some really great Woo Commerce SEO tools so if you are Using woocommerce really want to check This out for pricing there is a free Version of all-in-one SEO that you can Use to get yourself started and then Obviously depending on the additional Features that you need you can go up in Prices to suit whatever it is that You're wanting to do as well as your Budget overall all-in-one SEO is a Comprehensive and userfriendly solution It's hard to beat next up we've got Another really all-encompassing SEO tool And that is semrush semrush is a great Tool no matter who you are whether You're a blogger a business an Individual a professional SE rush really Has something that will probably be Beneficial to you for highlights SE Rush Is excellent for finding organic Keywords and for getting you some Competitive analysis there's a really

Great SEO writing assistant for Optimizing content and there's some Seamless integration with all-in-one SEO For additional keyphrase suggestions we Really like semrush for its competitive Intelligence the way that you can use it To get information about your Competitors it really is next level for Pricing semrush is on a tiered system so Obviously the more features you need the More expensive that it gets now if you Are looking to be up here with all of The key Fe features of semrush it might End up being a little bit expensive Going from expensive all the way to free Here we have the wp beginner keyword Generator it's exactly what it sounds Like it's a way of generating keywords That are going to be very friendly to SEO this is really great for generating Keyword combinations and if you are Stock you need some ideas it's a really Great easy to use free tool that you Should definitely check out the link is Down in the description along with links For any of the products that we talk About today if there is a discount Available we'll have found it and it is Available in those links next up we have Google search console which is a tool Developed by Google that is designed for Monitoring and maintaining site presence In search results this really is an Essential tool for monitoring your

Website health and performance in Google Search results and it's going to provide You with really valuable data on Keywords Impressions and your average Position in search one of the best parts Is that this is completely free to use However you might need a little bit of Technical understanding to either get Going or to really get the most out of The tool next up another great tool for Optimizing your website and it is yast SEO for highlights we've got a User-friendly interface which is great For optimizing individual posts and Pages you've got automated XML sitemap Generation and readability analysis as Well as social media integration there Is a free version available here which Is great but if you want some of the More advanced features of course you can Go for one of the paid plans for the Downsides if you are a beginner some People might find the interface a little Bit overwhelming initially and just Means there's going to be a little bit Of a learning curve if you're here and You're looking to maximize the SEO on Your WordPress page then you're Obviously looking to get the most out of Your WordPress page and we can help you Do that so do remember to get subscribed To WP beginner and also like the video Next up we've got a pretty Straightforward yep powerful SEO tool

For WordPress and is SEO press you're Going to get your essential features Like meta titles descriptions open graph Support XML site maps and all of those Kind of things but if we're talking About highlights we've got comparable Features to some of the top plugins but At a more affordable price and this is Definitely going to be suitable for both Beginners and advanced users now that Doesn't mean the SEO press is perfect it Is going to lack some of the features That may be available with some of the Premium plans but it's definitely worth Checking out next up we've got a really Great SEO analysis tool that's very Popular with marketers and businesses This is HRS and it's going to offer you Some really great tools for things like Keyword research and competition Analysis along with a really great SEO Audit and content analysis one of our Absolute highlights is the exceptional Backlink analysis that HFS can do for You it's going to identify linking Opportunities and content gaps compared To competitors the pricing here can be Quite high and with that some of the Tools that you have are actually Available in other fully comprehensive Packages so if you have a comprehensive SEO tool you might not need this from Complete SEO packages all the way to Simple SEO tools like keyword generators

There's lots of ways there where you can Start to improve your rankings in search We definitely recommend giving All-in-one SEO a look or our very own Keyword generator and if you want some More help with SEO we've got a really Great video just here for you that's all From me I've been James I hope you've Enjoyed it have a good one and I'll see You soon

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