WordPress.COM vs WordPress.ORG: Which is better?

Did you know that WordPress.com and WordPress.org are actually two very different platforms?

Often beginners confuse WordPress.com and WordPress.org, which leads them to choose the wrong blogging platform for their needs. Even those who know that they are two different platforms are not aware of the differences between them.

In this video, our goal is to highlight the key differences between WordPress.com vs WordPress.org, so you can choose the right platform for your needs.

0:00 Intro
0:11 .com VS .org
1:56 A closer look at WordPress.com
2:22 A closer look at WordPress.org

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If you're thinking of building a WordPress website you typically have Just two options choosing between WordPress.com and wordpress.org what's The difference let me explain that with An energy if you're trying to find a Place to live for yourself you typically Have a couple of options the first Option is that you can move yourself Into a hotel it's quick easy and Convenient and the hotel will take care Of many of your daily chores so your Laundry will be done sheets folded bed Made and even food will be delivered Directly to your room the hotel room is Definitely convenient but the downside Is that you don't have any control you Can't invite friends over people over Can't move or change the furniture can't Install your own television or Entertainment system and you can't even Choose your own sheets so that's the Downside the second option is to move Into your own house it definitely will Take a little longer to move in you will Have more responsibilities but it will Be your house So once you move into your own house You'll definitely have to mow the lawn Do your laundry wash the dishes and take Care of other tasks but it will be your House which means you can paint the Walls construct new walls redecorate Have your own Furniture TV music system

Have people over and everything that you Desire everything in your house can be Set up exactly how you like it and You're still free to make any changes Whenever you prefer and that's the basic Difference between wordpress.com and WordPress.org wordpress.com is the hotel Or the hosted version of WordPress when You build a website with wordpress.com The hosting the setup and a lot of Maintenance activities are actually Taken care of by WordPress themselves But if you build a website with WordPress.org you have to get hosting Separately and install WordPress on your Site this might sound technical but it's Not more on that later in this video if I break down the differences between WordPress.com and wordpress.org in the Simplest words then I can say it's a Trade-off between convenience and Control when you build a website with WordPress.com you can go to their site And quickly build a website even for Free but you don't get any control over Your website which means your website is Hosted with a DOT wordpress.com Subdomain and you don't get the ability To install plugins on your site which Are like apps for WordPress and even the Themes you can choose from are quite Limited only when you start paying for The business plan and above do you get The ability to freely install apps or

Plugins on your website on the other Hand when you build a website with WordPress.org you are free to install Any themes or any plugins on your Website what you pay for hosting does Not matter So which one should you choose to build Your website wordpress.com or WordPress.org let me help you arrive at The right answer there are over 1.13 Billion websites in the world today and WordPress accounts for 43 of websites in The entire world and a majority of those Websites are built with wordpress.org Which means the self-hosted version of WordPress not wordpress.com Using hosted WordPress or wordpress.com Is okay for a hobby blog or to Understand how WordPress works but if You're building a website for your Personal brand or your business you Should probably Choose wordpress.org Or Self-hosted WordPress most people who Opt for wordpress.com usually do so Because they think it's easier more Convenient or cheap to set up all of Which are not true anymore If you go to the link in the description Of this video and sign up for a Bluehost Account you can build a fully functional Website for less than three dollars a Month setting up the website takes just A couple of clicks and you get a free Domain name and a professional email

Address as well in just a few minutes Your fully functional website can be Live It's absolutely easy and anyone can do It if you can operate a phone or a Computer you can probably build your Website as well so what do you think WordPress.com or wordpress.org let me in The comments and if you're ready to Build your website with wordpress.org The self-hosted version of WordPress you Should check out this video right here Where my teammate discusses exactly how To build your own WordPress website from Scratch A to Z I'll see you there

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