WordPress Block Patterns – A Beginners Guide

Do you struggle with designing beautiful looking pages in WordPress? Trust me, you’re not alone. Even with all the advancements and improvements in the block editor, creating a professional and beautiful design is no walk in the park.

But, there is a silver lining — WordPress Block Patterns

Similar to the theme directory and the plugin directory, WordPress has introduced the Block Patterns library, which is pre-built blocks that you can quickly add to your website, no design skills required. In this video I give you a quick overview of how it works and how you can use it on your website.

✅ Check out the Block Pattern Library here – https://wordpress.org/patterns

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In this video I'm going to give you a Beginner's guide on how to use the block Pattern library in WordPress and speed Up the website creation process for you So you can design beautiful looking Websites and Pages much faster let's go Before we start let me answer the simple Question for you what are WordPress blog Patterns let me show you instead of Explaining it to you on this beautiful Looking page right here you have a Simple design right you have a few Images using the circle mask in WordPress they also have a specific Theme you also have some social blocks Some separator blocks and they're all Arranged in beautiful looking columns You can design this entire block pattern Or the entire pattern that you see using The blocks existing blocks in WordPress But what if you didn't have to right What if you didn't have to design this From scratch and you could have this Entire block pattern or this pattern Already created for you and hundreds of Others and you can simply import them on Your site and customize them based on Your liking wouldn't that help you Create beautiful looking designs easier And faster of course it would and that Was what the block pattern library is so Let me now give you a demonstration on Where you could find the block pattern Library and how to add block patterns on

Your website let me just delete this Block pattern first let's go go right Here I'll remove this and we have back To a simple looking blank page as you Would expect in any blank or any Starting WordPress site now I want to Add a block pattern right here right so What I would do is go to the blog Section right here yes and this is a Familiar interface right if you've Created any website or use the block Editor this is what you already know but Have you ever noticed what this is the Patterns Library integrated right here In WordPress if you click this you'll See all the block patterns that are Available to you showing up right here On your website and you can even filter Them you have the featured option you Have buttons You have columns You have galleries And your headers you have text and you Also have some uh combinations with the Query Loop so you have a lot of Different options to choose from let's Go back to feature for a second let's Say I scroll down I'm looking at some Block patterns and one catches my eye Let's say this one I like it what I can Do is just click it And the entire block pattern is now Added on my website how cool is that so Simple right and now I can what I can do

Is close this option and I have this Beautiful looking block pattern right Here and if you go into the navigation Menu right here we'll see that this Block pattern is not a special block it Suggests a collection of blocks so this Has an image block right here it has Columns and inside the columns we have Three different columns we have a Paragraph we have another paragraph and Then we have button block so ultimately It's still made or this block pattern is Made with the existing blocks already Used in WordPress but the design part is Already taken care for you so now what You can do is customize this completely On how you like so instead of having to Use this let's say if I click this image Option and I go to the block settings I Still get all the options that I would Get if I manually inserted this block so I again have the option of setting it Rounded Adding an ALT text and all the options Of cropping linking and even using the Duotone filter in WordPress all these Options available to me I can replace The image of course and I can also add Captions right here and I can click this Button and change the paragraph and Again controls with paragraphs that Means the text color the background Color typography all those patterns are Still present here I can utilize them

Completely fully without any Restrictions and the best part is once I've made the change let's say I want to Reuse this same pattern or all the Customizations I've done I want to reuse Them I can save this entire block or This block pattern as a reusable block So if I go here and if I select this and The column I can right click oops sorry I can do This and I say add to reusable blocks so This block once I've customized this can Become a reusable block and as you know Reusable blocks can be reused throughout The website and they'll change Percentage persistently so if you make Make a change to one of the reusable Blocks it will change throughout your Website but you have the option of Changing that behavior so let's say you Want to just change the paragraph on a Certain page or post you can create a Reusable block but then convert it to a Regular block once you insert it on the Post and make your changes there so you Have complete flexibility of uh design Availability and everything you want to Do right here inside WordPress there's a Couple of additional things I want to Show you in the blog panel Library let's Go back right here Patterns and now you might have noticed That okay this is not a best interface Because it's very hard to see uh with a

Small screen that okay how the pattern Will actually look like on the side Right I I hope you agree so what you can Do instead of using this interface is go To the top and click this explore button So as soon as you click explore this Entire interface will change to this Full screen interface which again is Much better in my opinion and it's also Has a search box so if yeah if you Already know the name of Vlog you can Search for it and similar features we Are already seeing right here like for Example the filtering option I can click The buttons columns Gallery headers text And query But this is again not the last place Where you can look for Block patterns is That funny right you can also see block Patterns on a WordPress website for Example uh if you go to plugins you can Check out plugins right here from inside The website using the plugins library From the install page but you can also Go to wordpress.org and slash plugins And look at the plugins there similarly If you go to wordpress.org patterns you Can reach this page which is the block Pattern library for example I'll click This and reach the home page and this Will again feature the same patterns That we were observing right here on This page so it's a complete interface Which you can use to explore block

Patterns and there's a couple of things Here which I will highlight once I have Just given you an example of how the Interface works so you have the Filtering options once again you have The Sorting options newest and popular You can scroll through and just to give An idea 192 pages of block patterns are Available here so fact let's say go to Page two you can just get an idea of how Many block patterns are available on a Single page so I'd say around 20 25 and And you have 6364 pages of 20 25 block Patterns available to you so the Blockband library is exploring when it Started it started with just a handful Blocks but now the blocks are the number Of blocks has exploded because of a Particular reason and I'll tell you why So once you explore the interface of the Patent block library now you know where To find the block patterns from all Three different locations on your site Technically too but yeah a third Location or a second interface but you Might have a question in your mind that How do I use the block patterns from This interface on my website the first Two interfaces were pretty simple just Click and the automatically the block Patterns added to the page right how do I do this so let me give you an example Let me go to the block pattern page Right here and you'll notice something

Similar notice this is the exact same Block pattern that I added to the Website so how do I do that let me show You very simply just hover over the Block that you want to copy or the Pattern that you want to copy and just Click the copy button it's that simple Once you copied it go back to your post Or page just create a new or click on The page in the blank area make sure the Curse is active and just press Ctrl V And the block pattern is instantly Pasted on your site and again you have The same control right if I click the Image and if I go to these options you Can still see that I still have this Exact same options that uh the image Block has and I can click this and I'll Have the similar options to the Paragraph block and I can do all those Controls between uh modifying and Customizing this and again saving it to A reusable block if I need so that's how Easy it is to use the power of block Patterns on your website before I give You one last important piece of Information let me just clarify what's The difference between block patterns And reusable blocks block patterns as I Already demonstrated there are Predefined blocks that you can utilize On your site and whenever you paste them On a certain page and make Customizations the customization stays

On that particular page they don't they Are not persistent throughout the site But once you convert it to reusable Block the changes actually persist Throughout the website so let me just Give you a simple example if I were to Make changes to this and save this as a Reusable block then any page I add it to Will have the same content so if I made Change to one of the posts all the posts On the website which have the same Reusable block will show the same Changes the changes are persistent Throughout the website but you do have The option of as I mentioned in the Beginning of the video to change a Reusable block once you've added to your Post to change it to a regular block so If you want the pattern or the general Template to be the same but you want to Come content to be different you can Create a reusable block but then when You add the block to your page you Convert it to a regular Block it's Pretty simple to do and probably will Have already have a video I'll try and Link it up on the screen if you already Show or if you already have created a Video about that now we've covered Almost everything about understanding Block patterns and what they can do for Your website but there's one interesting Thing I'd like to show you so let's go Back to the block pattern Library let me

Go to the first page And you see two different options right Here which is favorites so you can once You have created or logged into your WordPress account I'm not logged in Right now you can see it so once you're Logged in you can also save your block Patterns as favorites so it's an easy Way to remember what you like and just Go back to those patterns quickly if You're creating multiple pages on your Site and you also have this option Create new pattern so if you click here This will bring you to the login page And once you've logged in you'll be able To create your own block patterns and Submit to the wordpress.org block Pattern Library using the block Interface and also using the code editor Now since this is just a beginner Introduction I'm not going to go into Details about how to do that but the Block editor is a starting point as I Mentioned the block patterns that we see Right here are exactly created with the Blocks that we see in WordPress so if Let's say you were able to create Something like this you can take this Exact thing and submit it to the block Pattern library and if you're Understanding or if you have Understanding of code then you can also Utilize code to create block patterns And submit to the block pattern library

And that's it simple simple beginner Guide to WordPress blog patterns an easy And Powerful way to start creating Beautiful looking pages and entire Websites using the power of WordPress Although a good work done for you if you Enjoyed this video a like will be Appreciated and if you have any Questions then the comment Box is open For you make sure to subscribe before Leaving and watch some of these Interesting videos right here because we Make easy to follow along WordPress Tutorials that will help you create Beautiful websites easily I'll catch you In the next video

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