WordPress 6.5 – New Features, Improvements, and a Preview of Exciting Future Updates!

The first Major update to WordPress for 2024 is about to be released and it is WordPress 6.5. It is currently in beta right now, but it will be released publicly soon and it might already have been if you’re watching this video at a later date.

In this video I show you the most exciting and promising changes in WordPress 6.5 and how big of an impact they will have on building websites in the future.

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00:00 – WP 6.5 is Coming
00:56 – Upload Custom Fonts
03:50 – Updates to Block and Site Editor + Drop Shadow
05:25 – Automatic Overlay Color
06:35 – Rename Blocks in Document Overview
07:50 – New Link Preview UI
09:20 – Organized Preferences
10:16 – Synced Blocks Update
13:04 – Better Filters in Site Editor
13:48 – Better Revision History for Styles
14:47 – Preview of Interactivity API

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WordPress 6.5 is finally available as a Beta to download an end test on your Websites and depending on when you're Watching this video it might already be Released to the public so you can update Your WordPress website to WordPress 6.5 And just to read you something Interesting statistics about 6.5 it Includes 681 enhancements 488 Buck fixes For the editor and about 229 tickets Close for the WordPress 6.5 Co now you Don't care about all of that you just Care about the interesting features that Are available in WordPress 6.5 glad you Are on this video because that's the Exact thing I'm going to cover in this Video all the exciting things new Changes new features Buck fixes and some Subtle changes inside WordPress 6.5 Which you should be aware about now keep In mind it's sillin beta so if you're Watching this video when this comes out Instantly don't update your WordPress Website to the latest version of 6.5 if You have a live website only doing this On a testing environment or a test Website with that let's get started with The all the new changes in WordPress 6.5 so the first exciting feature inside WordPress 6.5 is the the ability to Upload your own fonts now this feature Is long been requested or long awaited But it comes with a few catches inside WordPress 6.5 so let me give you a quick

Demonstration this is a WordPress Website with WordPress 6.5 and how do You actually access this feature make Sure to important or the important thing To note is that this only works if you Have a blockbase theme because it works With the uh WordPress editor so if I go Into the appearance you see I have Editor and but just to give you an idea I'm using the default 2024 theme here You can see here and if I go to the Styles options and if I edit the Existing Styles if I go to the Typography options here you can see a Couple of fonts that I have actually Uploaded what you can do is click this Filters icon and this allows you to Manage your fonts so in my testing I Actually uploaded these fonts and what You can do is just go here and just go To your computer download uh any font From any website that you can find make Sure that you have the rights to use the Font and you can just drag and drop it Here now some of these fonts don't work If they're already existing I already Uploaded a few bunch of fonts that's why You see these errors but most formats Are actually supported which you can see Right here now the interesting part here Is if you go here in install fonts there You'll see a giant button here which Will say hey install Google fonts and Once you click that button instantly

You'll have access to all the Google Fonts that you can directly just import Your site and that is where this font Actually came from the bellan noima font Came from Google fonts and you can see There's so many different fonts Available here I can just keep browsing Browsing browsing and I can just pick Any of these fonts and I can just Instantly have this available on my Website without having to use any other Plugin so let's say for example if I Want to use this font I'll just click I'll just click and install and in a Couple of seconds this font is now Installed on my site which I can see Here now the interesting part is if you Go and actually just create a new post Here let me just refresh this page let Me show make sure it's fixed and if I Just have this post here now what I can Do is actually access all these fonts Here directly in the block editor so if I go here you can see the typography opt Options if I um click the three dotted Menu I can actually choose the font Family now in my limited testing this Does not work with nonblock based themes So this is a website that I have set up Which is using the Astra theme which is A non-block based themes and still has The same fonts uploaded here if I go Here and actually access this settings I Can actually not see this option this

Might be a theme dependent thing but if I even go to the customizer here inside The typography options the fonts that I Just installed are not actually visible Here so this might be just for Block Based themes and maybe support for Non-block based tees might come in the Future but if you're not using a Non-block based team you'll need still Need to uh use a plugin to actually Upload your fonts or use the Google Fonts integration plugin to actually Have Google fonts uploaded on your site But it's a welcome change inside WordPress 6.5 personally I'm very Excited by this on to the next feature The next pck Improvement is in the block Editor and the site editor both the Block editor and the site editor are Supposed to load two times faster and The input lag in the block editor Supposed to be four times faster Compared to WordPress 6.4 there's also a UI Improvement in WordPress 6.5 and let Me demonstrate that to you this is WordPress 6.5 and I have an identical Page here on WordPress 6.4 now if I use This image and click here and go to the Styles tab this is something that you've Seen right you have the borders and you Have the shadow right this is the new Thing Shadow if I go 6.4 you see just The Border option and if I click the Three dotted menu you just have the

Option of selecting the border and Radius but in WordPress 6.5 if you click The three do menu you also have now a Drop shadow option and you can click This to add a drop shadow to your image So if I click this you'll see a drop Shadow on instantly appearing on the Image and it's a pretty cool feature to Add a different variations of drop Shadows right here on the site I would Recommend or I would wish that the Customization ability for drop shers Also come so that we can actually Control what the distance is like how Far is it and what's the I say uh the Blurriness of the Shadow is right now we Just have a few presets but it's a good Start to add some 3D look looking uh Appearance on your images and of course It's not available in WordPress 6.4 but 6.5 has this new feature an important Side note which I should have mentioned Uh this drop shadow feature is not Limited to images you can also add it to Columns and single column so you when You're designing your website you can Add the drop shadow effect to actually Design your layout of your website as Well so it's a quite I'd say a flexible Way of having some interesting looks on Your website on to the next feature Another cool feature in WordPress 6.5 is The automatic selection of the overlay Color in the cover block let me

Demonstrate so this is WordPress 6.5 and What I did was add a cover block and I Ed the same image that I was used or Using for the demonstration for the drop Shadow effect and once I added the cover Block here and used the image here Automatically you'll see the overlay Color was decided by WordPress so if I Click here and go to the Styles options You'll see the overlay color is a gray Color which was automatically selected By WordPress I didn't do this and if I Did the same thing one WordPress 6.4 You'll notice it's a dark default color Which WordPress automatically applies Now this works with lot of different Images I did a little bit of testing so What I did was I added a couple of very Bright wiid images this is again WordPress 6.5 and if I go to the image And I go here you'll see the overlay Color here and once again if I do this You'll see the overlay color here now if I did this in WordPress 6.4 you'll Notice that the overlay color is the Dark color default color which is done By WordPress and this is or this is the Change big change in 6.5 automatic Selection of an overlay color inside WordPress 6.5 welcome feature again Makes your life easier the next welcome Change in WordPress 6.5 is with regards To the document overview let me Demonstrate this is WordPress 6.4 and if

You remember what you could do if you Had a group Block in WordPress 6. 4 you Can actually rename it and name it Anything you like so if I hover over the Group block and I click the three dotted Menu I can go here and actually rename It to say let's say cover and I'll Actually rename it and it'll show up Here now you can't do this with actual Block so if I just click the three Dotted menu you don't see a rename Option here this changes with WordPress 6.5 in WordPress 6.5 you can rename Groups here so if I go here you see the Rename option but I can also rename Individual blocks so if I go here and I Just say here click here the renim Option comes up here so I can just say Featured oops I can't spell featured now If I click save you'll see this block is Also renamed another big change in WordPress 6.5 is with how you can edit Or access these options if I go to WordPress 6.4 here again the only way to Access these options is to click the Three dotted menu and only these options Appear only if I click the three dotted Menu but in WordPress 6.5 I can just Right click over these options and the Options will appear this is pretty cool Again a small but welcome change on how It makes it easy for designing websites With WordPress 6.5 the next Small Change in WordPress

6.5 is how link previews are shown let Me demonstrate this is WordPress 6.5 and This is WordPress 6 .4 of course it Looks identical but let me demonstrate How linking works this is 6.4 if I go Here and I want to link to my homepage Here I can click the link button here And then I'll have to type in some Keywords that actually determine my Let's say whatever page I'm trying to Link to especially internal pages so if I type in home now my homepage and a Page which is also named or post which Is also named home show up I can also Click this and now the homepage is done Now if I click on this the preview will Show up with a few options open a new Tab edit and actually disconnect this is The 6.4 experience but how is it Different in 6.5 let's see it so I'll do Just uh do the same thing here I'll Double click on homepage I'll click this And instantly you'll see some of the Preview automatically appears on the Pages of my website if you have more Internal Pages some of these might show Up I haven't done extensive testing I've Created a few pages and some of them are Actually showing up here so if I click This now instantly this preview option Which was actually had to explicitly Open in 6.4 it appears here and it also Has a new option which is duplicate or Copy the link here if I click this the

Link will be copied and if I now click On the link again similar to how 6.4 Actually open up the preview here you Can see these obviously the toolbar but You this option is also visible which Includes the copy URL button here so This is how the interface is different In WordPress 6.5 compared to 6.4 another small tweak in WordPress 6.5 Is how preferences are displayed so if You don't know where preferences are you Go you can go into the three dotted menu Here and open preferences this is WordPress 6.4 by the way so in this case You have the general the blocks and the Panels and you can go here and figure Out what the preferences are and you can Change them in WordPress 6.5 there's a Subtle difference if I go here and go to The preferences you'll find that there We have General appearance accessibility And blocks and in 6.4 we had General Blocks and panels so the settings have Been organized better and also the Default uh whatever the the setting is Selected it's been bold in WordPress 6.4 But in 6.5 all the set settings actually Appear in bold and whatever you hover on Is is a different color and the Selection or whatever preference youve Highlighted is highlighted differently Uh it I think it looks better in my Opinion the Bold fonts here compared to The normal fonts here so this is again a

Small but welcome change in WordPress 6.5 the next few exciting features about WordPress 6.5 are all about the site Editor but there's an exciting change Inside the synced blocks feature which Make them much more powerful and useful So let meate first the existing Behavior Inside WordPress 6.4 what I did was Create a sync block or a pattern which I Can now reuse on the entirety of my Website now you know that if I create This block or create this synced block I Cannot change this everywhere right if I Make the change uh anywhere or if I Changed the original block the changes Will be propagated to everywhere I use This synced block this is one of the Limitations of the sync blocks but WordPress 6.5 has made a very very Important change where what you can do Is you can actually make some changes to Some of the instances of the synced Blocks and make them more powerful now I'll give you a real example but think Of it like this if I wanted to add a Product review uh kind of a sync block And make it a template I can use sync Blocks in WordPress 6.5 to actually do This how let me demonstrate so first in 6.4 if you hover or click on the sync Block there's no option to edit here or Just make any changes of course you can Make the change but that will just Override everything but in six .5 if I

Do this I have this option called edit Original and if I click this option now What WordPress 6.5 will allow me to do Is Select some blocks that I can Actually change on a per instance basis So if I click here in the pros section I Can go into the Advan Tab and select This option allow instance overrides I Can do the same thing for cons now I Think this feature is a little buggy Before because if I was checking out for List based items I couldn't see this Option but if I see see heading blocks I I can see this option I can see Paragraph blocks and I can see this Option but for some reason it's not Working with all the blocks but I'm Pretty sure it will be fixed now if I Update this block here or sync block Here and go back now voila whatever uh Blocks that I enabled that feature for I Can actually make changes on the fly so If I just say Here positive Features and if I say negative Features Now I can actually just make this change Here and this is affecting only this Instance of the sync block not Everywhere that I have added so this Allows me to create templates that I can Just fill in so example I can just come Here and change the conclusion to final Words and actually add the conclusion of

Whatever the product is right here Without affecting the sync Block it's a Huge change and I think it's very Powerful and it help uh create templates And structures inside websites which Will help uh web web Masters and content Creators just create content faster and With more structure that's an amazing Feature in WordPress 6.5 another small change inside WordPress 6.5 is availability of more Filters and sort options inside the Editor so this is WordPress 6.4 and if You went into the patterns and checked Out any patterns you had search here and You had a couple of filters that you can Utilize to quickly find the patterns You're looking for and make changes to It and word 6.5 there few new changes so Instead of the uh full width search bar Your search bar is here and you also can Reset filters you have the syns uh Status filter available here you can Also go to the view options here and Then you can also use search options so You can sort them by title ascending or Descending you can also have syn status Fields which you show up here also Change the number of items on the page Small but welcome change again which Makes the editor a little more usable Another small but welcome change inside WordPress 6.5 is the revision history to Changes to Styles let me demonstrate so

In WordPress 6.4 this is 6.4 by the way The divisions to style changes can be Viewed but they are not very descriptive So you see here that default Styles this Was the default style and this was the Change made but what was the change you Could not tell in WordPress 6.5 the Changes are a little more descriptive so Switching to 6.5 here you can see Default Styles changes made changes made Changes made and this is just me Updating the style not actually making Any changes but when I did actually make A change you can see here uh who made The change the color styles what was Changed and all the other things that to A change and you can see these styles Are already applied to your website so This history actually helps you keep Track of who made what changes to your Site so if there's a problem you can go Back and also just keep track of Whatever style changes you're making on Your website very welcome very helpful And useful change in WordPress 6.5 all right the last and the most Exciting change in WordPress 6.5 is a Preview of something that is called the Interactivity API now what WordPress is Trying to introduce is a modern way of Creating web pag pages that are not old School or that are not like old school Pages which require the entire website To be refreshed and also present a more

Faster and more authentic and i' say a Better user experience which feels like 2024 let me just give you a Demonstration of this website now this Website is a demonstration created by The WordPress team for this Interactivity API you can just see it Right here and of course I'll link this Website down in the description so you Can go and test it out yourself now this Is a typical movie based database Website what's so special about it this Is where the interactivity API comes Into play now typically when you Navigate through uh different pages on Your site or let say let's say a w Commerce product page you go to navigate Uh page two page three the entire page Has to reload and it takes time it's not Very fast and efficient but look at the Screen and pay a close attention to What's going to happen I'm going to Click next page and boom instantly this Section has been updated without Actually the entire page needing to be Reloaded that is the big important part Part here and I can keep doing this and See how fast this is and doesn't require The entire page to load and even if the Page is not loaded I can keep clicking And the interactivity of the website is Very very responsive so it feels very uh I' say present and very very modern Interface and I'm very excited so if I a

Lot a lot for Words uh don't don't mind If I'm not able to describe this because This is very well welcome change for me Inside WordPress now this is not just About pagination of course you can click Anywhere here and this will open up the Website and you can do the same thing You can see here if I'm changing the Cast it's very fast I can play trailer And this opens up a popup it's very very Efficient and fast and I can click the Uh like button and instantly it updates It here so this website is pretty cool And I think it's a great way to Understand uh how WordPress will evolve In the future and I'm very excited for This change because not only will this Help developers create more modern Interfaces but also help users create More modern websites for our viewers and Users so that we can provide a much I Say better experience for our viewers And create fast blazing websites that Just load amazingly fast so those are All the amazing updates to WordPress 6.5 My personal favorites are the synced Blocks updates and the also the Interactivity API I'm most excited about Them what are your favorite updates let Me know in the comments and of course Subscribe for more WordPress education We made a lot of WordPress videos and I'll play some videos on the screen that You can watch next you're watching yaj

From WB beginner like share subscribe Comment spread the Good Karma I'll see You in the next video take Care

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