Will OpenAi Chat GPT Kill Google? Learn How to Make MONEY ONLINE with ChatGPT-3 Ai Bot Now

There are many rumors that OpenAi Chat GPT is going to replace Google search engine. So I decided to make a video about it, because there are many viewpoints on this. Personally I believe that ChatGPT-3 is just an AI BOT that can help you with some research or with getting some ideas started.

Chat GPT is amazing helper tool and if you use it correctly, you can make money online with Chat GPT-3 faster than ever before.

So I also decided to explain why this ai bot will not kill Google search. And also I show you full beginner tutorial on how to make money online using ChatGPT, because it really is that good.

You simply have to know how to use it and than take the ideas and make it your own. When you start using your own personality and your own voice, you have much better chance to make money online with this Ai Bot.

Hopefully this video will give you some explanations on if ChatGPT will kill Google search or not and how to take advantage of this artificial intelligence and make money online.

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Will OpenAi Chat Gpt Kill Google? Learn How to Make MONEY ONLINE with ChatGPT-3 Ai Bot Now

This video is going to answer to your concern if Chat GPT will replace Google search and ways to use it to make money online. This will speed up your content creating process and make you money, if you are consistent with it and know how to use it properly…

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📹 https://youtu.be/ZcFEBJc00Uo

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Well jgbt replaced Google right now There are so many rumors about ggpt and How it will kill Google just because Millions of people are already using it And you can ask ggpt anything you want And it will give you some kind of answer So maybe some people think that yes it Will replace Google at some point but it Is so let's Discover it on this video [Music] You know I love to use AI tools and uh Jgpt is really great AI tool that is Free right now and maybe that is why it Is so popular because it is free right People like to test it people like to Try it out but you know what this huge Demand tells me that people love AI Tools and I remember like a couple Months ago when uh I was doing some Research on AI tools especially for Writing people were like no way there is No way that AI can replace a writer or People told me hey you crazy nobody will Ever use AI tool to write because they Have no experience they have no voice It's just AI tool and you know what Sometimes I I think like that as well But when it comes to kgpt right now it Can actually give you answer into Anything you want you you want a riddle It will tell you a riddle you want a Joke it will tell you a joke you want to Start a business online you can ask it And it will give you an ideas so it can

Really do many things but because Millions of people are using it right Now you will be just another millionth Of user right and this is not how you Build business online if you want to use Cheat gbt to make money online you need To be unique and what the other million Of users cannot be is they cannot be you You are unique and this is kind of Interesting just because you know when You ask jgpt about the best books for Personal development it will give you Some books but did you read them what is Your voice on these books maybe you can Get this uh you can take it as an idea And you can go and do research on those Books and then maybe make a video on Those books but with your own voice did You really like it do you think that Jgpt gave you good books or maybe it Didn't right because you see what you Like is not what I like that means jgpt Can give you some ideas but what if you Don't like it but maybe I do right it Doesn't know your voice this is just a Tool it's the same thing like with Weapon you can have knife to feed the Whole family or that means too good to Do good but you can have knife to kill People right which is kind of bad thing To do so this is the same thing if you Think that you can just copy and paste Whatever text you get from to GPT uh it Will not be seen by many people but if

You take the ideas And create your own spin on it using Your own voice your own personality Then you will be able to attract the Right audience for you and build Relationships and right now Google wants This they want relationships with the Audience so TTP cannot give you this Relationships you need to create that Bond with your audience and you do it by Being you as I said before you are you And I am me for example there could be Millions of people who would like your Ideas or your spin on whatever topic you Want to talk about but they will not Like mine and for example I can have Another million of people who like my Idea like the way I say things do the Way I present things but they will not Like yours you see so it is you know you Are unique which chat GPT cannot be it Can just give you the idea I hope that You get it so that means I think that it Cannot kill Google it cannot replace Google just because Google will use a Lot of money from advertising so I still Believe that Google was still present Search results Based on how users are interacting with Your site or with your videos so if it Is engaging if you have a lot of Click-throughs if you have a lot of Minutes watching or the video or maybe Reading right so the time spent on video

Or on on for example article then they Will rank your content and they will Make sure that more people will see your Content you cannot do this by two GPT Just because tgpt is just a tool a robot But you can use it for research that Reminds me you know I live in a small Town we have around 15 000 people here But on the Main Street I have around six Stores where they sell glasses I'm like Who the hell is going to come here every Single day and buy glasses in a small Town Why so many stories and how they make The money so this is like in a small Town right but you know what just Because I don't go and buy the glass it Doesn't mean that they're they have Customers there could be another Thousands of people who have and they go To those stores so you see this is the Same thing with your GPT like and and Your voice If you put your voice into it you can Attract people that are attracted to you And what is cool about this is that Online you can attract as many people as You want just because you are not Limited to a small town like I am of 15 000 people for example but you need to Be really smart about using J GPT and if You use it as a tool you will be able to Make really good money with it but you Need to know how to use a tool it is the

Same thing like for example let's say You don't know how to drive car and Somebody give you a car would you be Happy about it no you'll be scared You'll be like oh my God I'm going to do Maybe I I crash it maybe I go to the Hospital right because of that so you See if you don't know how to use the car And somebody give you the best car ever It will not do good to you the same Thing with jgpt if you don't know how to Use it how can you actually become Expert of something how can you actually Show your voice to people so right now Let me show you some examples if you Want to use tgpt to make money online What can you do with it alright so we Are again in check GPT tool and this is Again I want you to guys understand that The system May occasionally generate Incorrect or misleading information and Produce offensive or biased content and That is what I was talking about that This is not intended to give advice and This is just for research so that's why I think that jgpt cannot kill or replace Google at this moment because it's Missing the correct information but the Ideas you can get from this is really Cool so let me show you for example if You want to make money online you want Let's say to see some side hustles right So here is uh what can chat GPT give you Some ideas

So you simply type in the question and Because it's like chat you know you just Press this button and it will give you The answer And as you can see it starts typing and It can tell you that you can sell Products of services or Etsy Amazon so If you like this you can do a research On it right or maybe you can sell on Your own website which I do with my E-commerce stores but you can also do Consulting coaching writing uh you can Go to upwork Fiverr so is this is really Cool ideas that you can use you can Start blog or YouTube channels so Um you can buy domain names in my stocks Become freelancer so for example for This I would say that uh all right Um I like start a blog so let's say you You like that so let me show you what it Can give you uh so maybe I can say Foreign [Music] So right now because I wanted to start a Blog I I told the tool ggpt that I like Talk about making money online mindset Personal development so would be the Best topic for my blog so this is again Research and as you can see it starts to To to to give me uh some ideas All right so now it gave me some Coaching on how should I start this blog Um but okay so let me ask him again [Music]

Let me ask him about outline for you Know making money online affiliate Marketing because this is what I like to Do See it gave me some outline so I know For example that on my home page I would Like to talk about this definition of Affiliate marketing overview passive Income potential and basically each of These can be a blog post right so right Now this tool gave me an idea to create A home page with this topic and each of This section would be separate paragraph And also separate blog post on the blog And I kind of so far I like it choosing Affiliate programs okay just products Create content all right to basically to Get traffic right this is this is uh Great so for example now you would Continue right now you'd go one by one And ask it to create a topic or content On this and then you will put your spin On your your own expertise like I'm Really good with affiliate marketing so I can write my own but just to give you An example I'm gonna do this one Foreign Post All right so as you can see it wrote Really cool blog about this and I can Use this to structure that Um that that article so let me continue With this one and then I show you how I Would do it

So now the second one [Music] All right so right now let me finish it And I'm gonna show you how I would do Using jet GPT uh this in in a blog post But I'm gonna use only this all right so First of all let's open Google And docs Okay cool so the way I would Start is this would be my topic So I want to have it I want to have it in here And now I would basically do this in uh This and this all right so this would be What is affiliate marketing So I'm gonna just paste it here and then The second one so this would be intro All right now I'm not gonna do all crazy Editing here but you get the point now I'm starting to filling out this so Um let me give it a name and the name of This would be it's gonna be all about Okay So so right now let me let me ask you to Create a cool name All right now it starts to give me some Ideas All right so for now I'm gonna use this One All right so I'm not gonna even let it This for now I'm gonna put it here so This could be affiliate marketing Uh profit right so Because this is

The beginning Does the Mind map I want to fill So I'm just going to put it so this Would be So this will be one section this will be Section two and I can give it to I can Give it my voice right so this would be The title And what you can do is again write it [Music] So I'm gonna do intro paragraph Perfect As you can see I I got some cool text And again what I would do is copy it Here So this is how you would continue you Would continue to do this and then at The end as you can see you will be able To get so many options see then you can A little bit format format it in in Before you start to posting it on your Blog so right now we've created Basics Watch it was just couple minutes uh let Me work counter It was just couple minutes and we Created beginning of the blog post And right now already 662 words and Imagine we just started with these two Points so with this One two three four there's four more Section on that blog post so it could Have again anywhere from four to six Thousand words based on just this Research now

If you want to get your voice into it You will you will basically read each Paragraph and you create it in your own Voice your own expertise will show in This blog post but you get an idea this Is how you can use check GPT to do the Research and in the beginning I just ask Him to give me some ideas on how to make Money online and you see it gave me many Ideas and we chose start a blog of Course if I wanted to ask asking for YouTube channel I would go the same Thing so I would say [Music] See I can ask him for video title ideas If I would like to start YouTube channel Instead of blogging And look at that these are actually good Topic and maybe I will actually start Now creating videos on this just because My channel is all about affiliate Marketing and this looks like It is awesome but awesome video titles And I can actually make any of this Title a video so this is a a really cool Power of chat uh um GPT But again it is really good idea if you Have the experience so you can take your Experience apply this to check GPT and Yes you can create Content and content and content which in Turn will make you money online right so This was awesome as you could see J GPT Can be really good tool to do the

Research but you still have to put your Own personality into it and you can Create unlimited amounts of content for Your audience it can just give you right Ideas and you can monetize it I hope Guys that you get some value from this Video if yes please give me a like and Also if you are completely new to my Channel make sure you hit the Subscribe Button with the Bell notification icon So you don't miss out any cool content Foreign [Music]

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