Why is WordPress Free? What are the Costs? What is the Catch?

One of the most often asked questions by our users is “Do I have to pay to use WordPress?”.

We tell them that WordPress is a free and open source software, which is usually followed by, “Why is WordPress Free?”.

In this video, we will discuss why is WordPress free, what’s the cost of running a WordPress site, and what’s the catch?

0:00 Intro
0:26 Is WordPress REALLY Free?
1:16 How WordPress is Built
2:12 If it’s Free, how do you Make Money?
4:27 What About Copyright?

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If I walked up to you and said hey Here's a Ferrari completely free of Charge you'd be skeptical and that's the Same feeling people get when people find Out that WordPress the number one Website building software in the world Which Powers over 44% of the entire Internet websites is completely free They also feel skeptical so is WordPress Free why is it free what's the catch all Of these questions will be answered in This video so let's address the elephant In the room is WordPress really really Free the answer is absolutely yes WordPress is an open- Source software Hence it is also free but you should Think of free as in free Dum not Something being free why is that because WordPress being open source and being a Software gives you the freedom to use it To modify it to contribute to it and Even redistribute it it's not like You're taking something but you have Freedoms to do something with the piece Of software hence WordPress is free all Right you I completely understand WordPress is completely free so building A website with WordPress would also be Free right well technically that's not Correct because WordPress the software Is completely free of charge but there Are other costs involved when building a Website I'll discuss this more in the Later part of the video so now you might

Be thinking wow WordPress is completely Free I bet if the company behind WordPress took the software and actually Sold it they'd make a lot of money right Well not technically to make this or to Understand this question you have to First understand how WordPress is built As I said WordPress is open-source Software so technically there is no one Person one company one entity or one Organization that has built WordPress WordPress is built by the community tens Of thousands of people over the years Have contributed to WordPress many Organizations have contributed to WordPress so technically there's no one Owner and since there's no one owner It's owned by everybody or you can say It's owned by nobody so if nobody owns It or if everybody owns it can it really Be sold no that is why WordPress being Open source is completely free and no Person company can actually sell it with That question comes the next obvious Question wow WordPress is really free Then how are these all these individuals Professionals companies service Providers able to build products and Services around WordPress how do they Actually survive how do they actually Make money if you have asked this Question to yourself or anybody else Then you've answered the question Yourself because as I said WordPress the

Software is free but companies Individual professionals Enterprises Build products and services around WordPress and sell it to make money I'll Give you a few examples WordPress the Software being free also called WordPress.org or self-hosted version of WordPress is completely free but the Co-founder of WordPress also has a Company called automatic and one of the Services they provide is a managed Hosting solution where it is also called As wordpress.com where you can go and Sign up create a website or blog Completely free of charge if you use Their services for free they're a little Bit restricted on what you can do with Your blog or website but if you want to Complete experience of using WordPress While it's managed by automatic you pay A small fee so individual creators or People who don't want the hassle of Managing or creating their website can Go to wordpress.com or automatic to have Them provide the service of managing Their website and the same service is Also used by biggest companies in the World where they don't want hassle of Managing very very large websites so Automatic the company uses WordPress Creates this service and helps manage Big Brands and small creators manage Their own WordPress websites and that's How they make money there are a bunch of

Other service providers product creators Also who make money for example when you Build a website you also need hosting so Hosting providers also make money by Selling you the hosting required to host Your website also plug-in creators and Theme creators also make money by Selling or creating products and Services around WordPress for example we At w beginner create many many products Around WordPress we create some Fantastic products like WP FS allinone SEO monster insights optin monster and We have 20 plus products in our suit That we make for WordPress most of our Products are completely free to use but If you want professional features Professional level of support you can Upgrade to the premium versions of our Products and that's how we make money With WordPress so let me get this Straight WordPress is free I can do Whatever it technically what I like I Can build a website with it I can create A product or service around it and sell It and make money well I have another Question what about copyright if I make A contribution to WordPress does it fall Under copyright and what about the Content on my website does it also come Under copyright so let me answer that Question in the simplest way possible no WordPress is not copyright free Technically WordPress is distributed

Under the GPL or general public license It allows you to modify it distribute it And use it and any changes you make to WordPress or any contributions you make Are under copyright but any derivatives Of WordPress still fall under GPL it's a Little technically confusing and it's an Evergoing debate inside the community That if somebody creates products and Services around WordPress do they fall Under GPL what's the right answer that's Up For Debate and you can interpret the Rules in any way you like but the more Important question is if you build a Website with WordPress any of the Content that you write let's say you Write hundreds of blog posts you add Images take original pictures and if you Uh make a Blog with WordPress and add All that content does that content Become a derivative of WordPress and Then hence falls under GPL the answer is No this is the important part so if you Build a website with WordPress you add Lots of content to it you add original Content original assets original images Anything that content is still your Property nobody can take any piece of Content on your website and claim that It's under GPL so they have the right to Use it as well the content you create With WordPress or cont content you Create on a WordPress website is still Your property all right yaj I think I've

Understood everything just tell me what Does it cost to build a website with WordPress well I have to ask you a Simple question first are you trying to Build a website with wordpress.com or WordPress.org and for answering both the Questions if you want to build a website With wordpress.com watch this video and If you want to build a website with WordPress.org then watch this video Where I discuss everything or all the Costs related to building a website with WordPress thanks for watching this is vi From beginner and I'll catch you in the Next video take Care

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