Why I Stopped Making Videos And The Future Of This Channel

It’s about time I open up about why I went from posting multiple videos per week, to just a few videos per year.

And talk about the future of this great community we have build over the past 8 years.

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It's about time that I opened up about Why I went from posting multiple videos Per week to just a few videos per year And also talk about this great community That we've spent that last eight years Building together and yes I am growing a Beard when I started this YouTube Channel I didn't know what the heck I Was doing and I didn't even really take It serious until 2016. even then I would Really just make videos on the things That interested me there was no real Strategy to what I was doing here I've Learned that life really doesn't prepare You from being someone that is in Obscurity or obscure to becoming a Public person and all of the bad things That can come with that now me being Business minded I knew that I needed Some diversification and that's why in 2018 I launched a product named cart Flows then after that I came out with a Product called presto player then I Created shirt art which is my most Ambitious product to date it's a Woocommerce alternative and let me just Say there's a reason why there are no Woocommerce Alternatives because it's Not as easy to build as it seems so I Found myself in 2021 not burnt out with Making videos in any way but sitting There and asking myself why why do you Do what you do I never made these videos To earn a living in fact I could retire

Today if I wanted to and never have to Worry about money again for the rest of My life so I decided to shift my focus From making videos to making amazing Products that shift in Focus has Produced some amazing things sure card Is now the fastest growing woocommerce Alternative with close to 10 000 active Merchants using it every day sure Triggers is automated being hundreds of Thousands of actions per month and soon It's going to be millions of actions per Month card flows is about to launch Version 2 which is going to set a new Standard in user interface and user Experience for all WordPress products Sure writer is an AI writing platform Just imagine if chat GPT and Jasper had A baby you'd end up with short writer But I gotta admit on this one we kind of Missed the AI rush over the past six Months or so and what I'm most excited About no one has heard about this yet so This is a first look exclusive an AI Website building platform named zip You'll be able to go from zero to a Multi-page WordPress website in just a Few minutes with zip Zip's going to open Up a whole new category of WordPress Websites that you can make modify and Sell to people Zip's gonna be free and The beta is going to open up this month But all year I've had this deep feeling That there's too much unfinished

Business here on this channel I love the People that show up I I love hearing how A video helped someone I love the Community that we have here and I really Love making the videos I have a lot of Fun making them for you my conclusion is That the only way to make this channel Reach all of its potential to help People is for there to be a team built Around it all of the products have teams Built around it so that they can be Successful why not do the same with WP Crafter so three months ago the channel Got its first new team member hello Hello everyone my name is Tristan I'm so Happy to be here and to be a part of This channel a little bit about me when I am not making websites for my clients I am a photographer A documentarian and I play in a punk Band Adam and I had been working on some Really great content over the past Couple of months that I can't wait to Show you here's a sneak peek of a video We got coming out soon so what exactly Is padding and margin so imagine your Content is like a picture frame padding Is the matting that goes inside the Frame creating space between the picture Which is your content and the frame's Edges which is your container it adds Breathing room to make sure that the Picture doesn't touch the frame directly

On the other hand margin is like the Empty space on the wall that surrounds The frame itself it defines how much Space there is between the frame or your Container and other objects nearby it Helps give the design balance and Prevent it from feeling too crowded but You'll see the rest of that when it Comes out on the channel now there's a Couple differences between Adam and I You might notice for starters I have a Lot more tattoos I have long and very Messy hair and my videos tend to be a Lot shorter you just fix this I remember When I started learning web design I Found so many tutorials that just felt Like they were so much longer than they Needed to be something that could have Been explained in three minutes for some Reason took 30. and so when it comes to Creating content for me I like to get Straight to the point this is what we're Talking about this is what I'm going to Show you this is how you do it done That's all it needs to be so anyway I'm Excited to be here thank you again Adam For bringing me on to the team and I Can't wait to share all of this content That we've worked so hard on with all of You so that being said I will see all of You in my first video coming out very Very soon as you can see along with Having hair Tristan is pretty much next Level with everything and that's really

What we want for this channel for it to Be next level in everything that we do Tristan and I have been working together For the past three months making videos Together so that we can restore Consistency here to the channel now it Might take us a few months to find a Good Rhythm for the channel so every Single video view video like video Comment is very much depreciated and it Really goes to help the channel if There's a specific video that you would Like to see on the channel there's a Link in the video description that will Take you to a form you can just pop in What you want to see and knowing what You want to see knowing what you want to Watch will be very helpful for us as we Make new videos and let me just put this Out there if you could see yourself in a Video on this channel and you love Helping people reach out to me there's Plenty of room on this channel for more Content and if you want to meet in Person next month I'm going to be flying Out to Word Camp us if you see me there And you ever wanted to meet don't be shy Just come up and say hi I would be Thrilled to be able to meet you I just Want to conclude by saying thank you for Being part of this community whether you Just found the channel a month ago or You've been here since day one I deeply Deeply appreciate you appreciate you

Watching the videos engaging with the Community being part of the community It's really been A blessing for me it's been humbling as Well and I just want to put all my focus Into making this channel be everything That it can be this community grow and Be everything that it can be to help as Many people as possible thanks for Watching

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