What’s new in WordPress 6.6?

WordPress 6.6 is coming soon.. and it will bring with it a host of new features, fixes, and improvements. In this video, I go deep into all the new things that are coming in WordPress 6.6.

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WordPress 6.6 is just around the corner At the date of this recording it's Supposed to be released in let three to Four weeks so we thought we'll take a Deep dive into WordPress 6.6 and just Give you a perspective on what are the Improvements and changes coming to WordPress 6.6 compared to 6.5 at the date of this recording WordPress 6.6 is still in beta so if you Want to try along and use the same Features or test it out don't do it on a Live website you can use the WordPress Beta testing plugin to install it on one Of your staging or local sites as I have Done so that I can show you the Differences live let let's see what are The difference between or what are the Improvements in WordPress 6.6 so I've set up two sites to Demonstrate the differences between WordPress 6.5 and 6.6 so with the title You can see this is WordPress 6.5 and This is WordPress 6.6 so what I'll be Doing is demonstrating features side by Side you can see the changes and Understand what are the improvements you Can expect when you start utilizing or Updating your website to WordPress 6. Set so let me start with the first and The most i' say interesting difference So the first difference you'll notice in WordPress 6.6 is in the theme editor Section so if I go to the theme editor

Section in WordPress 6.5 I can go to Appearance I can go to editor and this Is what the interface will look like It's pretty simple and you have to go Into the let's say the templates or the Patterns to identify different patterns Your site has but in WordPress 6.6 this Is a little different if I go into the Appearance section and go into the Editor here the interface initially will Look the same but if I go to the Patterns you'll see now all the patterns The theme supports will start displaying On the same page and I can go and filter Them out so it's a slight biger bit of a Difference and instead of going into Let's say the Footers or another Sections you can find all the patterns Right here and then you can just go in And edit them and make changes to them If you need so that's the first Difference in difference between WordPress 6.5 and 6.6 the next difference between WordPress 6.5 and 6.6 is with visual Stuff on the post editor now you might Remember that in WordPress 6.5 if you Edited a basic post or page or any kind Post type in WordPress the interface Would look different and if you editing A theme pattern or a theme might say Section then the interface would look Different for example this is WordPress 6.5 and this is the interface for

Editing a regular post type so if you go Back and if you go into the editor for The theme for example I go here and if I Edit any pattern for example if I go Let's say in a template section and I go Here and I actually just try and edit This by clicking this the interface Looks a little different now even though The both are block edit there's not much I'd say justification for why the Interface is different so the WordPress Team has made those changes and now the Post type or the the normal block editor Which you can use to create post and Pages also looks quite similar so this Is WordPress 6.6 and this is just a Regular post editor I just created a new Post on site and you can see now we have The title and if you click here now you Have the action menu here you can search For commands and type it in and you can See the similar design language with the Same icons and styles also appearing so It's coming up WordPress is just i' say Merging the identities identity Differences between the normal post Types and the block editor and the block Editor in the patterns editor so now Users will not have confusion I'd say When they're editing anything because The interface looks very much the same The next Improvement in WordPress 6.6 is Supposed to be with overrides in sync Patterns now I say supposedly because in

My beta version that I'm using right now The feature is not present so it might Be shipped in the final version or might Be skipped out so that's why I'm saying Supposedly because the feature was Announced I think with WordPress 6.5 so If not shipped with 6.6 it might come in Later releases of WordPress let me just Show you what the feature is supposed to Work like because I don't have the full Demonstration so this is a simple uh I Say pattern that I've created and you Can create a pattern in WordPress by Just taking one block or I say Combination of blocks and just creating A pattern let me give you an example Here so if I take a regular paragraph Prof and I type in text and I just type In an image let's say and now if I go to The uh document overview I can select The paragraph and uh the image by just Clicking and holding shift and then if I Just use the options menu I can create a Pattern here and similar to this now This if I create this pattern I can sync This pattern across my website which Means that all the content that I add to A pattern which means the image the text Any kind of pattern will stay consistent Throughout my website that's a pretty Useful feature but in WordPress 6.6 the Override feature was supposed to give Additional functionality what the Overhead suppose feature supposedly

Should work like is when you select the Actual pattern here you should be able To go into the block section and there's Supposed to be a button called override Here using which you can change anything On the block or I say the pattern that Is imported or added to a particular Page and then change only some elements That you would not like to let say use As a sync feature so for example Hypothetically if I was creating let's Say a call to action button for signing Up to something let's say I'm hosting a Workshop then you can create a pattern With that have a let's say cover image Or add a have a let's say text block and A button block and then you can sync it Across your website but let's say for Example if you have a particular page Where you want to override the button Color or the text or even the link to The page that you're referring to then You can just edit it on that page and The rest of the patterns will not be Affected so you can override the sing Patterns on particular pages and posts Now it's a very useful feature because It allows you to create basically Templates of your own so you can just Add that template changes a couple of Things it'll save you time in design but As you can see when I when I select a Pattern in WordPress 6.6 I don't see any Features which are supposed to be

Present in the I'd say pattern uh Edition or pattern say block uh which Were supposed to be here so if the if it Changes I'll leave a pin comment with The update that hey in a future version Which I didn't test the feature has Shipped but I don't see it right now so I just wanted to tell you what the Feature is how it work and if it comes Along I'll just past an update here the Next big change in WordPress 6.6 is Pending to how you can manage patterns With classic themes let me demonstrate So this is WordPress 6.5 and I'm using The Astra theme which is a nonblock Based theme so a classic theme now if I Go to the appearance section and if I See you can see the patterns here so if You create patterns on your site you can Very well manage them in WordPress 6.5 And the interface to manage patterns Looks like this I was experimenting so You can see this is a pattern I have Created but in WordPress 6.6 the Interface or i' say the position where The patterns can be accessed is the same But if you click on it then it'll take You to the familiar interface of when You are supposed to look like when you Editing the site with a Blog based theme So basically the interface of managing Patterns is becoming more cohesive with The blog based themes and also the Classic themes now this interface is

Much more friendlier I'd say it gives You a visual representation of how the Patterns look like it gives you options To filter and do all sorts of good stuff So this is a welcome change between WordPress 6.5 and 6.6 the next big change in WordPress 6. Six has to do with Styles and how Styles Work specifically for Block themes let Me demonstrate so this is WordPress 6.5 And this is the familiar Styles Interface it offers style options so you Can see color palette the typography Options and all the different changes so In one click you can see everything Changes on the site the typography the Colors and everything changes now with WordPress 6.6 you'll have more control Over what you need or what you want to Change with respect to the design so for Example this is WordPress 6.6 and Instead of choosing just the Styles Which was the option here I can Cho or I Can choose only the typography or the Color palette or I can use the style as Well for example I like the typography But maybe I just want to change the Colors so it'll extract the color Palettes present in the Styles and Present it like this so if I can just Click the colors now you see the Typography doesn't change but the colors Do so this gives you more control over What elements of the style tabs or what

Elements of the style you want to change And Implement on your site giving you More control and more I say beautiful Options to customize your website Another change in WordPress 6.6 which is Supposedly going to ship is block styles From tee developers now this is a Feature which developers can use and Also will benefit end users like you and Me and the feature is simple let me Describe it and then I'll demo it so With any kind of block we have or say Whenever you import a block add a block And you add a template add a pattern it Will inherit the styles that you have Created in the template or the pattern Now block themes or I say developers of Themes Developers of these patterns can Add overrides to individual blocks as Well let me demonstrate how it should Look like but right now the feature is Not present in my version of beta 6.6 so Let me just demonstrate so this is WordPress 6.5 by the way and how the Feature is supposed to look like is Basically if you select any block or a Group block you have some style options And these are the Styles options you Have colors and backgrounds and all These changes this is not new but how it Is supposed to work like in 6.6 or at Least when the feature shapes is when You have have these options similar to How you have styles in patterns or in

The block editor you have predefined Styles you can use so theme developers Will be able to ship styles with respect To blocks as well so you might see a Dark option or let's say have two three Color options so even for blocks you can Mix and match the color styles without Having to change every color manually And this also give you the option of Consistently applying colors to blocks Without having to do all the manual work Of changing the colors now as I said It's not shipped yet or at least not me My version of WordPress uh beta 6.6 so If it comes along I'll mention those in A pinned comment or in the description Of the video that this feature is also Going to ship or has shift already the Next big change in WordPress 6.6 has to Do with how you design pages and it's Going to be a welcome change for Designers and end consumes alike let me Give an illustration if you wanted to Design something or i' say a page in WordPress 6.5 you had the option of Using the column block right you could Type in columns and then you would uh Arrange the columns somehow and Miss add Stuff it wasn't great but WordPress 6.6 Makes a huge improvement over this Feature or functionality by giving you An additional new block and the block is Called the grid block so if I just type It in Grid you can see it's a new Block

In WordPress 6.6 and this will give you The option of automatically creating Grids or even manually overriding grids And just customizing stuff for example You can see I have the option of Auto or Manual I can change the minimum column Width I can enhance it it can make it Bigger smaller depending on the page Layout or I can just do it manually and Then just click around I can just add The block here and if I've selected Manual I can just drag it and then Change the width on my own so this gives You great control and this will Completely work great on mobile mobile As well because the column block block Didn't work very well with mobile Especially with complicated designs so This is again a huge I say big Improvement over how we think or how we Will Design stuff in WordPress 6.6 Another small change between vprint 6.5 And 6.6 is the introduction of a new Keyboard shortcut that will allow you to Group blocks automatically so this is WordPress 6.5 and if I have to group These two blocks together I'll have to Just select those blocks either use this Icon here or click in the option menu And then go into the group option to Group these blocks and once I do group These blocks it looks like this and I Can go and ungroup them and WordPress 6.6 we have a new keyboard shortcut

Which is command G or Control G Depending on the OS you're using so I've Selected these blocks and I'll just Press contrl G because I'm on Windows And now these blocks are grouped and I Can ungroup them manually unfortunately I couldn't find a keyboard shortcut to Ungroup blocks that would have been cool But again small change but I think Improvement over the UI or ux of WordPress 6.6 another big change in WordPress 6.6 Has to do with how updates and roll Backs work now a lot of people do not uh Turn on automatic updates for their Plugins because they believe that hey Maybe a plug-in ships an update that Breaks the Plugin or breaks my ENT Website now WordPress 6.6 is addressing It by introducing automatic Ro roll Backs so if a plug-in update actually Breaks your site WordPress 6.6 will roll Back the plugin to a previous version Automatically I could make it work right Now but I'll hope to do some tests and I'll let you know in the description of This video out of the pin comment that If I was able to make it work by Breaking some website of breaking a Plugin and if it works it's a amazing Welcome feature because I've had this Happen to me automatic updates have Broken couple of my websites so if this Happens automatically I'll be glad and

Understand or I say really appreciate WordPress actually making this feature At I work on WordPress 6.6 all right friends those are the most Major improvements to WordPress 6.6 There are a few developer related Options I haven't covered them in this Video but overall there have been 97 Improvements and 101 fixes in WordPress 6.6 overall 26 improvements of fixes in WordPress 6.6 my favorite new feature is The syn block overrides I think they'll Be very very useful with designing Websites and also the grid based new Block I think those are the two exciting Features which is a feature that you are Most excited to use in WordPress 6 .6 Let me know in the comments like share Subscribe do all that good stuff make Sure to subscribe to continue your WordPress education and my name is JJ You're watching WB beginner I'll see you In the next video take care

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