What’s New in ✨ WordPress 6.4 ✨

WordPress 6.4 beta was released recently! We have been closely monitoring the development and testing it out.

It will be the third major release of 2023 and will ship with significant new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements.

In this video, we’ll show you what’s coming in WordPress 6.4 with details and screenshots.

0:00 Intro
0:22 New Theme
1:00 Options in the Theme
2:40 Patterns in 6.4
4:23 Creating and Importing new Patterns
5:22 Image Enhancements
6:51 Command Palette Changes
8:52 Background Images for Group Blocks
10:23 Document Overview/List Overview
11:28 Opening Links in New Tabs
12:10 Blog Hooks and How They Work

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WordPress 6.4 is just around the corner So I wanted to make a quick video Highlighting the most important changes That are coming in WordPress 6.4 and Help you decide if you should be Updating to the latest version of WordPress as it comes out by the way if You're using WordPress you should check Out some of the amazing plugins that we Make like Allin seio WP form seat PL and Many many more the links will in the Description back to the video so let's Start with the first and most important Change that's coming in WordPress 6.4 is A brand new theme yes WordPress 6.4 is Shipping now with a brand new theme this Is WordPress 6.3 and you saw or you Probably already know the default theme In WordPress 6.3 is 2023 but in WordPress 6.4 which is this setup the 2024 theme has finally shipped and let Me give you a preview of how the theme Looks like this is just a basic preview Let me also open up the site uh in a new Tab it's already open this is the 6.4 2024 theme in action it's a minimalistic Theme it's very beautiful welld designed And it comes with a lot of different Options so let's explore some of the Options inside the theme I'll go back to WordPress 6.4 and obviously to check out The theme options I'll go inside the Editor and I'll just go back to WordPress 6.3 and also open the editor

So I can highlight some of the Differences between 6.3 and 6.4 so Coming inside 6.4 the first uh basic Editor the features you already know Right so inside the Styles tab is where We'll find the default styles for this Team if I go to the Styles tab you'll See a total of seven Styles so Additional six Styles apart from the Default one if I go to the default you Can click here and you can see all these Important changes happening on the Screen which is how your website will Look like if you choose this theme my Personal favorite is the Mint one which I selected before and if you want to Check out not just how this page will Look like but all the different blocks All the different typography options Images will look like you can use the Style book option here if you click on This you can see the style book which Will display all the different blocks That your website will probably use and How they will look like so it'll give You a complete idea of how your website Will look like with a particular style And this is not exclusive to 6.4 but Just wanted to highlight that this is Available for you to check out so if I Check out the style book in The Mint Theme or mint style you can scroll here And see how the fonts will look like for Different headings the paragraphs the

Images how the galleries will look like The lists will look like the quote block And archive block audio and all the Different features that WordPress Websites have you can just instantly Change a theme I'll change to on oinks And you'll see this happen here so this Is how it easy it is to understand how The Styles will affect you weite I'll go Back to the main style and that is the First main important difference between WordPress 6.4 a brand new theme which Ships with six additional Styles apart From the default style another important Difference with WordPress 6.4 is the use Of patterns now if you go here you'll See this patterns available or patterns Options available and you might remember It from WordPress 6.3 already so I'll go Back to WordPress 6.3 for a second and Just give you an idea if I go to the Editor you'll see patterns available Here as well but the difference is if You go inside the the patterns here There are no patterns here but if you go To patterns inside WordPress 6.4 it Actually ships with a lot of different Patterns that you can utilize and for People who are not up toate with WordPress uh reusable blocks had now Been merged into patterns earlier it was Also called theme Parts but now Everything is inside patterns and what Are patterns think of patterns as

Predefined or pre-designed blocks that You can instantly add to your website And you can add it to specific Pages you Can add it to a specific I say template Pages that you have and you can also add Them to your theme so complete control Is on you or you have complete control Over how you want to design it so you Have 34 different patterns and they're Divided into categories as well you have The about pattern banners call to Actions so I'll just scroll down here And give you a little bit of idea of how The patterns actually look like so you Can see the hero section which is Already on the homepage you have left Line call to action with image and all These different patterns available to You which make it your easy to actually Design custom Pages for example not Everybody might need an RS WEP landing Page template but some of you might do So now you have the option of adding it To certain pages and removing it from Certain pages and just gives you more Options more control and makes it easy To design a website so that's the first Big difference and as I mentioned if you Go to WordPress 6.3 the pattern section Exists but there are no patterns that Are shipping so big big change coming in WordPress 6.4 availability of new Patterns there are a couple of more Changes with respect to patterns that

You should be aware about which are Coming in WordPress 6.4 let me Demonstrate once again so this is WordPress 6.3 and if you go to the Patterns as I mentioned there are no Patterns visible here because it doesn't Shi with patterns but you can create new Patterns by clicking the plus icon now If you click the plus icon you can clear A temporate part or create a pattern if You click create pattern now you can Name the pattern and start creating a Pattern using the WordPress editor now At 6.4 you'll see two different options The first one being if you click here You'll see also import pattern from Json So if you have a pattern already saved As a Json file you can directly import Patterns inside WordPress and have them Done so if you uh download patterns from Anywhere on the internet you can import Your patterns directly without having to Recreate them the second thing change uh Second big change here is that you can Go to create pattern and you'll also be Able to add categories here so you can Uh categorize your patterns that you Create and it'll make it easy for you to Organize and also recognize what Patterns have you created so these are The two new changes coming to patterns So let's talk about the next big Difference in WordPress 6.4 and let me Just show you what the difference is

This is a website with WordPress 6.4 the Same website we working with and this is The same I'd say the same kind of post In WordPress 6.3 now if I click on the Image here in 6.3 nothing happens but if I go here and go into WordPress 6.4 if I Click on the image this happens yes a Built-in light box inside WordPress has Been introduced inside WordPress 6.4 and It's not something that is mandatory use If you go into the post section right Here this is WordPress 6.4 by the way The same post that I damaged you uh just Click outside here and this is the IM Image block on the screen I click the Image and you'll see the option being Presented here expand on click so if you Enable this only then the light box Light box option is enabled so I'll Disable this for now just to give you a Demonstration I'll update the post go Back to the post refresh the Post and once the post is refreshed You'll see I'm clicking on the page Nothing is happening once I go back I Enable this and I click update and once Again I go back refresh the page and Once the page is refreshed I can click And expand the image now one thing to Keep in mind is that this feature will Only be available or it will be grayed Out here unless the image has extra Resolution to support the light box so If you're uploading very very tiny

Images you might just experience that This is grayed out so upload a little Higher resolution images and only then You can use the built-in light box in WordPress 6.4 on to the next feature the Next big change inside WordPress 6.4 has To do with the command pallet and the Command pallet is like using Spotlight On your Mac you can search for it and You can run commands directly and inside WordPress it was introduced in one of The previous versions so this is WordPress 6.3 you can trigger the Command pallet by using control or Command K on depending on your operating System so if I press command K you'll See you can type something here so if I Say page you'll see all the commands Related to page that you can use so it Makes it easy to execute commands inside WordPress but if I do this exact same Thing in WordPress 6.4 you'll notice new Commands so I'll press control K I'll Say page and you'll see new options pop Up here so that's the big difference the Second difference is in the visual Identity you can see the command being Highlighted here has a subtle uh I say Color difference but in WordPress 6.4 The contrast is much higher so it makes It easy for you to actually see what Command is being highlighted so you'll See these big differences new commands Being added specifically new keyboard

Shortcuts also being supported the new Design changes and just to highlight the New commands being introduced is one of The most I say important features which Is the transform uh commands here so so If I go to WordPress 6.3 one of the Common things you'll do inside WordPress Is actually group blocks or transform Them so if I select all the images here One common thing you could do is group These blocks convert them into a gallery And if you have text based blocks you Might convert them to a quote block or Something else which is a common Operation and the only way to do that is With usually the U subtle options or Options that appear over the specific Blocks and if you go to the command Pallet and search for transform you Don't see any of these options here but With word press 6.4 these op options Have been introduced so if I select all These uh images here and I press contrl K i search for transform you can see Transform to columns to gallery to quote And also to group so this makes it even Easier for you to make Transformations Or change the blocks on your WordPress Website specifically with WordPress 6.4 I don't know about you but I'm very Excited for this feature this is very Very useful to me as a website user so On to the next feature another subtle Change inside WordPress 6.4 is the new

Ability to set background images for Group blocks let me demonstrate so Inside WordPress 6.3 I've created a Group block this is right here I've Selected the group and if I go to the Block settings and styles you see I can Change the color of the text and the Color of the background now inside the Color of the background I can set solid Colors or gradients but if I do this the Same thing in WordPress 6.4 going here I'll select the group block you'll see I Can do the same things but I can also Set a background image now for group Blocks so subtle but welcome change Another subtle but quality of life life Improvement inside WordPress 6.4 is how The toolbar is handled for blocks which Have child blocks so I have a quote Block here but this applies to every Block that has child blocks so list Blocks quote blocks and also uh Different kind of blocks like the a Navigation block so if I select the Child block and you see the toolbar Appear here if I select the parent block The toolbar above just keeps shifting Around so if I have to like click Instantly when I select a certain block There A lot of times you would misclick And it caused a lot of frustration at Least for me but this was a common Complaint but in WordPress 6.4 this has Been fixed so in WordPress 6.4 if I just

Keep moving around and switch and select Child blocks and the main parent block Or the main block the toolbar actually Stays in place and it provides a much Better experience in my opinion as I Said this applies to only the blocks Which have child blocks so more Specifically quote blocks and navigation Blocks and some other blocks as well so Another welcome and quality of life Improvement another big Improvement Inside WordPress 6.4 is in the document Overview section also called the outline Or the list view so this is WordPress 6.3 and this is the typical list view or The outline that you usually are used to Watching in WordPress and it doesn't Have any exciting new things but in 6.4 There are two exciting things that I Want to talk about the first thing You'll obviously notice is the image Preview here this is a brand new feature Inside the list view you'll see the Images and the galleries being previewed Here if I zoom into the screen a little Bit here you will see this is the same Image that you can see on the left of The screen so just giving you a little Bit of hint that you can see preview of Images as well as Galleries and the Second important change is that now you Can rename group blocks into something Else so this is the group block that I Created just before in the previous step

If I go here and I'll say rename I can Actually rename it to Hero block so just Give me a clear idea of what that block Does you can see now it's rename if I go Back to WordPress 6.3 and do it here There's no rename option so again a big Change which makes your life easier as a WordPress user another small but highly Requested change in WordPress 6.4 is how Would you set links to be opened up in New tabs let me give you an example how It works this is WordPress 6.3 if I want To make sure that this link which points To wagner.com opens in a new tab this is How I would do it I would click the link I would edit the link then go into the Advan tab then select open a new tab and Then save so a lot of different steps Which are not required in 6.4 it changes To much simpler workflow just go here Click the link link and you'll see on The card itself it says open a new tab And it's done so very very small change But very highly requested change and Again makes your life easier as a Website maker so quick wardrobe change And let me talk about the last and one Of the most important changes that's Coming to WordPress 6.4 it's called Block Hooks and it allows plugins to Insert or hook onto blocks inside a Block theme and add functionality on top I tried to recreate this for this video But I couldn't because not every plugin

Actually supports it right now so what I'll do is use w beginners block post That we've written about this subject to Explain what it means so this is the Block post and this is where we explain Block hooks now what as I said what Blocks should allow plug-in developers To do is have hooks inside the blocks Inside a block theme so just an example Here in the screenshot you can see uh Let's say for example a plugin like Woocommerce if you install woocommerce Right now it doesn't have or it doesn't Add any functionality by default but With WordPress 6.4 and with the Availability of block hooks if you're Using a Blog based theme woocommerce Might allow or might have the ability to Add these kinds of functionality Automatically to certain areas of your Website specifically you can add or the Woocommerce plug-in might add login and Log out features automatically have the Cart and checkout uh plugins or I say Buttons or links added to certain areas Of your website like the navigation or Other blocks of your website similarly If you have a membership plugin it might Also add some other areas or add some Login logout features register features Payment features and every plugin will Have this functionality where they'll be Able to use block hooks to actually add Functionality on your website

Automatically and as you saw in the Screenshot you can disable any of the Block hooks if you don't want to use Them on your website so that's all What's coming in WordPress 6.4 let me Know in the comments if you're going to Update to WordPress 6.4 when it comes Out and which of these features are you Most excited about you're watching Advice from W beginner I'll catch you Next video take care

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