What’s Coming in WordPress 6.2

WordPress 6.2 Beta arrived a few days ago and it is expected to be released on March 28th, 2023. It will be the second major release of 2023 and will come with significant new features and improvements.

We have been closely monitoring the development and trying out new features on our test sites.

In this article, we’ll give you a sneak peek into what features are coming in WordPress 6.2 with details and screenshots.

0:00 Intro: When & What
0:13 Full Site Editor out of beta
0:33 Easily browse templates
1:11 View all Styles in the Style Book
1:37 Easier Template editing
2:04 Improved Navigation menu
2:25 Copy and paste Blog Styles
2:54 Pattern insertion panel
3:07 Media download and free images
3:34 Distraction free mode

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WordPress 6.2 is set to go live on March 28 2023. this is the second major Release of 2023 and will come with a few New features and improvements so let's Take a look at some of those Improvements now One of the first things you'll see is That the full site editor comes out of Beta you've been seeing a beta tag in The editor area under appearance and That will be gone that simply means that It is out of development stage and it is Stable for the community to create Block-based themes and experiment with Your own WordPress sites plugins and Themes Next you can easily browse and choose Templates to edit before it would load The home template of your theme by Default and this left many wondering Where they needed to go with WordPress 6.2 the site editor will load with the Temper preview window first and then From here you can browse your different Templates and see a preview of what it Looks like and then simply click on the Edit button to start working on the Template after that you can click on the WordPress logo and this will bring back The template browser in the sidebar so You can choose another area to work on If you're done editing everything simply Click on the logo again and you'll Completely exit the site editor next you

Can see all styles for all blocks in the Style book this is an excellent area to Showcase all the blocks and all the Styles that your theme has so you can go In and quickly make the changes you can Locate a block more quickly and then you Can edit directly from here after that You can change the appearance style Customize it to whatever you need as Soon as you're clicking save that will Adjust and go live to the whole theme For your site some other cool features Is when you're editing there are Different colors to indicate template Parts that are being edited for instance This is purple to indicate that you're Editing a header part if you want to add Custom CSS to your theme or specific Blocks they hid the theme customizer in Previous sections and now with 6.2 you Can switch to the Styles panel and Select custom CSS from the menu this is For areas that will allow that next Let's talk about the improved navigation Menus in the previous updates the Navigation menu for the full site editor Has been a bit difficult for users and We're WordPress 6.2 they have mostly Solved this problem by improving the way That you can create and manage menus While using the site editor from here You can add new menu items you can also Just drag and drop to arrange them how You want another great style feature

That they've added is the ability to Copy and paste block Styles so if you Spend a lot of time perfecting the Appearance of a certain block and you Want to add that somewhere else simply Copy And then paste and then you're good to Go and now they've separated subpanels For settings and styles so with 6.2 the Editor will show you two sub panels for A block one for the settings on how you Want it to work and then one for the Style and how you want it to look on the Patterns front 6.2 has simplified the Pattern insertion panel so instead of Showing previews of drop down menu it Simply shows the category first so then You can get a really good idea of what The patterns will look like a few other Changes that they've made is you now Have a download link for your media Files they've also added open first Integration to add free images right From within your media library it offers Royalty open source images and with 6.2 You'll be able to find any image that You want right from the media panel now The settings panel we used to have a cog Icon to tell you what it was now they've Changed the icon so you can separate That out just a little bit finally let's Talk about the new distraction free mode Introduced 6.2 comes with a completely Clean and calm distraction free mode so

You can be able to choose your editing Settings right from here this lets you Write your articles and complete Distraction free mode but don't worry You need to add a block quickly you can Still do that as well And as always they've done a ton of Under the hood changes intended for Developers and that you can check out in Our written tutorial if you want to see Some of those and as always let us know In the comments below which is your Favorite feature that they've added and Thanks for watching

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