What is an SSL?

An SSL is a very important tool on your website, it’s essentially there to keep you and the visitors to your website safe.

But, what is it exactly, and more importantly, how do you get one?

That’s exactly what we will be doing today, explaining how you can get an SSL Certificate for completely free and also, exactly what an SSL Certificate is.

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And SSL frequently talked about Frequently noticed always on the top of Your website yet very rarely explained But have no fear that's what I'm going To do today I'm going to explain to you The SSL the secure socket layer what it Is what it does why you need one and a Little hint on how you can get one for Completely nothing completely nothing no Money free I'm James this is WP beginner Do get subscribed to the channel because We are doing this over a whole range of Videos we're going to take a topic Something you might really need to know About your website we're going to Explain it really simply for you so you Know exactly what you're talking about And ways to improve your website so get Subscribed and if you don't mind like The video cuz you I'd appreciate it so SSL or secure sockets later let's break This down in a way perfectly aimed at Adults Harry Potter right so we have a Conversation that we want to have Between two points this is between your Website and the person visiting your Website now you don't want that Conversation to be interrupted by Anybody you don't want anybody able to See that conversation or pick any data Out of it so you need somewhere that is Secure so what we're going to do is you And your friend you're going to go off Into a corner maybe find the room of

Requirement and you're going to whisper To each other in the hope that nobody Can hear you but just add that extra Layer of security and SSL cover Ourselves with an invisibility cloak as Well so nobody can see what's going on And nobody can hear what's going on and Nobody can steal the data from the Conversation you're having the data that Is being passed between your website and The person that is visiting your website And this is critical the person visiting Your website the person having the Conversation with you needs to feel Comfortable that their data is not being Extracted they want to be under the Invisibility clock you know in your Browser's address bar up in the top left Hand side there as you looking at it There's a padlock on almost every site There's probably one on your site that Is the symbol that lets people know You've got an SSL think of it like a Dementa guarding aaban it's guarding Your website but not like a bad dementor Like a a fun dementor if I gone too far With the Harry Potter let's keep going Now also worth mentioning that you can Get TLS this is transport layer security And it's basically upgraded SSL that's All you really need to know about it It's just a bit better now I did mention At the beginning I would tell you how You could get a free SSL and like I said

You might already have one just go and Check your website up in that top corner You could have the padlock symbol and The chances are that this came from your Hosting provider most hosting providers Now will provide you with a free SSL and On their platform they will activate it For you as well however you want to make Sure that you're running https and you Want to make sure that your SSL is Running correctly and the best way to do That is to click on this video right Here it's going to tell you how to get a Free SSL and follow all the steps to get It activated

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