What is a WordPress Plugin?

WordPress plugins are going to be really important to you. It doesn’t matter if you’re a WordPress veteran or just starting out, plugins are absolutely critical.

WordPress plugins are going to allow you to add a lot of additional functionality to your site with very little effort. They can even help you out by making designing your site an absolute breeze.

Whatever you need them for it’s very important you know what they are and how they can help you out.

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Top Resources

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►Best Theme Builder for WordPress https://www.seedprod.com/

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What is a WordPress plug-in and why are They so important to your WordPress site This could be the difference between you Having an average site that does okay And really being able to superpower what You're able to do I'm James this is WP Beginner and do get subscribed because We're going to be doing a whole host of Videos just like this designed to help You understand all the different Terminology of WordPress and how all of Those Essential Elements help run your WordPress site and how you can use them To your advantage drop a like on this Video too because why not so back to the WordPress plugins I mentioned in the Intro there that they can supercharge Your site let's stick with that idea the Idea of them being super but let's make Your WordPress website the super hero And then sometimes a superhero needs a Little bit of assist It needs a sidekick and that is where Your plugins come in your WordPress site Is Batman and it's plugin on the plugin That you need is Robin Batman's doing Most of the heavy lifting and then oh I Don't know maybe he needs a a form need Someone to fill out a form well it's Okay cuz Robin has those forms you've Got WordPress doing the heavy lifting And then for example WP forms which is a WordPress plugin that gives you the Opportunity to offer forms to the people

Visiting your website it's fairly simple I mentioned forms there but that's not The only thing that WordPress plugins Can do not the only thing you can get Your Sidekicks to do there is over 50,000 free plugins in the wordpress.org Directory which are going to give you Endless opportunities to craft exactly What it is you want now there are some More premium plugins available as well These are ones that have advanced Functionality or extended functionality And you do have to pay for those now Sometimes that is exactly what you need It's better for to pay for the better Sidekick it's better to pay for Nightwing rather than relying on Robin But a lot of the time Robin will do the Job just fine being free so next step How do you actually get and use these Superpowered plugins and it is Incredibly easy the first thing you need To do is head over to your WordPress Admin dashboard if you're not entirely Sure what that is again like I say get Subscribed because we have another video On the WordPress admin dashboard what it Is and how you can use it and that's Going to be coming very soon but once You are on your WordPress admin Dashboard we want to click onto the Plugins Tab and then we're going to hit Add new from here we are going to search For the plug-in that you want just go up

Into the search bar there now if you're Not sure what plugin you need you need To think of what functionality you want What do you want your plugin to do for Example as I said earlier forms you have Two ways of going about this you can Simply type in forms and see what Becomes available or you can check some Reliable sources for the best forms Plugin for example we have lists what Are the best plugins for contact forms And you can go through decide which One's for you and then search for that Our top pick for Best Contact form Plugin is WP forms so we're going to Search for that and search WP forms in The top Corner we're then going to click Install now and we're going to wait for That to install it's very very quick and We're going to click activate and Tada Your website just got a whole heap coer Or sticking with the original metaphor Let's say Gotham got a whole heap safer So if you want to add functionality to Your site we're talking SEO forms design Anything you can think of we have a Saying you remember when Apple used to Say there's an app for that well we like To say there's a plugin for that it's Also worth mentioning that because of The way that wordpress.org is run it is An open-source platform you can actually Develop your own plugin so if there's a Gap in the market you see or you want to

Create something with a specific use Then you can generate your own plugin Now you do need some kind of experience To be able to do this but there are some Plugin That will help you build a plugin in a Plugin so if you want to give it a go You can definitely do that but we Recommend you have at least a little bit Of experience if you're heading in that Direction now before you go plugin crazy There are a couple of things that you Need to know like I said earlier it's Important that you select the best Plugin available and like I say our Lists or other lists are going to be a Really good way of doing that but you Also want to make sure that you have Your back covered at all times you don't Want to install a plugin that's going to Be a security risk to your site poorly Coded plugins can actually act as a Backend a way for hackers to get into Your website a good way of making sure That you're downloading a good plug-in Is to check when it was last updated if It was updated more more recently by the Developer that means that they are Taking care of that plugin they're Making sure that it is at the best Possible level it can be if that plug-in Hasn't been updated by the developer for A few years it might be one to avoid Because it might lead to some

Unfortunate consequences like a back Door for hackers to get into your site a Really simple rule of thumb is get your Plugins from reputable sources don't go Downloading plugins from the Sinister 6 That's right we've had Batman reference Is the whole way through and I've gone With Spider-Man at the end if you are in The market for some plugins click here To find out about the best lead Generation plugins or click here if You're an e-commerce store and you're Looking for the best woo Commerce Plugins that's all from me here today Hope you've enjoyed it I've been James Have a good one and I'll see you soon

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