What is a Subdomain, & How Can You Create One?

It’s always important to keep your website organised. Subdomains can be a very useful way of doing this, using extra extensions like blog. or store. can be very useful.

However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, using subdomains can have negative impacts on your SEO, so, the question then becomes are they only useful for testing.

Well, that depends on your own persona needs. However, we of course made this video to explain them to make your choice, a little simpler. You never know, you might actually need subdirectories, which we also cover here.

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What is a subdomain so let's think of Your website as a whole like your house And then a subdomain is like adding an Extension to that house so we've got Blog doyou website.com that's your Library we've got Store.you website.com and that's your Kitchen it's adding different areas that Are very distinctly easy to find Subdomains can be a really great way of Keeping things organized and there can Also be a really great way of testing Things out slightly away from your main Website I'm James this is WP beginner do Like the video and get subscribed and if You do want any more information on Subdomains or anything else related to WordPress then please leave us a Question down in the comments now back To our subdomains this doesn't mean that You should go ahead creating loads of Different subdomains for each different Thing you do because of SEO because of How search engines and people treat them So search engines treat subdomains as Almost separate entities so not only you Trying really hard to build the Reputation of your website boost your SEO and get further up those search Rankings you're going to have to do Exactly the same thing with your Subdomain because your search engine Sees them as two separate entities not Ideal subd directories however are

Actually something that you're going to Find under your main website and Therefore they're treated by search Engin such as Google like part of your Main website so don't have to worry About trying to build multiple websites Reputations and boost their SEO it's all Going to come as one but that doesn't Mean that your subdomains don't have a Place of course if you want to keep your Store separate it's a really great way Of doing that and if you do want to just Try something out then a staging site With a subdomain could be very Beneficial to you creating a subdomain Isn't particularly difficult either you Can do it with your domain regist or Your WordPress Hosting account we're Going to do it with blue host but it's Very very similar with all hosting Providers so to create a subdomain in Blu host you need to log in to your web Host account and click on the hosting Tab we're going to open theol panel and We're going to scroll down to the Domains Option of course you're then going to Click create a new domain nice and Straightforward then on the next page You're going to type the full name of Your subdomain so for example if we Wanted to start a store it's store.you Website.com once you've done that click The submit button and congratulations

You have created your first sub doain Really is that easy and they do have a Whole host of benefits so you've now got Your store subdomain which is great but You need to start building trust because Like I say it is slightly separate to Your main website so a really good way Of doing that could be with a social Proof app we absolutely recommend trust Pulse as the very best but if you want To check out some more information on Social proof plugins and do click this Video right here

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