What are Excerpts On WordPress & How To Use Them

Excerpts on your WordPress page, particularly if you have any kind of blog can be absolutely critical for keeping your website organised and also allowing your visitors to navigate your blog seamlessly and allowing them to find exactly what they’re looking for.

So, today we are going to show you exactly what excerpts are, and also how to use them in a few different ways.

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Your big Hollywood movies with their big Explosions and their big sweeping love Stories they all have trailers something That gives you a bit of information Before you go and see the film well a WordPress excert does exactly that it's Going to give you a summary or a sneak Peek of an article before you click to Go and see the full thing so excerts can Be quite important in order to keep Everything organized and looking on your Site but how do we create them well WordPress themes can actually create Them for you so that will select what Part of the text to show and it will Create an excerpt for you another method Is by using this Tag and you're going to put that into Your post and then everything above that Becomes your excerpt it's like drawing a Line in the Sand I'm James this is WP Beginner and do get subscribed to the Channel because we're doing a whole Series of videos that're going to give You all the tools and information you Need to get going on WordPress and Finally you can manually create excerts By entering a summ of your article in The excert field on the post edit screen But hold on you might not see this field Straight away to enable the excert field Simply click on the screen options Button on the top right corner of the Post edit screen and then tick the

Excert option so if you have a Content Rich website maybe magazine or blog or Something like that excerpts can be Absolutely crucial like I said earlier It's going to keep everything nice and Organized and looking fantastic for your Viewers and they don't have to scroll Through hundreds of words in order to Get to the next article they can just Quickly scroll through and find what They're looking for so we've got three Different types of excerts we've got Manual got automatic and what I'm going To call our line in the sand way of Generating excerpts now you could just Go for one of those or you could maybe Test out different ways of using excerts What's going to get the most clicks for You so what we would recommend is Checking out a tool like monster Insights this is a great analytics Breakdown tool that's going to allow you To see what's working and what's not Working on your website if you want some More information on that then do click Right here

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