What Are Categories On WordPress & How To Use Them

It’s important to keep your website organised, not just for the people visiting it so that they can have a seamless experience, but, also for you, so that you’re able to work behind the scenes without any headaches.

This is where categories can be incredibly useful as you look to breakdown and categorise your content at both the front and back end.

Today we are going to break down what a category is on WordPress as well as show you how to create one and use them.

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It's important to keep your website Organized both at the front end for People who are viewing it and at the Back end for yourself so you don't end Up in a bit of a Twist and that is what Categories are going to be able to help You do think of it like organizing your Closet you have all of these different Clothes but you're going to organize Everything by shoes shirts pants so that It's easy to find easy to remember and You don't get messed up for your WordPress page you might want to Organize things into topics like news Opinions and Sport again good for you Good for your readers good for your Viewers wins for everybody I'm James This is WP beginner do like the video And get subscribed so that you can pick Up more quick wins just like this to Make your WordPress Journey that little Bit easier so back to our categories by Default WordPress assigns uncategorized To anything that you put up that doesn't Have a category but don't worry we will Show you how to change that a little bit Later adding a category to your post is Actually really really easy is just Checking a box you just have to remember To do it check a box from the list That's there or if there isn't a Category you want create one and check That box it's really that simple and it Can save you a ton of time and headaches

If you want to add subtopics under those Broader topics that we were mentioning Earlier for example news and you can Have a subtopic of maybe local National Weather you can create what's known as a Child category so we're going to go to The posts and then the category screen And then we're going to select a parent Category from the drop-down menu fill in The name for your child category and Then there's a couple of other boxes There you can fill in if you want to Which are the description and the slug It's entirely up to you if you want to Put information in there and we've gone From organized too super organized with Our news topics we now have news and on Top of that we have global news so we Really are starting to get organized and Make our lives nice and easy now this is Obviously great for Oz but I did mention That this could be really good for the People who are visiting your site as Well and all you have to do is add your Categories to your page and it's really Easy to do you can add categories to the Sidebar or even add them to your website Navigation menu if you want to display Your categories in the sidebar you can Do so with a widget you're going to go To categories and then you're going to Go to widgets you then drag and drop the Categories widget into the sidebar and All your categories will be displayed

Except the ones that don't have posts Again super easy if you select the show Hierarchy option then you're going to Get to see all of your child categories As well so nice and organized and easy For you nice and organized and easy for The people visiting your site one last Thing we want to touch on is that we do Not want to get confused between Categories and tags the easiest way to Look at it is a category is like a book It's chapters in a book whereas a tag is The index in the back a category is a Whole broad range of things that fall Under it and a tag is a very specific Thing that you have tagged into Something so you that one word Is what's going to show up it's far more Specific like an index of course Categories aren't the only way for you To be able to keep your content Organized and Visually appealing one of The best ways is to use a page builder Which going to allow you to design every Single page on your website exactly as You would like it we'd highly recommend Checking out seedprod and if you want to See a tutorial on how to use that then Click this video right here

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