We Compared 6 Landing Page Plugins. THIS is our Favorite!

Are you looking for the best WordPress landing page plugins?

Most businesses need to make landing pages for different sale events, products, services, and more. Landing page plugins allow you to quickly make professional looking pages without writing any code.

In this video, we will show you our pick of the best WordPress landing page plugins that you can use.

0:00 Exploring SeedProd
1:46 BeaverBuilder details
2:36 What is Divi?
3:48 How Elementor can help
4:39 Using Leadpages
5:40 OptimizePress examined

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Number one is seed product seed product Is the best landing page builder for WordPress and it is used by over 1 Million websites the reason why I like Sweet prod is it comes with an easy to Use drag and drop page builder Um and it lets you customize every Aspect of your website so unlike other Landing page builders that are in WordPress that essentially inherits your WordPress theme so they are not as Flexible when it comes to customizing The header the footer and other built-in Parts of WordPress seed project says Start from scratch build whatever you Want and then you can save those Templates and section and reuse them to Speed up your workflow now you can use Cprod to build any type of landing page From sales pages to webinar registration Page opt-in page thank you Pages four or Four pages and everything in between now What I personally like about seedprod From a marketer's perspective is that it Comes with Dynamic text replacement so If you're running pay-per-click ads you Can customize the messaging that shows Up on your landing page without having To recreate multiple versions of that Landing page and that Dynamic text Replacement is so so powerful sweet prod Integrates with all the top email Marketing services like convertkit Constant Contact aweber active campaign

And more and one of the things that they Have done recently is that they have Expanded seed plot from being just a Landing page builder to now a complete WordPress site Builder what that means Is you can now create completely custom WordPress themes for your website using Seed prods drag and drop theme Builder Without touching a single line of code And for all those reasons seed prod is My number one pick for the best WordPress landing page builder and Number two we have Beaver Builder this Is a popular landing page plugin for WordPress it comes with dozens of Ready-made templates so you don't have To start from scratch the editing of the Landing page is simple they also have a Blazing fast drag and drop page builder You just point and click and you do Everything that you need to with the Modules on your pages now they're Designed to work with any WordPress Theme so that means that you can switch Themes without worrying about your Landing pages becoming obsolete or Changing or being deleted and then what I also like about them is at any point If you decide to stop using Beaver Builder then your content will simply be Moved over to the WordPress editor but You'll still have your landing pages They're easy to use and powerful and They are a little bit more advanced for

Beginners and who need a quicker and Easier solution unlike seed prod Number three is Divi now if you've been In the WordPress Market you know there's A company called elegant themes they've Been around for a very long time and They are the folks behind the popular Landing Page Builder and theme called Divi what's exciting about Divi is that It comes with hundreds of ready to use Templates you can also create your own Templates and reuse them later but the Real benefit comes when you can start From an existing template customize it So you can save time it lets you Customize just about everything from a Point-and-click drag and drop it's Really super easy to use and work with One of the downsides of DV that I found Is that it's it's a little bit slower From the final performance point of view But it makes up for it from the features And the designs and just the gorgeous Templates that it comes with another Upside of Divi is that the price point Is very affordable you know it starts at Like 89 a year and you can use it for Unlimited websites now there's no free Version there's no free trial but in the Starting in price is very good it offers A very good user experience has a very Intuitive Landing Page Builder and There's a strong Community around DB and Elegant themes team is consistently

Coming up with new features and that's Why it's in our top three for the best Landing page builder and number four is Elementor this is another easy to use WordPress landing page builder it comes With several ready-made templates for Your landing pages and you can change The editor you just simply do a visual Drag and drop and arrange everything as You need to you can add modules to your Columns like buttons images and headings Just like you expect you can use it also With WordPress widgets and widgets added By other WordPress plugins on your site You can also choose to build your whole Page from scratch with elementor's Canvas template this offers a blank Slate if you don't want to start with a Template many of the popular WordPress Themes have a integration with Elementor And they offer some special page Templates designed in Elementor plus Elementor is easy to learn which makes It a great landing page plugin widely Used in the WordPress community so a lot Of popular themes are integrating with It number five is lead Pages now these Pages is not your typical WordPress Landing page builder because it is a Standalone landing page builder meaning You don't have to have a WordPress Website to use leadpages a lot of Marketing organizations they might have Their main website using WordPress but

Their landing pages are being built on a Third-party platform leadpages has your Typical drag and drop Builder you can Point and click on just about any Element customize it as you see fit it Comes with Integrations with all the top Email marketing Services as well as Other third-party tools the downside to Leadpages is that it's quite expensive You know yes they have a free trial that You can start with but because they're Hosting your landing pages it's not part Of your main WordPress website it is Expensive so that's that's the downside But if you are looking for better Permission control maybe you just want a Third-party organization to manage your Landing pages lead pages is the way to Go and that's why is the number five Landing page builder in our list and Number six is optimize press now this is Another powerful landing page and sales Page plug-in so you can use this as the Theme with integrated Builder or Separate plugin that works with any Other theme so you can do a combo there Are 40 plus ready-made landing page Templates that you can choose from and Each one of them is designed for high Converting sales page now it comes with The design tools to edit the templates Optimize press also seamlessly Integrates and connects with several Email marketing services and WordPress

Membership plugins you can also smoothly Use stripe payment gateway to make a Sales page with a payment system this Makes optimize press a very Comprehensive solution for landing pages Out there As Syed said we believe that c pride is The best WordPress landing page plugin And has a wide variety of professionally Designed templates that you can use to Create landing pages in minutes without Having to write any code they have a Huge drag and drop landing page editor That's incredibly fast and easy to use And if you want an alternative to that Then we would recommend Beaver Builder It is great as well and if you want to See how to create a landing page for Your website watch this video next as I Walk you through step by step on how to Create a landing page for your WordPress Website and I'll see you over there

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