Using WordPress? You NEED These Essential Plugins!

Anyone who uses WordPress for any amount of time quickly realizes that plugins are essential for helping you build the website with all the functionality you need – even if you don’t know how to code!

Plugins can help you add a form to your site, collect payments from customers or even recurring payments for members, backup your site in case of disaster, help you send and receive email from your WordPress site, and so much more.

In this video, we’ll go over all the essential plugins you need for your WordPress site to be the best it can be!

0:00 Intro
0:44 Send Emails
1:42 Backups
2:48 Caching
3:48 SEO
5:20 Forms
6:16 Lead Capture
7:29 Security
8:32 Code Management
9:49 Analytics
10:52 Image Compression
11:42 Page Designer
12:41 Optional Plugins

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So you just build a brand new WordPress Website congratulations but your work Has not finished yet in fact it's kind Of just begun let me explain all the WordPress is a very capable CMS every Website needs its fair share of plugins To include all the functionality Deeds To make a successful website or a Successful business website so in this Video I'm going to cover my Essential List of plugins that I think every Website should have now do keep in mind That this is my list of essential Plugins and depending on what kind of Website you have you might not need all Of them but you will definitely need Some of them so make a judgment call Depending on what your website needs and Just install the plugins that you think Are essential for your website and every Plugin that I mentioned will be linked Down in the description of this video so Make sure to check all of these plugins Out Imagine that you just set up your WordPress website well technically you Might have but imagine anyway and Imagine that on top of that you forgot Your password immediately well the fun Is about to begin if you didn't have an SMTP Service setup on your website Before you forgot your password you Won't be able to receive your own Website's password reset emails scary

Right that is why the first thing you Should install on your WordPress website Is a plugin that lets you configure an SMTP service in a sense allows you to Send emails from your website and the Best plugin for that is WP mail SMTP It's a freemium plugin and it will let You configure your favorite SMTP service On your website including using your own Gmail account once you install the Plugin and follow the instructions to Configure SMTP service you'll start Receiving all the password reset emails For yourself and also other emails that Your website should send out to your Subscribers or your viewers make sure to Check out wpmail SMTP from the links in The description Backups are like an insurance policy They protect you in case anything goes Wrong with your website we all carry Health insurance car insurance and many Other types of insurances so website Insurance is also a must-have if Anything goes wrong on your website You'll always have a working copy of Your website to restore on the server to Get it up and running as soon as Possible many people consider the Hosting providers backups sufficient and They are in most cases but what if the Hosting company goes out of business or The server crashed and lost all data Would you want your business and website

Exposed to such risk I wouldn't advise It that's why having your own backups on Top of your host backup is the smart Move the best part is that backing up Your website is easy and free with the Amazing duplicator plugin just install The plugin click a few buttons and Backups should be done on your website Ready to download on your computer if You want to automate the process and Save backups to Google Drive or other Cloud providers automatically without Having to manually upload them consider Upgrading to duplicator Pro make sure to Check out duplicator and duplicate a pro From the links in the description If you are serious about optimizing your Website for performance then caching is One of the first things you should set Up on your website it will save you Server resources keep your website's Performance excellent and also keep Search engines and users happy what's Not to like the concept of caching is Quite simple every page on your website Has to be assembled from different areas And it takes some time but most Pages Rarely change after you've set them up So what caching does is create a Complete copy also called the cached Version of the page whenever a user Visits that particular page the cached Version is used instead of building the Page from scratch which saves a lot of

Server resources and if a page gets Updated eventually the cache is simply Rebuilt for that page to set up caching On your website I'd recommend the wp Rocket plugin is the easiest to use and Setup and the performance gains it Delivers are unmatched its feature set Includes page compression caching lazy Loading CDN support DNS prefetching Minification and many more check out WP Rocket from the links in the description Search engine traffic is one of the best Sources of high quality targeted Consistent long-term traffic coming to Your website and definitely you should Optimize your website for SEO for these Reasons WordPress does offer some decent SEO Features out of the box but you can Supercharge your WordPress website by Using a dedicated plugin and my Recommendation for an SEO plugin goes to All-in-one SEO it's a freemium plugin And it'll help you implement your SEO Efforts better faster and with more ease You'll be able to set up meta titles Mana descriptions schema data open graph Data local business listings business Timings and much more you'll be able to Set all this up on a page level or a Site level which will let you automate Your seos tasks while still retaining Complete control over your individual Pages SEO if you upgrade to the pro

Version of All in One SEO you'll get Access to some fantastic and Industry-leading features like the Powerful link assistant which will let You optimize and manage your internal Links without losing your mind or Spending hours working on it with All-in-one SEO you'll also be able to Connect your website with essential Services like Google analytics Google Search console and other search engines And marketing channels easily a few Clicks is all it takes and if you'd like To learn more about Oliver SEO we have a Completely fully dedicated coach on it Which will not only teach you the ins And outs of online SEO but it will Transform you into a power user in no Time check out the links in the Description for all in one SEO the free Version the premium version and also for The all-in-one SEO course that that's Free too so you're free to enroll Having forms on your website is Essential if you care about two-way Communication with your audience whether It's a simple question a comment Feedback a business inquiry or even an Appointment everything requires to have Forms on your website and the best form Plugin for WordPress is WP forms used Literally by millions of websites WP Form boasts an unmatched feature set When it comes to forms you can create

Forms using the drag and drop interface And it's so simple that even first time WordPress users can do it once you Create a form you can add it to any Number of pages on your website and Receive instant email notifications Whenever a viewer submits a query the Pro versions offer some fantastic Features like replacing your login forms Using webhook to send data continuity Features and many other add-ons that Make WP forms a complete ecosystem in Itself make sure to check out wpforms The free version and the premium version Linked down in the description of this Video Adding forms on your website is the Correct First Step but if you're Generating leads from your website or if Your goal is to generate leads from your Website you also need to encourage your Users to fill out the form using some Nudges because even if you just add the Forms on your website and don't nudge Your users don't encourage your users to Actually get in touch only a fractions Of people who are even interested in Your services will fill up those forms And get in touch with you let's change That You can massively improve the quantity And the quality of leads you capture From your website by using opt-in Monster

Opt-in monster is an industry-leading Lead capture software it's used by over A million websites and it offers a Variety of conversion driving features Like pop-ups floating bars scroll boxes And many more you get access to 100 plus Conversion optimized templates that you Can use as is or customize as per your Needs the precise targeting options give You complete control over what messaging Is shown to what user on what page and At what precise time which lets you Drive massive conversions on your Website if you have a Business website And you're looking to generate leads you Cannot miss opt-in monster make sure to Check it out from the links in the Description of this video WordPress Powers over 40 percent of the Internet's websites and unfortunately That also makes it a prime target for Hackers although WordPress is pretty Secure and is regularly updated by the Community it's a good idea to fortify That security with some security plugins Let's talk about them one of the best Security plugins on the market is word Fence it's a freemium product and just The free version should suffice for most Users if you need even more security Features then the premium offering is Very affordable too the word fence Plugins offers many security features it Will scan your website's files for

Malware backdoors spam and other Security vulnerabilities it also Provides you with a web application Firewall WF which protects you against Malicious traffic from Bots scrapers and Hackers on top of these protection Features it also protects your WordPress Login page and even offers a solution to Add two-factor authentication to your Website overall word fence is a Fantastic security product and I highly Recommend it to everyone who uses WordPress make sure to check it out from The links in the description Although WordPress has thousands of free Plugins available Sometimes using a Plugin for performing an operation on Your website is not possible or ideal Things like adding marketing pixels Verification codes for services and Search engines or maybe adding some Custom code on your website are done Much more efficiently with a piece of Code rather than a plugin there's only One problem here adding code Snippets Means editing your WordPress files which Might be intimidating is error prone and Is hard to maintain an update even for Experts in short not ideals for Beginners at all that is where having a Code Snippets manager like WP code comes In the picture a free plugin again WP Code lets you add edit enable disable And manage code snippets on your site

Without any of the risks once you Install the plugin from the WordPress Repository you can start creating new Code Snippets or better use one of the Bundled code Snippets you don't have to Figure out or write the code snippet From scratch you can add a variety of Code Snippets and enable or disable them All at will if you upgrade to the pro Version you'll be able to Version Control your Snippets and conditionally Load your Snippets based on user the Page and many other conditions truly a Powerful and customizable plugin make Sure to check out WP code and the pro Version from the links in the Description Google analytics can give you a lot of Data about who your users are where They're coming from and what are they Doing on your website but only if you Correctly configure Google analytics on Your website and that's a challenge Let's fix it although products like all Of an SEO and WP code will let you Install the Google analytics score on Your website pretty easily that still Won't give you all the insights you need To make important website and business Decisions that is where the powerful Plug-in monster insights comes into play It takes out the pain and expertise Needed to fully install and configure Google analytics on your website once

Installed you can start seeing Actionable data about your website right Inside your WordPress dashboard monster Insights fully supports Google analytics 4 is compliant with gdpr and it also Integrates with other plugins like Woocommerce WP forms Easy Digital Downloads and many others to start Pulling business critical data from Those plugins as well monster insights Is a fantastic product and the free Version is great to start to it you can Check it out from the links in the Description If you build a website you're probably Going to use some images on your website They're almost mandatory but images also Add unnecessary bulk on your website Which slows down your website's Performance let's fix it You can fix the issue of bulky images by Having an image compression plugin on Your website something like optimal Optimal is an image compression and Image Syrian rolled into one once you Install and set it up optimal will Automatically compress all your images Existing on new ones it'll also cache Your images across their entire CDN and Automatically serve your visitors with The right images in the right sizes the Benefit to you is that your visitors get An exceptional experience and your Actual server saves resources to serve

More users it's a win-win win make sure To check out optimal from the links in The description WordPress has a pretty capable block Builder and is getting better with every Release as well but if you want to have More control and design options inside The block editor a plugin with some page Building capabilities is a must-have the Two most cable plugins in this Department are Genesis blocks and Spectra both plugins are excellent and Offer a variety of design options Presets and other features to help you Build beautiful pages right within the Block editor I can keep listing them Features and run comparisons but that Would be doing a disservice to both the Plugins I'd recommend you check out both These plugins from the links in the Description and make the decision which One suits your website the best All right so those are the mandatory Plugins that I recommend almost every Website should have the next few plugins Are something that you should know about But whether you install them on your Website it depends on what your website Is and what you're trying to do with Your website so let's talk about those Optional plugins which are still very Very powerful so make your judgment call By listening to what I have to say about These plugins

You can build some pretty good pages With the blog Builder itself especially If you install Spectra or Genesis blocks But if you want to have complete control Over your pages designs and even your Theme designs you should check out seed Prod and its versatile theme Builder If you want to include e-commerce Functionality on your website then look No further than woocommerce for selling Physical products and Easy Digital Downloads for selling digital products Both are free and Powerful Regardless of whether you have a Full-blown e-commerce website or not you Might need to collect payments from your Users which means you need to set up Your website to collect payments WP Simple pay is the simplest plugin you Can use to set up different payment Methods with a visual Builder you can Collect one time phase or even recurring Payments if you're collecting donations For a cause you should check out Charitable instead it's specifically Designed for fundraising and it also Doesn't collect any transaction fee What research is not perfect and it's Not customizable as well if you have a Large website most users will prefer to Use search to find what they're looking For rather than navigate a large menu or A site map you search WP to enhance your Site search and even customize the

Results that the search brings if you Want to drive conversions on your Website collecting and showing off Social proof is a must use trust files To show notification style social proof On your website and use rafflepress to Embed your social feeds on your website To Showcase another form of social proof Easily One drawback with WordPress is that all The tasks that you need to perform are Usually manual processes which are Inefficient but if you use a product Like funnel kit automations you can add A complete CRM to your website and set Up Advanced automations to perform all Sorts of tasks combine that with uncanny Automator and you can even enable all Your WordPress plugins to talk to each Other share data and automate processes Both of these plugins are quite Underrated and you should definitely Check both of them out Content size e-commerce sites and all Sorts of sites can benefit from having a Membership area or a forum if you think Your website can benefit from having These sections check out member press And BB press member press lets you set Up a membership area on your website and BB press will let you set up a forum on Your website in simple easy steps both These plugins will help you grow an Audience retain an audience and

Ultimately grow your business And that's it my folks those are all the Essential plugins I would recommend to Every single website owner of course I Haven't covered every single plugin out There because every single website is Different so whatever plugins you think I have missed out make sure to leave a Comment and I'll probably cover them in A separate video that's it from me You're watching yuvraj from the double Together Channel and I'll catch you in The next video take care

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