True Game Changer – Create a Launchable WordPress Website in 60 Seconds

Welcome to the AI Revolution for Website Creation. Simply describe your idea, and watch as a WordPress website is built before your eyes.


Table Of Contents
00:00 – Everything Changes
00:25 – The Process
03:34 – Website First Draft
08:38 – Make Any Website
11:46 – Pricing
12:28 – Advantage
13:11 – Whats the Catch
14:16 – Design Agencies
15:55 – More To It
17:27 – Very Important

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The way you make a WordPress website is About to change forever let me show you Okay I'm going to put up this timer and We're going to make your website's first Draft and it's going to take about a Minute and that's what we have this Timer here for so let's do this what we Need to do is go to this top button here That says create new we'll click on that And we're going to click right here Where it says complete website now we're Going to need to put in some details now I've already put those together and I've Got them right here it's going to be for A business named clean Waters and this Is going to be a charity so let's go Ahead and pop in the business name and Then click on continue now on this step We're going to give some details about The purpose of this website and this is Going to be used to make the website to Write all the persuasive copy for the Website as well as choose the images now I've already gone ahead and put this Together you can see right here it's Just two or three lines of text and when I paste it in you can see it's just Information about this charity I didn't Have to sit there and spend a couple Days typing now I'm going to click on Continue and this step you can put in Contact information that's going to be Used inside of the site so if there's a Spot for a phone number the phone number

Will be put in there an address as well As the email address will be used to Configure the contact form and then down Here there's also social media icons so If you added here it will automatically Be added to your websites first draft Now I'm going to click on skip this step But it's going to start making the Website right away so let's pull up our Timer there it is and I'm going to click On start then I'm going to click on skip This step and then I'm going to pull it Right back up so I'm going to go start Skip this step and then let me pull my Timer back up so now we're going to see Exactly how long this takes it should Take around a minute 60 seconds or so And so what this is is a brand new Platform called zip and zip is going to Make website first drafts in about a Minute and it's going to do all of this Completely for free and you can see the Progress that it's making right now here It says we're building your website We're writing the compelling copy and This is not a one-page website this is Going to be a multi-page website that's Complete all right so we're getting a Little nervous here we're already at About 50 seconds although keep in mind I Clicked on the timer a little before I Actually clicked on the button so we're About 63 percent on Seventy ninety percent done adding the

Final touches were just over a minute You're probably tired of hearing me talk Um but I wanted you to see this in real Time because it's important okay 100 Done and let's click stop so obviously I Pushed this late I stopped it late it Was about a minute and now it takes me To the dashboard right here and you can See here is the website I can also click Right here in leave a note if I needed To but it just went and put the name of The website there I'm going to explain All of this in a moment but let's click On this link right here and take a look At the design that was just made for us And here it is oh my goodness this is Looking beautiful now Zip's gonna make a First draft of the website and what that Means is you might need to adjust a Little bit of text here or there add a Word take a word away or you might want To change an image here or there it does Its best but that's why it's called your Websites first draft and I gotta say I'm Already liking the images that this Chose and it's choosing Creative Commons Images that you're allowed to use on Your websites And this is great so it says clean Waters rallying the internet's passion And Imagination to remove and this was The details I gave it 30 million pounds Of plastic and trash from our oceans Rivers and beaches it's Crystal Clear

What this website is for and it's Looking wonderful about us page right Here which has the info uh looks Spectacular did a good job on this image I might want to change this image to Maybe show more of a beach but it looks Really good here's our initiatives Education cleanup advocacy I'm loving The way this looks join the movement This is perfect donate and that's going To be a working donation form now right Here is where you'll need to make some Tweaks this is the website first draft Concept so some of these number stats Right here you'd probably want to go in And make an edit we've got more Beautiful images here and I think it's Because this this is about the ocean and There's probably lots of great images of The ocean and then here's the final call To action wow that looks beautiful but Like I said this is a multi-page website So I can go to the about us page let's Take a look and there's more information About us the images are just spot on a Perfect amount of text so here's an Example of how it's your website's first Draft here is the text for our vision And you can see it's taking up two lines The text right here for our mission is Taking up three lines so you might want To either reduce this to two for balance Or increase this to three by adding a Couple more words

We have a what we do page that is also Created and here's the initiative so You'll go in here this is our website First draft and you can see again let's See this right here under education is Taking up four lines of text and these Other columns on the left and right are Taking up three so you might want to go In there and edit out that text a little Bit but the text itself is spot on we Have a contact form page and then I'll Show you this is beautiful and then uh Like I said in the step-by-step process If I had entered the phone number it Would have been put here along with the Email and the address and the social Media icons or links to the social media Profiles it even generates an FAQ you Can see this right here it's perfect This has relevant questions people would Be asking and the answers to it And then check this out all the links Work the donation button takes you to This beautiful page right here wow make An impact oh my goodness uh and it's Even about the donation your generous Contribution can change July can change Lives and bring hope to those in need Well that would probably want to change That just a little bit Um but anyways there's a beautiful Checkout form not check out donation Form here everything just works this Button here Works everything just works

Now it's important to note that this is WordPress here I am back to the zip Dashboard if I click on this link right Here it's going to log me into the site For the very first time and give me some Additional customization options so here I am and it's giving me first the option To change the logo so if I had a logo Ready I can just drag and drop it in Here it's going to update that I can Also change the color palette site-wide Right here I can change the font Pairings right here as well and then Click on Save Let's just back out of this and I'll Show you that this is just WordPress This is WordPress you can customize it To your heart's content you can add Whatever plugins that you want to to Extend the functionality the donation Form is powered by sure cart you can see The pages themselves are built using the Block editor so here is the home page I'll click into that and it's very easy To click on see it's the first time I've Logged in it's very easy to click on any Of these images and go right here and Swap it out for the image that you want And it's the same for the text you can Just click into it and start customizing The text to be exactly how you want it To be you can use zip to make any type Of website that you want I'm going to Show you a few more sites that I made

Today and each site keep in mind took One minute to come up with the website's First draft here's a wedding website That I created today I just fed in the Name of the the groom and the bride and I popped in the date of the wedding Right there and you can see it made a Beautiful wedding website the words are Right on this is the perfect example of It being your website's first draft Because obviously you'll want to go in There and update some of these images And some of the details of the wedding But it just did a phenomenal job with The design I made this website right Here for a local tax accountant and this As well just looks absolutely beautiful You might want to go in there and swap An image out like I said it's your Website's first draft that zip is Creating I made this website for a local Landscaper here beautiful website it Goes over their services I also made This website I love it how this came out It's for a local restaurant called Nashville hot chicken and this just Looks spectacular and it took all the Information I gave David and it wrote Amazing copy across the website and These are all multi-page websites that You can see all of these Pages work all Of the links work and they all go to the Right places and of course I had to make A website for someone that is very well

Known very famous but I didn't think That they had a website yet so I use zip To make a first draft of their website And I'm talking about none other than Dr Evil himself when a problem comes along You might zip it Dip it good I am cheating a little bit I Did go and edit this and I spent five Minutes putting some images in but let's Check this out we've got hi I'm Dr Evil I didn't spend six years in evil medical School to be called Mr thank you very Much came up with their Sinister Offerings right here as well as a story About Dr Evil Dr Evil's social media Profiles and see Dr Evil even agrees That you should ZIP your next website You can book Dr Evil for an event if you Wanted him to be your keynote speaker And we have this beautiful call to Action and testimonials down here Dr Evil's diabolical advice and products Have revolutionized my super villain Career my enemies tremble in fear and Then right here embrace your destiny you Can sign up for Dr Evil's newsletter if You wanted this is a multi-page site There's also a story right here about Dr Evil his back up story this design right Here is really intended for the Entrepreneur that wants to have a Website for themselves it's perfect for That and it also works pretty good here For Dr Evil so now let's talk pricing we

Could make trillions Why make trillions when we could make Billions I know it makes absolutely no sense but We really are offering zip to you for Free and I'm not talking about that fake Free that you might see other people uh Offering or a free trial or free if You're already a customer of ours Spending money no this is the real kind Of free it really is free you simply zip Your new website then you add your magic To it and then export it to your Preferred web hosting provider all for Free and it's WordPress you can easily Change anything you can add your plugins You can do anything you want to the site It's just WordPress when you use it You're not locked into some web hosting Service you're not locked into using Inferior tools that are hard to use they Don't quite work right and there's no Support for them and these are truly Designed websites not just series of Boxes with text in it and trying to pass It off as your new website this is truly Designed elegant and beautiful something You can be proud of you can be proud to Give to your client and they look better Than most of the websites on the Internet now right now you might be Thinking what's the catch I see what it Is I want it why is it free again and You would be right there is three

Catches to using zip the first one is Zip websites expire in 24 hours so you Have 24 hours to take this site make Your changes and move it across to your Web hosting and you can see right here The timer is right there and it's going To always let you know how much time you Have now the second thing is initially Anyhow we're gonna have to limit how Many websites an individual can make per Day and this is mostly to prevent abuse But there'll be some kind of per day Limit that is there we haven't quite Nailed that down yet and then the third Thing is that the website is password Protected you can share with your client Or prospective client or whoever you Need to collaborate on it but it's not Just open to anyone that visits it and This is mostly to prevent phishing scams But these three things I gotta say are Quite reasonable of course there's web Design agencies that are going to need a Little bit more time for the website so We'll have a plan there and we'll also Have white label URLs so the URLs to These sites currently are zip WP and You'll be able to White Label that so it Could be whatever the name of your Agency and so you don't have to reveal Your secret sauce well we're also going To build in automations with a robust API for agencies so you can pair zip With short triggers and pretty much make

Websites however you want whenever you Want you probably won't even need to log Into zip in order to make a website so Just a imagine someone's going through Your intake or maybe a form on your Website all that info gets passed Through sure triggers into zip the Website gets made and you have returned A URL so we're going to be working on That as well and while not built yet There's some really interesting ideas That we have to integrate project huddle Which is a client feedback tool into zip To automate the process of receiving Change requests actually what I would Rather do is just have the client Fulfill their own change requests with Zip if they want an image change they Click on it and they can see some other Images and choose the one they want poof It's done there's some text they want to Have change they can click on it the Text will either change or they can put In what they wanted to be changed to and AI will just make the change for them But that's more of a future plan for zip Now there's a whole heck of a lot more To zip then I am showing you in this Video that you can do after you have Created your website's first draft Through zip for example there's a Library of section templates where the Text and images have already been Customized by zip for the business that

You created the website for and that's Going to make it super fast and easy to Build a additional page on the website Or expand the content that's available And keep in mind this is WordPress if You want to change colors you want to Change the button style you want to Change the text you simply go into the Customizer and all those options are Right there for you we've also Integrated free image resources right There so you do not need to leave the Website you can just click on an image Click on change image search for a new Image and select it and it automatically Gets inserted for you so that's going to Be really quick as well and we're also Adding a a suite of AI technologies that Are going to be available to you so if You see text you want to rewrite it Translate it expand it or make it Shorter the option is going to be there For you you can use AI to generate Images if you don't want to use any of The free images and we're not going to Mark that AI service up you'll be able To bring your own API and pay cost for Whatever AI services that you use inside Of zip after it's created the first Draft now it's super important to Understand that zip is not here to Replace web creators zip is here to Create a website first draft the website Will still need the magic that only you

Can bring to it we build zip because Building a website can be a very painful Process with lots of steps and we knew We could use technology to speed all of That up now right now you can visit Zipwp and sign up for the waiting list We have about about 4 500 people already Signed up and that's just from a couple Videos I posted inside of the wp crafter Facebook group and we're going to let People in in batches probably starting In about two weeks or so and now I know You might have questions totally Understandable and that's what the Comment section down below is you can Ask any question about zip and I'll Answer it myself down below in the Comments section so feel free to ask Away I'm excited for zip jump over to The website right now put your info in And we'll notify you when you have Access to zip so just go ahead and pop In your email and we would love to have You be a zip user and start zipping up Websites for your clients

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