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Website building does not need to be scary! Even as a total beginner you have the ability to create amazing websites, all you need is the right tools.

The best tools are the best web design software options available and today we are showing you 5 of the absolute best, including what we consider to be the best web design software out there.

If you want to grab that free domain name and discount hosting for WordPress then this is what you’re looking for.

Here are some links to get the best possible prices on our favourite web builders.
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►Thrive Themes –
► Beaver Builder –
► Divi –
► –

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Don't Be Afraid website building is not Nearly as scary as you think it's not Just for professionals and you don't Need to know code even if you are a Complete beginner with the right tools You can create a beautiful website what Are these magical tools well do not fear That is what we are here to discuss Today five of the very best web design Software options we're going to start With one of if not the very best website Builder out there seedr why is seedr so Good well there's absolutely no coding Required there is a really intuitive Drag and drop page builder with over 200 Professionally design templates along With pre-built section templates color Schemes interactive animations and over 2 million stock images that you can use If you are looking to save some time Then seedr also have some built-in Layouts that you can use sales Pages Maintenance mode coming soon all really Intuitive and simple to use there is a Free version of seedr available as well As some paid versions that do have a lot More features and they start at just $ 39.50 a month if you head down to the Description and follow the link our next Pick is Thrive theme Builder which is a Really intuitive and easy to use drag And drop system that's going to help you Build your WordPress theme if you're Looking to create or boost conversions

On your site then the Thrive theme Builder is an absolute must try as I Said really nice and easy to use with The drag and drop system there's some Pre-made design templates and even some Oneclick drag and drop Landing templates That you can use pretty much everything On your WordPress page can be edited to How you want it Thrive theme Builder is Also fully compatible with woo Commerce So your e-commerce needs are also sorted Here you can get Thrive theme Builder as Part of the Thrive theme Suite which is A whole host of really powerful tools Which are going to help you in designing Your website but mainly in getting those Conversions and really maximizing the Potential of your website if you want to Get it for the best price possible then Definitely head down into the Description and click our WP beginner Link sticking with the WordPress page Builders we've got Beaver Builder these Are another drag and drop WordPress page Builder that's really intuitive with no Coding required we love no coding Beaver Builder has loads of ready-made Templates for you if you want to speed Things along but it also gives you the Option to go in there and customize all The different elements of your site to Make it just how you like Beaver Builder Is a paid WordPress plugin and their Plans start at $99 for the year in case

You haven't noticed yet we really like Drag and drop systems for ease of use And this pick divy is no different divy Is a great WordPress page builder that's Really simple to install and activate And it gives you access to loads and Loads of options you can adjust the Images videos slides contact forms and Even more it also comes with over 800 Design layout packs as well as specific Design layouts tailored to certain Website or business Styles comes under The elegant themes banner and is another Paid plugin and this one's going to be $89 for the year and that does give you Access to use it on unlimited websites Which is a nice little per we've spoken A lot about WordPress page Builders if You are looking to get started with WordPress you're going to need a domain Name and hosting but we've got you Covered there as well down in the Description there is a link for a WP Beginner coupon code for blue host blue Host are one of the absolute best on the Market and a WordPress recommended Hosting provider and they're going to be Able to provide you hosting from as Little as275 a month along with a free Domain name you can check that out down In the description or you can check out One of our other videos on best hosting Services if you're looking for something As an alternative to WordPress then we

Definitely recommend is A fully hosted platform so you don't Need to get your own hosting provider And you don't need to worry about Backups or security or get your hosting Provider to do that it all comes as part Of the bundle has a really simpl To understand interface that's really Really good for beginners along with Pre-designed templates and a nice and Easy pointand click adjustment system There's also thousands of stock images Available as well and you can grab your First month with for just $15 if you head down into the Description and click our link obviously It is going to go up a little bit after That but 195 is a pretty fantastic Introductory offer see web page building Really isn't as scary as you thought it Was and there are five amazing tools you Can use in order to make your page Exactly what you want now we of course Are recommending seed prop that's why it Was our number one pick it is the best Tool out there that you're going to be Able to get at a really really good Price especially if you go down into the Description and you click our link while You are down there clicking on things Then definitely click on the Subscribe Button to get more WordPress and Web Building tips as well as the like button Because I'll appreciate it and let us

Know down in the comments what your Preferred web Builder is but that's all From me here today I've been James I Hope you've enjoyed it and I'll see you Soon

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