The ONLY WordPress Page Builders You’ll Ever Need!

Building WordPress pages can be time consuming and frustrating if you don’t have the right tools. However, if you can take all coding out of the equation, and work on a drag and drop system where what you see is what you get, your life could be so much easier.

That’s where drag and drop page builders come in and here are some of our favourites.

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You've got a WordPress page for yourself For your blog for your business and the Most important thing is that it looks How you want it to or maybe it reflects Your business or your personality Doesn't matter all that matters is that It looks how you want and now sometimes Particularly for beginners that can get A little bit complicated but it doesn't Have to be all you need is a good Page Builder and there's plenty of them out There and they're going to sure that You've got a drag and drop option so you Don't need any code so let's do that Let's look at what tools we're going to Use to help you design your perfect WordPress page without writing any code At all if we do manage to help you out Today remember like that video and get Subscribed to WP Begin number one on our list and Absolutely our top pick our must try is Seedr now seedr is definitely a premium Product it's going to give you over 300 Different templates to use or you can Start designing pages from scratch and You don't need to know or write a single Line of code seed prod is built with Speed in mind so you're going to get a Fast page loading and that's going to be Really important to ensure you get good SEO if you have pages that load slowly Google is going to punish you in Google Search rankings you're going to fall

Further down so seed prod ensures this Doesn't happen you get fast load speeds And keeps you high up those rankings Optimum SEO so with its templates it's Dragon drop Builder and its efficient Workflow it just means the overall seedr Is one of the best the fastest and the Most affordable page builders that you Can get whether you're a beginner or You're Advanced seedr works for pretty Much all WordPress users and we really Recommend it highly recommend it and That's why it's our number one Another user friendly page builder that We really like and again has over 300 Pre-built templates is Thrive architect Thrive architect offers a really great Front-end visual editor for really easy Customization and you can add pre-made Conversion elements like call to action Buttons and testimonials to really hone In your page and make it exactly how you Want Thrive architect great for Beginners but also good if you are more Advanced and again very affordable Pricing as a standalone plugin however We highly recommend checking out as part Of the Thrive themes Suite there's a Whole sweet really powerful tools that You can use on your WordPress site and If any two of them seem to catch your Eye it's worth looking at taking the Suite as a whole rather than just the Individual Thrive architect

Plugin so far we've said that basically All the plugins are for beginners and They'll also work for advanced and this Is absolutely no different beava Builder Great for beginners we really like it For beginners actually but it's also Been known to be used by people web Designers who are making things for Clients so that's really both ends of The spectrum completely covered Beaver Builder of course as with the others has A drag and drop Builder but it also has A live interface which means you can Make changes you drag and you drop and You can see how that's going to affect Your page in real time which is Genuinely very useful for beginners Pricing is very similar to that of Thrive architect and beaver Builder can Be used on unlimited sites once you get Going we spoke about realtime editing With Beaver Builder and that's what We're going to get here maybe even on Another level we've got a what you see Is what you get drag and drop Builder This makes it so nice when you are just Trying to visualize exactly what it is You want but as you do it you've got a Live preview right there showing you Exactly how that change you've made is Going to affect your page just make Things really straightforward especially If you're doing this for the first time Or even the 50th time just makes life a

Little bit easier we do like the Possibilities with dvy they really seem To be pretty Limitless as to what you Can do so you can get really creative And their pricing is also interesting They have a normal pricing plan but they Also have a lifetime pricing plan that You can get into which could be very Attractive for some People sticking with those live Dragon Drop page Builders Elemental Pro another One that can do exactly that and show You your real time changes for something Different though Elemental Pro is Actually better known for its wide range Of widgets its large extensions Ecosystem and the large number of Templates that are available pricing Also comes in a little bit cheaper than Some of the other options provided You're only using it for one Site we will note that the updated WordPress block editor Gutenberg is Actually improving there's a lot of Things there that maybe weren't there Before that could be useful to you However we still like having a dedicated Drag and drop page builder just make Life that little bit easier and of Course our top pick is seed prod and of Course if you do want some more Information on how to customize or build Your page then just click right here

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