The Best WordPress Managed Hosting Compared

Ever wondered which managed hosting provider for WordPress would be the best for your website? After watching this video, you’ll have your answer.

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00:00 – Intro
00:31 – How we did our tests
02:06 – Hosting Provider #1
04:58 – Hosting Provider #2
07:38 – Hosting Provider #3
10:04 – Hosting Provider #4
13:08 – Hosting Provider #5
15:46 – Hosting Provider #6
18:19 – Approx price of all hosting providers

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In today's video I'm going to be Comparing six of the best managed Hosting providers for WordPress and help You decide which of these hosting Providers you should go for when Building your website now just to Clarify managed hosting is quite Different from shared hosting shared Hosting usually costs just a couple of Dollars a month and you can get started Absolutely with shared hosting but if You want more reliable service more Faster performance and you expect a lot Of visitors on your website then you Should be switching to managed hosting And this video will specifically be About managed hosting providers not Shared hosting providers so now that you Understand the difference between a Managed hosting provider and a shared Hosting provider let me explain the Philosophy of how we conducted this Information or how we did this survey or How we found out which of these hosting Providers is the best instead of relying On the information that the hosting Providers give you about up time their Speed performance we actually signed up For different hosting providers and ran The test ourselves and we didn't just do One or two test what we did was we Actually set a website with media with Content which replicates or mimic a real Website and then we made the test we

Obviously conducted the basic test of What the performance is like what the Load time is but we also tested the same Things under load because real websites Have real visitors accessing the website So we tested this with simulated uh load Balancing test by sending virtual Visitors to the website just to see how These hosting providers or how these Websites will perform underload and then We also did some extensive testing on Geography so we tested what the Performance of these websites would be From different areas around the world After conducting all these tests we took All the data and then based on that We'll give you comparison and live Examples of which hosting provider you Should go for by the way if you're Confused with all the technical Terminology I'll be using in the video Slightly a little bit there's a link Down Below on the description of this Video and also in the pin comment to a Hosting quiz which we designed Specifically for beginners so if you're Wondering which hosting provider you Should go for and you're not a technical Wizard when it comes to creating Websites all you have to do is go and Click on that button which will take you To our website where we have hosted that Quiz there you can go and find out and You take that quiz and that quiz will

Give the answers what you're looking for Which of the hosting providers is good For you so the first hosting provider We'll be taking a look at is sideg Ground and sideg ground is one of the Most well recognized brand names in the Hosting industry so let's see what the Performance numbers are when we looked At managed hosting from side ground here They are as you can see on the screen Side ground performed extremely well in Our test the performance gr was around 95 the page size was reasonable but that Does not depend on the hosting the page Load time was 4 17 milliseconds which is Barely half a second but that's just the Basic testing that means no visitors Were simulated it's just a blank slate So obviously the performance is going to Be good but then we send traffic to Sideg ground and let's see how side Ground hosting performed when visitors Were actually present on the website so On the screen you can see the graphs of How side down performed under load just To give you Clarity the purple line that You see is the number of visitors that Was simulated the number of requests and Other things you can already see on the Screen and the blue line is what you see Is the response time of the server And as you can see from the graph Already the Blue Line barely flinched That means side ground performed almost

Very well under entire traffic load that We sent on the site which means that Side ground servers perform really well Under load as well so if you have a lot Of traffic coming to your site side Ground servers are not going to Flinch They're going to perform extremely well Under that load as well after this test We also conducted a geography test and Here are the numbers on the screen you Can see it right now as you can see on The screen sideg ground performed really Really well under all geography location But the response times were extremely Fast in the US location now one thing to Note with side ground is that they Allowed you to change your location of Your server for example since I'm in India if I were to build a website with Side ground I would choose a location Like Singapore or if a server was Available in Mumbai I would choose Mumbai and the response time would Actually drop dramatically drop for that Particular location so that's the Overview of side JS managed hosting one Other thing to note about side ground is That they have 24/7 technical support Available and they have friendly stock So even if you're running into technical Issues you can always contact support And get your queries answered with that Clarified here's a simple list of the Pros and cons of side ground hosting the

Pros is that they have awesome WordPress Support great uptime they offer free SSL And they have great speeds which we Already demonstrated they also offer Ultra fast PHP and built-in performance Improvements which are available in some Of the plans they're also one of the Most highest rated hosting providers They also offer free site migration plus 30-day money back guarantee and they Also offer free CDN in partnership with Cloud flare they offer SSH plus WP CLI Integration and free email accounts on All plans including the startup plan the Only downside with side down is that the Advanced features like staging jit Ultra Fast PHP white level client panel and Some of the advanc features that you Might need as part of your plan are Reserved for the higher tier plans but That's just just a small downside to Have all the performance improvements And great support and great repetition Of Sr let's go on to the next hosting Toide the next manage hosting provider We tested was WP engine now WP engine Has already a great repetition when it Comes to manage hosting and unlike other Hosting providers WP engine is Exclusively known for managed hosting I Don't think they even offer shared Hosting as part of the program so when We tested out we were very curious to See how they would perform with all

These tests we were to perform so let's Look at the numbers so the first test That we obviously did was just a basic Test of setting our website and seeing The performance numbers without any Traffic load and you can see the numbers On the screen that WP engine performed Very well the performance grade was 90 The page size was reasonable but that Doesn't depend on the hosting provider The load time was pretty pretty fast and Considering that the entire website Loaded in almost half a second the Performance is already great but how Does it perform under load that was the Big question so let's see those numbers As well similar to a side down test we Ran another test on WP engine and Simulated sending approximately 50 concr Users to the site just to see the how The performance will play out and you Can see the overall performance was very Very steady throughout the server you Can see the purple line is the line that Simulates how many visitors are on the Site concurrently and the blue line Represents the server load time or the Response time and as you can see almost Through the entire process the server Handled all the requests pretty well and Even the at the peak the server response Times was barely 125 or crossing 125 Milliseconds which is pretty amazing so To conclude WP engine servers performed

Extremely well under load as well even With all the concrete users the servers Barely flinched and the performance was Almost steady throughout the test test That means WP engine is also a great Hosting provider when it comes to manage Hosting let's look at the geography test So that we can see what was the response Times in variety of locations throughout The world and as you can see on the Screen server response times for WP Engine were extremely well across all Geographies especially high in the US Region even in other regions the Response time is barely 200 milliseconds Which is amazing as well and in Conclusion here's a short pros and cons List of WP engines hosting the First Advantage is that they highly optimized For WordPress performance with fully Stable managed hosting they also offer Automatic backups WordPress Pre-installed and also premium Studio Press WordPress themes includeed for Free they also have a one-click staging Environment free SSL and integrated Support to our CDN Service as an addon Which makes your life easier they also Have a powerful yet easy to use custom Hosting panel with excellent customer Support team which includes phone Support and email support the only Downside of WP engine if I have to Phrase it that way is that they are

Slightly expensive than other hosting Providers but it's all worth it when you Consider the great performance WP engine Provides on to the next hosting provider The next hosting provider we took a look At was hostinger now when it comes to Hostinger they're primarily known for Their shared hosting Services which are Much more affordable than any managed Hosting service but they also offer Managed hosting service which we're Curious to look at so we conducted all The same test with hostinger managed Hosting service as well let's take a Look at the numbers so the basic website Test that we performed without any load Performed really well the performance Grade was 91 the page size was 752 but Again that's not connected to the Hosting and the load time was 757 Milliseconds which is barely quarter of A second pretty good the next test we Did is we tested the server performance Underload so we simulated around 50 Concr visitors on the site just to see How the server would perform under load And as you can see on the numbers on Screen the server performance remained Consistent throughout there were few Spikes in between the response time was Going up and down but it stayed Consistent ently under 500 milliseconds Which is excellent performance for any Website overall I say the performance of

Side ground was consistent and good Under load as well and just to clarify The purple lines you see on the screen Represents the visitors and the blue Line represents the server load time and Based on these numbers you can see that Hostinger managed hosting perform very Well underload so if you have a growing Website a blog or even an e-commerce Store you can use hosers managed hosting Services to actually host your website Let's look at the geographical data to See what was the response time across Different geographies throughout the Website as you can see on the screen the Response types were amazing throughout The board and particularly excellent in Europe and North America which means That no matter where your visitors are Coming from hostinger managed services Will perform excellent for all visitors From all locations let me just conclude By giving you a simple list of the pros And cons of Hosting is managed hosting Services the first advantage of using Hostinger is that they have affordable Pricing plans compared to other hosting Providers on the list and they also Offer great performance and speed Especially considering the lower price Point they also have great customer Support they also offer security Features like malware scanning and dos Protection the only con is that they

Don't have daily backups included and Some of the advanced features like U Manage hosting panel or may see some Enterprise related solution that you Might need to manage a hosting is not Part of the plan essentially the hosting From hosting or especially the managed Hosting from hostinger is aimed at small To medium businesses not for Enterprise Which Le have a lot of control so it's a Affordably price and it offers great Performance for that price on to the Next hosting provider the next managed Hosting provider we tested was blue host Now once again blue host is better known For its shared hosting providers but you Might not know that blue host is the Official recommendation by WordPress Themselves when it comes to hosting Providers and blue host also offers Managed hosting Solutions which you are Curious to take a look at on how the Actual websites performed on blue host Manag hosting so here are the numbers of All the official test test that we Performed on blue host manage hosting The first test was obviously just Setting a website and seeing how the Load times were on the website and as You can see the performance grade was Actually very good the page size again Is not related but reasonably well the Load time was barely a second which is Pretty amazing for no optimized website

Right out of the box the next thing we Tested was the load times under traffic So again we simulated the same Environment sending approximately 50 Concurrent users to the website to see How the load times performed and as you Can see on the screen the load times of The website were pretty consistent and Stable the purple lion represents the Number of visitors we sent to the site The blue Lions actually tell you what The average or I say Peak load times or The current load times were and as you Can see the average low time stayed Under I think 300 400 milliseconds just Spiking a couple of times over one Second but that's to be expected when a Lot of visitors come to your site and That is still reasonable performance for A website this that is not optimized at All so overall the website we created on Blue host managed hosting performed very Well and the load times were very Consistent just spiking a couple of Times but even the spikes were well Under an acceptable i' a load time for a Traffic website so considering that blue Host is also useful when you are trying To create a Business website a small Website and even for an e-commerce store Let's look at the geographical numbers To see what was the load times across Different geographies around the world And as you can see on the screen the

Server response times were pretty Amazing especially micros or I say Blazing fast in US regions but still Staying under 250 milliseconds Throughout all geographies around the World which is just quarter of a second So it's blazing fast and here's the Final pros and cons list of blue host so You can decide if blue host is right for You the first Advantage that blue host Offers that they are one of the most Affordable hosting providers out there Even when it comes to managed hosting And if you use our special referral link To sign up for blue host you're going to Get an additional 50% discount on Managed WordPress hosting plus a free Domain and free SSL another advantage of Using blue host is that they are Officially recommended hosting Provider By WordPress themselves so their Credibility is extremely high another Important advantage of using blue host Is that their WordPress installation Process is extremely optimized they have Built-in tools for SEO and bloggers and E-commerce sites so you can set up your Entire website throughout the setup Process itself another important thing Blue host offers is free migration and They also have C panel support so it's a Familiar environment where you can Manage and set up your site the only con Or downside of using blue host is that

Some users report that their support Times are slightly slower so with this Data hopefully you have enough Information to decide if blue host is The right provider for you on to the Next hosting provider the next hosting Provider we took a look at was dream Host and once again dream host has a Plethora of options when it comes to Hosting they offer shared hosting VPS Hosting and they also have a WordPress Managed hosting solution called dream Press obviously we took a look at all The information and ran all the tests And here are the numbers on screen the First test we obviously performed was Just creating a website with dream host And and running the numbers running the Test on what the load times were and you Can see the performance grade was Exceptional the page size again Unrelated but was reasonable the load Times were slightly high compared to Other hosting providers and the requests Were again barely minimum which is Expected to be for a blank website the Next test We performed was obviously the Performance under low test so once again We simulated around sending 50 concr Users to the site just to see how the Performance of the website will vary and You can see the numbers on the screen Once again the purple line represents The number of visitors on the site the

Blue line represents the server response Time in this case apart from one big Spike the overall server response time Was consistent but you can see probably From the right hand side column that the Response times of the server is quite High but that was our mistake we Accidentally turned off the inbuilt Caching Solution on dreamhost and then Once we fixed it we reand the test to Get the actual numbers on how the Website would perform so once again the Blue Line represents the server response Time and the purple line represents the Number of visitors on the site and as You can see the performance dramatically Improved once the caching solution was Enabled the server response times was Almost always flat except for a couple Of spikes which is to be expected but The overall Peak traffic response was Barely around 1 second even at the peak Load So based on these numbers you can See that dream host dream press hosting Performed very well under load as well So it's suitable for all kinds of needs And you can definitely create a website With high traffic loads on dream press As well let's look at the geographical Numbers to see how the load times were Throughout different geographies around The world and as as you can see on the Screen the numbers are absolutely Fantastic once again barely close to 250

Milliseconds as the peak response times And being as fast as 16 milliseconds in The US western region it's pretty Amazing So based on this information Here's a simple pros and cons list of Dream press hosting the First Advantage Is that they are super fast managed Hosting provided service with affordable Plans the second Advantage is that each Plan includes custom control panels 3 SSL and SSD storage which fast Performance damost is also easy to scale So it's suitable for budgets of Different kinds the only downside is That the staging site options are Available only with the advanced plans So if you really need a staging site That's the only downside of using dream Host but you can always go to the Advance plan pay a little more and get All the advanced features that dreamhost Offers let's go on to the next hosting Provider the next hosting provider we Took a look at was and is a managed hosting provider Which deals exclusively with WordPress Managed hosting our expectations were Already high but what we saw surprised Us as as well here are the numbers for a Basic website test with and As you can see the performance grade is Amazing page size is low that doesn't Have to do anything with the hosting Provider the load times half a second

Less than half a second is pretty Amazing the number of requests is also Fair and those numbers are very very Promising obviously the next test we did Was a performance test where we Simulated around sending 50 concrete Users to the website and here are the Numbers once again the purple line Represents the number of concurrent Users on the site and the blue line Represents the server response time and As you can see servers Perform extremely well under L barely Flinching with any amount of traffic we Hit even though the number of concrete Users on the site was consistent the Servers barely flinched and there was Not even a single spike in the overall Response times which is pretty amazing And considering that we didn't do any Performance optimization on the site the Response times and the server Performance is amazing that just speaks To manage hosting solution And how well optimized it is out of the Box let's look at the geographic numbers To see what the performance is Throughout different areas of the world And as you can see the numbers on the Screen the performance numbers for are absolutely crushing Everywhere barely 10 milliseconds from Anywhere around the world and that's Because already uses a

Distributed network of servers to Actually host your website which is just A great performance optimization Technique which reduces the server Response times and also reduces the Response time throughout the world So Based on these numbers you can Understand servers perform Extremely well under load as well so if Extremely fast performance is critical To your business then is Probably the better hosting Choice let's Look at the basic pros and cons list to Understand if is the right Hosting solution for you the first Advantage of is obviously the Performance it's absolutely crazy how Well the servers optimized that the Servers response time stays consistent And the response time throughout the Geographies of the world is also pretty Pretty fast the next advantage that they Have that they have very easy to use Control panel which even beginners can Use and of course they have Ultra secure Managed hosting Solutions so that your Website will always always be secure the Only downside of using is That they don't have much online Documentation so if you're trying to Find out some solutions yourself you Might not be able to find a solution you Might have to go to a support Representative which just is an

Additional step to solving your problem But aart from this services And their Solutions are pretty amazing As well so now that the performance Numbers of all the hosting providers has Been shown to you here's a simple table Representing all the hosting providers What pricing they offer and a couple of Additional basic features that provide So you can make the right call when it Comes to which hosting provider is right You once again we have a amazing hosting Quiz Linked In the description and also All the links to the hosting providers Are also linked in the description so You can quickly click and find the best Deal and the best pricing for your Hosting services so hopefully with all These tests and numbers you should be Able to decide for yourself which is the Right hosting provider for you and just To give you some context we host a Pretty big website W beginner on side Down so we talk the walk or we walk the Talk and we actually host or use one of These services or one of the hosting Providers that we mentioned in this as Well so make sure to make a decision and Let us know in the comments which of These hosting providers you're going to Pick and by the way W beginner also now Offers Pro Services you need help with Building your website maintaining your Website or if you have a hacked website

That needs some specialized help you can Go to the link in the descriptions and Go to our manag hosting services and Offer any of the services and our expert Team will help you build your website Design your website and even recover Your website if it is hacked with this We have come to the end of the video if You want to continue WordPress education Make sure to subscribe like share do all That good stuff you're watching yrj from W beginner and I'll catch you next video Take care

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