The Best FREE Business Tools you Should be Using

Everyone needs tools to start their business. Tools to help manage their teams, reach out to clients, handle invoices, and more.
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In this video, we will go over completely FREE business tools that you can use to improve your workflow, generate ideas, and make your life easier. What are you waiting for? Watch the video!

0:00 Intro
0:20 Getting ideas for your business name
1:22 Promoting your business
3:34 Managing your team
5:24 Billing clients
6:21 Processing payments
7:09 Analyzing your site’s performance
9:20 Growing your business
10:33 Design tools for your site
12:00 How’s the competition doing
15:40 Keyword research
17:31 Conversion visitors into subscribers

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Starting a business and growing a Business are tough activities so any Help that you can get is always Appreciated and what if that help was Completely free of cost well that's Completely true because in this video I'm going to talk about the best Business tools you can use to start and Grow your business and your website and Most of them are completely free to use Technically all of them are completely Free to use let's begin the video all Right so the first tool I'll mention is A business name generator which is Hosted on which is our Website it's a fantastic tool it helps You find a good business name and also Also checks if the domain name for that Business is available let's say you are A baking business and you go to the Website I'll leave a link down in the Description and also on the screen and You can type in the name of your Business what you're trying to achieve So I'll type in expert Bakers and let's Click Generate and instantly within a couple Of seconds you'll see what kind of Domain names you have available you can See expert is taken but you Have tens of other options which you can Use to just take your business online And if I change it to expert baking Let's test Ted out once again if

Business names are actually Available and you can see expert it's pretty good name is Already available you can snag the Domain name start your business with the Name expert you can also Collect the domain name and all sorts of Good stuff happening all right so that's The first tool business name generator Hosted on link on the screen and Also in the description of this video so Now that you have a Business website set Up now you need to start promoting it You can use Flyers pamphlets business Cards all sorts of materials you can Print and send out to promote your Website and for some reason after a Decade long of nobody using it QR codes Are the new rage and they're pretty Useful and everybody is using it in fact I'll place a QR code on the screen take A screenshot or take a picture and see Where it lands you and to create QR Codes we have tons of QR code generators That you can use for example here's one Free uh QR code generator by Adobe Express again link will be in the Description and if you click there Create your QR code now it'll take you To this page where you can have a link Added you can choose from different Styles add color and you have enough File format that you can download now You can use this anywhere uh print on

Business cards to have information uh Set up for or send people to your Website directly or have contact Information maybe your social media you Can do anything another more Customizable tool that I've used is QR Code Monkey the benefit of this tool is That it offers tons of solutions that You can embed inside your QR code so you Have URL you have text you have email Phone number SMS v card me card location Facebook Twitter and tons of options or Tens of data that you can directly Integrate into your QR code you even Have a Wi-Fi option so if somebody is With us in your store and you offer free Wi-Fi just print a QR code they can scan It and instantly connect to your Wi-Fi No password sharing random Long Key or Passwords required so that's a free tool That you can use but there's another Simple tool that you can utilize if you Don't want to use any of these tools to Generate QR codes and that's the browser That you're already probably using Google Chrome most people don't realize That Google Chrome has a built-in QR Code generator for any URL that you can Access for example I'm on W beginners One of the websites uh blog post that Was recently published which is nine Best WP forms Alternatives and if I go To this icon right here which is a Sharing icon just next to the bookmarks

Icon you'll have the all these options And it has create QR code and if you Click the create QR code option it'll Show up this QR code beautiful looking You can copy it and even download it now If you want to replace this little dyo With something else it's pretty easy to Do you can replace it just add your Image on top I'll demonstrate that later In this video as well with another cool Looking free tool so you have that to Look forward to so that's how you use QR Code generators to promote your business And your website let's head on to the Next tool the next fre tools are related To communication and project management Of course if you're delivering any Product or service you need to Communicate with your clients and also With your team and also organize your Projects in a way you can understand What the progress is on each of these Projects for that we have a bunch of Amazing tools that you can utilize and My favorites are slack for communication Team management and even some sort of Project management which you can utilize For free for a small team you can also Upgrade to the premium version if you Feel so it's an excellent tool gives you Tons of options to communicate organize Information and also have communication Between each other very very effectively It's a fantastic tool check it out

There's a link in the description for Project management there are a bunch of Tools out there but the easiest one to Get started and use is it Offers a Canan based project management Solution which you can add task through Move between different statuses and you Can use it effectively for free it's Very easy to get started that's why I'm Recommending it because it's not Complicated to setup you can just log in Instantly start have sharing options Attach media bunch of different amazing Options check it out from the link in The description again and if you think You need more complexity or I say more Control over how you add data to your Project management uh tools then notion Is something you can check out notion is More flexible in my opinion you have Canman B is an option you have databases Built in tables built in you can have Internal Documentation you have ai Related features you have collaboration You can run almost everything inside Notion it's very very flexible and it's Free to get started even for big teams But you want uh to upgrade to a premium Version you are completely free to do so It's a fantastic tool lot of or I said Millions and millions of people use it And there's tons of resources available On YouTube and on notion website you get Free templates and you can learn how to

Use notion effectively those are some of My favorites but there are other ones Out there as well for example Asana is Also a very popular project management Tool but mostly used by large Enterprises for small businesses Trello And notion should be good enough to go All right on to the next set of tools so Now your team communication is set up And you starting to take on projects From your clients you also need a way to Build them that means you need to send An invoice to them to actually help Collect payments for that you need an Invoice generator and the easiest Invoice generator I found is invoice it's a pretty simple and Straightforward invoice generator and That's why I'm recommending it it Doesn't connect to any of the tools it Doesn't do do automatic bilding but it's Good to get started when you're just Setting up your business you can add Your logo manually add the invoice Number date payment terms who is being Built to even add lines of descriptions Pricing notes taxes even add manual Discounts everything that you'll do here Is mostly manual that's why it's good to Get started it's easy to get to work Around but eventually when your business Grows you'll need an automated solution For that there are different tools out There maybe we'll do another video on

That so make sure to subscribe to this Channel for more interesting content Like that just to get started invoice Hy should do the trick on to The next tool after sending the invoices You also need a way to collect the Invoices that means connecting with the Payment processor setting up your bank Accounts all that good stuff which is Not pretty but there's an easiest Solution you can use this simple WP Simple play plugin on your website which Will help you connect with stripe and All the different payment processors if I go to the description of this plugin You'll find all these connections you Can connect with stripe you can have Accepting debit cards and credit cards Alipay fpx payments tons of different Options that you can connect with easily And best part is this plugin is Completely free install it set up your Account with stripe or any other payment Processor and within minutes you can get Started collecting payments on your Website if you want to see a dedicated Tutorial then leave a link or leave a Comment on this video and we'll do a Dedicated video on how to actually set This up to accept payments on your Website that's easy how to get payments Let's talk about the next tool the next Set of website tools are all related to Understanding how your website is

Performing in the search results in General the performance what keywords is Ranking for all that good stuff and Thankfully Google has made available a Bunch of different tools for you to all Do all of that completely completely Free so the first tool I'd like you to Use is Google PID spee insights having a High performance website or high Performing website is essential if you Want to rank higher in the search Results it also provides a great user Experience for your users when they Visit your website so you can use this Website or you can use this tool by Page Speed in spice or by Google to enter Your web page URL and Google will Analyze the page give you Recommendations to how you can make Those pages and generally your entire Website faster the second tool by Google Is Google search console once you Connect with Google search console Google will give you reports about where Your website is ranking for what Keywords is ranking for if your website Has any security issues if it has any Performance issues or any indexation Issues or any kind of problems that are Happening behind the scenes which you Essentially won't know unless you get Those reports so it's an essential tool To actually connect and we have a bunch Of videos on our channel on how to

Connect with Google search console and Even how to use Google search console to The maximum potential the next tool I'd Like you to use is Rich results test to Stand out in the search results you need To use schema on your website for Example when you search for a product You usually typically see the pricing The star ratings and bunch of other the Information that's coming from schema so Once you add schema to your website Which we have done videos about I'll Leave some links in the description you Can check using this tool if your Website is actually ranking with those Rich results with schema so it's a free Tool by Google they'll tell you all the Information you need to understand Whether your website has the right Information or not and of course it's Completely free the next tool that you Should be using and you probably have Heard about is Google analytics Google Analytics is an analytical solution for Your website once you install it you Understand what users are are coming to Your website how many users are coming To your website what pages are they Visiting what devices are they using all SES of information about understanding Your users better and of course you can Use that data to serve your users better Setting this up is free completely all These tools are completely free to set

Up and we have a bunch of videos on our Website on how to set up Google Analytics completely and I save more Effectively on a website I leave links Down in the description or maybe Something on the screen and you can go Check those out and of course check out Page speed insides search console Rich Results testing tool and also Google Analytics from the links in the Description on to the next set of tools The next tool you should definitely be Using to grow your website and your Business is Google business profile Earlier it was called Google my business And technically there used to be a Different mobile app but now it's merged With Google Maps and what Google Business profile allows you to do is a Claim a business profile on Google let Me give you an example you see if I Search for dentist near beer County in Texas you see all these results come up All of these are coming up here because They have been registered with Google Business profile otherwise they won't Shopia now apart from claiming a Territory or claiming a business on Google Maps you also have additional Advantage Pages you can collect reviews For example you see reviews right here And you can build social proof about how Your business is performing you can also Respond to reviews and it allows you to

Actually collect and as a store social Proof so technically it's a tool not for Your data management but for Understanding and growing your Reputation in public on on Google so Essential very essential tool in today's World whether you are a local business Or an online business Google reviews can Make or break your business so start Collecting Google reviews on Google Business profile after you've collect or Made a profile and use this tool to grow Your business and website on to the next Tool the next free tool you can use to Promote your website grow your website And even spice up your website is a Graphic design tool it's called canva You probably have heard of it but you Might not be using canva to its full Potential let me demonstrate on Cana you Can find hundreds even thousands I say Even millions of designs regarding Anything you can have uh Flyers you can Have uh Instagram post social media post You can have business card Generation All the different designs and categories You can think of you can find probably a Template or a set of templates that you Can use to design and use on your Website for example I went to the Templates category I searched for Business event invitations and I scroll Through bunch of different invitation There are a bunch of designs you can see

The variety of designs is amazing you Can choose any of the styles that match Your taste so I've selected this Business meeting invitation it looks Pretty good I can change the colors I Can change the text I clicked customize This template have this in tab now I can Just click here and change anything I Like I can change the logo I can change The text behind the logo the image here The dates anything I can do and in fact As I as mentioned in a previous uh point You can also add QR codes directly that You copy and generate from chrome so if I zoom in on the screen here you'll see That I've added this beautiful looking QR code that I generated in the previous Step and also replace the dyo with wp's Logo and in fact you can scan this right Now and it'll take you to the same blog Post I generated that QR code from it Works fantastically it's pretty useful QR codes are really popular make sure to Check out canva use QR codes and promote Your business and your website on to the Next tool the next tool I'm going to Mention is indispensable to have in your Arsenal if you want to understand how Your competition is ranking high in These search results make sure to search For aiio SEO Chrome extension in Google Search yes it's a Chrome extension but It's completely free look at the first Results all in SEO analyzer by AO if you

Open this up you'll reach this page just Make sure it is verified by aiio That means it's the official version It's also featured by Google recently so That's also a good thing I already have It installed on my computer and on my Browser you can see I'm removing or the Option presents to remove it from chrome Once you click install it take a few Seconds to set up but here's the fun Part once you go to any website Specifically your competition all you Have to do is click the button for the Extension in your extensions bar right Here you can see it's here I'll click on It and instantly everything about the Page will be analyzed and shown to me Instantly where I can just completely Digest information and even download the Reports I'll just give you an overview Of what all kinds of data I get I get The title I get the description the Actual URL canonical URL the keywords That they're ranking for typically Keywords they're optimizing for Robots.txt X robots tag language word Count character count how many headings And I can go to headings and analyze how The page is entirely structured so H1 H4s then H2 then h3s then H2S and I can Export this or individual headings if I Want to amazing stuff I can also see all The links on the page I can completely Understand how the website is structured

Also what images are being used what Schema is being used what social uh tags Are being used and all sorts of data you Need to understand about your Competition all of this is available to Export understand and completely rake in Completely for free and I've done a Dedicated video about this explaining This in more detail I'll leave a link Somewhere on the screen and also in the Description of the video it's a Fantastic fantastic uh Chrome extension That you can use free but we're not Stopping here if you want to get even More control so now you have the data on How the competition is optimizing the Websit but you would want to repeat this On your website as well right so all of An SEO again comes to rescue it also has A WordPress plugin that you can install On your website for completely free it's Available in the WordPress repository You have to search for it and I'll Probably leave a video in the Description where I can tell you how to Actually install it I have a test Website running where I've already Installed it let me show you how you can Optimize your website and post once you Have all the information you need so on This post I've just uh written a Headline just to give you a Demonstration the best lemon cake recipe You'll ever have and right now what you

See here right here and right here is All-in-one SEO the plugin for WordPress In action so if I want to understand how My headline is in terms from how a user Will react to it I can click here and It'll give me a score on how my headline Is if I change the headline the score Will instantly update to give me Feedback live on if my headline is good And if my headline is trash I can just Go here in the recommendation list for Example I see I have not used a power Word then I can optimize my headline Even further so it'll give me all sorts Of data to understand how my headlines Is which is powerful power powerful Stuff and then after my headline is Optimized I can come here I can Understand how my website will look in The search results I can change the post Title The Meta description I can add Focus keyphrases even fetch more Focus Key phrases by connections or by Integrations that we have withm rush and We can have a post analysis of the Content how the title is how the Readability is everything right here we Can also add social graph tags schema And you also have a link assistant tool Built in which you can utilize to Understand how internal links can be Optimized for this particular post you Can set redirects revisions advanced Stuff all of this is available inside

All of an SEO beautiful plugin beautiful Extension use both of them conjunction To optimize your website to the next Level all right on to the next tool the Next tool I'm going to mention will give You superpowers one of the biggest Marketing challenges is understanding What customers are looking for not what You want to sell to them right so to Understand your customers better you Need to find the keywords that they're Already putting in in Google search so That you can understand what they're Looking for well enter the WB beginners Keyword generator tool is completely Free unless unlike other tools that you Have to pay for hundreds and hundreds of Dollars per month to understand qwords You can come to this tool analyze your I Say Niche or Target Market completely For free for example if I type in Roofing Services I can just click analyze and Within a few seconds W beginner's Keyword generator tool will give me Hundreds of suggestions on what people Are looking for already in the sour Results using this data I can create Content optimize my existing content and Rank higher in the search results get More traffic and generate more business For example you have all these Suggestions uh Roofing services in Specific areas Roofing Services

Regarding questions for example if I Want to go in the question segment You'll find so many interesting Questions that people are actually Asking for which you can answer with Your website or in any of the content That you produce so if I say our Roofing Contract license is Roofing our roofing Companies in short supply so you can Understand all this data completely for Free and you can click the show graph And you can have all this data you can Copy this this paste it in somewhere Where you post your keyword research or Download the entire spreadsheet you can Also go through all of this data to Understand what kind of uh queries People are already making in the Google Search results and optimize your website Completely for that so did I mention This all of this is completely free Other tools will charge you hundreds of Dollars for this data and all of this is Available with the WB beginner keyword Generat tool completely for free again There'll be linked down in the Description and also on the screen go Check it out analyze all the data you Need and do make sure that you use it to Grow your business and your website on To the next tool the last tool on this List will help you convert visitors into Leads and actual customers the tool is Called seat BL and it's a landing page

Builder for WordPress which is Completely free of course there are more Features that you can unlock with the Pro features but for the free version You get a landing page builder which is Completely completely free to use so This is the plugin in the WordPress Repository just search for seed prod you Can install the plugin on your website And once you install it create a new Landing page and I'll just give you an Example this landing page I just created With seat well I didn't have to create It it's already available as a template Just click it look at it if you like it You can just click one click and make One click and the entire landing page Will be import on your side so there are Tons of different options for example This is look at this professional design Landing page for investing opportunities And of course once you import it you can Completely customize it so it doesn't Have to be investing for fixing appaling Houses you can use this same landing Page for any other investment Opportunity or any other i' say Opportunity or business uh lead magnet Promotion that you have just replace the Image in the background replace the text Here and you can have all this beautiful Beautiful langing page created Completely on your site in less than a Minute and I've personally created

Multiple videos around how to use seed Plots I'll link a couple of them down in The description of this video and also Place some links on the screen so you Can directly go to them and it's very Easy to use think of them as getting Lego blocks and just arranging them any Way you like everything that you see can Be customized without writing a single Line of code it's just drag and drop and You're pretty much familiar if you're Using a computer or your mobile phone You understand how Dragon drop works so Check out C the plugin is completely Free to use you can create unlimited Landing pages in the free version create N number of pages customize them to Hearts content and convert more of your Visitors into leads and eventually Customers by collecting their email so Those are all the amazing business tools I recommend to grow your business and Website what do you think about this Video leave some feedback in the Comments leave ideas and suggestions in The comments as well make sure to Subscribe to this channel like the video If you like this content and of course I'm yrj you're watching W beginner I'll Catch you in the next video take Care

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