The 9 Best AI Chatbots Software for Your Website

Are you looking for the best chatbot software for your site?

Chatbots allow you to free up time by automatically answering common customer questions. They can also be used to generate leads, improve user experience, and make more sales.

In this video, we have handpicked the best AI chatbots software for your WordPress site to improve customer experience and boost conversions.

0:00 ChatBot
1:16 HubSpot
1:55 Tidio
2:36 Manychat
3:17 Freshchat
4:07 Drift
4:50 Chatfuel
5:46 MobileMonkey
6:30 Zendesk

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Number one is chatbot allows You to easily make any type of chat bot Using their easy drag and drop chatbot Builder you don't need to do any coding Or have any special technical skills and That's what I really like about them and That's why they are number one in my List they also come with pre-built Templates that you can use as a starting Point to quickly get your AI chatbot up And running these templates include Different scenarios like selling your Products customer service recruiting Bookings and more what I like about Chatbot is that they're built by the Same team behind so it Integrates seamlessly with your live Chat software if you're using it and it Integrates seamlessly with your WordPress website they also have a great Chat box for Facebook Messenger powered By the same AI driven's offer what this Does it gives you a powerful tool to Retarget customers on Facebook collect Data and spend money wisely on Facebook Ads they have a free trial offering Which is what I use to try them out Before choosing a paid plan and we're Using in our own business Because it helps streamline our Workflows and ensures our life support Team has everything that they need to Help our customers succeed And number two is HubSpot now this is a

Powerful CRM and a whole Suite of Marketing tools that include live chat And smart chat bot Builder the live chat Design is completely customizable so you Can match your website's color and Branding you can also easily create Automated chat bot responses and Workflows without having to know any Code which is what I love the chat also Integrates with the hubspot's powerful CRM features so you can follow up with All of your leads now besides their AI Chat bot HubSpot also offers powerful Marketing tools like their segmentation They have cart abandonment emails email Templates and in-depth data analysis Number three is tidio tidio is a live Chat platform powered by chat Bots it Allows you to communicate to your Clients by using web and mobile friendly Chatbot Facebook messenger chat bot and More it comes with an easy dashboard and A mobile app to answer all user Inquiries at any time from anywhere you Can also use automation as much as you Like to answer customer questions and Design funnels that lead to conversions You can use a chatbot template that they Already have or create your own chatbot Scenarios based on keywords and customer Behavior on your site super easy to Integrate with your eCommerce platform So if you're using woocommerce Shopify Whatever it works they also integrate

With your email marketing platform as Well as most popular help tests offer Number four is Manny chat now mannychat Is a Facebook Messenger chatbot Builder So that means that it's only through Facebook Messenger but with 1.3 billion People using Facebook Messenger you can Have a wide reach and more powerful Retargeting options on the Facebook Platform so in simple words it helps you Make sales it helps you decrease card Abandonment capture more leads and get More with the Facebook Messenger you can Get a simple drag and drop interface With it and it makes it super easy to Set up any of your chats with your Facebook page you can also automatically Welcome new users Point them to products That you want them to buy schedule Messages and respond to specific Keywords and so much more with them Number five is fresh chat this is the Live chat and chatbot software built by The team behind freshworks fresh chat Allows you to build chat Bots for WhatsApp Facebook Messenger Apple Business chat mobile and web now it is Powered by Freddy which is their Artificial intelligence algorithm which Is designed to detect the intent and Engage with the customer rather than Simply being intended to free up the Time of your live chat agent so using Their machine learning technology with

Fresh chat does is it allows you to Provide you with a list of customer and Prospect questions that need precise or Better answers and then you can train The algorithm so it delivers good Responses to the customers without Utilizing the time of your support agent So that's why fresh chat is in the top Five of our list And number six is drift now drift lets You combine live chat and automated chat Bots like many of the other tools on This list but you can also integrate With the most popular crms and email Marketing services with drift you can Proactively start a conversation with Customers that are already engaged with Your product or service on your website So it's designed to use conversations For conversations and allows you to Create segmentation to help you get more Sales it offers several Integrations With third-party tools such as zendesk Or help Scout and more now I will say That they are more suitable for Fairly Large businesses and the pricing will Reflect that if you're just starting out Then you might want to try one of the Other tools on our list Number seven is Chatfield the Chatfield Is a powerful chatbot platform for Messenger Facebook and Instagram you Don't need any coding knowledge or Previous experience to use it they have

A pretty intuitive drag and drop Workflow which is why a lot of different Companies are using chat fuel including Large Brands like Adidas T-Mobile Lego TechCrunch and more you can use your Bot To increase sales to qualify leads or Just to provide answers to your most Frequently asked questions that Customers are asking you for what this Does it helps you save a lot of time for Your customer service team there's Plenty of documentation on Chatfield on Their website so you can build a bot Easily without hiring an expert this Includes advice on how to make sure You're following the various platforms Ruled because messenger Bots can get Tricky and can get your account banned So you have to make sure you're Following Facebook's Rule and other Platforms rules so you're not abusing The platform but this is a lead one of The leading no code chatbot platforms Out there Number eight we have mobile monkey so This lets you create chat Bots using Their Omni chat technology that just Means that their Bots work in web chat Messenger and even through SMS messages So it can save you time and money Creating the different Bots using all The different tools you can just do one Bot and use it across all the different Platforms your customer service team is

Going to easily be able to respond to Messages using the mobile monkey Mumble Monkey has desktop and mobile apps to Give you a single inbox so you can Easily Monitor and respond to all the Messages from all the different channels It also offers Integrations into Third-party software so you might Already be using a CRM software you Might already be using an email Marketing service and webinar provider So you can integrate it easily with any Of those Number nine is then death chat then Death chat is part of the popular X Index platform which a lot of large Companies are using for their customer Support it has features that lets you Handle support tickets chat live at your Customers and more you can also use Automated messages within the zendesk Chat platform to trigger messages based On what your customers are doing you can Also optimize those messages by testing Which ones have high engagement rate Which want to have high conversion rate And so on you can even integrate it with Other chatbot tools if you want to have More advanced chatbot features but if You're using then desk and you don't Need the other Advanced features then The zendes chat platform is good enough For your needs now you know there are Top picks for the best AI chat bot

Software for your website watch this Video next as we talk about the best Live chat software out there for your Website and I'll see you over there

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