The 5 Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress Compared

Are you looking to add a contact form on your WordPress site?

Not sure which one of the thousands of WordPress contact form plugins to use? There are so many choices out there, from free options on the plugin repository to premium options that you can get overwhelmed.

In this video, we have hand-picked the 5 best contact form plugins for WordPress and compared their pros and cons, so you can easily add a contact form in WordPress.

0:00 WPForms
2:53 Formidable Forms
4:50 HubSpot Forms
6:12 Gravity Forms
6:50 NinjaForms
7:49 Contact 7 Forms?

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Number one is WP forms it is by far the Most beginner friendly WordPress contact Form plugin in the market why because we Use it on wpbeginner and it was built Really for me uh it's built by the same Team behind wpbeginner and our goal was Simple make the best WordPress form Plugin that's both easy and Powerful we Launched it in 2016 and since then it Has become one of the most popular Solutions in the market one of the Fastest growing form builder in the Market over 5 million websites are using WP forms to create just about any kind Of form that you want whether it is a Simple contact form payment form email Subscription form surveys polls Multi-page intake form and everything in Between and you can do a lot of that With just the free version the wp forms Light form which is available in the plugin directory now if You want some of the advanced features Then you would have to upgrade to WP Forms Pro and that will give you Powerful features like advanced form Fields features like smart conditional Logic the ability to upload files Geolocation collect digital signature Form abandonment User submitted content And login and user registration form in WordPress and more WP forms have over 500 pre-made form templates so you can Literally create a form in less than

Five minutes and we even have a WP forms Challenge that will help guide you Through the whole thing step by step Inside the onboarding wizard now a lot Of times business owners will pay a lot Of money to survey Solutions like SurveyMonkey or so on with WP forms we Built all of those features in and it's Part of that one flat price so you can Use any kind of survey real-time polls NPS survey for your customers it has Likert scale rating fields and Everything in between we it also have a Form landing page solution to help you Create a distractions free form page Pages in WordPress so basically it's the Best of wufu and Google forms right Inside WordPress without the high cost And recently we also created Conversational forms inside WP forms Which lets you improve your form Completion rate by making your forms Feel more human it works really really Well on mobile devices as well as Tablets WP forms integrate with all of The popular email marketing services in The world as well as payment platforms Like try PayPal square and So on so I can go on and on about why WB Forms is the best solution in the market But I don't really have to it has over 5 Million websites that are using it and You really can't go wrong with it it has A very loyal following just check out

The reviews it's it's the best thing in The market and that's why it's the Number one solution in our list of best Online form builders and number two We're talking about formidable forms This is the most advanced WordPress form Builder in the market they specialize in Helping Advanced users and developers Build complex form-focused Solutions Quickly so what we love about this is It's an all-in-one WordPress form Builder it comes with powerful add-ons So you can go beyond the simple contact Form you can also and this is what I Love about it you can also use the track Drag and drop interface to create Advanced forms like quizzes surveys Registration forms and things like that One of the things that I absolutely love Is the formidable views feature so this Makes you turn your website into aweb Application so if you have any idea of Any kind of data that you want to put Into it and serve it out search they Have search features filter features as Well as just holding that data you can Create Solutions like a directory a job Board management system rating systems And so much more you can even use their Advanced calculations field to create Powerful order forms as well as smart Calculators if you have an audience that Needs some kind of calculator on your Form and they need some kind of

Calculation done this is a perfect tool To put on your website we're talking About maybe a mortgage calculator or car Payment calculator anything that your Audience needs to calculate put that on Your site and create a a service or a Tool that they can use formative forms Integrates with all popular email Marketing and payment platforms then They also have a powerful woocommerce Integration so they can help you build a Product form with woocommerce that will Tie directly to your cart now formative Forms is not as intuitive as awp forms And that's because they're focusing on More advanced users and more advanced Custom builds like that and we even have Done if you're curious about building Something like a business directory or Restaurant directory we've created a Video on how to create a restaurant Directory for your site I also walk you Through on how to create a calculator Using a car calculator for your website You can check out the links in the Description below to see that in action Number three is HubSpot form terms now If you are a small business owner then You have likely heard of HubSpot it is The all-in-one marketing Suite that Comes with CRM live chat website builder Analytics and more now hubspots realize How popular WordPress is and they have Built a WordPress plugin that gives you

The full power of HubSpot right inside WordPress their form Builder lets you Create any type of form drag and drop And then once the lead is coming inside Your form you can manage your contacts Segment them into groups list send Follow-up emails and basically unlock The full powerful CRM and sales tool That HubSpot offers right inside WordPress another thing you can do is Their form Builder integrates with the HubSpot email marketing so you can have A very efficient workflow built for your Business now keep in mind the HubSpot Also easily integrate with other Form Tools whether it is WP forms formidable Or the other solutions that we're going To mention but I felt that it was worth Mentioning HubSpot forms as number three Just because it's free and it gives you All these other powerful features as Well now once you start paying for it it Can get quite expensive because their Starter plan starts at 45 a month but if You're already using HubSpot then you May want to just give HubSpot forms a Try Number four is gravity forms this is a Paid WordPress form Builder plugin that Comes with a lot of advanced Functionality and features and they're Also specializing to help developers Build complex Farm related Solutions so Something to keep in mind with it's

Powerful drag and drop contact form Plugin for WordPress with the additional Add-ons you can do things like create Quizzes and surveys and things like that They also have premium support like FAQs And knowledge base so if you need help They'll be available now they don't have A free version like many of the other Ones that we've talked about and they Can be a bit expensive but if you're Using it on multiple sites and projects Then the cost shouldn't be a big deal For you number five is ninja Farms ninja Farms is another freemium drag and drop Online form Builder it can be used to Create highly interactive form with very Little effort it's free in the official plugin repository this Means you can download it install it on As many sites as you like and when you Want to add premium features like email Marketing integration SMS notifications And so on you can either purchase those Extensions a la carte or buy one of Their bundles now even though ninja Farms is free most of their powerful Extensions are not and buying two or More extensions or even the developer Bundle will cost you nearly the same Amount as WP forms or formidable forms And it's nowhere near as easy to use as Some of those other Solutions in the Market that's why we have mentioned it At number five instead of number one and

Of course ninja forms has a large Following so you can always get support In the forums and so on Now as I Ed we're talking about best Contact form plugins on the market and So when we talk about that we can't not Mention contact form 7 because it's one Of the oldest but We're going to put this in the avoid uh The avoid list because and you could Probably go into it more deep deeply but It's just it's older and so a lot of People they see it as Um it's the most downloaded and so they Initially will download it but it's just Not as good as some of these other Plugins that we have on here yeah I mean You know there's really no Pros to this Plugin except for the fact that it's Free and it was one of the oldest thing The original thing that was created so It is a mast of massive audience right Over the years people were creating WordPress sites so they started using it But it's a subpar solution below average At best Um there's no drag and drop uh the Interface is not intuitive at all if You're especially if you're a non-techy Business owner forget about it there's No drag and drop there you're really Working with short codes and copying and Pasting things now there are several Third-party add-ons available for

Contact form 7 but again none of those Come anywhere close like pick any of the First five solutions that we mentioned And you're better off and frankly this Plugin is declining not many people are Using it and they're switching away to a Solution like WP forms and formidable Forms or gravity forms or ninja forms Really pick anything else than this you Know when you're searching for contact Form you might see it in WordPress that This shows up as number one and the only Reason for that is because it's been Around for so long it had a legacy user Base and active install to play a huge Role in rankings so that's Why you see it as number one but my Recommendation is to avoid it if you're Really serious about growing your Business now if your website has a low Value to you and you don't really care About it then sure you can put contact Form 7 on it but really you should use WP forms or another form solution than Contact form seven all of the plugins That we've mentioned in this video can Help you create a contact form but when Deciding the best WordPress form Builder Plugin it varies depending on your needs So if you're a beginner and you don't Want to spend any money then go with WP Forms like it's free to use and you can Set up a contact form in less than five Minutes now if you're a business owner

Who wants to create powerful forms Without learning code or hiring a Developer then you want to go go with WP Forms pro version and then if you're Someone who's trying to build a more Complex form system or a web application System then you'll want to do formidable Farms and if you want to see how to Install and create a contact form for Your website then watch this video next As we walk you through step by step on How to get a contact form on your WordPress website and I'll see you over There

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