SureTriggers Is Here 🎉 The Easiest Automation Builder WordPress Websites & Apps

SureTriggers is an automation platform that seamlessly integrates with all the plugins you use, all the website that you own, and all the web services you use to power your business.

It enables users of all skill levels to save time, save money, grow their business, with and easy drag and drop interface.

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Table Of Contents
00:00 – SureTriggers
00:20 – Everyday Automations
00:52 – Smart Automations
01:26 – Cohort Automation
02:04 – Site To Site Automation
05:15 – Sales Funnel Automations
06:07 – Video Intake Automation
06:59 – Webhooks Game Changer
07:50 – How SureTriggers Compares
08:57 – SureTriggers Is Easy
10:15 – Whats Coming
11:09 – How To Get SureTriggers
11:32 – The Big Suprise

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Sure triggers is an automation platform That seamlessly integrates with all of Your plugins all of your websites and All of the web services that you use to Power your business it enables users of All skill levels to save money save time Grow their business all with an easy Drag and drop interface an automation Can be as simple as when someone fills Out this form Add their email to my email marketing Platform in this case it’s convertkit But maybe you may also want to add them To a zoom meeting it’s very simple click On add action we have the panel here of All the integrated apps and websites I’ll scroll down to zoom and then choose Add an attendee to meeting it’s that Simple now these are very simple tasks But sure triggers is smart and can make Decisions this is an e-commerce Automation that’s set up to follow one Path if someone places a woocommerce Order under a hundred dollars and Another path if it’s over it’s easy to Follow right here when this happens the User purchases a product here’s that Condition here’s what we’re gonna do if It’s met and here’s what we’re going to Do if it’s not met we’re going to add This tag we’re going to wait a day and Then we’re going to generate a coupon And automatically email it to the buyer To get them to buy again ecommerce

Automations like this are easy peasy for Sure triggers let’s have a little fun Say you sell online courses well how About this cohort automation that makes Courses available on a specific schedule So all your students go through the Course together so right here at the top When someone purchases this course We’re going to immediately enroll them In this course right here on learndash Then we’re going to wait to a specific Date and time And then we’re going to remove access to The original course and put them into Another course and i can continue doing This over and over again for how long This program will be this stuff is Pretty cool huh but now i’m going to Show you one of my personal favorites I’m calling this one the site to site This means you’re selling your product On one of your wordpress sites and You’re enrolling that user into some Access on an entirely different website I’ve got this right here so it says when This product is purchased on an entirely Different website we’re going to create The user account and then we’re going to Enroll them into a learn dash course and Just to show you how easy this is to set Up why don’t i remove these and recreate It just to show you how quick and simple It is so i’m going to go ahead and Remove these i’m going to click on the

Little trash icon i’m going to click on The little trash icon and so i’ll leave This so this right here is the trigger But what we’re going to do is after the Trigger we’re going to perform a series Of actions in this case it’ll be two Actions one is to create the wordpress User on an entirely different website And then the second one is to enroll Them into a learn dash course i’ll click On the plus this panel slides out all i Need to do is choose the app that i want To have the action done with this case It’s going to be wordpress and it’s this One right here that says Find or create a user i’ll check that And then for the connection this is Going to be a list of the wordpress Sites that i have already connected to Sure triggers so it doesn’t matter it’s Like they’re all working together side By side so i want to create the account On this website right here so i’m going To click on it And then i just need to fill out a few Simple pieces of information first the Username i’m going to set this to the Buyer’s email address and then their Email address for the account we’re Going to create i’m going to do the same Customer email and then for the first Name let’s just link that up first name And then for the last name we’ll choose Last name are you seeing how easy this

Is now this is going to automatically Generate the password for the user then Right here i’ll select a wordpress user Role in this case i’ll just choose Subscriber and then i’ll click on save Done now let’s take that user we just Created and toss them into a learn dash Course let’s click on add action and it Doesn’t have to be learn dash you can See we have them all supported in here We have Lifter lms you can see right there we Scroll down we’ve got tutor lms we’ve Got them all but we’re going to just do Learn dash because i know that’s on this Particular site so i want to add a user To a course right there connection i’m Going to choose that same site which was The click mastery site Then right here i’m going to choose the Course and it’s pulling a list of the Courses i have on that site let’s go Ahead and choose this website automation Course and then i just need to link up The user’s email i’ll click there choose Email click on save boom i’m done it Does not get any easier than that no Lines of code no complicated web hooks But we support web hooks but no Complicated web hooks it’s just point And click easy let me show you a couple More of my favorites one of the products I created a few years ago is cart flows It’s the number one woocommerce checkout

Optimization plug-in and it also is Great for sales funnels one-click Upsells and all of that so we made it Work with cart flows of course and in This automation if we’re offering an Upsell to a buyer And they decline it they say i don’t Want that upsell could be for whatever Reason this automation is going to wait For four hours and then it’s gonna send Them a custom email and in this email I’m gonna personally ask them What was it about the upsell that made Them not want to take advantage of it Now if i wanted to i could also in Another day add another day delay and Easily send them a new offer That would be similar and they might Want to take advantage of that now this Automation is for one of my other Products i love this product so much Presto player it’s the most amazing Video and audio player for wordpress you Can do some amazing things with it and i Use it on every single website course Creators love it and i’m doing some more Complex things here so what this is set Up to do is when someone watches the Entirety of a specific video so on the Video will just will remove the ability To skip forward and backwards in the Timeline so the user is forced to watch The video And when they complete the video we’re

Going to perform these actions i’m going To send them an email i’m going to add Their information to a google sheet and Then i’m going to enroll them in a Membership that we’ve set up so you can Use this for all sorts of intake of new Clients or new students whatever the Case may be and just because i know You’re going to ask for it not only do We have full web hook support we’re Changing the game with web hooks and Introducing reusable web hooks i really Don’t know why other people haven’t Thought of this i’m pretty sure when People start seeing this video they’re Going to copy it which is fine that’s Just the way things work but when you go Here to add a web hook We are changing the game you can see This panel slides out and there’s an Option right here that says want to use A previously created web hook so you Don’t have to put all that tedious Information in there all over again yes Web hooks are a complete P-i-t-a but we’re taking the peta out of Web hooks there’s no other tool on the Market that makes it this easy this Seamless and this achievable for us Non-techies now sure there’s some Alternatives on the market but let’s see Where sure triggers fits in now of Course there’s zapier which is very Expensive

And they don’t integrate at all on the WordPress side just usually sas apps now Some wordpress plugins can push data to Zapier though but very few can receive Data and it’s all very techy to set up And the same goes for other services Trying to copy exactly what zapier does They all have the same issue now i’ve Seen a few wordpress plugins trying to Do automations but they actually have The opposite problem they do a decent Job of integrating in wordpress but Offer fewer integrations outside of WordPress and on top of that they’re not As reliable because it’s dependent upon Your hosting and they significantly Impact website performance if you ask Their power users they will tell you That it slows their website down and They also load up your wordpress Database with all sorts of logs in my Personal gripe they’re quite techy to Set up not that it’s impossible it’s Certainly doable but it’s very techy but Everything is easy with sure triggers With our carefully crafted user Interface and user experience the first Step is to click right here it says Connected apps and then connect to all Of the services that you use by clicking This button right here then you add the Connector plug-in to all of your WordPress websites that you want to Connect together then you start

Automating you’ll click right here to Create a new automation Give that automation a name then click On save the first thing you’ll want to Do is add a trigger this is what’s going To kick off this automation i’ll click This option right here then you’ll Choose the app that will have the Trigger in this case i’m going to choose Sure cart you click on it and then it Shows you a list of the triggers Available for that app in this case i Just want to choose user completes in Order successfully then you select the Connection in this case sure cart and Then click on save boom first step done Now i want to send an email i’ll click On the plus in the drop down i’m going To choose smtp it’s right down here and Then i’m going to click on a send email For the connection i’m going to choose The smtp connection i’ve already set up In the connections tab and then fill out This email and that’s all there is to it So now i want to tell you some of the Things that are coming to sure triggers We have recipes coming to quickly Automate just about anything these are Pre-configured automations that you can Start using with just a simple mouse Click we also have team accounts coming So that you can add your team to your Account and everyone can help manage all Of your automations we have a boatload

Of integrations coming we have whatsapp It’s actually already done about to be Pushed to the platform we also have Circle already done about to be pushed To the platform this is a great Community platform of course we gotta Add air table we already have google Sheets which is my preference but a lot Of people power their entire business Off of air table and you’re gonna be Able to fully do automations based on Airtable and we have all of the sas Based course platforms like teachable Thinkific all of them are coming now you Know what sure triggers is so how do you Get it we currently have hundreds of Users beta testing the platform and we Hope to add more beta testers this month If you’re interested visit and fill out this Simple form sure triggers will have a Free plan that’s going to include Hundreds of actions that you can do per Month and there’s also going to be a pro Plan but i’ve got some great news for Many of you subscribers on this channel If you purchase certain products that We’ve built you’re going to be getting a Plan with pro level features for free so This means when we offer sure card pro Which we don’t have currently but when You get sure cart pro We’re going to include this pro level Plan also if you have a current cart

Flows pro license You’re getting a plan too and since sure Triggers is a collaboration between sure Cart cart flows and the astra theme if You have the growth bundle from astra You’re gonna get a plan as well for free So of course that’s probably like 75 Percent of the people watching this Video right now but even though it’s not The best business decision we want to Reward the loyal customers by giving Them the best cutting edge tools to grow Their business without nickel and diming Everybody like others do so if you have Any questions about sure triggers ask Them in the comment section down below I’ll be happy to answer them and i can’t Wait to get sure triggers into your Hands

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