STOP Losing Customers! The Social Proof Plugins You NEED

You need to build TRUST with tour audience, there’s absolutely no doubt about that, and in the age of social media and almost universal access to reviews, opinions and of course questionable websites and bad faith actors, it’s more important than ever to build that trust. Therefore, a little social proof can go a very long way. Especially if you’re a small business, maybe running a woocommerce page.

That’s what we are talking about today the opportunity for you to build trust using social proof. We will break down what social proof is, how you can use it and what the best tools are for you to get it.

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0:00 – What is Social Proof?
0:33 – How Does Social Proof Work?
1:28 – TrustPulse
3:01 – Smash Baloon Social Feeds Plugin
4:28 – Shared Counts
5:31 – OptinMonster
6:45 – Thrive Ovation
7:24 – WPForms
8:20 – Notification X
9:10 – More

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Trust trust has never been more Important on your site particularly if You're selling a product you want people To trust you because you are a Trustworthy person and there's enough People out there that definitely aren't Well how do you do that how do you let People know that you are a trustworthy Page particularly if you're a small Business well it's proven that social Proof is a really effective way of doing This of building trust let me explain so Let's say person a buys something from You and you also want person B to buy That same thing well why not tell person B the person a bought it because people Feel comfortable then they feel Confident well if this person bought it Then it's okay for me person B also to Buy it Social proof trust this can be applied To a whole range of things for example Signing up to an email list receiving a Newsletter something like that oh well If they did it it's okay for me to do it And it's really easy for you to show People that with social proof apps or Plugins just have something on the Screen that says hey this person or this Number of people have taken this action So don't worry it's safe for you to do It too We're going to start with trust pulse Which is quite simply it's the best

Option so if you want to just dive in And get one then give trust pulse a look Trust pulse has a really great way of Displaying the correct information at The correct time on your site it's just A simple little popup down in the bottom Of the screen that reinforces the idea That this person's done this so so can You trust pulse is also really effective At leveraging fomo that fear of missing Out it's like hey look at all these Things you don't want to miss this and Trust pulse has shown by using all of These different things it can actually Increase your conversions by about 15% Which can be massive so what is the Standout feature well I mentioned the Popup and how it works but that popup is So unobtrusive it's just not in the way It doesn't ruin your website your flow It doesn't get in the way of people Viewing and that's just really really Nice and then on top of that you've got Inbuilt analytics which are going to Really help you streamline how you use Those popups and where they go to it's a Really smart and yet subtle way of Developing that trust and that fomo why Do we like trust BS compared to some of The other options we're going to discuss Well it's really easy to set up you get Real time notifications and you can see An almost immediate impact from trust Pulse in our experience so this is it's

Our pick this is our number number one Try it Out next up we're looking at it from a Slightly different perspective and we're Going to use smash balloon's social Feeds plugin what this is going to do is It's going to integrate social media Feeds into your WordPress site which is Going to be great for testimonials and Building that social proof from a social Media perspective you've got options to Cover everything you've got Instagram Facebook X Twitter YouTube it's all There whatever you want you can import That and you that particular feed what's The standout feature here well you're Using really authentic information You're literally taking user generated Content from your social media Platforms In the form of testimonials and applying Them to your WordPress page so we just Love how authentic this feels just Taking some information and putting it Elsewhere but that information is really Going to make people confident about Dealing with you or maybe buying from You and why do we like this option from Smash balloon better than some of the Others well it's obviously the social Media side if you're very social media Focused you've got a big following there This is almost a must have or at least a Must try the smash balloon social feeds Plugin is a little more expensive when

Compared to some of the other options But if you want to get it for the best Possible price and this applies to all Of the plugins we're going to talk about Today then head down into the Description and click on the wp beginner Link where we'll give you the best Possible price Next up is shared counts which is Another plugin that does h on the side Of social media but it is much simpler It's quite simply adding a button to Allow sharing and show share counts gets Your information onto other platforms And counts it up bit of social proof bit Of trust the standout feature is Actually that share counter that's going To go up so if you do have quite a Popular page that's just going to Reinforce the popularity of your page Look at the number of people who have Shared this content out look at the Number of people who are trusting it to Give to other people that they know Therefore you can do that too or you can At least trust what is already on this Site and well it's free so that's a Really great plus why do we like shared Counts compared to some of the other Tools today well of course it's free so We like that a lot and it is super Simple it's no frills does exactly what It says on the tin and you've just got a Winning tool

With very little Effort we spoke about fomo earlier and This next pick really does excel in that Area and it is optin Monster now optin Monster is generally designed and is Best at providing pop-ups whether you've Got big screen popups or whether you've Got small popups optim monster adds a Sense of urgency to your page and Getting people to actually take actions It's all about that fomo ah I need to Take this action right now so the Standout feature is of course that sense Of urgency the optin monster delivers But also the conversion the way that you Can use it with countdown timers and Signups and email forms means that you Can convert people either into leads or Directly into sales just by using one Tool optin monster optin monster does Have a variety of tiers so depending on What tools you want will depend on how Much you have to spend but they start at $9 a month and overall it's quite Affordable so what do we like optim Monster 4 we like it for its versatility We like it for its seamless integration With social proof elements but most of All we like it for its lead generation It really excels here especially Compared to some of the other plugins That we're discussing Today we spoke about testimonials Earlier and getting testimonials from

Your social media onto your page and This is another option that does that Really really well and it is Thrive Ovation concentrating on Facebook and Twitter Twitter X we really like the Ability to display those testimonials Really seamlessly and you can also Create a landing page for the Testimonials which we think is one of The standout features why do we like Thrive evation well if you're really Looking to focus in on customer feedback And a streamlined testimonial collection Then Thrive vation is an absolute winner And well worth trying for You so again we're going to focus on Testimonials and reviews here but we're Going to look at it from a different Perspective we're going to look at it From the perspective of collecting those Testimonials and reviews and one of the Absolute best ways to do that is with WP Forms WP forms is the best WordPress Forms plugin and you can use it to get Those testimonials to generate that Social proof so what are we talking About for a standout feature well There's many you've got the customizable Forms with options for photo uploads and Ratings fields and you got really Diverse testimonials that way and the Userfriendly interface with all of the Inbuilt forms including a testimonials Form is going to make your life really

Really easy there is a free light Version of WP forms available but we Strongly recommend going for the paid Version because it's very inexpensive And the tools that you get are well Worth it and very very Versatile if you do love a comparison of Tools so that you know what the best is For your WordPress site then remember to Like this video and get subscribed to WP Cuz I'm James and I'm here doing this All the time and I'll appreciate It and our final pick is notification X Now this works in a similar way to trust Pulse by giving you notification bars Things that pop up in order to show that There's been sales or downloads or Anything that is going to provide a Little bit of trust a little bit of Social proof we do like its analytics Tools and there is a free version Available and the paid plan isn't Particularly expensive iive either so if You are looking for an alternative to Give you those notification bars then Notification X is well worth looking At you can see how you can develop trust And fomo in loads of different ways with Each one of those plugins doing Something different and if you want to Learn a little bit more about them then Do click this video right here which Might just help you out

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