Steal Your Competition’s SEO and Rank Higher

What is your competition doing that is making them so successful? Wish you could read their mind? You don’t have to!

In this video, we’ll show you an great way to “steal” your competition’s SEO and outrank them in searches!

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0:26 Breaking down competitor’s content
1:27 A better solution
2:30 Using AIOSEO Analyzer
3:00 Overview of information given
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4:35 Links on the page
5:22 Images on the page
5:57 Schema on the page
6:20 Social on the page
7:11 Free tools!

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If you want to win the SEO game the Easiest way to do so is to model what's Already working that means looking at Your competition figuring out how They're writing their post how they Optimizing it for on page SEO and Modeling your SEO strategies exactly Like that let me give you example let's Say you writing a blog post about best Backup plugins for WordPress you would Go to w beginner because it's the Biggest resource on the internet for WordPress education and you would trying To find out how they have written this Piece of content so coming to the page You'll observe that they have a nice big Headline here you'll note the headline Type they use the listicle type article How long the headline is what number of Characters you'll also look at the page Title the page description The Meta Title meta description and also social Sharing icons here you'll also observe The images that they've used what kind Of uh article they've written that means What kind of headline this is the Products that they mentioned and also Looking at the entire structure of the Page also figuring out some metadata on The website as well which means the Schema that they've use any kind of open Graph TX that they've use and any kind Of tags that means canonic and if the Page is being indexed and also the kind

Of meta Robo Stacks that means if the Page is indexed or not indexed all that Data and you can just take that and Model it on your site and hopefully once You optimize your article based on this You'll also start seeing improvements in Your search rankings the only problem With this approach is that it takes a Long long time and I'm here to fix that In this video what if this was actually Very very easy for you to do let's Explore a new method to do this so Instead of doing all this manual labor I'm going to give you the easy method to Find all this information about any web Page in a structured Manner and we do This by first going to Google and Searching for a brand new Chrome Extension which is called aiio SEO Analyzer so go to Google Search and type In aiio SEO analyzer Chrome extension And probably the first result you'll see Something like this for from You'll see the AI SEO logo here and it's Completely free it's a brand new plugin That's why you don't see too many Reviews here but it's a fantastic plugin There's no sign up required there's no Premium version there's nothing to pay For and there's no I say personal Information being connected so let's Connect or add this to our Chrome first By clicking this button right

Here let's do ADD Extension and in just a second you'll See that AI SEO analyzer has been added To Chrome let's close this window now And going back here I'll first refresh The page And now the extension is active I'll Also make sure to add the extension in My Chrome extension bar so I'll go here And click the extension button and make Sure the aoso analyzer has been pinned Here if you don't see it just make sure That it is pinned so that you can see This now all I'll do to analyze this Page is just click the aiio SEO button So I'll just go here and click It and boom this is the information You'll start seeing so I'll give you a Quick overview of all the information You're seeing it analyz the headline on The page gives it a rating so that you Can make sure that your rating or your Headline is better it gives you what the Title is how long the title is it also Give you the description of the page and Also a rating for that so you can make Sure that your rating is higher that Means better headline or better Description for you it'll give you the Actual description also how many Characters it'll give you the URL of the Page the canonical URL so that this page Is doesn't have any other can canonical URL that means it's pointing to itself

But it does have a can canonical URL Also the meta keyword the robot text Snippet X robots tags language used the Amount of word counts that mean how long The page is What's the total number of Characters that mean are on the page and How many headings are being used you can Also check out the websites robot.txt And the entire sitemap right here Fantastic information but we're just Getting started if you scroll to the top You'll see all these headings here which Are a gold mine of information when it Comes to SEO let's go to the headings First so if I click the headings you'll See the amount of headings this page has So it has one H1 two H2S two h3s N9 h4s And no h5s and h6s now if you scroll Here you'll see the entire structure of The page completely given out to you so You can use this and just make an Outline for your blog post instantly so It's magical right you can also filter By headline so you can just see H1s H2S H3s and if you want to export this you Also have a neat export option so you Can click here and this entire data will Be exported to your computer in a CSV Format so you can refer to it later Fantastic stuff then you can go Al go to The link section which will analyze all The links on this page now WB is a Really really i' say popular website it Has a lot of content so you see there

Low so many links on the page or total Of 492 links which 414 are internal Links 78 external links and 370 unique Links what are the links you can just go Here and keep scrolling and figure out Every single link that's going out from The page whether it's an internal link An external link and you can even filter Those out and if you are feeling Adventurous you want to analyze all the Links on a page just go here click Export and everything will be exported To your computer it's fantastic this Information would take you or anybody Multiple hours to compile for a single Post and now you have all this Information available to you exportable In a single click isn't that powerful Make sure like the video if you are Enjoying this and going to images again You have all this information once again Total number of images all text no all Text with images and no titles so you Can even use this extension to figure Out if your website has the data needed For example you would prefer to have all The images with all all tags so if you Go to your website your pages and figure Out some some images don't have all tags You can fix this and again you can see All the images with the links and you Can export that data now coming to the More exciting part you can go to the Schema tab here and figure out exactly

What kind of schema is being added to The page this is powerful stuff for any Kind of product reviews um e-commerce Websites and even article sites you can Analyze what kind of schema is being Added to the page in a nice heroical Format you can see all the different Kinds of schema things written and even The data inside the schema is being Referenced and shown here so you can see The schema data text is here what kind Of schema it is and you can get a lot of Inspiration and you can model your Website around I say the people who are Already winning the SEO game and inside The social you'll find all the open Graph tags for Twitter Facebook all Kinds of tags and this will just give You an idea on what kind of tags are Added to uh the page for in terms of When the post is shared on Facebook Twitter and you can get inspiration from That as well and again you can export This as well so imagine all this Information about the page overview the Title ratings all the headings all the Links all the images entire schema data And open graph tags available for every Single page you can go go on the Internet just click one button all Available to you all for free no sign up Required isn't that powerful powerful Stuff if you're enjoying this video make Sure to subscribe and like this video

But we are not done the entire feature Set of aios SEO analyzer has been Completed but but as wner we want to Help uh small businesses win or compete Against the big guys by giving you tools And information and that's why we've Created a lot more tools that you should Know about so if you go to the tools Section here you'll find a lot of Different free tools that some are Created by us and some are our partner Sites or partner I say tools that you Can gain access to so we have a business Name generator now on our website we Have headline analyzer we have name boy Which will help you find a Blog name or A website name we also have advanced SEO Analyzer we also have a word press theme Detector and we also some partner say Products that you can reference to or go And click and find out or use their Products to get even a say better Content strategy better inspiration I Say better tools to help your website Grow so that's all for this video that's The aiio seo seo analyzer for you Complete Gold Mine of information all The data available to you in a single Click I hope you are as excited for this Product as I am and go check it out go Install this and use it and if you have Any feedback for this product leave that In the comments if you have questions Leave that in the comments else you can

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