Simplifying Website Backups and Migration with Duplicator Pro Tutorial

Duplicator Pro is the most powerful WordPress site migration and backup plugin. Since every website need reliable and secure cloud backups, Duplicator is one of the must-have WordPress plugins for all websites.

Over 1 million websites trust Duplicator for their WordPress backups and migration. The plugin supports WordPress multisite, large site backups, lightening fast migrations, and more.

You can also limit the total count of backups to avoid filling up your cloud or web hosting storage. Duplicator will even send email notifications and alerts when there’s an issue with a scheduled backup or if anything needs your attention.

Watch this video till the end to learn more about how easy Duplicator can help you backup your site and give you peace of mind.

0:00 Intro
1:00 What is Duplicator?
2:11 Installing Duplicator
3:26 What We’ll Cover in This Video
5:03 Storage Options
12:30 Automatically Schedule Backups
19:36 Setting up Recovery Points
30:45 Restoring Your Site

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Let me ask you a simple question do you Have insurance I'm pretty sure you have A variety of insurances you might have Insurance for your house for your car Medical insurance life cover dental Insurance and a variety of other Insurances which I think you consider Vital for your life but let me ask you a Follow-up question do you have insurance For your website now think about this Your website might be the biggest driver Of traffic and new customers for your Business but you might not have Insurance for your website in this video Let's fix it in this video I'm going to Teach you about a brand new amazing Plugin called duplicator which I like to Think of as an insurance provider for Our websites what duplicator does is Allows you to have backups on your site Scheduled backups and gives you host of Features to manage your website well and Give you peace of mind so in this video I'll cover everything you need to know About duplicator how to set it up where To find it how to se everything up so That you never miss out anything on your Website let's go so let's start with the Basics what is duplicator duplicator is A WordPress plug-in and there are two Versions of duplicator that you can Utilize the first version I'm talking About which you can see on the screen as Well is a free version of duplicator no

Charges no subscription nothing just Install it on your site and you have Access to backups on your website it's Pretty easy but the real power of Duplicator is in the premium version That's where all the fun begins and if You upgrade to the premium version you Have access to much more I say robust Set of features which allow you not only Schedule your backups import or say Migrated websites and also have all Sorts of cloud storage available to you So that you can upload and back up your Website multiple places and I'll give You even more peace of mind so in this Video what I will be doing is mostly Utilizing the pro version of duplicator And if you want to follow along you can Go to duplicate. comom make a purchase Download the plugin and you'll have a Zip file and a license key to go along Otherwise you can watch this video and Decide for yourself if all the amazing Features I'm going to demonstrate of Duplicator is worth of your peace of Mind and worth your I say sanity when it Comes to your website so what I'll do is I already have duplicator the plugin File downloaded on my computer let's Start by installing duplicator first so I'll go into plugins uh on my website Right now I'm logged into my WordPress Website and by the way this is the Website I'm working with it's a

Beautiful website I've just created it's A Cafe Restaurant website so this is a Website we'll be working with and let's Install the duplicator plugin first so I'll go to add new plugin and it'll open The options for add new I'll upload the Plugin because I'm using the zip file For duplicator Pro if it was a free Version I could go here search for Duplicator install it so I have the Duplicator file I'll just drag and uh Drop it here I'll click install now and Let's wait for a few seconds to for it To finish so the plugin is now installed Let's also activate it so the plugin is Now installed let's also activate the Plugin by entering our license key You'll already see this information or Notice here you can CL this uh click This button called activate license or Activate license here and just directly Go to the settings page where you need To enter the license key so let's go There now and what I'll do is just paste The license key Here and clear and click Activate and it switch to info only so Now we have the duplicator completely Set up on your website so now that the Plug-in is installed let's talk about What all the features I'm going to Demonstrate in this video so I'm going To demonstrate how to set up storages in Duplicate Pro so what does storages mean

It means that when you upload your Backups you have options that you can Store your backups locally you can Download them to your computer or you Can set them or upload them to Cloud Storages like Google Drive Dropbox so I'm going to teach you how to connect Different storage methods with uh Duplicator Pro so you can upload your Backup in multiple places next I'm going Show you how to create a backup manually I'm also going to show you how to Schedule your backups because you don't Want to be backing up manually right That defeats the purpose of automation So I'm going to show you how to create Schedules inside duplicator Pro so that Your backups can run automatically and Also how the best methods there are to Schedule backups and all the beautiful Features you'll get with duplicate Pro Which make it uh one of the best plugins Out there for backups and after that we Can also uh going to learn how to import Backups on your site that means restore Your website with backups and I'm also Going to talk about how to set up Recovery points which is an absolutely Critical feature inside duplicate Pro And what recovery points allow you to do Is restart your website without even Access to your backend so if let's say You got a virus attack some for some Reason you are not able to access the

Back end of your website duplicator Pro Can still help you completely restore Your website let like just like magic And I'm also going going to go through Over some of the basic features of Migration so let's say you're migrating Your website from one uh hosting Provider to another hosting provider and Also talk about some basics of if you're Changing your domain name you can also Use duplicate Pro to completely transfer Website over and switch domain names Absolutely easy so all these amazing Features I'll be covering in this video So make sure to grab a cup of coffee and Let's begin so the first thing I'll do Is go into duplicator Pro and set up Some storage options and you can already See there's a specific menu entry for Storage so I'll go here and this will Open up the storage options now one Thing you might notice is there one uh Storage option already set and it's Called local now you might be wondering Local meaning your computer but no this Local means local to the server that Means it will be saved on the app Exactly the same server as where your Website is hosted so even though it says Local it's actually uploaded to the Server but you might be able to or you Do have the option to download it so if You run backups right now they'll be Saved just on your server so some for

Some reason your website crashes the Server crashes you will lose backups so That's default options good to have but Uh the first thing is setting up Different Storage Solutions so I'm going To click add new to add a new storage Option inside duplicate Pro and this Will open up the uh option for having Some different storage options so what I'll do is name it let's say Google Drive cuz I'm going to set up or use Google Drive which is allowed in Duplicate Pro and for type I'm going to Go here and you can see all the options Here that you can utilize you can have Amazon S3 third party S3 provider back Blaz B2 drawbox FTP SFTP Google Drive Local drive and one drive so I'm going To select Google drive because that's my Preferred solution for backups so I'm Going to just uh click this connect to Google Drive button will which will Appear instantly after you click Google Drive or select Google drive here and This will open up a popup where you need To sign in so let's wait for it to pop Up all right so now that we have this Option here I'll click authorize Google Drive I'll click and open up a new Account I'll just use my existing Account for Google Drive and this will Give me a kind of a password that I need To copy all right so we'll also need to Enable this let's click

Continue and this code is what you need To copy this will be unique to your Website uh so I'll just blur it out here On the screen going back here I'll paste This and I'll say finalize Setup all right so the uh Google Drive Is now connected here and this is how Easy it is to connect any cloud storage Provider with duplicate Pro just a Couple of clicks and it's absolutely Easy so you can set up as many uh cloud Storage providers as you like Google Drive Dropbox one drive even Amazon S3 If you're really skep icle have two Three different cloud storage a options Available but I recommend at least one Cloud storage option available uh or Connected in duplicate Pro so that you Can have absolute peace of mind that Even if your server is not accessible You have the data required to set up a New website with the backup so this is Why it's so important to have this so Once you've connected this you also have Some basic settings for example you can Change the max packages a package is one Complete storage of or one backup of Your website so the most recent 10 Packages will be saved I I think it's Absolutely a a good limit to have but You can lower the limit or increase the Limit as per your convenience now that We have uh Google R setup we have two Different options inside storage we have

The local setup and we have the Google Drive storage as well so it's now start Or time to start looking at how to set Up backups so there are two ways to set Up backups the one is a manual way which You can backup manually and also Automated ways so uh to start off I'll Go into the manual option or I'll show You how to back up or how easy is to Create backups with duplicate Pro so What I'll do is to start off I'll just Go into packages think of packages as One package of your website so anytime You create a new package or you create a New backup it'll show up here inside Packages so right now we're looking at The manual way of creating backups so This is that's why uh we're going Everything or doing everything manually But what you need to do or how simple it Is to actually set up backups here you Just click create new and duplicator Will jump into action giving you all Sorts of options but don't worry is Actually absolutely easy to follow it'll Give you a default name for the backups And it'll have the date and time here so It's easy to identify what the backup is By just looking at the date here so Absolutely I would recommend don't Change it so that you have some time Stamps here to follow along in case you Want to restore your website from backup So now you have two options here what

Kind of storage do you want to choose For this backup particularly do you want To have it local or on Google Drive Since this is a local or just a one-off Backup I'll just stick with local and I'll show you other options when we set Up schedule backups as well rest of the Options you can just keep them uh to Their default values they are Advanced Features for uh people who understand What they're doing and just to give you An idea what they are you can actually Filter out specific information if you Want to just back up a few database Tables few files you have all these Options available so even though it's Absolutely easy to use if you're a power User you have the options to actually Filter out and create variety of Different backups with different data so I'll just do it here and inside the Installer again you'll see basic options You don't even have to change any of These options I'm just giving showing You the idea or giving you an Information about what options are Available you have the name and you have The storage that's all you need to worry About most of the time once this is done Or once it's already set you're happy With the settings just click next and Duplicator Pro will start a scanning Process it'll understand what kind of Data you have on your site if there are

Any problems with the backups that is Trying to create and if you see any Notices you can go inside and check what The notice is about so you can see Security not detected is a notice since This is a test website we won't worry About this if you see an error Absolutely go here and understand what The error is about but if you see a Notice you can go and check and most of The time it's just something you should Know about but not worry about so once You have all this uh information here All green Marks here let's click build And build is the process of actually Building a complete backup or a package So it take a few minutes we'll pause the Video or I'll speed up the video and We'll be back once this backup is Complete so in less than just a minute The backup is now complete and you see This is the backup that you can actually Use right now to restore your website Completely from scratch if anything goes Around with your website you have this How important is that so let me just Show you a couple of options you have With backups you have some options that You can see here so if you go here You'll see a bunch of options you have This option ARA file Download Let Me Explain what these are since this backup Is uh just a file which exists on the Host or which exists on the server where

Your website is hosted it is uh Something that you can actually download To your website or computer as well so You see this button right here if you Want to have a backup of this backup on Your computer you can actually download This file and that's uh that'll make it Even easier for you to restore the Backups I'm not going to demonstrate it Right now first we'll do a schedule Backup or I'll show you how schedules Work and then I'll show you how we can Restore our website to any point in time Using these options options so just to Give you an idea what we've done we've Just created our installed duplicator Pro we've activated with a license key We set up a storage solution and in the Matter of a minute we configured some Basic options and now we have a live Backup of our website within just a few Minutes of our time that's how powerful Uh duplicator Pro is but this process What I showed you was a manual process Right you don't want to be manually Backing up your website all the time you Want it to happen automatically which is Where the power of duplicator Pro comes Into play so what I'm going to do is now Set up schedules which is like setting Schedules for backups on your side and Duplicator Pro gives you some amazing Options to schedule your backups in a Variety of ways and we're going to talk

About some of the things that you can Actually do which sets duplicat Pro Apart from any other backup plugin out There so going into schedules what is Schedule you already know a schedule is Just a routine that you set up or for Backing up your website so what we we Can do here is start by creating a new Schedule inside here as you can see There's no schedule here right now I'll Click add new and this will give me me The option of configuring uh the Different variety of options here now The first thing you'll notice is a Schedule name and I'll just go over Three options first now what are all These settings now the power of Duplicator Pro um is in flexibility so As I was saying you have options to Connect variety of storages you see the Options here you have a variety of local Or you have local storage you have Different drive storage now you might Not want to back up everything Everywhere all at the same time what I Mean is let's say you have a daily back Back up setup for your website but if You have a daily backup running on your Website which is also saved on your own Server your server might get botched Down because of so much storage that the Backups might take so you don't want Want to backup uh locally all the time But you want to set a specific schedule

So that your backups actually happen Everywhere so this is where the power of U scheduling comes into play when you Use duplicator Pro it gives you an Option to set up schedules based on uh When it should update it can be hourly It can be daily weekly monthly and even A specific day of the week so a a simple Idea would be that hey you have a lot of Cloud storage you can set up schedule For a daily backup or even an hourly Backup to the cloud but once a week just To have a local data um backup access For yourself you also decide to back up Locally once a week so you can set up Two different schedules the one can be Daily which will back up to the cloud And the second backup can be local uh Which runs once a week so this is how Duplicator Pro gives you lots of Flexibility when it comes to configuring Your backups and schedules so let's Start by configuring some Basics here First we need to configure a template And what is a template uh I'll explain This so I'll just choose the default Template here and what templates are are A set of settings that you can configure Or pre-configure so that your backups Use that particular set of settings as I Explained when we were doing the manual Backup you have a variety of options or Filters you can use you can backup Specific tables only speciic files and

Folders you can exclude plug-in files All that good stuff so let's say you Want to have a specific set of settings For local backups and another set of Settings for your Cloud backups you can Set up templates here and then based on The templates the backups will run it's A little Advanced feature since we Didn't configure I'll just stick with The default template here which will Backup everything it's the easiest way So just choose the default option and I'm going to set up two different Schedules right now I'm going to have a Weekly schedule for my local backups and A daily schedule for my Google Drive Backup so here's how how I'll configure It I'll just say it hey look local Weekly which will give me an easy Understanding of hey this is going to be Run local and this is going to be weekly The package is default the storage I Already selected is local it repeats Weekly on a Monday and the start time is This time and Recovery status I'm going To explain what that is we have uh we Need not need to worry about that right Now and once we've done this we'll just Click save schedule I'll save the Settings and set up this schedule and Schedule is now saved we'll go into the Schedules once and you'll see the Schedule schle actually configured here So this is local weekly schedule you

Have or you have the opportunity or Option to actually enable it and disable It anytime so you don't have to worry About uh it always running if you don't Want to delete it but just want to Disable so since uh we have one schedule Right now let's also create another one For our Cloud backups so I'll go here Once again in add new I'll just say Daily cloud and inside daily Cloud I'll Choose a template which is the default Template I'm going to uncheck local and Select Google Drive so now my backups Will go to Google Drive I'll just select Daily and every one day so let's say if You want to have uh once every two days 3 days 5 days that option is also Available since I want to back up daily I'll just click daily so every day once Uh at this particular time a backup will Be uploaded to Google Drive and again Enable the schedule and Recovery status Let's click and save schedule and within A minute of time we were able to set up Two completely I say uh complimentary Backup schedules for your website isn't That powerful stuff now you can have Lots of peace of mind that hey your Website is being bagged up weekly to Your local server and also Daily to the Cloud that's how easy it is to use Duplicator Pro and that's how powerful Duplicator Pro is when it comes to Backing up your website and another cool

Feature here is that if you have just Created a schedule and it takes some Time to get going you can actually Manually trigger it just in the Beginning so just to give you a Demonstration if I go to the local Weekly one I can just click run now and This will create a new backup just for This schedule and let's do it and I'll Give you an example of how easy it can Be if you want to just do it manually so Again in less than a minute a completely New backup was created just by clicking A few buttons and now you have complete Peace of mind that everything that You've set up as schedules will Automatically run and your website will Always be backed up so if anything goes Wrong on your website you will always Have a recovery point that you can go Back to so going into packages here we Already are inside packages we see two Two different options here so you see uh The different types of names that you See here so this is a manual backup so Since we backed this up manually you can See the option right here and this was Technically a scheduled backup we Triggered it manually but so you can see The differences right here again you can Backup or download these to your Computer and also set up recovery points So what I'm going to do is first Download one of these backups to my

Computer and I'm going to show you how To create a recovery point and how you Can utilize a recovery point to restore Website in case you don't have access to The back end of your website now since Both of these are local backups we have This available on our server but just as A I say another backup we'll download Them to our computer first so I'll go Here I'll click download and we'll have Both file installer and archive so Installer is when you don't have access To WordPress on another server if you Want to install WordPress too you can Download the installer archive is just Uh doesn't contain the WordPress core Files it just contains your website Specific data so if you already have WordPress installed or if let's say for Example anything goes wrong if WordPress Is installed on destination server you Can completely restore your file or Completely restore your website so I'm Going to download the archive file here Which is a ZIP file it will be Downloaded to or saved to my computer And once we have downloaded that we'll Have that option available once again as Well to restore but let's talk about Setting up recovery points what are Recovery points if you click here it'll Give you a variety of options to um Make some changes you'll see uh view Details transfer package and Recovery

Points now let me take pause for a Second and explain what recovery points Are let's say for example something Happens on a website you're trying Something out you mess something up a CO WordPress file uh goes corrupt Accidentally deleted or there's a virus Attack malware attack ransomware attack And you can't access your website your Website is completely crashed in that Case what is the opportunity or what What is the option you have to restore Your website you can't upload backups Because you want have access to the back End so recovery points are an amazing Way to save yourself in that case Recovery points work without having Access to the back end of your server And how they work is they give you a Unique URL which will just trigger a Complete restore on your website so That's what recovery points are and That's why you should always have at Least one recovery Point active on your Website it's Absol absolutely critical If your website is important to you so How you set up recovery points is very Very easy whatever package you want to Set up as recovery you'll see options Here first recovery Point capable that Means this package has all the Information needed to completely restore Your site so this package can be made Into a recovery point so oh download

Blocked okay I'll just let it be right Now and what I'll do is go here and Inside here I'll just go and click Recovery point and you'll see options Here you see set to recovery point and Set and launch recovery Point install Since we are setting a new recovery Point here I'll click set to recovery Point and what this will do is set this Backup up as the recovery point and once This is done we'll get a unique URL that We'll have to copy and paste on a Particular I say you can save it you Have to have that available if you want To back up your website so you see here Uh this is giving you the exact notice That I just mentioned recovery point is Active copy the recover URL by clicking The recover icon and keep it in a safe Place for full detail see recovery point In set I'm going to close the notice Here and I'm going to uh and let me also Collapse these options and once we have The recovery Point set now what we can Do is just hover over this icon or sorry This icon and this will help us copy the Recovery Point URL and that is your I Say get out of free G jail free card so If anything happens to your website you Can trigger that or use just visit that URL and instantly trigger a restore Using this backup even without access to The back end of your website so what I'm Going to do is click and copy this to my

Clipboard and just for demonstration I'm Going to open notepad here on my screen And I'm going to paste it here just to Show you how that URL looks like this is The URL of my website so don't worry About that it's a unique encoded key That is added to the URL which tells Duplicator that's a legit person Triggering this recovery point so think About this right now what have we done In less than 10 15 minutes of this Tutorial I told you about how duplicator Works we installed duplicator Pro we set Up some cloud storage options we have Local backups already done I showed you How to create a manual backup I also Showed you how to add or I say schedule Backups with a variety of options so That you have always have peace of mind I was able to show you how easy it is to Backup manually set up schedules and Even trigger a scheduled backup manually And set a recovery point which will save Uh your behind in any let say the worst Case scenario possible all this in let's Say 15 minutes of time I think that's Absolutely amazing right so these are All the options that duplicator Pro Gives you and I'm now going to Demonstrate some additional I say U Recovery options now we have everything In place we have backups on our site we Have created backups we have scheduled Backups everything but what about when

Something goes wrong how do you actually Start the process of recovery let's talk About that I'm going to give you a Demonstration live here on the screen as Well so let's do or let's switch to the Recovery Options all right so now that you know How to back up your site using Duplicator Pro let me also show you how To restore your website in case anything Goes wrong so switching back to my Screen this is the website we working With I already showed you the website This is the website right it's a Beautiful looking website but to give You a demonstration of how you can back Up the site let's wreck the site first I'm going to delete absolutely Everything from the site all the pages All the posts even delete theme and we Going use the restore or the archive File that I've just downloaded from Duplicate Pro to actually set up and Restore my website so before I go and Wreck the website just giving you one More reminder this is how what I did or I created a package I have a scheduled Backup as well this was manually done I Click the download option I click the Archive and a zip file will be Downloaded to your computer this is your Local backup but you can also restore From the backup that's stored on your Server or also from the drive because

You can download it and have it on your Computer so absolutely anything goes Wrong if your setup or if you have Backed up to the cloud you already Always have access to backups that you Can utilize to restore your website so I'm going to utilize the backup that I Have on my computer but technically you Can do the same thing if you have a Cloud backup just download that backup From the cloud so let's start by Wrecking the site first what I'm going To do is go to the Post section and we Have 19 post uh here I'm going to just Click all of this go move to trash apply I'm just trash everything just uh take Or destroy everything on the site let's Wait for it to finish and meanwhile I'll Just go to the pages I'll just go and Move everything to the trash everything Is inside the trash let's go to the Trash section as well I'll delete Everything from the trash as well I'll Delete everything permanently going to Pages again I'll do the same thing with Pages as well I'm going to select Everything delete Permanently deleted deleted so now we Have all the deleted or all the posts That were on the site have been Completely deleted all the pages on the Site have been completely deleted let's Also do the same thing with what we can Do we can delete the theme as well so

I'll go to appearance I'm going to go to Themes and we have a few different Themes let's install a new blank theme Here and let's say we can go with which Theme should be o for let's go with this Theme and install [Music] It and theme is installed let's activate It and once it's activated we'll just go Into the main theme theme that we had I'm going to delete the theme as well so Now we've completely wrecked the website We deleted all the posts all the pages Even deleted the main theme this is Typical scenario that can happen to you When your website is Mal infected with Malware some malicious users get access Let's say one of your employees decides To like play God with your website and Delete everything so how do we uh Proceed with the recovery process this Is what we do we go inside duplicat Pro And of course I'm assuming that you have Access to your back end of your website And even if duplicator Pro is let's say Uninstalled or deleted you can just Reinstall the package you'll have access To duplicator Pro from your account on Duplicator tocom so going here inside Duplicator Pro I'm going to go to import Because this is where we're going to Import a new package uh or a backup file So uh just to reminder I downloaded the Zip file already on my computer from

Duplicator you can download it from your Server or download it from the cloud Backup that you set up or at least I Hope you set up so once that is done What I'll do is just take that dup Duplicator file drag and drop it here And instantly it'll start analyzing the File or and give you options once it Analyzes what the backup is about so Let's wait for that to finish so in just A couple of minutes of time the entire Package was uploaded to the site Duplicator analyzed it by unzipping it And gives you this information Completely on the screen tells you Everything uh what the version was what WordPress was and all green Texs here That means the package has been uh Checked for everything completely so Let's click continue to go to the next Step And this is where we'll see a recovery Point is active so recovery point we are Not going to use it but recovery Point Having a recovery point is actually very Beneficial let's say if you are um Restoring your website and for some Reason uh your website crashes for some Reason the server crashes then you are In a messy place so having a recovery Point in any case is absolutely a very Very critical point so that's why I set A recovery Point first so here is just Confirming that you have a recovery

Point active just in case anything goes Wrong which is a marginal uh I say very Low probability but can happen so we Have all this so we are choosing the Recovery Point archive copy and this is This we can do everything so we already Have the recovery point in place or we Have the URL in place just in case if You didn't have it it's giving you the Option of copying the recovery URL once Again and keeping it somewhere safe so You can copy this URL once again keep it In the safe place and if anything goes Wrong with the restoration process you Can still use the restore point or that Or recovery point that we created to Restore your website so that's how uh Duplicator saves you're behind in every Scenario anything goes wrong you have a Backup option again to restore your Website so uh let's click launch Installer which will take us to the next Step so we're in the last step of the Recovery process all you have to do is Confirm some information that is Absolutely true and just proceed with The settings so right now what we see Here is that we are restoring a single Side backup which obviously we are we're Also setting some validation and setup Processes we don't have to worry about All of this because we are restoring Everything on the same website that we Uh or backed up so all you have to do is

Just click here so that you have read All terms and conditions and notices and Just click Next and it'll give you one more Confirmation that hey these are the Settings you're restoring a single site This is the URL this is the path this is The server XY Z and if you're just Restoring your website on the same uh Server that you had backed it on no none Of the settings will change just go with The default settings we'll just click Okay and will uh process or the Restoration process will begin so the Restore process is beginning and it'll Take a few minutes of time I'll resume The video once it is Done so in just a matter of minutes the Restoration process was also complete You'll see import finished but there's One critical step that you need need to Take to finish the restoration process All you have to do is click this button And relog in into the admin area using Your existing password because you see The notice here log to the WordPress Admin to remove all the installation Files so everything that just uploaded To a server we need all of the Installation files to be deleted deleted For security reasons so all we have to Do do is just click the admin login Button go back to your site login and The import process will then be finished

So I'll click the admin login button and We'll be prompted to log in once again With a username and password so let's go Ahead and do that so now that we logged In inside the admin area once again After the restore process is complete This is where the installation is Actually complete and how do we verify It we can go to the post and Pages Section to figure out if our post and Pages have come back so I'll open the Post section in a new tab and also the Pages section in a new tab and these are All the posts once again back on the Website 19 different posts and also the Different pages are also now available Here and the restoration process is Complete and the website also looks Again beautiful as it was looking Earlier so that's how easy duplicate Pro Makes it for you to backup your site Schedule backups and also restore your Website in case anything goes wrong There's only one demonstration remaining Here in this video which is a recovery Point demonstration as I mentioned Recovery point in an essential step for You to have and setup or in case if you Are not able to access the back end of Your website so anything goes wrong with The WordPress setup files you have the Recovery point that you can use to Restore your website so just as a Demonstration once again I'm not going

To wreck the website once again I'm just Going to trigger the recovery point with The URL and the recovery point is where Your website will be restored to so if Your recovery point is let's say a Couple weeks old then that will be the Point or that will be the point that Your website will be restored back to so Uh even though you have scheduled back Make sure to also double check and keep Your recovery points also up to date This is very important you can have more Than one recovery point and save it so No worries about hey which is my latest Recovery point just create new one make Sure the URL is Sav to you so uh what How do we trigger it we just open the URL associated with the particular Recovery point if I open my Notepad up It's already here in my notepad so I'll Just double click it and this will start The installation process once again and This is the same process that we just uh Did when we uploaded the backup file but This is much more seamless and obviously It works even if you don't have access To the back end of your website that is What makes this process absolutely Critical and unique to have if you want To make sure that you can get access to Your data and your website can be up and Live running without or in the extreme Cases so this is how it's easy just Click a couple of or click the link

It'll open up the recovery process and Once again you have just all these Things available here it's a custom Recovery install all the information is Exactly the same or I say the interface Is exactly the same the information is Different because we are using a Recovery point to restore so once again I'll click the I have read and uh accept All terms and conditions restore Recovery Point Let's click on it one More notice are you okay with the Settings I'll click okay and once again The same process will begin it the Duplicate Pro will use the recovery Point to restore my website back to the Original place where we set up the Recovery Point let's wait for it to Finish and then we'll demonstrate if the Website works oh it's already done so Once again we have to go and back and Log to the admin admin side of the Website and um just log in once again to Make sure sure that everything is done So let's click the admin login Button and I'll quickly log in here all Right so now we log in once again to our Website and the site has been Successfully restored let's double check The pages and post I'll just go to the Post section and let's double check if You have 19 posts here and 19 posts it Is and now once the website is restored You can go back to duplicator and double

Check if everything is in place make Sure to go and check the packages Section because you have restored your Website the existing packages that you Have might not be visible so if you go Here you'll see this notice here because The existing packages that you have Already used or the previous U I say Packages that have they'll not be useful Anymore so you need to create new Packages you see this manual package Here so uh just make sure that your Schedule is in place make sure that Backups are in place and if you want to Create a manual backup after everything Has been done that's completely up to You you can do everything that you like And you you see uh the duplicator Schedules are already in place even After the backup so no need to worry About that you can trigger a manual Backup just in case if you want to have A recent backup to restore to in the Future make sure the website works Perfectly and all is done so this is all For this video I hope uh you understood Everything about duplicate Pro and how Powerful it is how easy it is how Frictionless it is when when it comes to Setting up backups on your website so we Covered a lot in this video we covered What is duplicator Pro uh what is Duplicator how to install it on your Site how to enable and add storage

Options that you can have your backup Stored in multiple places in the cloud On your local server and also on your Computer I told you about schedules how Could create different schedules so you Have most recent backups available Anytime you want without utilizing or I Say wasting a lot of your server storage And also you can back up to your Computer as well then we created Schedules we triggered them manually we Created manual backups I showed you how To restore your website using the Backups so I used the backup from my Computer restor the website and also Showed you how to use recovery points What recovery points are and how easy Recovery points make it to restore your Website even if you can't access the Backend area of it website this is Absolutely critical information and That's where most plugins or most other Plugins fall short I hope you understood Everything if you have any questions About duplicator duplicate Pro make sure To leave in the comments and of course Subscribe to this channel for this Amazing content just like this one and I'm youraj from dou beginner I'll catch You in the next video hopefully very Very soon take Care

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