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Want to learn how to remove backgrounds from images? In this video, we go over some of the best methods to remove backgrounds for your images. Whether you’re doing this to add images to your website or your link-in-bio websites, these methods will be invaluable to you. You can watch the whole video to learn about all the methods.

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I'm pretty sure you've been there you're Trying to create a website a landing Page or even a link in BIO page and You're adding images to the page but the Image doesn't have a clean background so You practically can't use it so in this Video I'm going to solve that problem For you in this video I'm going to show You how to remove backgrounds from Images in a few different steps and all Of them are free to use let's start So the first way you can remove Backgrounds from your images is by using An iPhone yes it is possible directly on An iPhone and no you do not need the Latest version of an iPhone the 14 pro Max ultra plus plus whatever you just Need an iPhone that's capable of running The latest iOS version which is 16 point Something now I don't use an iPhone Right now but what I do have is an iPad Which is running the iOS 16 version so Let me demonstrate how the process will Go whether you're using an iPhone or an IPad which are both running the iOS 16 Update so I'm using the built-in screen Recorder on the iPad to demonstrate this And what I've done is download a few Images from the internet where I can use This feature to demonstrate how it's Going to work this is the first image of A camera let me show you the second one This is an image of a dog I have then I Have this image of a light and I also

Have image of a person a beautiful Looking woman so let me demonstrate how The process is going to work it's very Simple and of course you can do it on Your iPhone iPad or even Mac I think It's available on the Mac as well but I Don't know the exact process how it's Going to work on the Mac this how it's Going to work on an iPad on an iPhone so You open the image up and what you have To do simply is just touch and hold the Subject that you want to actually Extract or remove the background from so In this case what I'm doing is I'm going To touch the image or the screen behind The camera and you'll see magic Happening right here on the screen so as I touch you see a small flash happened On the image that is where apple or iOS Is calculating what the background is And removing subject and now if you want To share this all you have to do is just Copy this or drag it to the favorite uh App you like for example I'm just going To demonstrate how it can work with Notes and I'm just dragging the image Right here and now this image has been Added to notes and if I touch it you'll See the all the background has been Removed and I'll just demonstrate how Those works by changing the light Background mode as well so you can see It works both on dark and backgrounds or Dark and white backgrounds that means

The image cutout is pretty good let me Demonstrate how it works on second image The image of a dock this is the more Difficult one because the color of the Background and the color of the fur of The dog quite similar that's how it Works I'll just tap and hold on the dogs Knows once again and once more this Works let me just drag and drop it here And beautiful you see the image is now Added here and it's a pretty decent Character I'd say pretty easy and pretty Quick solution that you can use and you Can also try the next one which is this One let's try this light I'm just going To tap and hold light I triggered another feature let me get Rid of that and once again I'm able to Highlight and extract the image of the Light beautifully very easily right here Let's also try this with the difficult Image of the woman because there's a lot Of hair and dark areas let's see how it Works so I'm gonna just touch uh the Subject once again and you see I can do This once again it's pretty accurate It's decent I'd say in this case because The hair Arc actually much in the shadow So it's a difficult image but still Apple is doing or iOS is doing a pretty Good job in extracting the background or Removing the background from these Images so that's how you remove Backgrounds from images on any iOS

Device which is running iOS 16 or above It's very easy it's built into iOS no Payment required nothing else and of Course I was just demonstrating using The notes app you can use your email you Can copy and paste in any other app you Like or use your iCloud on your Mac to Transfer images that's completely up to You you can use airdrop and everything All that features work as well but the Highlight of this feature is it's very Easy to use it's built on right into Your device and it's free to use of Course for eliminas and it works pretty Well for difficult images as well so use This and let's talk about the next Feature or the next product So the next way you can remove Backgrounds from images is by using Canva Pro if you don't know canva is a Graphic design software that lives on The browser and also is available as a Desktop app now at least for Windows and It also has a beautiful feature to Remove backgrounds from images like to Demonstrate I've shown these three Images that I'm going to paste on the Screen for this demonstration and I've Already uploaded them canvas and what I've done is this is created or choose a Very basic design which is not related To the subject I've chosen but it will Let me demonstrate or help me Demonstrate how the background removal

Feature works so what I'm going to do is Take each of these images first place Them on the design first Somewhere here so I can demonstrate how The feature will work let me place all The designs first this is the first one Just choose the second one Yeah And let's also choose the third one Let's place it here and all you have to Do to remove the backgrounds from images Is first select the image and that will Give you the option to edit image here You click this and you have multiple Options that you can perform on your Images apart from removing the Background you also have transform Options color correction all that good Stuff but I'm going to use the Background remover feature here which is Right here I'm going to click this and Canva will work its magic in the Background while I will work on another Image and do the same thing I'll just Remove the background I'll go here and Do the same thing and I'll scroll up Let's see if the first image has been Processed it's taking a while so I'll Speed up the process and I'll just show You the part where the image background Mode has done oh it's already done so Now you can see the background has been Removed it's not perfect by any means There's some glitches I can see but it's

A pretty decent solution right it Definitely can just use a little bit of Touch up but you can still utilize it on Most designs where the background is not As contrasting as this one let's check Out the second one oh and this has this Is a beautiful job done because this is A lot difficult subject to work with but Canva has done a fan job in my opinion To like isolate the hair isolate the all The different areas of the image very Beautifully so it works pretty well and If you want to you can just do some Other operations from the images as well For example if I want to flip this image I can flip it this makes more sense in Terms of this design so that's also how It works let's also see the next image And this one has been done fantastically This is a particularly hard image to get Because if you see the original image The background of the image and this Dish that the food is served in is very Similar so it's isolating that is very Difficult on an AI platform but canvas Done a fantastic job and you can see the Background is as clean as it can be so That's how you remove your backgrounds From your images using canva Pro it's Very accurate it's fast and it's very Easy to use as well definitely canva Pro Is not free just costs a little bit of Money but it's well worth it if you you Want to utilize these Pro features

Otherwise you can use the most of the Platform for free but if you're looking For a completely free solution I got you Let's talk about the third method to Remove backgrounds from images for Completely free no cost so let's talk About the third method to remove your Backgrounds from your images for Completely free and the method I'm going To demonstrate is by using Adobe Express Now what is Adobe Express is a tool very Similar to canva that helps you design Creatives for Instagram for social media For your YouTube and all that and it is Definitely a freemium service there's Something that you can use for free and Some of the features are actually paid But the remove background feature is Actually absolutely free to use if you Sign up for a free account that's the Only caveat if you want to download Images you can use or demonstrate or Like try the feature out for free but if You want to download high resolution Copies of the images you'll need to sign Up for free account I already have sign In and what I've done is just to speed Up the process is open up three Different tabs with the exact same uh License tool the background removal tool And of course I'll link that in the Descriptions if you want to check it out And what I'm going to do is drag those Same three images that I used in the

Previous demonstration in canva to all These three tabs and let's see how it's Going to work so let's quickly drop the Images on the tool and see how it's work So the first one Let's also drop the second one here And let's drop the third one and I'll Switch to the first step first And it's a pretty good cutout in my Opinion and I'd say it's very similar to How it was done in Canberra but the Edges look a little more refined to me You'll be the judge let me know in the Comments what you think is did a better Job did camera do a better job with this Image or did Adobe Express do a better Job of course I can download this and Even customize this now this is a Feature you won't find on canva where You can utilize adobe's online service To actually customize the order I'd say Refine the edges a little bit which Gives it a little bit of edge over Difficult subjects in my opinion but for This demonstration I'm just going to Download images so I can just place them On the screen so you can see how Beautifully the cutout is and this is The second one let's also check that out And of course this is also a great great Cutout and some of the details that I Can see on screen is even the fine hair On the edges have been perfectly cut out By Adobe and that's a fantastic result

In my opinion I'm gonna Place damage on The screen once again so you can compare The before and after of what the image Look like with the background and Without the background and also also Check out the third one and oops I think This is the result where canva actually Beats Adobe because it detected the Played around or I say the dish around The food accurately and Rob just cut out The dish completely and just captured The food now it might be the case that If you use the customized options you Will be able to refine those edges Clearly but on the immediate try this is What happened now of course your mileage Will vary and depending on the kind of Images you use to use this demonstration You'll find different results and of Course in the couple of three or these Three results I've only found this Result to be well I say inaccurate at Least remote I was expecting but these Two results have been fantastic so That's how you remove your backgrounds From your images using Adobe Express's Free background removal tool it's pretty Fantastic link is in the description you Can go check it out now of course I Already demonstrated three different Methods too you can pick any of these Like or any of these methods that you Like there are tons of websites that are Actually offering these solutions for

Either for free or for a freemium or a Paid solution and I wanted to just test Them out but instead of going to Complete demonstration what I'm going to Do is just place the results that I've Found with these images or with these Different images using these different Tools on the screen so you can go check It out let's roll that quick Montage so You can decide which service is best for You [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Beautiful ways you can utilize to remove Backgrounds from your images for free And for a very small fee now once you Cut out the images you either want to Use them on a website or a landing page Right so if you want to learn how to Build a website go check out this video Right here and if you're creating a Linked by a page then you can check out This video right here you're listening And watching to yuvraj from W beginner I'll catch you next video make sure to Subscribe and hit the like button as Well on this video take care [Music] Foreign

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