Proven Ways to Make Money Online Blogging with WordPress in 2024

You might be a great blogger, or you might just be looking to get into it for the first time. Whatever your reasons, loves, or motives blogging can be time consuming and you can take a financial hit! So, why not make a bit of money from your blog, there are loads of ways to do it, and some of them are absolutely no brainers.

You could end up subsidising your costs, or, you could even end up making enough money that you don’t need the 9-5 anymore and blogging is your new job. These ways to make money are potentially that powerful.

0:00 Intro
1:00 Affiliate Marketing
2:15 Monster Insights
3:14 Google Ads
4:20 Paid Membership Sites
5:30 Modern Directory Website
6:24 Digital Products
7:22 Online Services
8:00 Sell A Product
9:01 Multi Vendor Sites
9:48 Develop a WordPress Plugin
10:58 Accept Donations – How!
11:50 Outro

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If you've got a passion for something Let's say blogging the dream could be to Make some money off that and you can Look at that two ways you can either Make enough money so that becomes your Income now that really is the dream or Maybe just a little bit of money to help You along maybe subsidize your costs It's just nice to maybe get something Back from the work that you're putting In there are plenty of people and places Out there promising you get rich quick And ways to make money and realistically Most of them are either scams false or They're trying to sell you something Themselves to take even more money off You that's not what we're doing here Here we have tried tested and proven Ways to make money from your blog now I'm not promising that these are going To be overnight Sensations for you to be Able to make money however in the long Term and you can combine a few of these There is definitely money to be made Using the these techniques the first one Is affiliate marketing in both theory And practice it's quite simple you take A product that maybe you are showcasing Or discussing you have an affiliate Agreement with a provider of that Product Amazon is a really great example And you provide links to those products In your blog if people click on those Links and then they go ahead and buy

That product you earn a commission it's Really straightforward and if you're Already discussing products then it's a Really great way of just advancing what You're already doing you're not trying To push anything you're not trying to Actively sell something you're just Giving the information you're already Giving but providing people with a way To buy it using an affiliate link which Is going to make you a commission as Your blog and your profile grows then Your opportunities to work with more and More brands are going to expand and in That instance you might want to use a Tool like maybe pretty links to kind of Keep all of your links smooth and Streamlined so that everything works the Way it's supposed to this is our top Pick and personally it's also my top Pick I've been using affiliate links for A long time and I do genuinely think They're great and a very good way to Earn some money I also want to highlight A tool called Monster insights now Monster insights is going to be great as A tool to help you with any of the Money-making tips I'm going to give you Today however I particularly like it for The affiliate links monster insights Essentially is a Google analytics plugin It's going to give you great information On things like SEO people visiting your Sites but it can track your affiliate

Links tell you exactly how many people Are clicking clicking on them and what Your inbound outbound kind of situation Is with your affiliate links it's going To let you make better decisions in the Future about where you put your Affiliate links and what affiliate links To use monster insights has really great Potential for anybody looking to make Money on your website with things like It's e-commerce tracking which are great If you're going to use woo Commerce Which is something that we will speak on A little bit later but overall it's Going to be really powerful and it's Just going to help you make better Decisions and in the end make more money Next up something you've definitely Heard about and that is the ability to Run ads on your website using Google ads You've got two main ways of doing this You can either add a script to your Website that's then going to allow Google to run ads in there and then You're going to get paid based on the Clicks from that particular ad now this Is the slightly simpler way of doing Things if you want to make it the most Profitable way it does require a little Bit more work but you can make more Money and that is to physically sell Banner space on your website again you Can do this through Google and selling That Banner space allows you to be able

To negotiate a flat rate for the ad Space right rather than solely relying On people seeing the ad and clicking on It which sometimes isn't going to bring You the most Revenue however if you want To keep things simple that could be a Really good way to get started with Google ads and generally just adding ads To your page which could be a really Great source of passive income if you Don't fancy running ads then maybe a Paid membership site could be for you Say you've already built up a loyal base Of followers what you're going to do is Offer these people a subscription Service and for that subscription you're Going to offer them additional products And buy products I don't mean that you Have to physically sell anything but you Could be offering additional unseen Blogs that don't get released to anybody Else additional information that comes Out before anybody else gets to see it Just specifically for them if you know It maybe think of patreon but you're Going to control that you have complete Control you cut out the middleman and The membership fees the subscriptions Come directly through you so here you're Adding value creating member exclusive Content and getting those recurring Payments it's a really great way to go About it if you do already have a loyal Follower base if you want to give this a

Shot we recommend trying out a very Beginner friendly plugin called member Press and you can check out the links to That and any other plugins that I Mentioned down in our description Remember to like the video and get Subscrib to w begin next up we have Directory websites now you might be Thinking that you absolutely don't need Directory websites anymore there's no Need for someone to go to a website to Scroll through to find specific things You don't need a yellow pages for Example now you would be correct in one Way however if you have a particularly Niche product or you have something That's very local then a directory Website can still really work for you The best example I can can give that Would apply to pretty much everybody is A real estate directory but very Specifically a real estate directory for Your local community that's how you're Going to make it useful to people with That you're potentially generating a Very popular website on which you can Sell ads as mentioned before but you can Also charge people to list on your Directory and that's a good way of Making a little bit more income next up We're going to talk about selling Products but we're going to talk about Selling products in three different ways We're going to talk about digital

Products we're going to talk about Services and we're also going to talk About physical products we'll start with Digital products and the best example is An ebook and you mighton be thinking I Don't want to write an ebook but you Don't have to if you're blogging you've Basically already started you can take Your existing blog posts and turn them Into PDFs you can use something like Canva and speaking of canva you could Also design a front cover for your your Particular ebook and then you can sell That you've immediately created a Digital product that can be sold to Customers something like Easy Digital Downloads is a really great tool for Helping you generate a store and get That particular product sold but you Probably already have a lot of the Information you need to generate Something like an ebook and potentially Make a bit of money for online services Again you probably already have all the Skills and tools that you need to do This you just have to offer them out you Are already an expert in your Niche Because that's what you're blogging About say you're an expert in Photography you're an expert in film Making you're an expert in cooking or Anything like that you can take that Skill and package it in a way to make Yourself a freelancer offer those

Freelance skills out for a price and You'll be able to make some money doing What you already do and giving services To people that need them one of the most Obvious things I'm sure you expected me To bring up here is to sell a physical Product now again if you're popular that Could be something as simple as merch You could sell merch representing your Brand your logo anything like that or You can find maybe something that's Missing something that your particular Community wants or needs and start off Of that you're going to already have That information because of the blog That you write and the people intera ING With you you're just reutilizing what You already know into something so that You can make a bit of money the best way To generate your store is with a free Plugin and that's for woocommerce you Add the woocommerce plugin and it is Actually very very simple to create Yourself an online store that way now of Course there is a little bit more work And potentially some startup cost here Because you have to gather product but Sometimes physical product is exactly What people want and it's definitely Worth exploring so that's you selling a Physical product but what if we think Slightly outside the box if you were to Add the plugin WC vendors to woo Commerce what you can do is you can

Transform your particular selling Platform into a multi-vendor site Meaning that other people can add Products to that site and sell them and Of course you can charge a commission or A listing fee in order to make money It's a nice and easy way of getting Other people in your community involved And making a little bit of income you Can also go as far as maybe making it an Auction site think of something like EBay but far more specific to you your Community and something that's really Going to bring your followers and more Followers in who have an interest in What you blog about now I'm not going to Lie to you for this next one you do need To have a certain amount of technical Inclination because one of the best Things you can potentially do is maybe Start to develop WordPress PL plugins or WordPress themes essentially a tool that Is required on the platform that you're Already using and again I've said this Repeatedly because it really is the Point you are an expert within a Particular area so use those skills to Give people something that you know is Missing or something that you're missing So you can develop a plugin that has a Particular action that's going to be Beneficial to you and your website but That plug-in could also be beneficial to Other people you are already reading the

Information that you are generating now Like I say this is really great and it Will work really well provided you're Meeting a need and provided you actually Have the skill to be able to do it now Personally I don't have the ability to Actually create a plugin I could Definitely use one but I can't create One but you you might just have those Skills use them if you do and my final Tip is possibly the simplest one but it Could also be the least effective and It's to accept donations you can add a Form to your page something like WP Forms will help you do that really Really simply and people can simply Donate they can say I really like what You do I want to support here is a Donation which is really great and Really simple the problem being that Usually people do want some kind of Exchange if they're going to give you Something they definitely want something Back so maybe a membership website might Be more effective if you have people who Are willing to donate already give them Something in return maybe a a digital Product loads and loads of options but If you want to start small and maybe Just ask people for a bit of help There's nothing wrong with that and WP Forms to create a donations page could Be really useful for you if you want Some more information on how to make

Money on the web particularly with E-commerce then do check our video just Here but that's all for me today I've Been James I hope you've enjoyed it have A good one and I'll see you soon

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