Proactively Fix Broken Links on Your Website

Clicking on a link only to find it broken is a terrible user experience. Prevent this from happening on your WordPress site with All in One SEO’s (AIOSEO) Broken Link Checker! Proactively check for broken links and other errors without using any server-side resources.

With All in One SEO’s Broken Link Checker, you’ll never have to worry about your site’s visitors clicking a bad link and leaving your site with a bad taste in their mouths. Download the plugin today!

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0:56 What makes this different?
2:42 What to consider before setting up
3:52 Setting up
5:22 Advanced Settings
6:48 Broken Links overview
9:23 Broken Link status page

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Every day thousands of innocent people Are infected by the deadly 404 virus Once infected they endlessly Scout the Web to find the Promised Land The right legs and when they don't find What they're looking for they transform Into it All right all right jokes apart in this Video we are actually going to learn how To prevent and fix 404 errors on your WordPress website specifically broken Links on your WordPress website using The power of a brand new SEO plugin Which is called broken link Checker by Online SEO it's technically not an SEO Plugin but it does offer some feature Which help in SEO that's why I said SEO Plugin and it's made by the Fantastic Team at olympusio that make the Fantastic SEO plugin all in an SEO or AI SEO for short before actually getting The demonstration I have to address one Important question that you might be Thinking of already you might be Thinking hey yuvraj I already know 50 Different plugins that can do the same Functionality if I go on the WordPress Repository I search for broken link Checker I'll find 50 different plugins That offer the same functionality and in Fact inside Orlando SEO there's a Feature called 404 monitor that Technically does the same thing so is This new plugin different from the SEO

Plugins that I've been mentioning or is This plugin different from the Functionality inside all the dynasty or The SEO plugin already yes it is and It's not I have to explain so that you Can understand why this plugin is much More powerful much more scalable and Much more effective in finding and Fixing broken links on your site and why You should install it and consider it at Least to have it on your website So the big difference between this Plugin and the other plugins is that This plugin does not add the Functionality to check the broken links On your website instead of adding the Functionality to your website it Actually uses an external service which Is created maintained and hosted by all In on SEO where all the link checks Happen and the second thing why this Plugin is different from the other Plugins is that this plugin also has a Service where you can check for external Broken links now this feature is already Very unique but let's say if you were to Find a plugin that did this on your Website then your hosting providers will Usually not like it because they don't Like your server pinging external Services to check for broken links the Second important difference to realize Between this new plugin and all the Other 404 Checkers out there is that

Most 404 ad Checkers are reactive not Proactive while this plugin is proactive Let me explain the difference so a user Doesn't have to click any links on your Site for this plugin to find all the Broken links on your website that means You're providing the best user Experience by proactively fixing all the Broken links and you'll see saving money In the process because any kind of Link Clicks that make you money if they are Broken you're losing money in the Process so that's the second difference Let me also talk about the third Important technical difference So a couple of things you should know About before you decide if you want to Use this plugin on your website first of All this is a freemium service it's not A standalone plugin it's a freemium Service that means you'll have a free Quota that you can utilize and this free Quota is not something that you get for Life what it means is that it renews Every month so whatever free quota you Have you will get a reset every single Month so you'll have that quota that you Neutralize every single month the second Important thing to realize is that External links checking that I mentioned Is part of only the paid plans in the Freemium version you don't get that Feature so if you think that external Link checking is a valuable feature for

You you can check out the pricing plan I'll leave a link down in the Description of this video So I hope you understood all those Points and also the important technical Differences I explain on why this plugin Is different and in my opinion much Better than a regular 4 for Monitor and By now you should have a decent idea in Your head that if this plugin can be Useful for your website so what I'd Recommend is that watch this video or The demonstration now and then check out The links in the description for the Pricing options you can go in out or Just install the free version right now And start using the plugin all right Let's do the demonstration on how this Plugin will help you or how this plugins Interfaces and how you can utilize it And how you can use the features all Right let's get started with that So I'm logged into my website now and Let me demonstrate how the plugin works I already have installed the plugin I Already have connected my all-in-one SEO Account I've already connected a payment Method so everything that was mentioning That you need to do I already have it Done once you install plugin from the WordPress repository you can go into Plugins add new find the plugin you'll Be prompted to do all these things Already so you won't have to figure out

How to do it you'll be prompted to Create an always SEO account or connect To existing account and also connect the Payment method PayPal is also supported Once you've done all that you'll have The broken links menu entry appear here You can go into the broken links option Here and you'll be presented with two Options the broken links which we'll Talk about there's also settings we can Configure first you'll see your license Key or account is connected you'll see The quota and everything else but There's some settings you can configure To make sure that the plugin Works how You intend it to work so first option or The first set of features you should Understand is the live tweaks so if you Enable the first option inside live Tweaks that means or what this will do Is it will add no follow to all the Broken links that it finds so any broken Links on the site there'll be no follow That means search engines won't follow It that means all the linkages that you Have in your site which won't be spread Out to Broken links so that's a great Thing the second option is that if you Want to enable this option or you enable This option then the metadata of the Post will not be updated if you fix the Broken link so let's say if a post was Posted a year ago if you fix a broken Link technically you should have or the

Metadash should be updated but if in Some cases you don't want the metal data To be updated you can enable this option And the metadata will not be updated Then you have advanced options as well So if you go to the advanced option you Have two basic settings that you can Utilize the first is that if you want to Include all singulars on your site if You want to include all singulars just Keep this option enabled but if you want To exclude certain kind of let's say Landing pages or let's say your posts or Any kind of let's say singular posts or Singulars on your site you can disable This option and you'll see all the Singulars that you have available on Your site and you can enable or disable Them so let's say for example I don't Want posts to be checked or let's say Example I don't want pages to be checked For broken links I'll just disable this Option save my settings so only post Will be checked pages will not be Checked inside the post also I can have A specific status of posts to be checked Only so let's say for example I only Want the published post to be checked For broken links so I can disable all of Them but let's say I have a team of Writers who work for me and then I also Want to check if any kind of draft or Scheduled posts are also have or do also Have broken links in that case I can do

This I can disable the private one Pending one in this case the links that Are published or post that I published The post style and draft status and also The scheduled posts that are scheduled To go right on a specific date they all Will be checked for broken links so you Can configure everything here and if you Want to let's say exclude a certain set Of posts or just one or couple of posts You can just type the I ID or the title Or slug here and then add them here so These posts that you add here will be Excluded from the search so even though You've selected all these options you Can explode certain posts from the link Checking feature so once you've Configure this make sure to save your Settings and then what will happen is You can start actually figuring out or Seeing broken links on your site now Just to give you an idea of how it works Is the broken link Checker Checks for your links or checks the Links on your site every three days so Approximately twice a week this is uh Maintained or this duration is set so That you don't exhaust your quota very Quickly even if you're on the flu Version you can see how many quota or How many links I have or what's the code I've utilized and these are all the Links on your site on my site that have Been checked you'll notice that I or

You'll notice that I'm using the free Version of the plugin right now that's Why the pro version is being prompted to Me if I want to check the external links I already mentioned this so all of these Uh links that you see here are external Links that I can check and if I have the Pro version enabled then these will also Be checked for broken legs right now I'll just skip over this and I'll just Come come to the internal links on my Site so you see there are couple of Links that I have seen I'm seeing this Is perfectly so this link is working Perfectly that means I don't have to Touch this but this link is broken this Link is broken just to clarify once more No user has clicked on this link but the Link has been identified proactively That this is a broken link let me tell You what can you do to fix a broken link First you can hover over the link area Directly and you'll find a few different Options first thing you can do is edit The URL so if you can obviously see that Hey I know this is a misspell of a URL I Can just click the edit URL I can change The anchor text I can change the link I Can update it and it will instantly be Fixed or I can unlink the link itself so Let's say I don't know what this link is Uh maybe it was an Old Link I want to Just remove the link entirely I'll click The link and the link will be removed

Entirely and also force a recheck so This is also a great feature that to Have so let's do updating a certain set Of posts you want the links to be Checked proactive you can recheck the Links manually right here and you can Also dismiss this error so let's say you This is an error but you know that There's a particular reason for this Your work something in the background or Your the links are to an upcoming post Then you can dismiss the link or dismiss The error here on the post level you Have a few different options as well you Can edit the post so if you click this You'll directly go to the Post I'll just Open it on a new tab you can also view The post you can go and check out what The post is about just to figure out What the link is or you can delete the Post entirely I already clicked edit Post and then you tab so this was just Open the up the block editor for me uh I'll just wait for it to load for a Second I'll go back to here so you can Edit the post you can view the post you Can delete the post entirely I'll just Check going through this error so block Edit is now open so this is what you can Do if you want to see the actual errors Here you can just check the links Manually and fix them accordingly update The links so this is what you can do you Can also delete the post I already

Mentioned that but one of the most Important features in this plugin is by Hovering over this I button and what This will do once you click on it is Give you uh details about when the link Or when the broken link was found so I Click on this and you'll see this Information here I think this link has Been broken for three days 21 hours 19 Minutes and 25 seconds now this is a Valuable piece of information because as I said one of the most important goals For any webmaster is to get users to Click on stuff whether it be in the Search results whether it be let's say Subscribe to my whatever email list or Make a purchase or click on affiliate Link you're trying to monetize or even Click on ads so any kind of link you Have you have to figure out uh as soon As possible if the link is broken so by Checking this information you get a real A Time idea of okay this is the problem Is or this is what is happening and you Can figure out problems in your workflow If you're connecting links or adding Links all the time so this piece of Information is very useful you also have Some lot of metadata here if you are Into technical stuff you can figure out What's going on you also have the HTTP Status status code so it's a 404 is it a 302 move permanently or something like That you'll see all these details here

Including the response address so if you Are techie you will find all this Information helpful I think this is the Most valuable piece of information so Once you find the broken link you can Just do all sorts of operations edit the URL unlink it recheck it dismiss it and Fix all the broken links proactively on Your site this is the most important why Proactively fixing in all those vocal Links and once you fix all this you'll See all these links or all these errors Will go away and you'll all see just Green text here and that means Everything is good inside there are no Broken links all right so there's a Simple functionality a very powerful Functionality but simple to use which is The best part right powerful Functionality simple use Best of Both Worlds this is how you use the plugin The broken link Checker by all of an SEO To find proactively and fix the broken Links on your website if you have any Questions you can leave in the comments There's links to the free plugin the Link the links to the pricing options in The description of this video go check It out and if you have any feedback for This plugin you can leave that in the Comments as well make sure to like this Video subscribe to this channel I'll see You next one

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