New Game Changing Feature Coming To WordPress – Your Page Builder Can’t Do This!

This is going to be the most game changing feature to be added to WordPress in a very long time!

It is going to make websites faster and easier to build, manage, and maintain.

Most likely the page builder you are using to build websites does not offer this.

Its insane that all WordPress users will get this feature as just part of WordPress in 2 short months.

Now the feature is easy to understand if you have built a website, but it’s hard to explain.

I’ll do my best though.

Table Of Contents
00:00 – This Is a HUGE Deal
01:08 – Explanation
03:32 – Your Page Builder Doesn’t Have This
03:54 – Feature Demo
09:47 – Block Packages Can Leverage It
10:39 – The Man Himself

Link to Kevin’s post

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This is the most game-changing feature To be added to WordPress in a very long Time I don't think they've released Anything bigger than this and that's Because it's going to make websites Faster and easier to build manage and Maintain and most likely the page Builder that you're using now or that You used to build your website does not Offer this and it's just insane to think That all WordPress users are going to Get this in just two short months with The next version of WordPress that's Coming out very soon now I'll be fully Covering this in depth here on the Channel so make sure that you're Subscribed to get access to these In-depth tutorials now this feature has A bad name I actually don't like the Name it's currently called partially Synced patterns and I'm sure that name May change in the future and I even Reached out to wordpress's biggest Advocate for building maintainable Websites Kevin giri to get his take on Partially sync patterns and I'll share His take in a moment now the feature is Easy to understand if you've built Websites before but it's kind of hard to Explain so I'm going to do my best most Page Builders allow you to save a Section in your design that you can use Somewhere else on your website Individually and this can be a timesaver

So in Elementor it's actually very easy You can scroll down to a section you can Rightclick and then choose this option Here that says save as a template and Then enter a name then you can click on Save and you've just saved a template That you can use anywhere on your Website in dividually the way you do That is we'll get out of this scroll to The very bottom we'll choose the Envelope right here and it's showing me A list of my templates and I can click On it and here it is the insert option And I'll click on apply and that section Just got inserted into the layout right Here at the very bottom there it is now If I use this somewhere else on my Website the two are not linked meaning If at a later point I wanted to maybe Change the spacing or change the color Or change the layout in some way I'm Simply not able to do that I have to do That each and every place that I've used This template is a capability that most Page Builders currently offer now the Next thing is taking a section and Making it what's called a global section And that means everywhere you use it on Your website it's all linked and if you Want to change something it changes Everywhere but the negative with that is You cannot change the actual content Inside of it if you want it to be unique For the page that you're on but still

Keep these Styles ins sync in with Elementor what you do is you go here you Add a container and then you add the Template module here it is you drag and Drop it and then you choose that Template that was just saved like This and now everywhere I do what I just Did it will stay linked if I change it Once it changes everywhere but it's Everything I can't have individualized Content and that is the feature that's Unlocked with partially synced patterns So if you want to keep the style and the Structure in sync but have the content Be individualized based on where you Place this using your page builder You're just so there's nothing you could Do there's only like two or three page Builders on the market that offer this Kind of capability and that does not Include the most popular and most widely Used page building tools on the market Today now let me show you a basic Example of how this new feature works That is coming to your WordPress website Step one is to open a new tab in your Web browser and visit the URL try. new If you want to try something new you got To visit try. New you enter that into Your website address bar click on enter And what ends up happening is you have a Brand new WordPress site in just a few Seconds and you didn't have to register It's great for trying anything new so if

You ever want to try something new on WordPress and you don't want to do it on Your site you want try a new theme or a New Plug-In or anything new just visit Try. New it's going to spin up a brand New WordPress site that self-destructs Automatically you don't even have to Worry about it or register so step one Is to visit tr. new step two is going to Be to install the Gutenberg plugin so I'm going to go to add new and I'll Enter it right here and I'll click on Install and then I'll go ahead and click On activate now this is an experimental Plug-in you shouldn't really install it On your site it's for testing something New and once it's activated if I I've Got this new menu item and when I hover Over it there's an option here that says Experiments and that's what we want to Click on in order to enable this Partially synced pattern feature now Right here it's listed as pattern Overrides as you see simply click on This check box and then click on Save Changes to enable the feature next we'll Create a brand new page I'll click on All pages add new page and let's give This a name and then we're going to want To put a pattern into the layout and the Way you do this is simple you click on The plus here click on patterns and There's going to be a list of patterns That comes with the theme that is

Installed by default here so let's just Go ahead and find a pattern that we want To turn into a partially synced pattern So let's go ahead and choose this one Right here perfect so so now that we Have a design added to our layout say I Wanted to convert this into one of those Partially synced patterns well here's How you do it you click on the it's Actually best to just click on the list View and then click right here where it Says group and we can click the three Dots right here and it says create Pattern I believe we also get the three Dots right here yes we do we'll click on Create pattern and this is where we're Going to give this a name and then we Can create a brand new category for this As well great I've entered that in we Want this toggle to to be on and have it Say synced we'll click on Create and It's going to create that pattern step The next step is to go and click right Here where it says edit original and you Saw this quick little Flash and this Took me into a different user interface Actually for managing these patterns and I'm going to click right here in the Paragraph block and then over here I'm Going to expand where it says Advanced I'm going to scroll down I'm going to Get out of the way and then here at the Very bottom you can see it says allow Instance overrides so I'm going to check

This box and what that means is Everything in this pattern is going to Stay in sync wherever I use it and I'm Able to change what is in here the text That's it's in here I'm going to be able To override this so let's go ahead and Click on update save and all that and Then I'm going to click right here where It says back and now I'm back to my Layout and so here is my pattern and it I can click right here and I can change This and it won't change everywhere it Could be Individualized just where I place it so Let's just say this is where I ask you To subscribe to the channel so I'm going To go ahead and click on publish and I've published this page so now I'm Going to create an entirely different Page just to demonstrate how this works And I'll give this a title and then I'm Going to add that partially synced Pattern so I'm going to click on the Plus I'm going to click on patterns now I created a category and it's been added To the bottom here named WP crafter and Then here is that pattern and I'm going To insert it into my layout and let's go Ahead and collapse that and I'm going to Put in different text right here so I've Entered in different text and let's go Ahead and publish this so now I am left With two pages let's click on view for Both of these page one and page two and

We have this partially sync pattern but Say I've used this in two different Places and you know what I don't like That color in the background I want to Change that everywhere that I've used This now with partially sync patterns It's very easy to do all I have to do is Let's go back here I'm going to go into Uh I believe I could do that edit Original if I wanted to let's see I'll Go in here and I'll click on edit Original yep I'm back into this Interface I'm going to click on the Background over here I'll click on style And let's just do something a little Different um let's see maybe I'm going To lighten it up there we go lighten it Up just like that now I'm going to click On Update Watch What Happens now when I go Here and I refresh the page the the Style is kept in sync and when I go here And I refresh the page this was the Other one I click on refresh and you can See the style is perfectly kept in sync Now when this releases it's going to be Up to your block builder of choice to Implement it within that block package For example when the last version of WordPress released it came with a really Nice feature where you can open up the List View and you can rename blocks as Well as it'll show a text preview and Shortly after Spectra one of the the

Block Builder package that I like to use Added those features so here's a Spectra Build page I can click on it and let me Expand the container like this and you Can see right here that it's showing a Text preview and then if I want to Rename the container I can click on the Three dots and there's this option right Here to rename and I can enter in a new Name for the container then click on Save and now when I'm looking in the List view it's been renamed now I did Reach out earlier today to a friend of Mine named Kevin giri to get his take on All this if you're not familiar with Kevin he's the biggest advocate for WordPress on making maintainable and Sustainable websites he makes a product To help with this called automatic CSS That professional web Builders use the Reason I asked them about part partially Synced patterns cuz I was trying to find Out if he felt like it felt fell short In any areas if it fell short in any Areas at all shortly after my message to Him he published this blog post but he Gave me his take and I'll read it he Says partially sync patterns is one of The most exciting and Powerful updates To WordPress in some time since the Block editor doesn't have a class-based Workflow partially sync patterns are the Only native Pathway to building easily Maintained sites with the block editor

I've avoided the block editor up to this Point because of a lack of features like This that's about to change when Partially synced patterns arrive Assuming they work as advertised the Block editor will be a much more Interesting place to play and he also uh Posted this blog post and there's some Interesting uh things that he writes in Here as well he describes it this way And I really liked it where CSS classes Give you a single source of Truth for Blocks styling PSPs that's the acronym For partially synced patterns give you a Single source of Truth For The Styling As well as some of the HTML PHP and JS Associated with the block if you're Interested in Reading More of Kevin's Take on partially synced patterns you Can visit his website and I'll link to This in the video description I hope in This video I did it some justice like I Said said it's easy to understand but It's very hard to explain I did my very Best but at this point I'm just curious What you think about partially synced Patterns which is coming in two short Months to every single WordPress website And how do you plan on using partially Synced patterns in your workflow hey Thanks for watching the video today I Hope to see you around in a future video And I hope to hear from you in the Comment section down below don't forget

To try something new visit try. New Thanks for watching I'll see you next Time

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