Most Common WordPress Errors and How to Fix Them

WordPress can present its own set of challenges. But thankfully, they are easy to resolve if you know how. In this video, I’ll talk about the most common WordPress errors and how to resolve them, step by step.

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Six common WordPress issues and how to Solve them if you happen to have them on Your website in this video let's begin By the way if you're regularly having Problems on your WordPress website is Usually faster cheaper more efficient to Get help from a professional and WB Beginner has just started offering their Pro Services which includes WordPress Website maintenance services as well so If you're having problems on your WordPress website and you need Professional help there's a link down in The description and also in the point Comment you can go and purchase Pro Services from dou directly and we'll Help you solve your problem so the first Issue we'll be dealing with is a Internal server error now this might Show up in a variety of different ways So look at my screen here it might show Up like this where it actually says Internal server error or it might look Like this where it says HTTP error 500 Or you can see different kind of Language here but essentially it means The same thing now the problem with this Error is that it doesn't give us any Direction on what is wrong it's Basically telling us hey something is Wrong but even the server can't Recognize what is the problem so what You have to do is try out a bunch of Different things to isolate the root

Cause yourself so that you can solve This issue so I'm going to give you the Next few steps that you need to take to Solve this issue the first step you Should be taking is clearing your Browser cache on Chrome browser that I Am using on inside the menu you have Options to clear your cache but I prefer The keyboard shortcut uh you can press Command or sorry control shift and Delete and then on Mac it might be Command shift delete and this brings up This menu which is the clear browse data So what I would do is is go here and Select all the site settings and site Cache and everything else cached images And I just clear it out for at least Four weeks or more just to see if that Solves the problem if it doesn't then Move on to the next solution the next Solution is regenerating your HD access File now sometimes the HT access files Gets corrupt and by just doing some Things in WordPress it can be fix it so Here how what you do you go into your WordPress admin area go to your settings And inside the settings you go to the Falink settings and most of the time the Permanent settings must be sub set to Something that you've already set up so Either the post name custom name or Whatever you prefer now all you have to Do is just click save changes one more Time without making any changes and

You'll see this success message Permanent or permanent structure updated And this will regenerate the xdss file And the rules inside it and then try if The error is being solved if that does Not work then then you might have Another problem with HD access so let me Tell you how to solve that another issue Might be that WordPress might not be Able to access the HT access file now as Said this problem doesn't have a very Defined root cause or at least we can't Find it so you have to try this as well So what you need to do is use FTP to log Into your webites files and folders and Then rename the htx file to something Like htx old and once that's done you Create a new htx file directly on the Server using FTP and then add this piece Of code which is the default WordPress Code of htx I'm going to hold the frame Here for a couple of seconds so if you Need to you can take a screenshot and What I'll do is I'll link this Cod Snippet down in the description so you Can copy and paste it on your website Directly so create the new sttx file and Paste that this code in let's say or I Say just save it once and then try if You can access your website and the Error is solved the next solution you Should try is increase the PHP memory Limit now sometimes you have a lot of Things happening on your site and amount

Of memory you have available for PHP to Execute is not enough so that's why you Have this problem now to solve this Problem the easiest way is to just go And ask a hosting provider to increase The memory limit because the other Solution is going and editing your PHP Configuration file it's a little Difficult but if you want just let me Know in the comments and I'll make a Small video or point you to the right Direction to actually go and figure that Out otherwise asking the hosting Provider that increase the memory limit To whatever is 128 megabytes or even 256 Megabytes is a great way to see if the Memory limit is the bottleneck which is Causing the issue the next solution you Can try is try to deactivate all your Plugins because one of the plugins that You might have installed on site might Be causing any kind of issues which Might be causing the entire website to Crash so the easiest way to do this is Actually two ways if you have access to The back end you can log into the back End that's great just go to the back end Go to deactivate or go to the plugins Area and deactivate all plugins and then If your website starts working after This then all you do is enable one Plugin at a time and then go and test Your site if it works most of the time If this is the cause then you will find

The C plugin very soon then either just Don't use it find a replacement or if There's a pending update then update the Plugin to the latest version and then See if the problem persist most of the Time if the plugin is the problem then Using this or doing following these Steps will solve the problem the next Solution you can try is changing to a Different theme now similar to how a Plugin can cause this issue a website Theme can malfunction or have some Problems that can also cause the issue I Had a similar problem happened to my Website where one of the themes I was Using or not one of the themes the Actual theme I was using suddenly caused My website to crash I couldn't figure it Out I had to talk to the hosting Provider they checked the logs and they Identified the issue for me so even I Didn't think of it but this can happen So what you do is just go into your Website area and install a new theme Just to test out if the theme is causing The problem and if that works then just Switch to a new theme which is better And efficient and preferably does not Cause your website to crash so hopefully Following these steps will help you Solve the uh 500 error on your website Now there are a couple of other Additional Solutions but they're not fit For beginners so I'm not including this

As part of the video the best solution I Can recommend if doing all of this Doesn't help then just talk to your Hosting provider and tell them that hey My website is giving me this error I've Tried these these things please help me Solve the issue because they might have Some additional data that they can look At and interpret which you might not be Able to do it and then they'll help you Solve the problem the next most common Issue in WordPress is called this site Is experiencing technical difficulties And it kind of looks like this I'll Place it on the screen here and what This does or what this means is Basically a I say A variation of the Error 500 because in the more recent Version of WordPress I think after WordPress 5.2 WordPress is had or i' say WordPress included some protection Mechanisms to help website not crashing In case any Plug-In or theme actually Misbehave so if you're seeing this kind Of problem in your WordPress website Then the ideal solutions would be to Disable all your plugins and test and Changing your theme and test if the Problem persist so as I said go on Inside your admin area if you can log in Disable all the plugins and then see if The problem persists or if the problem Is solved if the problem is solved then One of the plugins is causing the issue

Then just find or enable individual Plugins at the same time and then you'll Find out which of these plugins was Causing the issue if the plugins were Not the issue check the theme as well Change to a different theme and see if The problem is fixed if it is fixed then The theme was the problem and if you Can't log to the admin area of your Website then you'll have to use FTP and Then rename your plugin and theme folder To make sure that the plugins on your Website will be disabled automatically And then test it out again I think we Probably have a video already created on The channel so I'll just place it in the Card here and also in the description of The video so you can go watch that video To understand how that process is done The next issue in WordPress that you Might encounter which you can solve is a Syntax error now syntax error might look Like this so if I zoom in you might see It this is what it might look like it Might point to a specific location where Uh WordPress is seeing some issues or Sometimes it might look like this where Everything looks fine except for you Start seeing some random code being Inserted now all this means is that Whatever code you have on your site has Some formatting or syntactical issues Now this might be in a Plugin or theme Already or might be the the result of a

Code snippet that you've added so in This case what I would do is again I Would disable the theme to check if that Problem is solved and I also disable Plugins one by one to see if they are Causing the problem and if you've made Any kind of modifications on your site Added some code snippets on your site That might be the first or primary Reason why this problem is happening so What I would suggest is if you want to Add Cod snippet to your site then always Use the free plug-in WP code to add Cod Snippets because it not only manages Cod Snippets but it's a safer way to add Cod Snippets to site if anything happens you Can always disable the code snippet Instead of having to go through your Files and figure it out so that's the Way to solve the syntactical errors on WordPress the next common issue in WordPress that you might face might be a Database connection issue and it looks Like this the WordPress website might Say error establishing a database Connection now there might be a few Different reasons why this error occurs So let's discuss the potential causes And the solutions one by one the first Cause of this problem might be a Database migration or changing of Credentials on your WordPress website so If somebody has made any changes to your WordPress website cently or you've

Changed host or you've migrated your Website then the credentials of the Database might not have been transferred Correctly so all you need to do is go Into your WP config file directly Through FTP and see if the database Credentials are actually up to date if This is too technical for you then Asking help from your support or hosting Support is the best way to go because They can identify the issue much faster And help you solve it now the error on The screen specifically says that one or More tables could not be found or are Corrupt then you can try repairing the Database and the process is actually Very simple you don't have to do it Manually so all you have to do is take This piece of code that I'm going to Place on the screen this file and just Edit your WP config file for example I've just opened up the uh WP config File you can see it here of a local Website that I have and just go to the Location where it says this that's all Stop editing happy publishing just Before this line add it save it and then When you go to your website you open the Website again it'll go show you Something like this which will allow you To access repair your database now this Is not the only way to repair a database Sometimes hosting providers have their Own custom backends for their own

Hosting providers or for customers so in That case sometimes you might have Access to the backend operations of the Database where you can manually go and Say hey just click this button to repair The database or trigger repairing the Database so that's also a good starting Point to look out for and of course you Can always ask the hosting provider Support team to understand if they can Can point you in the right direction to Solve the problem another common issue With databases which causes this errors To occur is that the database is too Overload it which causes sometimes the Database to crash this has happened to My websites many times I was Experiencing very laggy back end and Laggy admin area and a lot of times I Would start seeing these errors so the Only solution that worked for me that Time was was to restart or reboot the Database server and then try to identify Why it was being overloaded and then I Fix some things and then that problem Solved so maybe just go into your Backend area and see if you have a Option to restart your database server And then sometimes restarting also helps And then you can identify what the root Cause is by figuring out more logs or Just investigating the next most common Problem in WordPress that might be Really scary is the white screen of

Death where you can just see the browser Bar and the name in it but nothing else Loads this also might translate into an Error which is called the critical error Happens on your website so in both cases The process to actually find out the Issue or resolve the errors are the same Now if you see a wide screen of De first You need to check out if other websites Are loading on your site because if your Website hosts down then that might be The issue and there's nothing you can do About it unless your poost actually fix The problems the second thing you can do If you have a critical error on your Website then check your email because Whenever WordPress has critical errors After WordPress 5.2 they have a feature Built in where they'll send you an email First of all that ER critical errors has Happened on your site and they'll also Send you in recovery link inside the Email once you click on the recovery Link you will be able to access the Backend area of your website and WordPress usually has a descriptive way Or to show you on a notice what what was Causing the issue so you might see one Of more plugins uh failed to load or the Theme failed to load or something like That which will give you the next few Steps to take to solve the problem for Example if you see that the WordPress Plugins did not load or one or more

Plugins did not load then the obvious Solution is to First disable all plugins And then test out which of these plugin Is causing the issue once you identify The culprate plugin don't use it maybe Test out an alternative Plugin or Contact the plug-in developer to Understand what is causing the problem Once again just finding this out will Help you first get your website back Online then you can start solving Solving the issue once you identify what The root cause of the issue was now one More thing I'd like to add on top of This is that sometimes the Plugin or Theme is not the issue but the amount of Available memory to them is so even Though the WordPress website or the Plugins and themes you're using doesn't Have any problem the amount of memory Available to them is too low so in that Case getting your memory increased which I already described the previous step so If you have let's say PHP memory Execution limit of 64 me maybe try Bumping up to 128 megab or even 256 Megabytes and if that solves the issue That it was not the Plugin or the theme But the available memory available to Them the last WordPress problem I'd like To discuss is a 404 error if you're Randomly starting to see 404 errors on All post on your website then these are The steps you need to take the first

Thing you need to check if you added any Kind of custom code on your website now This custom code might not be a code Snippet but additional plugins so I Would start at custom code first if you Made any Chang to your WordPress theme Files or if you added custom code Snippets to your site the best way to do It is with WP code by the way WP code Will automatically detect if your code Stet has technical or syntactical errors And it also has a testing mode so you Can enable the plugin as a test to see If it's causing any issues on your Website that's a much safer way to add Code snippets on your website the second Thing you might need to try is again Disabling all your plugins and themes to Figure out if they are causing the Problem I would start with plugins first Because they have a lot of plugins Usually on your website and then if the Plugins are not the issue try the theme Next the next thing I would try is again Fixing my perm links so I'd go into my WordPress settings into perming settings And then enable or I say resave my Settings just to see if the perlink Settings were affected or the HT access File was affected and saving the Permance again will usually fix the Issue the next thing I would try is Seeing the permissions or Double-checking the permissions of the

SD access file I would go into my WordPress settings or the FTP server and Double- checking the permissions of the Htx file in the ideal scenario the Permissions for HT access file should be Set to 666 I'll add some footage here so That you can understand how it's going To look like on a real website and the Last solution I would try is contacting My hosting provider because they usually Have technical support guys they can Help you solve the problem so those are The most common issues in WordPress and How to solve them watch these videos Next to increase your WordPress Education like share subscribe you're Watching yaj from W beginner I'll catch You in the next video

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